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All items here were contributed via email or snail mail by your fellow researchers and historians. We're the first to acknowledge gaps and areas that need improvement and would appreciate donations from site visitors who have resources at home to share with other researchers. We especially need records from your family Bible and church lists.

In the meantime, if a resource you need/ are interested in/ have heard about isn't listed below, please contact directly the experts - the Montgomery Department of History and Archives - about existence/ availability/ who to contact. Their address and phone number are listed on the historical societies page. The site coordinator and assistant coordinators aren't county residents or historians, and are unable to assist you in any way with your personal research.

Other sites that have online records are listed on our links page.

IMPORTANT: There are quite a few published Mohawk Valley church records that we can't put on GenWeb sites as the transcribers won't give us permission to post the information for free to the online public or to do lookups. Some of these resources have been made available to online subscription sites that you pay a fee to join. Published vital resources include many of the important early Montgomery County church records that researchers ask for. Books and journals containing records are available for sale on commercial genealogical publications sites. Please use a search engine to find these sites.

Birth and Baptismal Records

Rev. Joshua Kocherthal's "Schoharie" Baptisms of 1716
Baptisms of Rev. Charles Jukes, Amsterdam, NY, 1834-1837
Baptisms of Rev. Mr. Donalds and Rev. Alex Prondfit, Amsterdam, NY, 1841- 1847
Baptisms of Rev. D. Stewart, 1839
Baptisms at Freysbush Methodist Church 1869-1902
Baptisms at Fultonville DRC Church 1871-1883
Index to the Baptisms of the Old Yellow Church of Manheim, NY, 1811-1843
Baptismal Records of the Old Yellow Church of Manheim, NY, 1811-1843
Some Montgomery County Birth Records
Many of the local records we know you would rather see here can be purchased on commercial genealogy and booksellers' sites, of which there are many to be found by typing the phrase "genealogy books for sale" into search engines.

Marriage Records

Montgomery County Marriages from Universalist Sources
Marriage Records of the Presbyterian Church at Bowman's Corners, 1825-1833
Miscellaneous Montgomery County "Out-of-County" Marriage Records
Marriage Notices From Old Newspapers Part 1
Marriage Notices From Old Newspapers Part 2
Marriage Notices From Old Newspapers Part 3
updated 12/21/13  Marriage Notices From Old Newspapers Part 4
Marriages Performed by Rev. Elijah Herrick 1796-1844
Marriages Performed by Rev. Calvin Herrick 1834-1876
Marriages at Fultonville DRC Church 1870-1883
Marriages of Rev. J.M. Van Buren and Rev. Ransford Wells, 1852 & 1857
Marriages of Rev. W.N. Scholl and Rev. F.W. Brauns, 1840-1852
Some Amsterdam Lutheran Church Marriage Records 1888-1891
Rescued Documents - 1863 Clute/DeGraff Marriage Certificate
Area Marriages From the "Cherry Valley Gazette" 1818 - 1834

Death Records

1850 Mortality Schedules of Montgomery County
Some Amsterdam Lutheran Church Death Records 1915-1923
Montgomery County Deaths from Universalist Sources
Funerals at Fultonville DRC Church 1869-1883
Miscellaneous Obits & News Articles from The Amsterdam Evening Recorder
Miscellaneous Montgomery County Death Records
More Miscellaneous Montgomery County Death Records
Some Montgomery County Deaths, 1893-1905
1931 Montgomery County Coroner's Reports
Obits Bulletin Board: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7
Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11   Part 12   Part 13    Part 14 Part 15    Part 16  
Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20

Mixed Family Records

Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals of Rev. Samuel Van Vechten of Ft. Plain
1870s Montgomery Co. Vitals from Amsterdam NY Newspapers
1848 Vital Records Florida School District No. 2
Bartholomew Family Obits
Early Marlatt/French Family Documents
Extracted records for the Minch/Bobilin/Horstman Family
Minch Family Records From Ft. Plain Lutheran Church
Baptisms for Sitts/Suts and Walter/Walts at the Ft. Plain DRC
Death Records for Walter and Sitts/Suts at the Ft. Plain DRC
Marriage Records for Sitts/Suts and Walter/Valter/Walts at the Ft. Plain DRC
Thompson Family Obits

Wills and Deeds

- Refer to WILLS AND DEEDS BULLETIN BOARD for MANY more full wills, deeds, letters of administration, and abstracts. Our listings are particularly strong in this area.
  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6

Examples of our extensive listings include:
Letters of Administration Found Among New York Wills on File in the NYC Surrogate's Office
House Family Deeds Index
Wills and Deeds of the Slack Family of Amsterdam

Bible Records

Bible of Thomas Rankins

Church Lists

1833 Members of 1st Presbyterian Church of Amsterdam, NY
Memorandum of Formation of the Old Yellow Church of Manheim, NY
Ministers of Freysbush M.E. Church 1812-1912
M.E. Church Ministers 1920
Membership Records of the Christian Church of Rural Grove

Fraternal & Sororal Organizations and Other Organizational Records

1915 Eastern Star Convention at Ft. Plain
1909 and 1912 Members of the Amsterdam Board of Trade

School Lists


Tax Records, Jurors & Miscellaneous Lists

Herkimer/Montgomery Purebred Livestock Breeders, 1912
Montgomery County Agricultural Society Members 1921
Montgomery County Supreme Court Jurors for 1931
Montgomery County Grand Jurors for 1932
Manheim Town Officials
Tax Records of the Town of Palatine: 1787 and 1788
They Didn't Pay Their Bills in 1885

Military Rosters

- Please refer to WHERE THE BOYS WERE for extensive selection of military rosters, covering the Revolution through the Civil War.

Links to Other Sites With Online Records

IMPORTANT! These are links to other sites. If you get a file not found it's because the owner of that site either removed the resource or moved it to a new location. We don't monitor the activities of other sites' webmasters, so if the links below aren't working we don't know about it. If we did know the new URL, the link would take you to the right place! Please don't email us to ask what the new location is as we don't know any more than you do, but please take a moment to alert the coordinators of our site so that we can delete the bad link.

Evening Telegram Obituary Index
Index to the Lost Baptisms of the Rev. John Calvin Toll of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York 1807-1834 - this is a link to another site

Vital Records Transcriptions on Other Sites

1850 Federal Census, Mortality Schedule, Montgomery County, New York
1860 Federal Census, Mortality Schedule, Montgomery County, New York
1870 Federal Census, Mortality Schedule, Montgomery County, New York>

1865 Deaths, Montgomery County, New York State Census Mortality Schedule, Glen - Second Election District and Glen - Third Election District
1875 Deaths extracted from the Montgomery County, New York State Census, Amsterdam - First Election District

1865 Marriages extracted from the Montgomery County, New York State Census, Amsterdam - First Election District and Glen - Second Election District

1847 Birth Records, Town of Charleston, Montgomery County, New York
1847 Birth Records, Town of Glen, Montgomery County, New York
1847 Birth Records, Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, New York
1847 Birth Records, Town of Root, Montgomery County, New York
1848 Birth Records, Town of St. Johnsville, Montgomery County, New York
1847 Marriage Records, Town of Charleston, County of Montgomery, New York
1847 Marriage Records in the Town of Glen, County of Montgomery, New York

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