Fulton and Montgomery Counties, New York
1939 Farm Directory

This directory was used within the farming industry and community, outside of village and city limits, for the year 1939. If you are looking for a family that lived within the "center" of the village, and/or maybe owned a business in the town, this family or head of household will NOT appear in these listings.

All rural households located OUTSIDE the main villages and cities are listed under the name of the head of the home. If you do not find the full name of the person whom you are looking for, look for the name of some other member of the household who may be considered the head of the family.

An asterisk (*) next to the beginning of the surname indicates that the person is NOT married, to the best knowledge of those that compiled this directory. These persons may be single, divorced or widowed.

What the Listing Means

An example:
Anderson, Francis, 6SW, Northville

This means that Francis Anderson has a rural farm or residence with a street/road address 6 miles in a southwestern direction from the VILLAGE CENTER of Northville. To best of knowledge, he is married.

It does not necessarily mean that his postal address is Northville, or that he resides within the town lines of Northville. This person most likely resides in a smaller community or rural area with a postal address of Bleecker, Mayfield or possibly Gloversville.

This is only a guide to lead you in a direction as to where rural families lived in 1939.

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