This profile of one line of descendants of Jacob Eacker was contributed by Anita Smith, St. Johnsville Town Historian, and Joyce Berry, webmaster of Ft. Klock site. Many articles of historical interest were printed in the Enterprise & News. All spellings and usage are as in the original articles. Despite the title, there is no mention of Zimmermans in this article, indicating it was probably part of a series of profiles.

Eacker, Ecker, Zimmerman

St. Johnsville Enterprise and News, April 21, 1937

The first Eacker of whom we had any knowledge was Jacob. He came from a place in Germany called Ouster Paltz oust Kaiseislantern. He was the son of Gertrude Eacker, apparently a widow found at West Camp in 1710. Most accounts give the date of Jacob's birth as occurring between 16952701.

Manuscript records handed down in my family show that Jacob (1) lived in Schoharie county, New York and was the father of twenty-one children by three wives. The first wife had one child and George was the eldest child of the second wife. This would indicate many lines from Jacob (1) and would account for the names of other Eackers found by Mr. Dockstader.

George (2), son of Jacob (1) and his second wife-----Eacker was born Nov. 12, 1716 and died Jan. 28, 1789. He was born at Schoharie County N. Y. He married Oct 19, 1742 Maria Eliza Schnell. She was born Dec. 10, 1722 and died Nov. 21, 1799. She was the daughter of Johannes (son of John Jost Schnell) born in Pfalz, German Palatinate of the Rhine 1696, died Stone Arabia, N. Y., Sept 12, 1789 and his wife Anna Elizabeth Landquest born 1695 in Germany and died Stone Arabia, N. Y. 1789. This Landquest (or some records say Landgrane) family came from Germany. They had three daughters and their name became extinct. George (2) settled on the Palatine farm about 1745 and died at Stone Arabia, N. Y. Jan 28, 1788.

The original Eacker farm contained (in Palatine) 10 acres and was purchased by Jurie N. Eacker probably one of Jacob (1) sons, from Thomas Davy, Jr. on the 16th day of Oct., 1741. Later additions of land were bought of other parties at various times until the size of the farm increased to some 300 acres. Other records say that Jurie was Gerg or George (2) son of Jacob (1). The first 100 acres cost $385. Other records say George (2) bought this farm from a Mr. Wormuth who bought it from Jurie Eacker.

Jacob (3) son George (2) and Maria (Schnell) Eacker was born Feb. 8, 1731 and died in Palatine, Montgomery County, N. Y., May 21, 1823. He married Margaret Fink born Aug 1748, died Aug. 27, 1829. She was the daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Loucks) Fink. They had six children, four daughters and two sons one of whom was Jacob I. Eacker.

Jacob I. Eacker, (4), son Jacob (3), son George (2), Jacob (1) and Margaret (Finck) Eacker was born March 18, 1785 at Palatine, Montgomery County, N. Y. He married Gertrude Herkimer born Feb. 22, 1788, died Jan 29, 1851.

Gertrude was the daughter of George (brother of Nicholas) Herkimer and Alida (Schuyler) Herkimer. Jacob I. Eacker died March 8, 1873 near Big Flats in Chemung County, N. Y.

Jacob I. Eacker and Gertrude (Herkimer) Eacker had eleven children, four sons and seven daughters, one of whom was Catherine born Sept. 29, 1811 in the town of Palatine, Montgomery County, N. Y. She died Dec. 29, 1898. She was married Oct 24, 1833 to Henry Nicholas Gros, Sr. born Jan. 10, 1811 and died March 18, 1846. He was the son of Nicholas who was the son of Captain Lawrence Gros of Revolutionary fame.

The war department at Washington writes that Jacob Acker also born Eacker, private and sergeant in Capt. Orser's company, Colonel James Hamman's Regiment, New York Militia. The period of his service is not shown further than that he was in service in the wars 1778, 1779, 1780. He also served in Captain Israel Honnywell's company same regiment in 1782, was captured March 4, 1782, held as prisoner of war and released June 6, 1782. He was 24 years old and one record shows he was disabled by three wounds date not given.

Note: references asking for information and the address of the interested persons have been left out of the article.

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