A Few Vital Records from Florida Twp Clerk's Office
Extracted records for the Minch/Bobilin/Horstman family

The following records were extracted by Lisa K. Slaski from the records of the Lutheran church of Fort Plain.  These individuals are all related directly or by marriage to Henry Minch (1805-1895) of Dens, Hesse-Kassel, Germany and Fort Plain, NY.  For the birth records, where it is unknown if the individual is still alive, the name has been purposefully left out and only the sex of the child is given.  For more information regarding this family, contact Lisa.

birth date
child's name
birth place
birth place
9-10-1887 Susanna E. Rosa Bobilin 20 Germany Henry F. Minch 24 Mill Point, NY
9-29-1889 Louise Caroline Rosina Bobolin Henry Francis Minch
12-22-1889 Fred C. Anna Minch Mill Point Henry Horstman Germany
12-5-1890 [daughter] Rosina Bobilin Henry Francis Minch
1-31-1893 Carrie Emma Rosina Bobilin Henry Frank Minch
2-19-1894 Nettie Laura Carrie Anna E. Minch Ft Hunter Henry A. Horstman Germany
6-25-1894 Elsie I. Rosina Bobilin b. 1867 Germany Henry F. Minch b. 1864 NY
9-22-1896 [daughter] Emma Louise Van Buren Schenectady Henry August Horstman Germany
11-2-1899 Warnick Rose Bobolin Henry F. Minch
10-6-1900 Carrie Carrie Minch 25 Mill Pt, Glen, NY Anst Bobilin
28 Germany
10-6-1900 Nellie Matilda Carrie Minch 25 Mill Pt, Glen, NY Anst Bobilin
28 Germany
5-20-1901 [daughter] Laura Bertha Howard Albert Bobilin
6-1-1901 Walter Christian Fink Isabella Sophia Minch 35 Ft Hunter Henry Fink
41 Germany
11-10-1902 [son] Caroline Minch 27 Ft Hunter Amil Bobilin
30 Germany
9-4-1903 Frank Carrie Miinch 29 NY Anst Robilin
30 Germany
12-8-1903 [son] Laura Howard 26 NY Albert Roblin
26 Germany
9-4-1904 [son] Carrie Minch Anst Bobilin
8-21-1906 [daughter] Mary Smith 37 Wm Bobolin 40
11-30-1906 [son] Laura Howard 28 Albert Bobolin 29
7-2-1907 Lena Carrie Minch
4 children, 4 living
33 Anst Bobilin 35
6-22-1908 Wm A. Mary Smith 42 Wm Bobolin
11-1-1908 [daughter] Laura Howard Alberth Bobilin
3-1-1909 Leonard Gustave Rose Bobeling
16 children, 10 living
Henry Minch
hay buyer
11-16-1910 [daughter] Laura Howard Albert Bobilin

Marriage Date
Frederick C. Horstman
age 36, broommkr
b. in Minden, Germany
father was Christian Horstman
Louisa C. Schopmier
age 28, b. in Akin
father Henry Schopmier
mother Mary born Uphoff

Death Date
Susanna Minch
44 yrs died in Ft Hunter
b. East Pentown, PA
father Frank Lair b. in Germany
mother -- Schlicher b. in East Pentown, PA
accident causing shock
5-9-1891 Emma Fink 4 yrs born and died in Ft Hunter
father Frederick Fink
5-21-1892 Bertha Minch 5 mos, 16 days parents H. F. and Rose Minch
12-19-1893 Corah Minch 10 mos parents H. F. and Rose Minch
3-5-1894 Henry Gerling 52 yrs occupation: Sexton
born in Germany
parents Charles and Carrie Gerling
3-14-1894 Anna C. Horstman 23 yrs, 3 mos, 21 days born in Mill Point
died in Ft Hunter
parents Conrad and Susanna Minch
Pnerfsural? fever 3/1-3/14
8-30-1896 Emeil Minch 28 days parents Rose and H. F. Minch
1-8-1897 Hermon Minck 1 yr, 4 mos, 2 days parents Rose and H. F. Minch
internal convulsions
9-2-1898 Lena Minch 2 mos, 21 days parents Rose and H. F. Minch
3-15-1899 Anna Fink 1 yr, 29 days parents Henry Fink born in Germany
and Isabella born in Mill Pt
whooping cough and pneumonia
7-2-1901 Frederick C. Horstman 39 yrs, 11 mos born in Germany
laborer, 10 yr resident
father Christ Horstman
sun stroke

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