Fulton and Montgomery Counties, New York
1939 Farm Directory

John E. Larrabee, Inc., 3-5 Market St., Amsterdam, "Forty-nine years in this same location," Sporting Goods, Milk Coolers, Frigidaire, U.S. Steel Co. Roofing, Columbian Ropes, Bonide Chemicals, Stock Spray and Insecticides, etc.

Wassing & Brown Funeral Home, 16 South Crane St., Johnstown, A. Whitney Brown, Successor, "Continuous Service Since 1866," Ambulance.

Thomas L. Way Lumber Co., Bridge Street, Johnstown, Building Materials and Millwork.

American Baking Company, Johnstown, Restaurant, Fresh Cookies, Pies, Baked Goods, Cakes, Soda Fountain Service.

Alfred A. Cole, 25-27 West Main Street, Johnstown, Furniture and Floor Coverings, Stoves, Radios, Washing Machines, Electric Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners.

Hager & Mosher, 15 W. Fulton St., Gloversville, Insurance, Real Estate.

J.C. Vosburgh & Sons, Canajoharie, Building Materials, Electrical Appliances, Feed and Farm Implements.

Chamber of Commerce of Broadalbin, N.Y.

Jeffords Funeral Service, Broadalbin, Lady Assistant, Ambulance Service.

Earl F. Smith, Broadalbin, Electric Wiring, General Electric Refrigerators, Ranges, Milk Coolers.

Wentworth's Bakery, 123 E. Fulton St., Gloversville, "The Home of Holsum Bread."

Livingston's, Inc., 39 N. Main St., Gloversville, "Better Furniture at Lower Prices."

Welsh & Grey Lumber Corp., Johnstown, Houses, Camps, Garages, "F.H.A. Nation-Wide Financing."

W.E. Kidd, Hardware, 73 Church St., Canajoharie, Plumbing, Heating, Roofing, Stoves, Paint, Sporting Goods, Automatic Oil Heat, Sheet Metal Work.

Broadalbin Coal & Supply, Broadalbin, D.F. Seward, Prop., Lehigh Valley Coal, Bull Brand Feeds, Coal, Feed, Field Seeds, Fertilizer, Cement, Sand, Gravel, Roofing, Custom Feed Grinding, Frederick Stokers, Poultry Equipment.

Shelp & Warner Company, 24 River St., Amsterdam, DeLaval and McCormick-Deering Farm Equipment, International Motor Trucks, Starlin Barn Equipment, Marietta Concrete Silos and Barns

Gardner Seed Co., Rochester, N.Y., "Use Growmore Seeds."

Maritime Milling Co., Buffalo, N.Y., "B-B Complete Poultry Feedng Program."
Maritime Dealers in Fulton & Montgomery Counties
    Broadalbin Coal & Supply - Broadalbin, N.Y.
    John Stead - Northville, N.Y.
    I.W. Chase - Amsterdam, N.Y.
    Flume & Fuller - Palatine Bridge, N.Y.
    Arthur Guyette - Fultonville, N.Y.
    Fred L. Lowe - Fultonville, N.Y.
    Russel V. Nellis - Fort Plain, N.Y.
    Byron Roof's Sons - Fort Plain, N.Y.
    F.A. Fonda - E. Galway, N.Y.

General Electric, Refrigerators, Ranges, Water Heaters, Washers, Ironers, Complete Kitchens, Milk Coolers, Dishwashers, Disposalls, Appliances for Modern Living
Local Dealers
    H.S. Billington - Canajoharie
    I. Geesler - Fort Plain
    Hancock Electric Co. - Northville
    H.W. Jansen - 47 So. Main St., Gloversville
    H.W. Jansen - Johnstown
    W.H. Lenz - St. Johnsville
    Morrison & Putman - Amsterdam
    Earl Smith

Merchants Mutual Casualty Company, Home Office Buffalo, N.Y., M.S. Tremaine , Chr. of Board, C.W. Brown, President, Automobile Insurance
Local Agents
    W.W. Dann - Gloversville
    Harry D. Drake - Northville
    Frank E. Everson - Johnstown
    A.C. Benedict & Son - Broadalbin
    Patrick Britell - Amsterdam
    Bertha Brumaghim - Fultonville
    C.N. Burns - Canajoharie
    Walter J. Going - Amsterdam
    Olive F. Hartley - Amsterdam
    Frank A. Patterson - Hagaman
    DeMilt A. Quackenbush - Fort Hunter
    Carolyn M. Reisler - Amsterdam
    A.T. Van Heusen & Son - Amsterdam

Adelbert G. Cole, Funeral Director, 215 E. Main St., Johnstown, "Funerals to Meet Conditions."

Dockstader and Farrell, Johnstown, Clothing for Men and Boys.

Chamberlain's, 18 N. Market Street, Johnstown, Kyanize Paints - Varnishes - Enamels, Wallpaper, Glass.

The Broadalbin Bank, Broadalbin, Organized in 1919, "Member F.D.I.C."

A.C. Benedict, Broadalbin, Lumber, Sash, Doors, Masons Supplies, Lime, Cement, Wall Plaster, Upson, Insulation and Plaster Board, Rubber Roofing, Brick, Roof and Other Paints, Varnish, Glass.

Lyke's Apparel Shop, Northville, Clothing and Shoes.

Personal Finance Company of New York, Personal Loans, "Privately, of course."
    C.E. Foote, Mgr., Johnstown, 10 West Main St., Johnstown and Gloversville phone numbers
    F.M. Brady, Mgr., 27 E. Main St., 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg., Amsterdam

Dievendorf & Garlock, Inc., 9 East Main Street, Canajoharie, Dependable Insurance.

Homer Meyers, E. State St., Gloversville, McCormick-Deering Farm Implements, Part and Service, Tractor and Tractor Equipment.

Berry Lumber Yards, Fort Plain and Canajoharie, Lumber, Building and Mason Supplies.

Ivan Wemple, Mayfield, N.Y., Grain - Wood - Fertilizer.

National Spraker Bank, in Canajoharie, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The Canajoharie National Bank, Esp. 1855, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
    Frank M. Smith, Pres.
    J.S. Ellithorp, Jr., Vice-Pres.
    E.W. Shineman, Vice-Pres.
    Geo. H. Shineman, Cashier
    Merle P. Hodge, Ass't. Cashier

E.L. Durkee & Co., 13 North Main St., Gloversville, Hardware Merchants for Over 50 Years, Roofing, Easy Washers, Builders Hardware, Hoover Cleaners, Tools, Household Wares, Sporting Goods, Wheel Goods and Toys, Electrical Appliances, The Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes.

Houghtaling's, Canajoharie, Furniture & Funeral Service.

A.H. Guyette, Fultonville, Distributor of Feeds, Dairy - Stock - Poultry - Seeds - Fertilizer.

Dorn-Van Epps, Morticians, Two Complete Funeral Homes, Ambulance Service - Day or Night.
    George A. Dorn - 13 Hoosac Street, Johnstown, N.Y.
    Alfred W. Van Epps - Montgomery Street, Fultonville, N.Y.

Unadilla Silo Co., Unadilla, N.Y.,

National Welding Co., 16 West Street, Gloversville, Distributors of Welding Equipment and Supplies, Electric and Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting

Cowles, Brown & Co., 9 No. Main St., Gloversville, Books, Stationery, Office Supplies, Typewriters, "Imperial" Washable Wallpapers, Sherwin-Williams Paints

Craine Silos, 39 Redwood, Norwich, N.Y.

S.H. Ireland Chemical Co., 112-114 Water St., Johnstown, Industrial Chemicals - Dyestuffs, Bottled Gas, Dairy Cleansers

Kennedy Funeral Service, 150 South Main St., Gloversville, Invalid Coach

Robison & Smith, Launderers and Cleaners, Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Cold Storage for Furs; local phone service in Gloversville, Johnstown, Amsterdam, Broadalbin, Canajoharie, Fonda, Fort Plain and Nelliston, Fultonville, Northville, St. Johnsville.

Amsterdam Lumber Co., 43 Bridge St., Amsterdam, Lumber, Millwork, Building Materials, Shingles, Asphalt Roofing, Channel Drain, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Brick, Drain Tile, Celotex, Sheetrock, Upson Board, Plywood, Flooring, Siding, Windows, Doors, Glass, Builders Hardware, Paints.

John W. Finocan, Funeral Service, 13 Prospect Ave., Gloversville, Established Since 1907, Invalid Coach.

G.L.F. - provides cooperative purchasing of feeds, seeds, fertilizer, farm equipment and family food.
Service Agency Locations
    Johnstown - Johnstown Cooperative G.L.F. Service, Inc.
    Mayfield - Jessie Morrison
    Amsterdam - Amsterdam Cooperative G.L.F. Service, Inc.
    Canajoharie - J.C. Vosburgh & Sons
    Fonda - Fonda Cooperative G.L.F. Service, Inc.
    Fort Plain - Fort Plain Cooperative G.L.F. Service, Inc.
    Sprakers - Walter Kitchen
    St. Johnsville - A. Horn's Sons

Sears Roebuck and Co., Amsterdam, Gloversville, "Farmers Headquarters for 53 Years."

Red Mill, Russell J. Ehle, Fort Plain, Dealer in Flour - Feed - Building Supplies.

Gugenberger Bros. & Co., 84-86 Third St., Gloversville, Sheet Metal - Air Conditioning - Warm Air Heating.

The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, "A complete weekly newspaper serving Montgomery County.

Henry B. Rutland, Lumber, 397 South Main Street, Gloversville.

Farhart's Garage, Buick and Pontiac Sales and Service, Reconditioned Cars, The General Tire
17-25 Washington St., Gloversville
23-25 So. Market St., Johnstown

Burr Lumber Co., Inc., 40 W. Eighth Ave., Gloversville, Curtis Woodwork, Dupont Paints-Varnishes, Duco.

Hunter's Granite Works, Gloversville, Geo. E. Hunter and Robt. B. Ramsey, In Business Since 1888, "Designers and Manufacturers of Fine Cemetery Memorials."

Byron Roof's Sons, Fort Plain, Custom Grinding and Custom Mixing, Feeds, Paints, Massey-Harris Tractors and Farm Machinery.

Stewart and Bergen Co., Fort Plain, Established 1840, Incorporated 1902, Hardware, Paints, Plumbing, Roofing, Heating, Implements and Repairs.

Amsterdam School of Commerce, 21 Market St., Amsterdam, Courses: Secretarial, Stenotype, Accounting, Civil Service, Individual Training.

New York Power and Light, Niagara, Hudson, "As Little as $99.50 Buys 4 Burner Electric Range With Insulated Oven! Heat Control!"

O.A. Thomas, 65-67 Guy Park Ave., Amsterdam, Martin Senour Paints, Wallpaper, Barn Paint, Window Glass.

R. Douglas Boyd, Personal Loan Licensee, 64 N. Main St., Gloversville and 19 Main St., Fort Plain. "For Any Purpose Up To $300. Small Monthly Payments."

Tryon Oil Company, Inc., Atlantic, White Flash and Motor Oils, Atlantic Kerosene and Fuel Oils
Six Modern Stations
    Amsterdam - Pearl & W. Main
    Amsterdam - Guy Park & Jackson
    Fort Johnson
    Johnstown - Main & Perry
    Johnstown - 309 N. Perry
    Gloversville - Burr & Main.

The Fort Plain National Bank, Fort Plain, Established 1839, Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Jackson Funeral Service, Prospect St., Fonda.

Lyndon E. Smith, 27 Main St., Fort Plain, Fire Insurance and All Other Lines.

The Leader-Republican and Morning Herald, Gloversville and Johnstown.

Eastern Lumber Co., South Blvd., Gloversville, Building Materials.

Geo. J. Ruoff, 289 No. Main St., Gloversville, Heating, Air-Conditioning, Hot Point Appliances, Refrigerators, Electric Ranges, Washers, Ironers, G.E. Radios, Tappan Ranges Equipped with Bottled Gas.

The Corner Garage, Palatine Bridge, Leslie T. Waner, Allis-Chalmers, G.M.C. Trucks, Kelvinator Refrigerators, Sales and Service, Welding, Machine Work, General Repairing.

Harder Silo Company, Inc., Cobleskill, N.Y.

Reinhart's Commission Auction, Fort Plain, Cattle, Calves, Etc., "Every Tuesday at Noon."

Swartz Funeral Service, Fort Plain, Lady Assistant, Ambulance, N.F.D.A.

B.E. Shell Company, 23 W. Fulton St., Gloversville, Power Transmission, Electrical - Steam - Millwright, Westinghouse Electric, Refrigerators - Ranges - Hot Water Heaters, Meyers Water Pumps, Electric Motors, Zenith Radios, Wiring & Fixtures.

Finocan Brothers, Inc., 44-46 South Main St., Gloversville, "Fulton County's Largest Home Furnishing Store."

R.Z. Smith & Son, Fort Plain, McCormick-Deering Farm Machines and Implements, Feed and Silos, International Farm Machinery and Trucks, Sales and Service.

Ekblom Chevrolet Co., 102-106 Guy Park Ave., Amsterdam, Chevrolet Sales and Service, Cars and Trucks.

Rite-Way Roofing Co., 16-18 Mill Street, Gloversville, Roofers, Distributors, Electric Refrigeration, Oil Burners, Air Conditioning, Sheet Metal Work.

Holden Lumber Co., Gloversville, Building Materials, Diary Barns, Silo Staves, Poultry Houses, Fence Posts, Hog Houses, Lime & Cement, Range Shelters, Roofing, All Kinds, B.P.S. Paints, Insulation for the farm home, Glass, Putty, Hardware

Earl W. Hathaway, 20 No. Main St., Gloversville, Insurance.

Mohawk Valley Floors, F. and M. Building, Fort Plain, Rugs and Carpets, Linoleum Floors, Window Shades, Venetian Blinds and Accessories.

The Amsterdam Recorder, "Montgomery County's Live, Daily Newspaper."

Hibbard Paint Co., 30 Market St., Amsterdam, Benjamin Moore & Co. Paints - Varnishes - Muresco, and Imperial Washable Wallpaper.

Arthur Hill Co., 25 Walnut St., Amsterdam, and 5 Glebe St., Johnstown, Jamesway Barn and Poultry Equipment, Park & Pollard Feeds and Rations, Fairbanks-Morse Water Systems, Prime Electric Fence, Roofing, Lime, Cement, Farm and Barn Accessories, Custom Grinding and Mixing.

The Northville Bank, Northville, 1895-1939, Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Carlson's, 11 Market St., Amsterdam, L. Schwenker, Mgr., and 230 Main St., Gloversville, Frank Miller, Mgr., Paints & Wallpaper, Window & Auto Glass.

A.L. Parsons & Son, 33 West Main St., Amsterdam, and Central Bridge, Mercury, Ford, Lincoln Zephyr, Used Cars and Trucks.

Lindsay, Lindsay & Palmer, Inc., Two stores: 14 Division St. and Cor. Bridge St. & Florida Ave., Amsterdam, Drugs, Wall Paper, Paints, Window Glass, Varnishes, Full Line Dr. Hess Poultry Remedies and Stock Tonic.

Mosher Bros., Northville, "Celebrating 40 Years of Service in Northville," preferred foods for your table, Economical Men's Clothing, Complete Farm Service in Beacon Feeds - Armours Fertilizers - Jamesway Farm Equipment - John Deere Machinery.

Yates & Corey, Northville, Funeral Service.

Argersinger's, Gloversville, Department Store.

The Kel-Kold Co., 26-28 Washington St., Gloversville, Kel-Kold Milk Cooler.

A.J. Daniels, Fonda, John Deere Farm Machinery, Papec Ensilage Cutters, Hay Choppers, Feed Grinders, Star Barn Equipment, Silos, Myers Pumps, Harness, Caterpillar Tractors, Milk Coolers, Roofing, New Idea Farm Machinery.

Isaiah Geesler, 66 Canal St., Fort Plain, "Pyrofax" Gas and Gas Ranges, Authorized Dealer for Carbide and Carbon Chemical Corporation.

Modern Roofing Co., Gloversville, Established in 1930, "Copper-Bound Roofs."

The Fultonville National Bank, Fultonville, Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The De Laval Separator Company, 165 Broadway, New York, N.Y., Separators and Milkers.
Authorized De Laval Dealers
    Holton R. Bush - Johnstown
    George C. Hill - Gloversville
    Henry Sponable - St. Johnsville
    G.L. F. Service Store - Fort Plain
    Seward J. Dillenback - Fort Plain
    P.C. & H.M. Austin - Palatine Bridge
    Shelp & Warner Co. - Amsterdam

International Harvestor Co., 960 Broadway, Albany, N.Y.
    J.O. Burkdorf & Son - St. Johnsville
    G.B. Sammons - Fonda
    Shelp & Warner - Amsterdam
    R.Z. Smith & Son - Fort Plain

Utica Radiator Corporation, Utica, N.Y., Utica Heating System, home heating - steam or hot water systems, to burn coal, oil, or wood.

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