Conrad - There were actually three Conrad Shutts in Glen/Auriesville.  

  1. Coenradt Schuts, b. Claverack, Columbia Co., NY 1782, d. Auriesville 1863

  2. Conrad Shutts, Jr., his son, b. 1822, d. Auriesville 1906

  3. Conrad Shutts, b. 1826, d. Auriesville 1900, probably son of Nathaniel

Jacob C. - b. Glen 1846, d. Auriesville 1924

Joseph - marriage to Catherine Stickles

Mrs. Sarah E. Shutts - Sarah E. (Fritcher) Shutts, wife of Conrad Jr., b. 1822, d. Auriesville 1873

Stephen Shutts

Washburn Shutts - b. Auriesville 1879, d. Auriesville 1931


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