The Town Social was a special event in small town America.  Receiving an invitation from an admirer was a great thrill.  My great, great-grandparents were no exception.  I can just imagine them reveling with their friends and relatives to the swinging sounds of Cromwell's Band, can't you?  

The cost in 1868?  $3.00!  That's $34.17 in today's dollars.  Check it out on the Historical Inflation Calculator.  Compare that to how much you are paying to attend your New Year's Eve celebration for the new Millenium.

Here is the image of the original invitation that Jacob C. Shutts, 23 years of age, sent to Alice Irving, then 22 years old.  They married within the next two years.

On the reverse, Jacob wrote, 

Alice Irving


Mont Co


With Compliments of J. C. Shutts

The small tintype picture of Jacob was inserted through the invitation.

invitation front

invitation back

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