A Letter from Rachel Newkirk

Town of Florida, Montgomery county, NY

4 Oct 1838

Donated by Nancy Robinson

Letter postmarked 4 Oct 1838

From: Rachel Newkirk, Florida Twp., NY
To: Nancy Andrews, Stafford, CT.

Florida, Sept 30th 1838

Worthy Friends,

        It is with pleasure that I spend a few moments to write you this morning. I have neglected writing to you longer than I should have done but was expecting to hear from John. I wrote to him about three weeks ago and have herd nothing from him. When I arrived home I found the friends all well.

I have ben a visiting to the streat and Port Jackson and have visited some in cadovity The was a wedding in the hallow last week Ruth Mallery to Waterman Sweet. C Harvey Malery is married to a lady in New York. Maryetta Johnson has a beau from Albany. I suppose she is engaged to him. he is a portrait painter a very smart young man she has had a great many presents from him Mary Jane is well and as smart as ever. She has done her work this summer alone and had no men and had a great deal of company. Margaret is not married yet but Hellen says she means to get married. Maria Ann has a young daughter. Thompson's health is some better than it has ben. Jane Ann is as well as usual. She has a new merino dress and a thick tuscan bonnet. Your Aunt Nelly has a plenty of work. Sally Ann is a teaching school at beldings corners. She has too dollars a week. Nancy Hicks has ben down on a visit and her sister Nelly Ann Hill (?) has gone to her Fathers. Mr. Steward has sent for Nancy and she has gone on with them. I have just received your letter and was pleased to hear from you all. Maria goes to school to Jane Rowland. She is a good teacher. Maria is almost as tall as Mother. I wish you could be here with us. Mother takes much snuff and drinks as much tea as ever. I should like to of seen Elisa Ann. How has it went with her and Allursin have they made a bargain yet. I thinks she paid you well for your nail. How long did John Aldrich stay in town and do you suppose Sarah and he come to any decision about getting married?

You never said one word about your Cabe nor Ephraim nor George. I have ben to the streat twice to meting. They have to verry hansome churches. This afternoon I am a going to the school house to meting.

Mr. Henry Phillips is a building a verry hansome house and he is going to make good use of it then says I for eggs and butter. Tell Elisa she must take good care of Calvin and not frighten him again. Mr. Hill has a daughter and Mrs. Rowland. Young Joseph Stanton has married Nancy Fosgate after all. Old Mr. Stanton is dead. Jane Ann Thacher is dead. Mrs. Cone and Mrs. Clapp have ben down on a visit. Aunt Polley has gone to New York to see Jane. She has married a Mr. Gilmore. Mrs. Storms is dead and Elisa has left and gone to another place.

Francis is to work in Amsterdam, he is called the first rate of a workman. Father is a building a new house he has it all enclosed. Father talks of coming down to Stafford this fall but I don't think he will get started.

        I will close by sending my Respects to all

Rachel Newkirk

Nancy Andrews
PS Please to write as soon as you received this and write all the news in Stafford

Contributor Note:
        Rachel's letter is as written. The spelling and syntax are hers. I have added punctuation to make it easier to follow, but otherwise it is unedited. Although surnames are not included, I have bold- typed all names to make it easier if you are researching any of these people.
        There are Newkirk plots in Pine Grove Cemetery containing persons with given names matching several of those named in the above letter. There were quite a few Rachel Newkirk's with varying birthdates living in the Amsterdam area. The Newkirk family came to Montgomery County from Schenectady & were most likely the descendants of Johannis Newkirk & Rachel Clute.
        Rachel, the author of this letter may have been a wife of a Newkirk, but she does not specifically mention a husband or beau in her letter. Since most of the people referred to in the letter were born in the early 1800's, it is quite possible that Rachel was born in 1805 to William Newkirk & Mary Melatt/Marlet.

Below appears to be Nancy Andrews, recipient of the above letter who from her salutation, was a friend.

1850 US Census, Stafford, Tolland, CT
Robert W. Andrews, 37, Machinist, Mass
Nancy Andrews, 44, NY
George P. Andrews, 14, Conn m. Marion, children Charles, b. abt 1865 & Madge, b. abt 1877
Sarah J. Andrews, 12, Conn m. Henry Chamberlain, son Harry A. Chamberlain, b. abt 1867, Stafford, Tolland, CT

CT Vital Records
24 May 1835, Stafford, Tolland, CT, by Wm. Field, J.P
Nancy Baker, b. abt 1806 m. Robert Warren Andrews, b, 1814, son of Alanson Andrews & Phoebe Green.

I have added some records of people who seem to reasonably fit the time and place. However, I cannot say for certain if I am on the right track.

Maryetta Johnson, dau. of Andrew Johnson & Rachel Newkirk, was born 21 Dec 1821, Minaville. She m. Frederick Fink, 27 Mar 1839, DRC, Florida, Minaville, Mont. Co., NY
Their son, Frederick Eugene Fink was christened 24 Oct 1845, Albany Second Presbyterian Church

John Howland Aldrich m. Sarah Johnson, 8 Dec 1839, Hartford, CT.
John Aldrich m. Sarah Pinney, 1846, Stafford, CT

John Newkirk m. Annatje Vedder, 1811, John d. 1826

John I. Newkirk m. Eliza Hallock, 2 Nov 1828, Caughnawaga

The Francis mentioned in the letter may have been a brother or cousin of Rachel, or he may be Francis B. Vedder.

1850 US Census, Florida Twp., Mont., NY
Francis Newkirk,, 34, Grocer, NY
Lydia Newkirk, 28, NY
Wm. H. Newkirk, 8, NY
Wm. Johnson, 18, Clerk, NY
Nelson Clark, 22, NY
Marcia Parent, 16, NY

Francis B. Vedder was born 1801, Schenectady son of Johannes Vedder & Eva Clute. Francis Vedder married Maria Newkirk 26 Feb 1824. Maria was b. 1804 Florida Twp. Vedder family history is located on the Schenectady History website.

Jane Ann Newkirk (1813-1870) m. 1834, Thompson Close (1804-1860), a harness maker in Florida Twp.
Their daughter, Mary E. Close was born 1858. Whether they had other children is unknown.
Thompson & Jane (Newkirk) Close are buried in Green Hill Cemetery

According to the IGI, Joseph Stanton m. Betsey DeGraff in 1836 while Nancy Fosgate m. Benjamin F. Stanton in 1837. This is apparently correct as by the 1850 US Census, Benjamin & Nancy and Joseph & Betsey and their assorted children were living in Randolph, Columbia Co., Wisconsin.

Waterman Sweet, (1809-1886) & Ruth (Mallory) Sweet (1815-1904), several of their 5 children and many other Sweet's are buried Chuctanunda Cemetery, Minaville.
Children of Waterman & Ruth:
Elizabeth Sweet, b. 1840-1857 bur. Sweet Cemetery, Florida; Waterman Sweet, Jr., (1843-1898); David Mallory Sweet, (1845-1923); Ira S. Sweet, b. abt. 1850, d. aft. 1930, Utica, Oneida, NY; Leonard Sweet, (1852-1890)

The following records are from the IGI and by no means complete. I cannot vouch for accuracy as the IGI is often incorrect and requires referral to original records or other documentation.
Unless otherwise noted, the dates are of birth and Caughnawaga refers to the christening at DRC Caughnawaga, Fonda, Montgomery Co., NY.

Some Rachel Newkirk IGI birth & bapt. records

Note: I have included Montgomery, Orange, NY records as the IGI often confuses Montgomery, Orange, NY with Montgomery Co., NY

Rachel Newkirk, Chr.. 29 Dec 1782, Caughnawaga - Garret Newkirk & Maria Vedder
(Garret was b. 3 Feb 1760, Schenectady or Albany, the son of Johannes Newkirk & Rachel Clute)
Rachel Newkirk, b. 28 Feb 1791, Caughnawaga, Fond - Johannis Newkirk & Neeltje Collier
Rachel Newkirk, b. 19 Apr 1791, Caughnawaga, William J. Newkirk & amp;Deborah Hansen
Rachel Newkirk, b. 15 Aug 1805, Caughawaga - William Newkirk & Mary Melatt (Marlat)
Rachel Newkirk, b. 2 Sept 1830, Caughnawaga - Nicholas Newkirk & Maria
Rachel Milspaugh Newkirk, Chr. 1839, Montg Orange, - Adam Newkirk & Catherine Milspaugh
Rachel Newkirk, b. 1840, Montg. Orange - Adam Newkirk & Catherine Moore
Rachel Newkirk, b. Jul 1840, Florida, Minaville- G.C. Newkirk

Johannes Newkirk, b. abt 1729 & Rachel Clute b.. abt 1738, m. 1754, Schenectady
Garret Newkirk b. 3 Feb 1760, Schenectady
William Newkirk, 3 Feb 1765, Schenectady
John Newkirk, 10 Sep 1767, Schenectady

William Newkirk & Mary Melatt (Marlat)
John Newkirk, b. 11 Nov 1793, Caughnawaga
Neeltje Newkirk, b. 2 Dec 1796, Caughnawaga
Rachel Newkirk, b. 15 Aug 1805, Caughawaga
Gerrit Cornels. Newkirk, b. 22 Sept 1807, Caughnawaga

William I. Newkirk and Rachel Quackenboss m. 14 Jan 1802, DRC, Caughnawaga.
Nicholas Newkirk, b. 29 May 1803, Caughnawaga
Maria Ann Newkirk, b. 4 Jul 1815, Caughnawaga
William Henry Newkirk, b. 1816, Caughawaga

Abraham Newkirk m. Maria Garisson
Gerrit Newkirk, b. 13 Mar 1804, Caughnawaga

Peter Newkirk & Lydia
Jane Ann Newkirk, b. 7 Jul 1813, Minaville, Mont. NY m. Thomson Close, 19 Mar 1834, Minaville

Peter I. Newkirk and Angelica Fonda m. 25 Feb 1826, Caughnawaga
John Fonda Newkirk, b. 5 Apr 1827, Caughnawaga
Nancy Newkirk, 2 Dec 1828, DRC, Caughnawaga, Fonda

John Newkirk & Neeltje Collier
John Newkirk, b. 9 Mar 1793, Caughnawaga
John Newkirk, b. 25 Jul 1798, Caughnawaga
Peter Newkirk, b. 14 Feb 1802, Caughnawaga
Maryte Newkirk, b. 24 Nov 1804, Caughnawaga
Gerrit Newkirk, b. 18 Aug 1807

Albert Newkirk & Nancy Rowland
Gerrit Newkirk, 11 Jun 1821, Caughnawaga

Samuel Newkirk & Elida Zealy
Gareet Newkirk, b. 1 Nov 1835, Minaville

Garrit C. Newkirk & Rachel Gardenier
Samuel Newkirk, b. 6 Apr 1791, Caughnawaga

William Newkirk & Nancy Casaat
William Newkirk, b. 6 Nov 1791, Caughnawaga

William J. Newkirk & Deborah Hansen
Rachel Newkirk, b. 19 Apr 1791, Caughnawaga
Peter Newkirk, b. 2 June 1793, Caughnawaga

John Newkirk & Elizabeth Putman
William Newkirk, b. 23 Feb 1821, Caughnawaga

Nicholas Newkirk & Maria
William Newkirk, b. 26 Jun 1826, Caughnawaga
William Henry Newkirk, b. 17 Dec 1831, Caughnawaga

William Cornelius Newkirk & Neeltje Quackenbush
William C. Newkirk, b. 1764, Schenectady
John Newkirk, b. 1772, Fonda

Gerrit Cornelius Newkirk & Neeltje Quackenbuch
Johannes Newkirk, b. 17 Oct 1767, Schenectady
Maria Newkirk, b. 1775, Fonda

John Newkirk & Lana Sillenbaugh
Wm. Henry Newkirk, b. 1 Jan 1840, Stone Arabia, Palatine, Mont., NY

Abraham Newkirk & Maria Garretsen
Neeltje Newkirk, b. 23 Nov 1798, Caughnawaga
Maryte Newkirk, b. 23 Apr 1801, Caughnawaga, Fonda

Garret J. Newkirk & Maria Vedder
Catherine Newkirk, Chr. 29 Dec 1782, Caughnawaga
Rachel Newkirk, Chr.. 29 Dec 1782, Caughnawaga
Neeltje Newkirk, b, 21 Nov 1794, Schenectady
Johannes Newkirk, b. 18 Jan 1797, Schenectady
Maria Newkirk, b. 2 Feb 1802, Caughnawaga

Henry Newkirk & Mary Dawson Shields
Henry White Newkirk, b. 20 Oct 1815, Caughnawaga
Jane Newkirk, b. 14 Feb 1817, Caughnawaga, Fonda

Henry Newkirk & Eliza Soles
Henry Newkirk, b. 1829, Caughnawaga

Henry Newkirk & Elizabeth Thurston
Caty Newkirk, 9 Apr 1810, Caughnawaga

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