Town of Glen Highway Support Letter

Montgomery County, NY

This early letter in support of a highway going through the Town of Glen was transcribed by its owner Pete Simmonds, whose ggg-grandfather William Irving built a house on what is now Route 5S in Auriesville. This is a unique family document which has never been publicly seen before and Pete is very pleased and proud to present it here for your viewing. You'll certainly recognize some of the names of the petitioners and we all hope some of the men are your own ancestors. Click on the thumbnails to view and read the two pages of the original. The photo at left is 186k; the photo at right is 135k.

Montgomery County
Town of Glen

We the undersigned freeholders in the town of Glen in said county, who are not interested in the land through which the highway hereinafter described is proposed to be laid, nor of kin to the owners thereof, having met on the day of the date hereof, at the house of J D Montony in said town, do hereby certify, that after having been duly sworn, we personally examined the route of the said proposed highway, and heard the reasons offered for and against the laying out of the same: and that in our opinion it is necessary & proper to lay out such highway pursuant to the application of Martin Pruyn commencing at the fork in the road leading from Faulkner's Mills to the store of Victor A. Putman on the Erie Canal which fork is formed by a road leading from the road last named to a road leading from said Faulkner's Mills to Glen & uniting with the same at or near William Shelp's, running thence across the lands of the heirs of Cornelius C Van Horne at or near the line dividing the land of said Van Horne & Daniel Faulkner & across a corner of said Faulkner's wood land to & across the lands of Victor A. Putman to the highway near George S Schuyler's, thence across said highway & said Schuyler's lands to & across the lands of Victor A. Putman to & across Daniel Blood's wood lot, thence across the lands of John K Van Horne to the highway leading from the beforementioned Store of Victor A. Putman to Glen, thence across said highway & across the lands of said John K Van Horne to and across the lands of Daniel Cady to or near the line dividing the beforementioned lands of said Daniel Cady & John K Van Horne thence across the lands of said Van Horne to & across the lands of said Daniel Cady to & across the lands of said Van Horne to the lands of Martin Pruyn & across the same to & across the lands of William Irving to the highway on the berme bank of the Erie Canal at or near the Store of William Irving in Auriesville, which said highway will pass through the improved lands of the heirs of Peter P Van Horne decd , & of the heirs of William Van Buren decd , Cornelius C Van Horne, Victor A. Putman, George S Schuyler, John K Van Horne, Daniel Cady, Martin Pruyn, & William Irving, & through the improved and wood lands of Daniel Blood & Daniel Faulkner.

In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names this 28 day of Oct 28th 1858

John Van Dorn (?)
Marcus Hand
Isaac N Voorhees
James Adcock
Henry Soady
John Davidson
George F Haight
J D Montony (?)
C. Shutts, jnr

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