From Mohawk, NY to Chicago, IL

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This eminent corporation lawyer, whose standing at the bar is second to that of no other practitioner, and whose reputation extends beyond the limits of Illinois, was born in Fonda, Montgomery County, N.Y., on April 1, 1844, the son of Henry and Rachel (Lansing) Veeder. He graduated from Union College in 1865, and soon after came to Illinois, taking up his residence at Galva, where, from 1866 until 1868, he was Superintendent of Schools. During these years he also applied himself to the study of law, and in 1868 was admitted to the bar. For six years he practiced his profession in the rural city, but in 1874 a natural ambition for a wider field prompted him to come to Chicago. He made his home in the Town of Lake, and served as attorney for the town during 1874-76, making for himself a brilliant and enviable record. His light was not long permitted to remain "hid under a bushel," his broad learning, sound judgment, power of quick perception and signal ability soon bringing him a large and wealthy clientage. The great corporations doing business in Lake were among the first to recognize his worth and avail themselves to his services. Among the important companies in which he is a director may be named the Union Stock Yards & Transit Company; the Junction Railway; the Stock Yards Companies of St. Louis, St. Joseph, and San Francisco; the Consumers' Cotton-Seed Oil Company, Swift & Company, and Libby, McNeil & Libby. His eldest son, Henry, is associated with him as a partner.

In private life Mr. Veeder is frank, genial and of unfailing courtesy. He has innumerable friends, and is best loved by those who know him best. He belongs to the Kenwood and Chicago Athletic Clubs, and is a Knight Templar, a Thirty-second Degree Mason, and a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. In politics he is a Republican, and in religious association a Congregationalist.

Mrs. Veeder is a daughter of Mr. Isaac C. Duryea, of Schenectady, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Veeder were married August 15, 1865, and they are the parents of four children.

Source: "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, and History of Cook County," Volume II. Bateman, Newton LL.D. and Paul Selby, A.M., editors. Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, 1905. Page 1015.

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