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The Auriesville School Entertainment.

    It is presumed that the many readers of your paper will be much interested in some account of the Day School entertainment, which was given by the Auriesville Public School, at the Reformed church, on the evening of March 9th.  The evening was a very fine one, and long before the appointed hour for the doors to open, swarms of people might be seen wending their way to the church.  Nor did they cease until the church - which is quite a large one - was filled to capacity.  People from miles away were in attendance and never since the dedication of the church, was it so filled.  At the appointed hour, Principal W. F. Hill appeared, (under whose management the entertainment was given), and made a few brief remarks, after which Mr. Emmet Dunlap, appeared and gave the opening address, entiled [sic], "The Fidelity of Fame."  which was rendered in a very masterly manner.  An opening song was

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