The family profile of Josiah Walrath, of Minden, Montgomery County, was donated by Ron Humphrey, who's not related to the Walraths - see the end of the article for Ron's own family lines. Ron's research interests focus on the history of the Town of Charleston, Montgomery County and he looks forward to sharing info with other Charleston researchers.

The Walrath family and surname is extensively mentioned throughout the site and important as individuals married into many other early families. The information collected for the first paragraph of this profile is vague and the person who prepared it was unsure of the origins of the Walraths. We look forward to hearing from our Walrath researchers with corrections or clarifications to post on this page.


Excerpt from - Reynolds, Cuyler, ed., Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911), vol. III, pp. 954-56. [Note: This work is a series of four volumes, page size 7" x 10 3/8", printed in two columns and numbered consecutively throughout the four volumes. Ronald G. Humphrey, copyist]

Updated February 12, 2000, with photographs of Eva Baum Walrath, her son Josiah Walrath, and his wife Caroline Greene Walrath.


Among the early Palatines that settled in Montgomery county and founded the town of Palatine, was a family by name Walrath. The head of this family was either the father or grandfather of Josiah Walrath, now head of the family under consideration. The story of the Palatines has often been told and need not be repeated. The first of the line of record was Adolph, whose father was one of the early Mohawk Valley settlers.

(I) Adolph Walrath was born in St. Johnsville, Montgomery county, New York, September 30, 1767, died in 1833. His boyhood days were spent in that locality, and in early manhood he is found the owner of a newly made farm in the town of Menden [sic] of the same county, south of St. Johnsville. He further improved this farm by clearing and adding to its area from the surrounding wilds. This farm was for generations the family homestead and was at the time of his death a well improved property. He married, probably in Minden, Gertrude Fiske, born July 23, 1768, died in 1855. Children: 1. Adolph (2), born August 28, 1791, died aged eighty years. He married Lena Young, daughter of a Herkimer county farmer; they settled in the town of Danube, where they spent their remaining years and reared a family. 2. Catherine, born February 17, 1797; married John Cronkhite, a native of Danube, their residence and birthplace of their children. 3. Abram, see forward. 4. Dolly (or Dorothy), born November 30, 1800; married John Hoke; they settled in Starke, Herkimer county, where they lived many years and had issue. 5. Mary, born July 1, 1804; married Abram Arndt; they settled in Minden where they died, both having passed their seventieth year; they left a large family. 6. Solomon, born October 22, 1806; removed to St. Lawrence county, married and left issue. 7. Elizabeth, born April 10, 1809; married Isaac House, of Minden, where he died; the widow and her children then removed to Beloit, Wisconsin, where she died at an advanced age. 8. Daniel, born November 1, 1811, died unmarried at age of seventy.

photo of Eva Baum Walrath (II) Abram, third child of Adolph and Maria Walrath, was born in Minden, Montgomery county, New York, August 10, 1799, died in September, 1881. After his marriage he settled on a farm in Minden, where he ever afterward lived. He was a successful and prosperous farmer, one of the best in the county, where he accumulated a large estate. He was a devoted Lutheran as was his wife, and they were pillars of strength in the church of their choice and most liberal in the benevolences. He was in early life a Whig, strongly anti-slavery, and upon the formation of the Republican party became an earnest supporter. He married Eva Baum, born of German ancestors, October 24, 1802, died in 1889. Her forebears were patriots of the revolution and are said to have come to America with the troops of France under Lafayette. She was a devoted wife and mother, bringing her children up in the faith of her church and ably seconding the efforts of her husband in his church and secular labors. Children: i. Henry, born October 20, 1823, died in Minden about 1889; married Elizabeth Smith, also deceased; children: Edwin, Alonzo, deceased; Ida and Nettie. 2. Josiah, see forward. 3. Maria, born February 18, 1831; married Gibson Elwood, who died at his home in St. Lawrence county, New York, leaving sons, George and Charles Elwood, the latter a professor in Columbia College, Missouri; Mrs. Elwood yet survives her husband (1909) at Briar Hill, New York. 4. Nancy, born February 26, 1834; married Peter Moyer, whom she survives, residing at Fort Plain, New York; no issue: 5. James, born August 10, 1836, died at Fort Plain, New York, July 1, 1909; he was a merchant; married Nancy Bleeker, now a resident of Fort Plain, mother of one son Carl, of New York City. 6. Alfred, born February 3, 1838; married Margaret Smith; children: Eugene and Emma; they reside on their farm at Dutchtown, Minden. 7. Matilda, born February 4, 1841; married Reuben Evans, a merchant of Hammond, St. Lawrence county, and has a son, Fred. 8. Frank, born September 16, 1843, died July 2, 1909; he succeeded to the old homestead farm in Minden, now owned by his son, which makes the family ownership of the farm cover a period of over one hundred years; married Mary Smith, who survives her husband with children: Alice, Eva and Williard. [Click on photo of Eva Baum Walrath for enlarged view. 102k]

photo of Josiah and Caroline Green Walrath (III) Josiah, second child and son of Abram and Eva (Baum) Walrath, was born on the homestead in Minden, July 29, 1829. He grew up on the farm, received a good common school training and had the exceptional advantage of a seminary education, which has contributed largely to his success in life. He purchased, after marriage, his present farm at Yankee Hill, south of Fort Hunter. This is one of the finest, best managed estates in the county, where Mr. Walrath is rated among the best and most successful of agriculturists. He is a member of the Reformed church, whose material interests are advanced through his liberality. He is politically a staunch Republican. He married, September 7, 1854, at Indian Castle, Danube, Herkimer county, New York, Caroline Greene, born there August 5, 1822, died at her beautiful home on Yankee Hill, October 2, 1894. She was a daughter of Lyman and Polly (Harden) Greene, both natives of Danube, and the parents of four other children: i. Maria, married Jacob Walrath, both deceased, leaving George, Amanda, Amelia, Emily and Margaret Walrath. 2. Jane, married James Bellinger, both deceased; children: Carrie, Flora, Clara and John Bellinger. 3. Ruth, married Daniel Purdy, whom she survives with children: George A. and Laura Purdy; she resides in Manchester, Vermont. 4. Willis, married Maggie Larowe, and lives on the old Greene homestead at Indian Castle, with their only child, Lyman Greene. Mrs. Josiah Walrath was a devoted member of the Reformed church and shared with her husband the good will and respect of the community for her upright Christian life and character. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Walrath: 1. Horace, see forward. 2. Charles, born July 1, 1862; owner of a fine farm of one hundred and fifty acres near Fort Hunter on which they reside; married, April 4, 1888, Ella McClumpha, and has a son Frank, born July 28, 1897. 3. An infant born October 13, 1863. 4. George, born April 22, 1867; married, Delia McClumpha; children: Charles Haslett, born August 9, 1896, and Helen L., born January 29, 1898; he owns and operates the Yankee Hill homestead farm deeded to him by his father. [Click on photo of Josiah and Caroline Greene Walrath for enlarged view. 110k]

(IV) Horace, eldest son and child of Josiah and Caroline (Greene) Walrath, was born May 14, 1857. He was educated in the town schools of Florida and at Whitestown Seminary. He adopted farming as his life work and has proved the wisdom of his choice. He is the owner of a good farm of one hundred and fifty acres near Minaville, which is carefully tilled and well stocked with choice Holsteins and other thoroughbred stock. Since 1883 he has resided upon his farm, earning fairly a first place among the many successful, practical agriculturists of Montgomery county. In political faith he is a Republican. His church connection is with the Reformed congregation of the town, a faith that is inherent in this family, and one that has been his for many years. He married, October 4, 1882, Mary B., born March 14, 1859, daughter of Reuben M. Hartley. She is also a member of the Reformed church, her membership extending over a long period of time. Child: Jennie, born June 15, 1902.

May 7, 1999: Commentary from Jerome A. Walrath

"I did have the same story that I found in the records of a Walrath/Dey/Alter researcher from the 1930's. I checked through the Walrath Family Newsletters to see if there were any variances to the story. I couldn't find any. As best I can figure out, this Adolph Walrath was Adolph Walrath, Jr., the son of Johan_Adolf Walrath and Anna Dorothea Hess, and grandson of Palatine immigrants Heinrich Conrad Wallrath and Christina Matheus. The lack of many records during the early to mid 1700's makes it impossible to verify 100%. I wish I could but can only speculate. There was a 1783 Will for Adolf Walrath that was published in the Enterprise and News. I have a copy and it seems as if the Adolph, b. 1767 could have been his son, based on location and dates. There are other Walrath Family sketches that I have found in a number sources. One, mentions a Johan Peter Walrath who was an early resident of Buel and that he came from Germany, but information from the Walrath Newsletter claims he was the son of Johannes Walrath and Amelia Sutz. There are a few church records that would verify this.

My line seems to be firm back to Hendrick Walrath, b. 1737, but this too was a puzzle that was put together and verified(?) by Church Records and information from Frothingham's "History of Montomery and Fulton Counties". A number of Walrath reseachers have placed this Hendrick as a son of Adam Walrath and Anna Barbara NLN, and grandson of Gerhardt Wallrath and Maria Reffi. Hendrick's wife was Catharina. According to Klock researchers, this was Catharina Klock, a d/o Johanguergh "Old George" Klock and Maria Catharina Walrath (a daughter of Heinrich Conrad Wallrath). It appears that most early Walrath connections have been established in just the same way. "

Ron Humphrey

More about Ron's family search and interests: "FYI, I grew up in Burtonville, now live in suburban Chicago, have been interested in the local history of Montgomery, Schenectady and Schoharie counties for many years. Willing to share anything I have. Some of the Montgomery county surnames that I have a little info about include: Humphrey, Gordon, Herrick, Brown, Bussing, Hubbs, Bassett, Rickard, Bell, Eaton, Burton, Vosseller, Mabie and a few others. Main geographic interest includes Town of Charleston, Florida and Root in Montgomery county, Town of Duanesburgh and Princetown in Schenectady county, and the northern townships in Schoharie county."

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