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(continued from Part 8) organized in 1800 there were twenty-four churches, seven of which still abide.  But some sixty churches have been lost to the denomination through these years of the century, through change of denomination, or lack of finances, or natural decease.

Auriesville was formerly called Aurie's Creek or Arie's Creek.  In a record at Fonda, dated 1758, concerning the Shucksbergh patent, we find the Indian name of "Oghrackie" or Aurie's Creek, given as a boundary line.  Tradition tells us of an old Indian who lived on the bank of the creek, by the name of Arie or Aurie, which is the Dutch for Adrien or Aaron, and after him the place was named.  We find the name "Arie" a Christian name, used many times in the older state papers, dating back as early as 1675.  We are disposed to believe that some settler hearing the name of Arie, since changed to Aurie, lived near the place at the beginning of the eighteenth century and gave the place the name.

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