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Practically all genealogists have been building their own research library over the years. Family history books, magazines, pamphlets, gazetteers, and most recently, CD-ROMs, hold special significance in our personal libraries. Now we are asking that you consider sharing these treasures with other genealogists who are just starting out, or who have not been so fortunate to find what are sitting on your shelves. By sharing your resources, valuable information on individuals will get a second wind - perhaps helping to link someone with your own family.

Would you be willing to share your resources or expertise with a particular line? If you would, tell us what you have. Fellow genealogists can see your resources listed on this page, contact you personally via e-mail, and you can answer at your convenience.



We're sorry but because of copyright considerations, the service that hosts our site requires that we advise you that the information given by volunteers must be minimal. For example if it is a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. Please don't ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed.

  1. Your question should be limited to ONE individual/couple per request, not everyone of that surname in the township or county.
  2. Don't forget to put HERKIMER or MONTGOMERY COUNTY QUERY in the subject line of your request so the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted.
  3. In the first line of the message put the name of the book you are requesting the volunteer to search in.
  4. In the second line put your name and e-mail address for reply.
  5. Tell the volunteer exactly who you want looked up.
  6. Please give the volunteer a few days to get back to you. Don't forget to thank them!
  7. As noted above, the volunteer can only give you basic information and cannot copy non-public domain material for you.

None of the persons listed below are commercial vendors, but have volunteered for the pleasure of helping fellow researchers and hopefully meeting people researching their lines. One individual takes grave photos for a small fee. In addition to text resources, some volunteers are offering special assistance, such as expertise with a particular surname or family line.

OFFER OF ASSISTANCE: Andersonville Prison Camp Lookups (Civil War)
If you go to my homepage and to the Atwater Death list link, you will find there were a great majority who died there from New York. My name is Kevin Frye and to get to the point,I do Volunteer research at Andersonville Civil War POW camp in Andersonville Georgia. Any research I do is absolutely at NO cost and I am willing to do what I can. I see you have the Macon lookup site as a link, but I have more access to the rosters than what is on the online database.

My sources are the following - there are 2 online databases to do lookups, one by name, one by Company and Regiment. I also have a copy of the Dorence Atwater Death list which has the names and grave numbers of some 13000 graves with only 460 marked as "UNKNOWN". This along with a CD I have which contains 34,000 names of the 45,000 who were imprisoned there which helps me find prisoner records because of misspellings of the names or alternate names.

I visit the prison site every couple of weeks and have access to the onsite databases as well as the physical files. I would like to let you know of another service I offer which is to take photos of graves for a small fee. Please see my website which is dedicated to those who passed through the gates of Andersonville.

AUTHOR: Brink, Benjamin Myer
TITLE: The Palatines of Old Ulster
COPYRIGHT: 1905-1914/ 1996
COMMENTS: reprinted from the biographical and genealogical magazine Olde Ulster c. 1905-1914. Surname index included.
LOOK-UPS: Diane Boyst

AUTHOR: Bowman, Fred Q. and Thomas J. Lynch.
TITLE: 7,000 Hudson-Mohawk Valley (NY) Vital Records, 1808-1850
PUBLISHER: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc
COMMENTS: Information was found in newspapers from Rome, Herkimer, Little Falls, Fort Plain as well as towns south of Albany on the Hudson River. Most of the information is from the Hudson River Valley.
LOOK-UPS: Paula Pitts

AUTHOR: Burke, Thomas E. Jr.
TITLE: Mohawk Frontier, The Dutch Community of Schenectady, New York, 1661-1710
LOOK-UPS:Diane Boyst

AUTHOR: Burleigh, Charles
TITLE: The Genealogy and History of the Guild, Guile and Gile Family
COMMENTS: history of the three surnames
LOOK-UPS: Robert Chapman

AUTHOR: Ernest Byron Cole
TITLE: The Descendants of James Cole of Plymouth
COMMENTS: Please allow time for Tammie to respond.
LOOK-UPS: Tammie Collins

COMMENTS: I am not a Conover expert or an expert in anything. However, I MIGHT know a little more than the average bear about them so if you want to put me in as the "Conover Expert" I'll take the job until someone more qualified comes along! I do have a treatise on the CONOVER clan that goes back to the Netherlands to about 1540. And I have a book recently written on a branch that settled in Illinois. I can do some research on the fly!!!
LOOK-UPS: Charles W. Rose

AUTHOR: Dillenbeck, Andrew L.
TITLE: Lutheran Trinity Church of Stone Arabia, NY
PUBLISHER: Enterprise and News, St. Johnsville, NY
DATE: 1931
COMMENTS: 32 pages
LOOK-UPS: Kathleen McLaughlin

AUTHOR: Edmondson, Chan
TITLE: Revolutionary War Period Bible & Family Records Gleaned from Pension Applications, Vol. 12
COMMENTS: an alphabetical listing from John Fadden(Fatten) through William Foster only. The records were abstracted from Selected Records from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900, Micro Publication M-805 (Record Group 15) National Archives Publication. The records are compiled from info sent in by widows applying for pension benefits.
LOOK-UPS: Diane Boyst

AUTHOR: Ehle, Boyd
TITLE: Dominie John Jacob Boyd Ehle and His Descendants
PUBLISHER: Enterprise & News: St. Johnsville, NY
COMMENTS: 51 page family genealogy
LOOK-UPS: Kathleen McLaughlin

COMMENTS: I will be share what info I have on the following Montgomery & Herkimer Co., families. Stephen Hammond born 1799 at Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY & his wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Mayer, born May 5, 1804 in Herkimer Co. Their children married into the Young, Clark, Petrie, Casler, Crumby & Sixbury families. LOOK-UPS: Dan Goetz

COMMENTS: Matthew Giltner has some Hess information up through about 1900. Matthew can be reached by email at

AUTHOR: Prof. Hubert W. Hess
TITLE: Hess Family in America
LOOK-UPS: Allyn Hess Perry

Hess, Hubert W., A.B.
TITLE: The Staring Family: Records of Early Generations of Hardy Pioneers who Settled at German Flatts, now Herkimer, 1722-25 LOOK-UPS: Allyn Hess Perry

AUTHOR: Hough, Franklin B.
TITLE: The New York Civil List from 1777 to 1860, prepared from the official records, Albany
COMMENTS: 423 pp; contains the names and origin of the civil divisions and names and date of election or appointment of the principal state and county officers from the Revolution to the present time (to 1860; longest list appears to be that of NY State Assembly
LOOK-UPS: Kathleen McLaughlin

COMMENTS: I have considerable information on the Hufnail family of the towns of Canajoharie and Minden, Montgomery County, and will try to answer questions on this family line.
LOOK-UPS: A. Ross Eckler

AUTHOR: Jete, Rene
TITLE: Dictionaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec des Origines a 1730
COPYRIGHT: University of Montreal Press
COMMENTS: covers all records from the founding of Quebec to 1730. Has many baptisms and marriages and gives the origins of most early families from the old country
LOOK-UPS: Jean Simoneau

AUTHOR: Kipp, Edward B.
TITLE: The Empey Family
COMMENTS: 18-page typed manuscript of Empey genealogy
LOOK-UPS: Kathleen McLaughlin

AUTHOR: Koetteritz, John B.
TITLE: The History of William Feeter, A Soldier in the War of American Independence, and of his Father, Lucas Vetter
COPYRIGHT: 1901 by Press of Stebbins & Burney, Little Falls, NY
COMMENTS: Lucas is the ancestor of the Feeter-Feder-Feader-Fader families in the United States and Canada. It was compiled for James D. Feeter by John B. Koetteritz. Reprinted by Higginson Book Company.
LOOK-UPS: Sandy Allen

AUTHOR: LaPiana, John C.
TITLE: Ehle Ancestry by Boyd Ehle with Notes on Vanslyck, Douw, Nellis, Dygert, Dockstader, Cook, Veeder, and Fonda
PUBLISHER: John C. LaPiana
COMMENTS: 53 pages typed covering several old families
LOOK-UPS: Kathleen McLaughlin

AUTHOR: Lewis, Helen F.
TITLE: Southeastern Michigan Pioneer Families, especially Lenawee County and New York Origins
COMMENTS: many Herkimer County families migrated there
LOOK-UPS: Leita Weil Reed

UNUSUAL ITEM: Genealogy of descendants of Ebenezer Locke
COMMENTS: "I am completing a lengthy genealogy of the descendants of Ebenezer LOCKE (son of William Locke of Woburn, MA). Many of them were omitted from the classic Book of the Lockes because, I think, so many of them moved early on into NY. I am updating our family genealogy from the last time it was done - 43 years ago - and it would be nice to complete it by 2000! My specific Herkimer interest is to identify as many descendants beyond 1870 as possible for the descendants of the several LOCKE lines which settled in the many communities there. I have a lot of LOCKEs lost in NY and the genealogy will not be complete if they are not included. If anyone wishes to question me please let them know that I am willing to share (there are about 80,000 individuals in my database).
LOOK-UPS: Jerry N. Harrison or

AUTHOR: Lowell, Delmar R.
TITLE: The Lowell Genealogy: 1639 - 1899
PUBLISHER: The Tuttle Company, Printers; Rutland, Vermont
COMMENTS: family genealogy of the Lowell surname
LOOK-UPS: Jim Lowell

AUTHOR: Lu, Helen Mason and Gwen Blomquist Neumann
TITLE: Revolutionary War Period Bible & Family Records Gleaned from Pension Applications, Vol. 4
COMMENTS: an alphabetical listing from Robert Bleakley (Blakeley) through Barlett Brizendine only. The preface states "The information in this publication was abstracted from Selected Records from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900, Micro Publication M-805 (Record Group 15) National Archives Publication." The records are compiled from info sent in by widows applying for pension benefits.
LOOK-UPS: Diane Boyst

AUTHOR: Lupo, Ruth V.
TITLE: Waymarks in Nelliston, New York 1878-1978
PUBLISHER: Nelliston Community Group
COMMENTS: 164 page family genealogy
LOOK-UPS: Kathleen McLaughlin

AUTHOR:Claire & Charles Sperry
TITLE: Families of Olde Whitesborough 1784-1824
COPYRIGHT: COMMENTS: Please allow time for Tammie to respond.
LOOK-UPS: Tammie Collins

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