Palatine Bridge
Montgomery County, N.Y.

Source: Thompson & Breed Publishing Co.'s "Directory of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad from West Albany to Utica" 1891.

A station on the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, 198 miles from New York City and 242 miles from Buffalo. Directly across the river is located Canajoharie. The fine residence of the late Senator Wagner, of the Wagner Palace Car Co., is located directly above the depot.

Arkell & Smiths, mfrs soft tie paper, etc., Canajoharie, NY
Beach, J. C., cider maker, h Grand
Christman, Jacob, h Grand
Christy, Miss Anna, ticket agt. NYC, h Grand
Connelly, Thomas, quarryman, h Grand
Cornue, Alonzo, engineer, h Grand
DeGraff, Miss Gertrude, h Grand
DeGraff, Miss Margaret, h Grand
Dillenback, Alonzo, hay band mfr., h Grand
Disbrow, Benj. N., h Grand
Ellithorp, E. J., justice of the peace, h Grand
Ellithorp, John S., groceries, h Grand
Ellithorp, K. A., clerk, h Lafayette
England, Morgan (Patten & England), Grand, h do
Flume, George, cider maker, h Lafayette
Frey, Augustus B., Mohawk Valley Stone Co., h Grand
Fuller, Alva, h Grand
Fuller, Augustus, ex-postal clerk, h Grand
Fuller, Charles W., farmer, h Grand
Fuller, Jacob, carpenter, h Lafayette
Gewey, Alonzo, teacher, h Grand
Gray, Mrs. Andrew, wid, h Lafayette
Gray, Samuel, clerk, h Lafayette
Haut, William, lab, h Grand
Hoag, David, painter, h Grand
Hodge, A. M., druggist, h Grand
Horman, William, sect. foreman, h Grand
Horman, William, jr., emp NYCRR, h Lafayette
Johnson, William N., Mohawk Valley Stone Co., h Grand
Johnston, Allen, bookkeeper, h Grand
Jones, John, tally clerk, NYCRR, h Canajoharie
Kingsley, N. G., teacher, h Grand
Kretcher, David, farmer, h Grand
Lee, William, h Grand
Loussow, William, Baggagemaster, h Grand
McCabe, Henry, h Grand
McCabe, Mrs. John, wid, h Grand
Marks, Charles R., trav. salesman, h Lafayette
Mathews, Mrs. T. P., wid, h Grand
Morrell, Daniel S., lawyer, h Grand
Mohawk Valley Stone Co., Grand
Murray, Henry S., postmaster, h Grand
Murray, Norman W., depty. postmaster, h Grand
Murray, Wm., bookkeeper, h Grand
Nestle, Stephen, h Grand
Patten & England, coal, Grand
Patten, John, (Patten & England), h Grand
Peeler, Lorenzo, h Lafayette
Planck, John P., groceries, Grand
Rice, Jacob, h Grand
Risk, H. J., teacher, h Grand
Russ, John, farmer, h Grand
Seeber, C. Y., h Grand
Sharper, Henry, Mohawk Valley Stone Co., h Grand
Smith, Lorenzo P., lab, h Grand
Snell, David I., farmer, h Grand
Snow, J. D., h Grand
Spraker, B. F., lawyer, h Grand
Spraker, Frazier, pres. Spraker National Bank, h Grand
Spraker, Joseph, h Grand
Suits, H., shoemaker, Bridge
Taylor, James D., Sec'y Wagner Palace Car Co., h Grand
Taylor, Jay, conductor, h Grand
The Canajoharie Radii, L. F. Allen, propr, Canajoharie
Thompson, W. S., express agent, h Grand
Van Slyke, George, h Lafayette
Van Vlack, Mrs. J. W., wid, h Grand
Vosburgh, Jerry, farmer, h Grand
Vosburgh, John L., hotel, h Grand
Vosburgh, L. W., NYC freeight agent, h Canajoharie
Wagner, George A., h Grand
Wagner, Mrs. James, wid, h Grand
Wagner, John, h Grand
Walker, Mrs. H. D., wid, h Grand
Whalen, Edwin, baggagemaster, h Grand
Youngs, Webster, lab, h Grand

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