Tribes Hill

"r" means "residence"

Ball Dr Arthur L, r, Tribes Hi 5-F2
Barge Canal, Office Tribes Hi 9-F5
Becker August, Hotel Ft Huntr 5-F12
Becker August, Hotel Pay Station Ft Huntr 14-F3
Berning H L, r, Tribes Hi 10-F4
Brown John, Hotel Ft Huntr 5-F3
Brown John, Hotel, Pay Station Ft Huntr 14-F12
Cotton E N, Prop Vosburgh Htl, Pay Sta Tribes Hi 7-F4
Dolan Chas F, r, Tribes Hi 4-F21
Dufel Henry, r, Tribes Hi 12-F21
F J & G R R Co, Power House Tribes Hi 36-F5
Gates C L, r, Tribes Hi 36-F13
Glen Telephone Company -
   Central Office, Chief Operator Official 11
Goller Daniel, r, Ft Huntr 9-F2
Gordon Bros, Store Tribes Hi 6-F6
Gordon Bros, Store, Pay Station Tribes Hi 7-F6
Gross George H, r, Tribes Hi 10-F12
Hanson Chas D, r, Tribes Hi 10-F21
Hanson Wm, r, Tribes Hi 10-F2
Hoag F A, r, Tribes Hi 4-F12
Hotel Becker, Aug Becker, Prop Ft Huntr 5-F12
Hotel Brown, John Brown, Prop Ft Huntr 5-F3
Hotel Streeter, Ward Streeter, Prop Tribes Hi 6-F21
Houpt F J, r, Tribes Hi 10-F14
Kenyon Farm Tribes Hi 12-F3
Leavitt Mrs Wm, r, Tribes Hi 10-F13
Lefler Raymond, r, Tribes Hi 36-F2
Lester Laura, r, Tribes Hi 36-F4
Lewis D H, r, Tribes Hi 12-F2
Miller C F, Store Tribes Hi 4-F3
Miller C F, Store, Pay Station Tribes Hi 8
Mohawk Inn, Floyd Wert, Prop Tribes Hi 10-F31
Mohawk Inn, Floyd Wert, Prop Pay Sta Tribes Hi 7-F31
Mohawk Valley Rose Garden, Tribes Hi 6-F5
N Y R R Co The, Depot Tribes Hi 5-F4
Parry Richard J, r, Tribes Hi 5-F31
Premier Broom & Brush Co, Ft Huntr 5-F13
Putman Ira, Confectionery Store Tribes Hi 6-F13
Putman Ira, Pay Station Tribes Hi 7-F2
Putman Wm, Store Ft Huntr 9-F14
Putman Wm, Store Pay Station Ft Huntr 14-F2
Runkle Chas W, r, Tribes Hi 4-F2
Shutts W V & C I, r, Tribes Hi 12-F31
Stang Mary L, r, Tribes Hi 9-F12
Streeter Ward, Hotel Tribes Hi 6-F21
Streeter Ward, Hotel, Pay Station Tribes Hi 7-F21
Suits Dr P L, r, Tribes Hi 9-F3
Sweet Mrs George, r, Tribes Hi 36-F14
Underhill C E, r, Tribes Hi 6-F3
Vosburgh G J, Box Shop Tribes Hi 5-F21
Vosburgh Htl, E N Cotton, Prop, Pay Sta Tribes Hi 7-F4
Wert Floyd, Prop, Mohawk Inn Tribes Hi 10-F31
Wert Floyd, Prop, Mohawk Inn, Pay Sta Tribes Hi 7-F31
Wires Mrs John, r, Tribes Hi 6-F4

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