Souvenir Program

of the

the 100th Anniversary of the

Village of Fultonville

and the

125th Anniversary of the
Organization of the

Town of Glen

August 12, 13, 14, 1948
Fultonville, New York

1823 - 1948

Main St., Fultonville

Main Street, looking North from Canal Bridge, in 1905

Centennial Committees

General Chairmen: Mayor P.J. Rossi and H.J. Philbrook, President of the Community Club of Fultonville
Secretary: Edward S. Yates
Treasurer: C.V. Argersinger
Historical: E.J. Sheehan, Mrs. R.A. Donaldson, co-chairmen; Hugh P. Donlon and Mrs. Charles J. Nietsch
Advertising and Program: Willard G. Todd, Dever J. Crane, John A. Morford
Parade Marshall: Dr. Victor F. Van Wagenen
Floats: Mrs. Laura Y. Finehout
Entertainment: Fred L. Lowe
Publicity: Edward S. Yates
Museum Display, Fultonville High School: Mrs. T.A. Simpson

Erie Canal, Fultonville

Erie Canal looking East from Van Antwerp elevator in 1895


Thursday, August 12
7:00 P.M. Dinner at the Fultonville Reformed Church
Speaker - Congressman William T. Byrnes

Friday, August 13
Mrs. Alexander G. Yates held open house at her home for the general public on John St from 3-5 P.M 8:00 P.M. Band Concert by Local 163 A.F. Musicans, Johnstown and Gloversville on the highschool lawn

Saturday, August 14
1:30 P.M. Parade
2:30 P.M. Speaker Lt. Gov. Joseph R. Hanley at the ball park
3:30 P.M. Drum Corps review by Teroga Cadets of Johnstown
4:30 P.M. Ball game, American Legion, Jr., of Fultonville and Fonda vs. American Legion, Jr., of Fort Plain
6:30 P.M. Soft ball game, Fonda All-Stars vs. Tony's All-Stars of Fultonville
8:45 P.M. Fireworks at ball park
9:00 P.M. Block dance on Erie Street

Museum at Fultonville High School open every evening from 7:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Mohawk Valley Lumber Co

Mohawk Valley Lumber Co., Mill and yards, in 1895

The Advertisers, in Order of Appearance

White Mop Wringer Company: Fultonville

Glen & Mohawk Mik Association, Inc.: Fultonville

C.T. E. VanHorne: refrigerators, stoves, heaters, washing machines, hardware, Fultonville

Rossi's: Fultonville's Leading Confectioner

Shell Oil Co.: Fultonville

Fultonville Barber Shop: Allen Barker

Fonda Cooperative G.L.F. Service, Inc.: feed, seed & fertilizer

Fonda Rug Store: S.W. Krawiec, carpet laying and repairing, rubber and asphalt tile, Main St., Fonda

Hazzard Oil Co.: coal, wood, feed, Fultonville

A.W. Stairs: florist, Fultonville

Fultonville Dept. Store: Daniel Pagano, Prop., dry goods and ready to wear, rubbers and shoes

Willisonian Convalescent Home: Fultonville

McDuffie & Moran: wiring of all kinds, Fultonville

Bronk's Market: Keller & Hazzard, Props., meat, fish, groceries, dressed poultry, Birdseye Frozen Food

Fondfult Lumber Company: Fultonville

Hotel Arthur: Frank W. Belfance, Prop., home cooked food, Fultonville

The Central Garage: F.L. & R.H. Ochampaugh, Props., authorized Chevrolet dealer, Fonda

Finer Furniture Store: Fonda

A.J. Ault: Fonda

Todd Funeral Home: ambulance service, Fultonville

Colonial Restaurant: Fonda

Community Club of Fultonville

Reinhart's Commission Auction: Cola Reinhart, Owner, Route 5S between Fort Plain and Canajoharie, all kinds of livestock sold

Collin's Grocery: Fonda

Peter Morford & Son: Auctioneers, Fonda

Socony Service Station: Leitt & Oare, West Main St., Fonda

Serris Bros.: ice cream and snack bar, Johnstown and Fonda

Sgt. Al Luciano: Fonda

E. Corning David, 3rd: news and confections, Fonda

Bell's Service Station: H. Bell, Prop.

The Elm Store: 5c to $5.00, Fonda

The Donaldson Press: R.A. Donaldson & H.J. Donaldson, creative printing since 1908, Fultonville

Modern Roofing Co.: Richard H. Maxson, Prop., Gloversville

Coal Co. of Fulton County: D. & H. Anthracite, "Blue Coal", Fultonville

Fultonville Machine & Tool Co.: George P. Snyder, precision machine work, Fultonville

Socony Service Station: Ray Carpenter, Prop., Fultonville

Foody's Drug Store: candy, sodas, smokes, Sealtest Ice Cream, Fultonville

Hotel Brunswick: Fonda

Anderson Instrument Co.: Glen

Bert Cranker: heating and plumbing, Fonda

Frank Lathers & Son: general merchandising, Glen

Sochin's: Clipper-Craft and Botany "500" Clothes, 6-8 Guy Park Avenue, Amsterdam

Philip S. Stowitts: Glen

Hotel Johnstown: Johnstown

Beechnut Gum: Canajoharie

M. Lurie & Company: Amsterdam

A.J. Daniels: "Pyrofax" gas service, hot water heaters, stoves, farm machinery, Fonda

Ingersoll Bros: Holstein-Friesian Cattle, Fultonville

Duross Bros.: wall paper, paints, glass, painting contractors, Fonda

M.L. Harris Transportation Company, Fultonville

Village of Fonda

Pat's Cafe: Fonda

W.R. Olmstead: Supt. of Highways, Town of Glen

Robert G. Moore: Glen

Buckman's Dairy: Fonda

Van Alstyne's Service Station: Texaco gas and oil, Fonda

Harry J. Gerling: County Clerk

Pelotte & Quackenbush: heating contractors, 45 Chestnut St., Johnstown

Lucille's Beauty Salon: Fultonville

Frank D. Pullen: insurance and real estate, 11 N. Main St., Fultonville

Sheriff William J. Green

Robison & Smith: laundry and dry cleaners, Gloversville

Rinella, Battaglia Co., Inc.: foreign and domestic fruits, 14-16 West Main St., Amsterdam

Master Label Lightning Rods: George Ellis, Fultonville

James C. Lippie: plumbing and heating, oil burners, stokers, Fonda

Charles S. Tracy

Nardick's: Fonda

Mohawk Valley Democrat: Fonda

Murray and John Jackson

Fonda Taxi: Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Yates, Fonda

American Oil Company, Fultonville

Fonda Community Service Club

Felix J. Aulisi: Surrogate Judge

National Mohawk Riber Bank: Established 1856, Fonda

Tony's Grill: A. Cerreto, Prop., our specialty spaghetti, East Erie Street, Fultonville

John Ruzicka: ladies and gents' tailor, Fonda

W.A.T. Cassedy Garage: Main St., Fultonville

Wyman's Drug Store: Fonda

Oneida Market: Fonda

Beacon Grain Store: feed and poultry equipment, Fultonville

Montgomery County Republican Committee: Walter Going, Chairman

General Mills, Inc.: farm service division, Fonda

The Wagon Wheel: Zentz and Mosconi, Props., ice cream, tobacco, magazines, news, fishing tackle, guns & ammunition

Shell Service Station: Frank Cerreto, Prop., genral repairing

Twin City Milk Co.: Persse Bros.

West End Garage: "Happy Motoring Starts at the ESSO Sign", Fonda

Swart Gloves: Mfgrs. of Fine Handwear, Fultonville

Putman Feed Store: Fultonville

J.W. Horning: complete outfitter for mens and boys, Fonda

Philbrook's Market: meat and groceries, Fultonville

F.L. Lowe: "Soft Water The Culligan Way", Fultonville

Superior Ice Cream Company: Gloversville

William Bartyzel: beer distributor, Amsterdam

Town of Glen Republican Committee: Edward J. Sheehan, Chairman

Montgomery County Democratic Committee: William Coogan, Chairman

Martin & Naylor: general store, 1890 - 1948, Gloversville

The Fultonville National Bank of Fultonville, N.Y.

Union Free School

Fultonville Union Free School in 1905
Built in 1884. Destroyed by fire, Jan. 8, 1923.

Free Library

Cobblestone Hall and Free Library in 1905
Built by Jeptha R. Sims about 1850.

Donaldson Block

Donaldson Block and Starin House in 1905
Built by Samuel Donaldson in 1875.

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