March 14, Peapack, N.J.                18 3/4

Mr. Jacob Van Dorn

Glen Montgomery 

County, N.Y.

Auriesville Post Office



Peapack, N. J. March 13, 1828

Dear Friends, I have the happenings to inform you of our good health for the season.  We have had rain every week almost ever since Aunt Ruth left Jersey.  Ferdinand received Williams letter and we were very glad to here from him.  He wanted to know about Evaline's frock.  Julia asked ferdy about it he said he took it out of the ___ and says he ___ have it but for what reason I can't tell you he says he may have the cape he must whrite a letter to him yourself for it but if we can get it without much noise we will do it but I am afraid we can't.  you must whrite again to us if Nothing Else only to lern to whrite  theodore begins to whrite very well John lerns very fast he reads the spelling Book very well and Peter likewise I whrite all your ages for you I have nothing important to whrite

William Irvine born August 26 1775

Ann Van Dorn born January 17 1778

Evaline Irvine born October 2nd 1809

Aaron Van Dorn Irvin born July 27 1811

William Edwin Irvin born October 1st 1813

Theodore Irvin born July 2nd 1816

Peter Irvin born July 28 1819

John Irvin born March 25 1821

William Irvin Departed this life April 26 1826

Ann Irvine departed this life November 28 1826

Aaron Van Dorn Irvin departed December 11 1826

Evaline Irvine departed this life March 14 1827

Mary Ann Van Dorn


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