"r" means "residence"

American Pipe & Construction Co, Patrsnvl 314
Androski Vincent, r, Patrsnvl 128
Appleby Andrew, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 1212
Appleby Raymond, Garage, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 44
Ariel Frank, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 335
Aucompaugh Frank, r, Patrsnvl 337
Aucompaugh William, r, Patrsnvl 67
Baker Joseph, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 332
Barclay Elmer, r, Patrsnvl 58
Barclay Geo, r, Patrsnvl 148
Barclay W W, r, Patrsnvl 420
Barge Canal, Lock 5 Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 1319
Bassett Fred, r, Rotterdam 142
Bassett William, r, Patrsnvl 135
Batallia Joseph, Cottege Hotel, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 132
Becker David, r, Patrsnvl 36
Becker James, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 510
Becker Lester, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 29
Beeman C B, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 2121
Benjamin T, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 421
Beyer Charles, r, Patrsnvl 147
Boston & Maine, Off, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 319
Boston & Maine, Mgrs Off, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 219
Boston & Maine, Oil Rm, Rndhse Rotterdam Junction 1217
Bradshaw Charles, Hotel, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 517
Bradt Frank, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 65
Bradt Henry, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 149
Bradt John, r, Patrsnvl 312
Brandle G H, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 69
Brasmeister Chas, r, Patrsnvl 415
Brasmeister John, r, Patrsnvl 413
Brazee Herbert, r, Patrsnvl 1320
Brown Allen, Pay Station, Store, Minaville Patrsnvl 222
Brown Ralph, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 2227
Bucci Thomas, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 34
Cartright Geo, r, Patrsnvl 3112
Conover Chas, r, Patrsnvl 3114
Couple Frank, r, Patrsnvl 613
Crawford Willis, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 2127
Crosby Charles, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 427
Cullings R C, r, Patrsnvl 33
DeGraff Arey J, r, Patrsnvl 43
Dimenno Tony, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 64
Dockstader E E, Store, Patrsnvl 224
Dockstader E E, r, Patrsnvl 2224
Dorn A B, r, Patrsnvl 227
Dorn J A, r, Patrsnvl 218
Dorn J A Jr, r, Patrsnvl 228
Dorn Wendell, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 3312
Dougall A M, r, Patrsnvl 126
Dudick Paul, r, Patrsnvl 1222
Elder Mrs John, r, Patrsnvl 57
Elder William, r, Patrsnvl 2214
Endries Andrew, Newsroom, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 419
Endries Andrew, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 1327
Endries Jacob, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 2221
Ennis Bell, r, Patrsnvl 1313
Ennis, Charles, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 2112
Ennis Elmer, r, Patrsnvl 2216
Ennis John, r, Patrsnvl 223
Ensign Dr C W, Off, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 122
Feltis Jared, r, Patrsnvl 3113
Ferrall Frank, Hotel, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 229
Francisco Andrew, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 512
Fries David, r, Patrsnvl 3120
Geegelow Frank, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 3311
Gillon Rev Benedict I, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 1321
Goodberlet Henry, r, Minaville Patrsnvl 2122
Gordon James, r, Patrsnvl 127
Gunther Chris, Store, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 3321
Gunther John, Hotel, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 321
Hallenbeck Mrs William, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 4211
Hallenbeck & Co, Office, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 411
Hansen Peter, r, Patrsnvl 1218
Hatcher J C, Greenhouse, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 225
Hatcher J C, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 226
Herrick Nick, r, Patrsnvl 418
Hill Rev Alex, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 2212
Hill Ernest L, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 221
Hillman Carl, Minaville Patrsnvl 622
Holton Melvin, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 124
Holton W J, r, Patrsnvl 416
Howard Dr, Off, Minaville Patrsnvl 322
Howard C O, Meat Market, Patrsnvl 2111
Huntington Harry, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 1210
Hynes George, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 145
Imperial Hotel, Hotel, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 1417
Jeffers D B, r, Patrsnvl 137
Jeffers Daniel, r, Patrsnvl 514
Jeffers James, r, Patrsnvl 66
Jeffers Ray, Pattersonville Hotel, Patrsnvl 424
Jeffers Warren, r, Patrsnvl 56
Jeska William, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 129
Jones Howard, r, Patrsnvl 1214
Jones John, r, Patrsnvl 220
Jones Seth, r, Patrsnvl 1420
Jones William, r, Patrsnvl 1318
Kane Charles, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 515
Karl Mrs William, r, Rotterdam Junction 1310
Kearns William, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 327
Kelderhouse John, Pay Sta, Str, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 311
Kline Andrew, r, Patrsnvl 1224
Kline Mrs Lettie, r, Patrsnvl 1213
Knight Chas, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 45
Lane Ralph, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 134
Langley James, r, Patrsnvl 146
Langley Wm, r, Patrsnvl 3122
Leichfeldt Frank, r, Patrsnvl 216
Leighfeldt William, r, Patrsnvl 1316
Leichfelt Ferdinand, r, Patrsnvl 1416
Leroy George, r, Patrsnvl 48
McAuley Irving, r, Patrsnvl 1312
McAuley Morris, Patrsnvl 616
McClung Rev Charles, Patrsnvl 136
McDougall Daniel, r, Patrsnvl 23
McDougall H C, r, Patrsnvl 123
McKee F W, r, Patrsnvl 46
McKinley John, r, Patrsnvl 138
McMillan Jacob, r, Patrsnvl 1314
Madden Thomas, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 212
Marlett William, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 42
Mathusa C, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 22
Menge Fred, r, Patrsnvl 320
Millette Eugene, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 627
Mohr A J, r, Patrsnvl 38
Morris Dwght, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 3327
Mulligan Chas, r, Patrsnvl 27
Muselbeck Charles, r, Patrsnvl 1216
Muselbeck Henry, r, Patrsnvl 516
Myers Melvin, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 610
Myers William, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 3110
National Ex Co, West Sh Depot, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 519
Negus Thos, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 1227
Noel John, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 3317
Nold W J, Meat Market, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 62
Parkis Edgar, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 521
Patterson C C, r, Patrsnvl 68
Patterson Frank, r, Patrsnvl 213
Patterson John, r, Patrsnvl 133
Pattersonville Creamery Co, Factory Patrsnvl 524
Pattersonville Tel Co, Exchange Patrsnvl 614
Persons Chas D, r, Patrsnvl 1315
Peters John, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 54
Phillips C, r, Patrsnvl 1215
Phillips Louis, Ferryman's r Patrsnvl 414
Rapphahn Fred, r, Patrsnvl 1220
Rocco Dominick, Store, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 24
Runkle Charles, r, Patrsnvl 26
Sanford Ray, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 49
Schiller Edward Patrsnvl 2124
Schiller Howard, r, Patrsnvl 315
Schultz C H, Store, Post Office, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 211
Schuyler A J, r, Patrsnvl 53
Schuyler William, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 2211
Scott George, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 35
Scrafford George, Store, Rotterdam Junction 217
Severine Joseph, r, Patrsnvl 615
Shelp Nelson, r, Patrsnvl 3315
Shuler William, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 412
Smith Albert, Patrsnvl 3318
Smith E A, r, Patrsnvl 624
Smolley John, r, Patrsnvl 2215
Squire Dr A P, Office, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 25
Stage Edward, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 125
Stair Floyd, Milk Depot, Patrsnvl 2218
Stair Fred, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 334
Staley Allard, r, Minaville Patrsnvl 422
Steele Irving, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 3111
Stevens George, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 4217
Strunsee John, r, Patrsnvl 3116
Summers Albert, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 1221
Tinning James, r, Patrsnvl 316
Tinning William, r, Patrsnvl 317
Tracey Howard, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 3127
Tuft Arthur, Patrsnvl 226
Tuft John, r, Patrsnvl 47
Tuft Raymond, Patrsnvl 426
Valley Stone Co, Quarry, Patrsnvl 313
Van Alstine Henry, r, Minaville Patrsnvl 522
Vandenberg Clarence, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 1211
Vandenberg William, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 511
Vanderbilt Mrs Catherine, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 339
Van Epps Edward, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 611
Van Epps J D, r, Hoffmans Patrsnvl 1311
Van O'Linda Edward, r, Rotterdam Patrsnvl 617
Van Voast Charles, r, Patrsnvl 2113
Veeder J S, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 139
Walpole James, r, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 210
Warner Gary, r, Patrsnvl 215
Wemple Harvey, r, Patrsnvl 1415
West Shore R R Depot Patrsnvl 513
Wheaton Frank, r, Patrsnvl 336
Wheeler Elmer, r, Rotterdam Junctin Patrsnvl 55
Wilkinson Howard, r, Patrsnvl 318
Wood William Patrsnvl 2116
Yager Walter, r, Patrsnvl 338
Y M C A, Rotterdam Junction Patrsnvl 1219

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