(Editor's note: circa 1875 - if anyone knows a year of death for Harrison Shutts or Peter Yates, please let me know. Pete Simmonds)


School resumed Monday (missing words)

James Basset, formerly a hotel keeper at Downing will remove to our village and take up his abode in one of C. J. Wood's houses.  Mr. Basset has been quite an influential man, having built several edifices in the villages along the valley in days past.

Harrison, son of Conrad Shutts, jr., died Wednesday morning of inflammatory rheumatism, aged 28 years.  The deceased leaves a widow and an infant child.  He was married about a year ago to Miss Libbie Herrington of Fort Hunter.

Peter Yates died April 25 in the 73rd year of his age, the funeral services were held at his late residence April 28th, the Rev. Mr. (H?)awsing was the officiating clergyman.  All of Peter Yates (we know not yet his heavenly name) that barred from real life, was buried in the Glen cemetery, near the graves of his father and mother.  His wife and nine children, David, Ostrom, Hezekiah, Vedder, Theodore, Edward, Oliver, Mrs. Pruin and Mrs. Lansing survive; also two sisters, Mrs. Petingill and the Rev. Hezekiah Leonardson's wife, and Oliver Yates of the far west.  The funeral was attended by a large number of relatives and friends.  The Rev. Hezekiah Leonardson was one of the mourners.  He died of apoplexy, his illness lasting only a few days.

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