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For years now we've had pages for posting marriages and obituaries, and pages for posting out of state and out of county sightings of local residents' activities and milestones. But we've had no page for news clippings for miscellaneous birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and happy events happening right in Montgomery County. Old news clippings of group activities are fabulous genealogical resources as they frequently list many individuals and couples, occasionally giving home city. If you have a similar contribution typed up, please contact the site coordinators.

new 11/13/16  From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Wednesday, November 1, 1905, page 10


Phi Delta Sorority.

The members of the Phi Delta sorority of the High school and their friends were entertained last evening at the home of Miss Mabeth Shuttleworth at No. 321 Guy Park avenue. It was in the nature of a Hallowe'en affair and there were many games played and tricksperformed which made the evening a most delightful one. Refreshments were served and as the midnight hour approached a round of ghost stories was told. Those who enjoyed Miss Shuttleworth's hospitality were: Misses Marion Smeallie, Mary DeGraff, Marjorie Bronk, Marjorie Parkis, Mabel West, Adele Golder, Carrie Vanderbilt, Anna Powell, Katherine Larrabee, Eloise Milmine, Alice Buss; Messrs. John D. Kellogg, Harold Timmerman, Arthur Thompson, James E. Voorhees, Robert Simpson, Andrew Niven, Edward Lindsay, Allen Kimball, Hiram Keefer, Warnick Robb, Marcellus Bronk, James Schuyler, John Simpson, Fred Goetz.

Miss Bowhall Entertains.

Miss Bessie Bowhall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bowhall, entertained a number of friends Tuesday evening at her home, No. 171 Market street. The decorations consisted of evergreens, plants and about 100 Jack o'lanterns, which were suspended from the ceiling. Games were played during the evening and there were recitations by the hostess and Miss Edna McNaughton. Suspended over each plate at supper, was a miniature Jack o'lantern, and at each plate a carton containing some Hallowe'en games. Miss Bowhall's guests were: Misses Harriet DeHart, Hazel Ottman, Bessie Hall, Anna Belle Armstrong, Mildred Van Epps, Hazel Fite, Beatrice Morse, Cornelia Fite, Myrtle Harvey, Alice Groat, Marion Lindsay, Edna McNaughton, Julia Moore McGregot, Isabel Platt, Elizabeth Inman, Marion Wilkie, Jessie May Wilkie and Bessie Hollenbeck of Johnstown.

From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Monday, April 11, 1921, page 3

Mrs. Margaret Blume observed the 91st anniversary of her birth Sunday, at her home on Lakeside avenue, in the eighth ward, where she received the congratulations of a large number of relatives and friends. Despite her advanced years, Mrs. Blulme retains her health and faculties to a marked degree and keeps fully abreast of the times. Among those who visited her Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. John Stock, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fortinack, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Meenam, Robert Blume and William J. Meenam of Schenenctady.

From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, September 11, 1902.

On Friday a picnic was held at the home of Mrs. Harriet A. Tallmadge in honor of Mrs. B. F. Newkirk. The following guests were in attendance: Mrs. W. A. Gardner, Mrs. P. B. Gardner, Mrs. H. Gardner, Mrs. C. J. Dingman, Mrs. Mary Dunlap, Mrs. Emmett Dunlap, Mrs. E. Cresee, Mrs. Nettie Archie, Mrs. John Miller, Miss Mary McClumpha, Miss Julia Quackenbush of Amsterdam. Mrs. G. C. Newkirk, Mrs. G. M. Quackenbush, Mrs. Margaret Newkirk, Mrs. Charles Johnson and Mrs. George Quackenbush of Fort Hunter. Mrs. George Fancher and daughter of Glen.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 12, 1914.

Mohawk, Dec. 12.- Lewis Franklin entertained 10 of his friends in honor of his nineteenth birthday Wednesday night. Games were played and refreshments served. Before departing the guests presented Mr. Franklin with a handsome stickpin.

A very pleasant occasion was that of yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Berton Scammel entertained 10 lady friends in honor of her birthday and that of her mother, which occurred during the week. The mother was 92 years old and with the exception of a slight deafness retains her faculties to a marked degree. A dainty tea was served and a social time was enjoyed.

From the Utica Semi-Weekly Herald, February 26, 1897.

Fort Plain, Feb. 25.- The home of Mr. and Mrs. John Neach, sr., in Nelliston, was the scene of a pleasant assemblage last evening, it being the 38th anniversary of their marriage. The neighbors and friends of the host and hostess made a surprise visit to Mr. and Mrs. Neach, whose married life has been spent at this place. Amusements were enjoyed until 11 o'clock, when refreshments were served, after which social pastimes were again resumed. A beautiful silver cake basket was presented the honored couple.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday, February 5, 1916, page 12.


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fuller of Palatine Bridge Are Esteemed by All.

Canajoharie, Feb. 5.- To-morrow Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fuller of Palatine Bridge will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage and the family circle will be complete, one son. Mead Fuller, being here from Dakota, the first in many years. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller have had eight children and have never had a death in the family, neither children nor grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller are respected residents of Palatine Bridge and have the congratulations of their many friends on both their golden anniversary and an unbroken family circle.

From the The Syracuse Herald, Jan. 19, 1905.

From the Syracuse Herald, Jan. 22, 1905, page 22.

Mohawk, Jan. 21.- Mrs. Otis Shoemaker was surprised by a number of her friends at her home in Washington street last evening. Refreshments were served and a very pleasant evening is reported.

This wedding anniversary party account comes from the old Richfield Springs Mercury, February 2, 1956.

Wm. Schreff's Observe 59th Anniversary

Mr and Mrs. William Schrell, Fulmer Creek Rd., Mohawk, celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary Friday of last week.

The former Minnie Kesnow and William Schrell were married Jan. 27, 1897, in Stone Arabia at the home of the bride.

They are parents of six children: John, Richfield Springs; Harry, Mohawk; Howard, Dolgeville; Mrs. Willard Rank, East Herkimer; Mrs. Reginald Brockway, Cassville; and Mrs. George Woodward, Mohawk, with whom they reside.

Note: the surname spelling in the heading, as "Schreff," is a misprint. For privacy, we didn't type up the names of the 6 listed grandchildren and 2 listed great-grandchildren. They resided in Cassville, Dolgeville and Bloomington, Ill. If you need to know, perhaps you can track down a copy of this issue of the paper, article on page 4.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gerling's anniversary notice was contributed by Asst. Coordinator Lisa Slaski.

Amsterdam Evening Recorder
11 Apr 1908

Their Silver Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gerling's Friends Join With Them in Joyous Celebration

In honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gerling, of No. 5 Phillips street, royally entertained at their home Friday evening, and the affair was one not soon to be forgotten by those who had the pleasure of attending. Fully one hundred guests gathered at the hospitable Gerling residence to take part in the festivities of the evening. The interior of the house was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and cut flowers, while the national colors were much in evidence. Cards and music helped pass the early hours of the evening in a merry manner, and then followed a sumptuous supper. Ex-Mayor W. H. Kaufman graciously fulfilled the duties of toastmaster, and after the good things had been partaken of several informal speeches were made by different ones and thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Gerling received many gifts of silverware and cut glass. One of the most noticeable presentations was a card bearing twenty-five silver dollars. These were arranged in shape of the figures 2 to 5 and between the two were the pictures of the host and hostess, taken at the time of their marriage.

Among the large number of guests present were the following from out of town: Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Thurwood, Mrs. George Thurwood, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ehle, George Ehle, George Thurwood, Fort Plain; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rapp, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Filmer, Miss Mary Farkell, Henry Farkell, Miss Elizabeth Rapp, Irving Rapp, Canajoharie; Miss Frances Doyle, Albany; Miss Matilda Unterer, Lyons; Mrs. Christian Gerling, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Russ, Harry Gossman, Schenectady.

[Notes: This is the wedding anniversary of Henry John Gerling (born Apr 1863 to Christian and Johanna Fleigmeier Gerling) and Elizabeth (surname unknown to me). The father, Christian, moved his family from Schenectady to Amsterdam by 1880.]

This newspaper notice of a party for M/M Elville D. Crim and Charles Daniels was contributed by Rick White. Rick's not related to anyone mentioned, but thought that this article might help someone.

The following item is from The Evening Telegram, February 6, 1928.


Mohawk People, Mr. and Mrs. Elville D. Crim, Honored by Spanish War Veterans and Auxiliary. --A Birthday Remembered-

Members of the Col. Vrooman camp and Auxiliary, Spanish American war veterans assembled at their rooms in the county office building Saturday night, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Elville D. Crim of Mohawk, on the observation of their silver wedding anniversary and also Chas Daniels of Herkimer whose birthday anniversary was co-incident. Mrs. Crim is a member of the Auxiliary and Messrs Crim and Daniels are affiliated with the Colonel Vrooman camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Crim were united in marriage at Herkimer, February 4, 1903, the Rev. W. C. Prout, then rector of Christ Church, officiating. Mrs. Crim's maiden name was Estella Tanner and she and Mr. Crim then resided in Mohawk and since the marriage have been residents of that village. Mr. Crim served in the Spanish American war as a member of Company G. Second New York Infantry, entraining for service at Herkimer May 2nd, 1898. Mr. Daniels has been a member of the camp for several years.

As a feature of the double celebration and as a reminder to Mr. and Mrs. Crim of the event of 25 years, a mock marriage was presented with Mrs. Elizabeth Hartigan as bride, Mrs. Anna Strait as bridegroom, Mrs. Grace Morse as bridesmaid and Mrs. Alice Rhodes, Ilion, as best man, the knot being tied in proper fashion by Mrs. Ethel Morton, Ilion.

A banquet was served and a social hour was enjoyed there being dancing and chorus song numbers.

Leonard Deo, violinist with Mrs. Morton of Ilion, at the piano, provided music for dancing and there were songs and special dance numbers by Miss Marguerite Morton, Ilion.

During the course of the evening recognition was given Past Commander Charles Rhodes of Col. Vrooman camp and in behalf of camp and auxiliary he presented to Mr. and Mrs. Crim a purse of silver as a reminder of the occasion and to Comrade Daniels he gave a .....

[Note: I'm sorry but the copy I have is cut off at the above point. Maybe the paper is available at the library and the article can be completed.]

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