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A few of the larger cemeteries are known to have been active after the readings were taken. Many headstones did not survive, or were illegible or inaccessible at the time of the readings. And so none of these readings can be considered to be complete or accurate. Confirm listings with an on-site visit.

Melvin W. Lethbridge's 1931 Cemetery Report, Montgomery County, N.Y.

Town of Amsterdam

Dodds/Dods Family Cemetery
Green Hill Cemetery   Pt. 1   Pt. 2   Pt. 3   Pt. 4   Pt. 5   Pt. 6   Pt. 7   Pt. 8   Pt. 9
Hagaman Mills Cemetery: up-to-date as of 12/31/2008; please replace copies of April 2008 list with this one; burials from September 2000 - December 31, 2008 are at the end of Part 5
Hagaman Mills Cemetery Veterans Burials
"Old Cemetery at Hagaman"
St. Mary's Cemetery - the site coordinators have no info whatsoever about this cemetery. Please do not email us about it, but contact directly the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives regarding any possible list or records!
St. Mary's Cemetery - Norris & Pagie Family Headstones
More Norris Family Headstones
Walter Cemetery
Some Small Family Cemeteries: Thirteen small family cemeteries
Report of Supervisor of Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief and Burials, Amsterdam, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1931

Town of Canajoharie

Ames Cemetery Burial Registry
Ames Cemetery Surnames Index
Canajoharie Falls Cemetery - updated with photos & Brown Cemetery
Canajoharie Falls Cemetery Lot Owners Index, 1897-1938
Canajoharie Falls Cemetery Civil War Veterans Headstones

1st Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Buel
Mapletown Cemetery
Morris Family Burial Ground
Prospect Hill Cemetery, Partial Readings
Some Small Family Cemeteries: Fox Farm Cemetery, Button Farm Cemetery, and Robinson (Coleman) Farm Cemetery

Town of Charleston

Charleston Baptist Church Cemetery
Charleston Four Corners Christian Church Cemetery: partial reading
Jamison & Hughes Graveyard
FOUR SMALL FAMILY CEMETERIES: Wells, Careytown, Butler and Conover cemeteries, in the area of Burtonsville
MORE SMALL FAMILY CEMETERIES: Old Robert Baird Farm Graveyard, Abram Davis Farm Graveyard, unnamed (Davis) Cemetery, Gordon Farm Cemetery, Frances Vunk Graveyard, Clayton Graveyard, Herrick-Vosseler Cemetery, Kimball (aka Fero-Smith) Cemetery, Old Union Church (Thorp) Cemetery
EVEN MORE SMALL CEMETERIES: Quaker Graveyard, Old Bell Graveyard, Rockwell Farm Graveyard and unnamed (Staley) Graveyard; update on Old Bell and two new cemeteries, Shibley and Hillman

Town of Ephratah, Fulton County (formerly in Montgomery County)

Kring-Tillaboro Cemetery: now includes articles about the Tillaborough Raid and Tillaborough DRC Church

Town of Florida

Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 1
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 2
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 3
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 4
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 5
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 6
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 7
Devendorf Cemetery
Devendorf Cemetery Condition Report 2011
Pictures of Chuctanunda Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery; Plot Owners
Pine Grove Cemetery Records Partial Reading
Pine Grove Cemetery Partial Reading
SOME SMALL FAMILY CEMETERIES: Nine small family cemeteries
MORE SMALL FAMILY CEMETERIES: Old Remsen Bush Graveyard, Sweet Graveyard, Dorn Farm Graveyard, Eldret Graveyard, Ernest Cemetery; Siver, Barlow, "Voorhus", Frydendall, Un-named Shutt Family Graveyards; plus graveyards with no stones
Scotch Church Cemetery
Van Vechten Cemetery

Town of Glen

Auriesville Cemetery
Auriesville Cemetery - link off-site to findagrave
Cromwell Burial Lot
Glen Village Cemetery - link off-site to findagrave
Maple Avenue Cemetery - link off-site to findagrave
SOME SMALL FAMILY CEMETERIES: Four small cemeteries in the area of Mill Point
Hoff/Shelp Cemetery Condition Report 1999
Hoff/Shelp Cemetery Condition Report 2010
Old Fultonville Cemetery - link off-site to findagrave
Pruyn-Faulkner Cemetery
MORE SMALL FAMILY CEMETERIES: Quackenbush Cemetery, Van Epps-Starin Cemetery, unnamed Enders/Eaker cemetery on Ariesville-Glen Road, Hall, Archibald Cemetery, and others
Wyckoff Cemetery

Town of Minden

Ft. Plain Cemetery Partial Readings

Walraths Buried in the Fort Plain Cemetery: a link off-site to Jerome A. Walrath's listings
(Important! Walrath surnames were abstracted by Jerry for his own research when traveling to NY State. Please inquire of the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives for all other surname listings in this cemetery or visit the Archives in person.)
SOME SMALL CEMETERIES: Geisenberg Cemetery, Sitts Graveyard, Seeber Cemetery, Un-named Bowman Farm, Un-named Aarons Farm
Mindenville Cemetery
Kneeskern Cemetery
Sanders Cemetery
More of the Sanders Cemetery

Town of Mohawk

Caughnawaga Cemetery - Surnames A - J
Caughnawaga Cemetery - Surnames K - W
Garrison Cemetery
Old Fonda Cemetery
Sammons Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery Condition Report

Town of Palatine

Christman Cemeteries in Stone Arabia - link to another site
Ehle Cemetery
Palatine Bridge Cemetery on Carmen Court
Palatine Bridge Cemetery on Tilton Road
Stone Arabia Lutheran Church Cemetery
Lutheran Church of Stone Arabia Cemetery: 1967 reading, to compare to above 1914 reading
Walrath Cemetery

Town of Perth, Fulton County (formerly in Montgomery County)

Perth Cemetery Index


Un-named Cemetery in Johnstown, Fulton Co. (Keck's Center Cemetery)
Getman Cemetery in Ephratah, Fulton Co.
Garrison Cemetery in Town of Mohawk, Montgomery County

Pruyn & Faulkner Cemetery in Town of Glen, Montgomery County

Note: We're listing two of the above cemeteries because (1) they're extremely close to the current border of Montgomery County and were part of Montgomery County until almost 1840, and (2) were generously donated by visitors to our site who had ancestors on both sides of this border. We have no plans to present more Fulton County cemeteries on this site. To view other cemeteries that were once part of Montgomery county, please visit our neighbor to the north, the Fulton County NYGenWeb.

Town of Root

Owen Brown Cemetery
Two Early Diefendorf Cemeteries
Lathers Cemetery
Lenardson Burial Lot
Lyker Cemetery
Some Small Cemeteries: Sharp Farm (Haight burials), Bennet, unnamed (Yates), Antis Burial Lot, Bauder Burial Lot, Seymour Olmstead Farm, Cemetery at Root Center, Single Kimbal Burial, Currytown Church Cemeteries; unnamed Darrow and Rural Grove
Spraker Hill Cemetery
Wessell Hill Cemetery: on same file as Spraker Hill Cemetery

Town of St. Johnsville

St. Johnsville Cemetery Records, Surnames A-D - link to another website
St. Johnsville Cemetery Records, Surnames E-I - link to another website
St. Johnsville Cemetery Records, Surnames J-M - link to another website
St. Johnsville Cemetery Records, Surnames N-R - link to another website
St. Johnsville Cemetery Records, Surnames S-Z - link to another website
St. Johnsville Cemetery Partial Reading
Some Small Cemeteries: Nellis Graveyard, Youker Memorial, Old Klock Cemetery, and Christman Farm Cemetery
More Small Cemeteries: Hyde, Groff Fair View, William Nellis, Jennings, Un-named (Flanders), Clay Hill Road
Klock's Church Burying Ground: including photos of Klock headstones and intro to the commemorative book of the Battle of Klock's Field
Small Farm Cemeteries of St. Johnsville - this is a link to another website and will open in a new window.


Montgomery County Military Burial Reports, 1920 & 1926

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