Fort Hunter Soldiers Honor Roll

Provided by Lisa K. Slaski

I recently received this message from Kim Downing a site visitor who, with the help of her father, restored the Honor Roll in the summer of 1999 for her Girl Scout Gold Award:

"When the monument was first established in the early 40s it was to honor those who had served in WWI and II. Then in the 70s when it was restored they added names of people who served in the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War. One other quick bit of information, the name in back was done so because at the time the monument was originally put up, he was the only individual who was deceased after returning home, but prior to the monument erection. Also the name in blue, was at the time the only female on the board to have served. The monument was created to honor those living in Ft. Hunter that went to war." - Kim Downing

Soldiers Honor Roll at Fort Hunter
Top of Honor Roll: "Remember"
Eagle, Flag, US Map and: "O'er The Ramparts We Watch"
photo taken July 2000

(list on left)
(list on left/center)
(list on right/center)
(list on right)
Fred Albers Patrick Phillips Francis E. Newbold Albert G. Anderson
George Albers Marcellus Blanchard Edward W. Schmidtman  
Lewis Becker Henry S. Pavlah Howard E. Hitchcock
Charles Brandt Frank H. Moran Kenneth C. Francisco Richard Harris
Peter Fallar Arthur Phillips Haslett L. Newkirk Raymond R. Hitchcock
Frank Germond Herbert O. Gray William V. Hovey Wilson H. Hitchcock
Warren Haff Roger E. Moran George M. Newkirk James H. Downing
Edward Johnson Patrick Simeone
(black background)
William E. Snyder  
John Judd Theodore Albers Clinton E. Hartley
Albert Judd Edward H. Wittemeier Arnold F. Newkirk Frank Buckman
William Klapmeyer Albert D. Phillips Harry G. Newkirk Richard Buckman
Ernest Klapmeyer Donald H. Snyder Douglass T. Sheldon Jon P. Downing
Frank Key Frank R. Blonkowski Charles Holdorf Jerry F. Gardner
Daniel Key Albert Canderson Robert Rounds Kurt D. Gardner
William Lavender Edward W. Fallar Stuart Fink Eddie Kopik
killed in action
Joseph Morrell A. William Becker Eric Duemler Charles H. Peters
Ralph Morrell Halsey C. Townsend John Simeone jr.  
John Osterhout John R. Blonkowski Floyd A. Newkirk  
Demilt Quackenbush Joseph B. Grajewski Robert Klingbeil  
Charles Sherman Alfred Januszewski Frederick Atkinson  
  Melvin E. Wittemeier Alfred Ross  
  Otto J. Oppatt Richard D. Mount  
  John H. Moran Ray H. Moran  
  Sigmund J. Wojick John Bartman  
  John A. Soodol Donald Klingbeil  
  James A. Davis Alan Benosky  
  Robert W. Cole Dorthea J. Opalka
(blue background)

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