1928 Palatine Bridge Directory
Town of Palatine
Montgomery County, NY

Source: information abstracted from Mohawk Valley Directory. Schenectady, N.Y.: H.A. Manning, 1928.


Montgomery County. On north bank of Hudson River and New York Central and Hudson River R.R. 40 miles from Utica. Connected by bridge with Canajoharie.

Abbreviations: In the following pages, asso, association; av, avenue; b, boards; blk, block; bldg., building; bkpr, bookkeeper; c, corner; ct, court; do, ditto; emp, employed; h, house; mls, miles; n, near; N Y T Co, New York Telephone Co; o c, outside city; opp, opposite; opr, operative and operator; pl, place; rd, road; ry, railway; sq, square; rem, removed; r, rooms; sten, stenographer; supt, superintendent; treas, treasurer; ter, terrace; R.D., rural delivery; E, East; N, North; S, South; W, West; wid, widow; dist, district.

Asterisk after name designates property owners. Figure in parenthesis at end of line shows total persons in household.

Ackinson Lawrence * (Margaret), contractor builder N Y City, h Grand
Allen Mina, R D 1
Allen Robert F. (Lillie), emp B N P Co, h Cemetery (2)
Ambridge Edward (Pearl), eng B N P Co, h Lafayette (10)
Ambridge Harriet *, wid Nelson, h Lafayette (3)
Ambridge John, lab, b Lafayette
Ambridge Mildred, emp B N P Co, b Lafayette
Ambridge William, lab, b Lafayette
Atkins Edward (Nellie M), Mill wkr, b Grand
Austin Charles, h R D 1

Baker William, h R D 1
Behlen Harvey (Viola), emp Am Ex Co, h Center
Bellen Francis D. (Rose), printer, h 97 Grand (2)
Benjamin Charles, R D 1
Billington Herbert S. (Grace), hardware dealer Canajoharie, h Grand (4)
Boardman Benjamin, R D 1
Bollen John, R D 1
Bowdish Arthur, h R D 1
Brindle William, h R D 1
Brown William (Catherine), emp B N P Co., h Lafayette (4)
Buddle Lorenzo, janitor, b Mohawk
Buddle Nellie, emp B N P Co, b Mohawk
Bullock James H. (Nellie), Am Ex Agent Canajoharie, h Lafayette (2)
Burton Arthur O. * (Elizabeth), prop The Burton Hotel, h 56 Grand
Burton Hotel The, Arthur O. Burton prop, hotel, 56 Grand, see under name
Burton Mildred, emp Glen Tel Co, b Grand

The Burton Hotel

A.O. Burton, Prop.
Accommodations for Tourists
Route 5 - New York's Great Broadway
Phone 272-J Palatine Bridge, N.Y.

Canfield Bernard A., student, b Grand
Canfield Henry T. (Edith), emp B N P Co, b Grand
Canfield Martha, b Grand
Canfield Warner A. (Alice), eng B N P Co, h Grand (5)
Carpener Emma Mrs., prop Palatine Park, res Fort Plain
Carr Marie, emp B N P Co, b Grand
Casler Edward (Leta), emp B N P Co, h Lafayette (4)
Casteli Frank (Emma), emp Barge Canal, h Grand (2)
Center Doris, emp B N P Co, b Grand
Chamberlain Clay, retired, b Center
Chamberlain Hazel (Mrs. Newell), teacher h Center (2)
Chamberlain Martha *, wid James, h Center (2)
Chamberlain Newell * (Hazel), ins agt, h Center
Christman Charles, emp Fort Plain, b Mohawk c Spring
Christman Charles J. (Louise A.), town supt, h Lafayette (5)
Christman Clark, chauffeur, b Lafayette
Christman Harold, auto mech, b Lafayette
Christman John, emp Ft. Plain, b Mohawk c Spring
Clark Willard G. (Zua), retired, h Grand (2)
Cling Howard (Lizzie), undertaker helper, h Grand
Coleman Peter W. (Orvetta), justice of peace, h Lafayette
Connely Mary, emp B N P Co, h Grand
Connolly Martin J. * (Marguerite), railway mail clk, h Lafayette (4)
Connolly Michael, R D 1
Connor Charles E. (Carrie), auctioneer, h Lafayette
Connor Myra K., emp B N P Co, b Lafayette
Cook Casper I., farmer, b Grand
Cook Clifford, emp B N P Co, b Grand
Cook, Dealia, wid C., h Grand (5)
Coons William, R D 1
Coso Frank, emp B N P Co, h Center
Coso Frank, h R D 1
Cramer Paul, h R D 1
Cramer William F., h R D 1
Cretser Anna, wid Eli, b Grand

Dady William, bottler 90 MOyer, h do
Darrow Dora, wid Howard, b Grand
Dievendorf Lina, wid George, h Lafayette (1)
Dillenbeck Elmer, h R D 1
Dillenbeck Myra, r Lafayette
Dillenbeck Peter * (Phebe), (Diefendorf & Dillenbeck), h Grand (2)
Dingman Martha, wid Matthew, b Grand
Ditman Homer, emp Arkell & Smiths, b Grand
Ditman William Jr. (Elsie), emp Arkell & Smiths, h Grand (4)
Dittmann William (Mary), retired, h 5 Center (2)
Dockstader Edward, h R D 1
Dockstader Frank L. * (Frances A.), barber Church, h Grand (2)
Dreamland, Harold W. Loop prop, restaurant, Grand
Dreamland Dance Hall, Clarence W. Knowlton prop, dancing and roller skating, Grand
Dunn James, emp B N P Co, b Lafayette
Dygert Edwin, h R D 1

Eacker William, h R D 1
Ebeling William, h R D 1
Eisenman Helene M., bkpr Palatine Bridge, b Grand
Ellthorpe John, emp B N P Co, h Grand (1)
Engel Leland J. (Etta), salesman, h Lafayette (4)
England Amenzo * (Elma), farmer, h Grand (3)
England Emma, wid James, h Grand (3)
England Guy, farmer, b Grand
England Jeanett, teacher, b Grand
Engling Blanche M., teacher, b Grand
Engling Pearl * (Annetta), cont and builder Grand, h do (4)

Failing Arthur, h R D 1
Failing J. Elmer (Bessie), h Grand (2)
Failing John * (Jennie), trucking 104 Grand, h do (3)
Failing Willis, h R D 1
Farraro Frank (Palatine Bridge), b Grand
Ferraro Richard (Mary), (Palatine Garage), h 97 Grand (3)
Fikes Charles, h R D 1
Fikes Richard, h R D 1
Filmer Robert, h R D 1
Finhout Elmer J. * (Grace H.), traveling salesman, h Grand (2)
Flume George * (Cathetine), grist mill Lafayette, h do (2)
Fort Frey The, James R. Dooling mgr, filling station, h Grand
Fralick Lincoln, h R D 1
Frederick Edward, h R D 1
Freer Zak * (May), lab, h Grand (4)
Freer Zochary, h R D 1
French John * (Mrs.), lab, h Grand (4)
Frey Carrie G., h off Grand (1)
Fuller Augustus, retired, h Grand
Fuller Washington A. (Ida), (Fuller & Reese), res Fonda
Fuller & Reese, (Roland A. Reese and Washington A. Fuller), grocery, meats and provisions, Grand
Furman John, h R D 1

Hadley Edward, lab, r Grand
Hadley Ella *, wid William, h Grand (8)
Hambrech Edward *, (Hazel), emp B N P Co, h Glen ave (3)
Hammer Edith C. Mrs., cashier Shaver's Store, b Grand
Haverly Stanley, h R D 1
Hawkins Elmer E. (Elizabeth), emp creamery, h Mohawk (5)
Hawver Burrell, student, b Grand
Hawver George *, (Mary E.), retired, h Grand (3)
Hayes Clyde (Anna), clk, h off Grand (7)
Hime Aaron E. (Iva), emp St. Johnsville, b Center (3)
Hime Carrie, wid John, h Center (2)
Hime Minnie A., emp B N P Co, b Center
Hime Peter * (Edna), emp Johnstown, h Grand (5)
Hisert Homer (Estelle), emp B N P Co, b Grand
Hisert Mildred, clk P O, b Grand
Hoag Carl, h R D 1
Hodge Horace B. (Anna S.), (Spraker & Hodge), h Grand
Holtz John Jr., h R D 1
Horning Samuel, h R D 1
Hout George H. (Anna), foreman N Y C R R, h Cemetery (4)
Hout Henry, farmer, b Grand
Hout Minnie, wid William, h Grand (2)
Hughes Thomas W. (Hettie), emp B N P Co, h Grand (2)

Ireland Eugene H. * (Mary E.), postmaster, h Grand (2)
Irwin Howard (Emma), emp B N P Co, h Grand (3)

Janes Earl M., baggagemaster N Y C R R, res Canajoharie
Jewell Elizabeth, wid George, b Grand
Johnson Arthur, emp Canajoharie, b Grand
Joyce Patrick, h R D 1
Judson Curtis (Elizabeth), emp Am Ex Co, h Cemetery (4)
Jump Homer (Gertrude), emp N Y C R R, h Grand (5)

Kearns Oliver (Mary), cattle dealer Grand, h do (3)
Kent Dorothy A.N., emp B N P Co, b Grand
Kent Elda, wid Charles, h Grand (4)
Kettler Herman, h R D 1
Kiely Sarah, emp B N P Co, b Cemetery
Kimmer Richard (Amy), printer, h Grand (2)
King Louise Mrs., r Grand
Kitchenor Caxton H. (Marion), elec, h Grand (4)
Kling Morris (Emma), emp B N P Co, h Grand (4)
Kling Winnie, b Grand
Knapp John Q. (Lillian), chef, h Center (2)
Kramer William H., h R D 1
Kretser David, h R D 1
Krofft Howard (Katherine), lab, h Grand (3)
Kruger Emma (Mrs. George), sten B N P Co, b Grand
Kruger George (Emma), emp B N P Co, b Grand

Lake Harold (Mabel), emp B N P Co, h Lafayette (3)
Lane Alfred, h R D 1
Leroy William, h R D 1
Lettice Fred, h R D 1
Loop Harold N., prop Dreamland, h 24 Cliff
Lott William, h R D 1
Luther Rose, wid Nelson, h off Grand (1)
Lyons John J., ticket agt N Y C R R, res Canajoharie

McIntyre John, emp B N P Co, r Lafayette
McKinley Lucille, b Grand
McKinney Nan, wid John, h Lafayette (1)
Mereness Roman (Wava), h Mohawk (2)
Mingay Robert P. (Minnie), painter, h Grand
Minster Anna *, wid Fred, h Grand (3)
Minster Lendell, nurse, b Grand
Moore James, emp N Y C R R, b Grand
Morrell Libbie, wid William, b Grand
Mowry Arnold, lab, b Grand
Mowry Chester, lab, b Grand
Mowry Elmer *, emp B N P Co, h Grand (5)
Mowry Nancy, wid Michael, b Grand
Mowry Thelma, b Grand
Murphy Patrick, h R D 1
Murray Norman, emp N Y C R R, b Grand

Neill Edith, emp B N P Co, b Cemetery
Nellis Allen A., emp Ft. Plain, b Grand
Nellis Amos * (Ada), emp B N P Co, h Grand (6)
Nellis Benjamin, h R D 1
Nellis Hilda A., emp B N P Co, b Grand
Nellis Leon (Nellie), chauffeur, b Grand
Nellis Mabel E., phone opr, b Grand
Nellis Raymond (Elizabeth), retired, h Grand (4)
Nellis Ruth E., phone opr, b Grand
Nestle Ernest, emp N Y C R R, h off Grand (1)
Newman George (Eva), emp B N P Co, h Grand (2)
New York Central Railroad, John J. Lyons ticket agt; Edgar S. Rose, freight agt, Palatine Bridge

Onderdonk Jay A. (Dorothy), ins agt, h Grand (4)

Palatine Bridge, Village Clerk, Peter W. Coleman
Palatine Bridge Village of, Street Commissioner, Howard Pickard
Palatine Bridge Village of, Trustees, pres Menzer C. England, George Flume, Horace Hodge, John C. Vosburgh, William Brown
Palatine Bridge Garage, (Richard Ferraro, Frank Ferraro and James W. Gallo), Ford Sales Agency, Garage, Grand
Palatine Bridge Park, Mrs. Emma Carpenter, prop, filling station and lunches, Grand
Palatine Town of, John P.A. Failing
Pane Richard, salesman B N P Co, r Grand
Pane Weldon, radios, Grand, r do
Patten Florence, b Grand
Patten Harold * (Ada), emp B N P Co, h Grand (3)
Patten James, student, b Grand
Patten John J. (Emma), ins agt, h Grand
Paul Charles (Edith), acct B N P Co, h Grand (2)
Pavlus Pauline, student, b Grand
Pecor Claude R. (Cecelia), chauffeur, h 101 Grand (5)
Peeler Daniel R. (Mabel), farmer, h Grand (3)
Pimskoski John, h R D 1
Planck John P. (Jennie G.), retired, h Grand (2)
Planck Sanford E. (Carrie), grocer Canajoharie, h Grand (2)
Post Office, Eugene H. Ireland postmaster, mail, Grand
Prall Jacob, h R D 1
Pulse Charles * (Hattie), farmer, h Lafayette (3)
Putnam Bros (Lloyd and Edgar Putnam), automobile dealers and garage, 117 E. Main
Putty Charles, h R D 1

Quackenbush George M. Jr. (Nancy), emp B N P Co, h Lafayette (3)
Quackenbush George M. Sr., b Lafayette

Reese Roland A. (Irene), (Fuller & Reese), h Grand (3)
Rice Anna N., wid Frank, h Grand (1)
Rice Martha A., h Grand
Rickard Howard H. (Martha D.), supt of streets, h Lafayette (2)
Risk Cornelia E., b Grand
Risk David Z.M. (Mary), acct, h Grand (3)
Roberts Jane Mrs., b Grand
Roberts Jay, emp B N P Co, b Grand
Rockwell C.N., h R D 1
Rollin David A., h R D 1
Rose Cornelius (Agnes), farmer, h Grand (4)
Rose Edgar S., freight agt N Y C R R, res Canajoharie
Rose Julia E., b Grand
Rufenacht Frederick (Anna M.), emp B N P Co, h Center (2)
Russ Charles * (Hannah), lab, h Lafayette (2)
Russ Lloyd (Jennie), carp N Y C R R, h Center (3)

Saltsman Wilbur, h R D 1
Scharff Charles (Caroline), retired, b Grand
Schoonmaker Charles, h R D 1
Schultz Raymond (Lucille), garage W Main, h Lafayette (4)
Schuyler Steverson, emp B N P Co, r Grand
Scofield Frank M., mill wkr, b Grand
Scofield Oscar M. (Henrietta), silk weaver, h Grand
Scott Ellen, wid Robert, b Grand
Scott Ma D., b Grand
Seraerse Jacob (Josie), lab, h Grand (5)
Shaper Daniel * (Augusta), cigar Church, h Grand (4)
Shaper Daniel J., student, b Grand
Shaper, Gertrude, b Grand
Showerman Earl, h R D 1
Showerman Nancy, wid Myron, b Center
Showerman Russell (Maude), emp B N P C., b Center (3)
Shults Earl, h R D 1
Siegle Charles H. (Janet), eng B N P Co, h Grand (4)
Simmons Edwin D., b Grand
Simmons Georgianna, wid Alexander, h Grand (2)
Simpson Del, h R D 1
Sitterly Charles J. (Mabel), painter, h Lafayette (3)
Smith Charles A. * (Margaret), carp N Y C R R, h Glen ave (5)
Smith Douglas C., emp Fort Plain, b Glen av
Smith Earl * (Kathleen), emp Watertown, h Lafayette (2)
Smith Everett J., emp Shields Restaurant, b Glen av
Smith Gay, h R D 1
Smih Harlan F., asst baggagemaster N Y C R R, res Fort Plain
Smith Mary, student, b Glen av
Smith Mildred A., student, b Glen av
Smith Vernon * (Helen), carp, h Glen av (4)
Snell Alice, h R D 1
Snow Charles A., retired, b Grand
Snow Frank S., consulting physician, h Grand
Snow Margaret F., b Grand
Snyder Arthur, h R D 1
Snyder Marguerite, teacher, b Grand
Sonntag John, b Grand
Sowden Parker T. (Elsie), h Grand (2)
Spencer Charles L. * (Roba), emp B N P Co, h Mohawk c Spring (4)
Spraker Benjamin F. (Florence), lawyer Canajoharie, h Grand
Spraker Josephine *, h Grand (2)
Spraker Livingston M. (Bessie), (Spraker & Hodge), h Grand (4)
Spraker & Hodge (Livingston M. Spraker and Horace B. Hodge), automobile garage, Grand
Staley Benjamin (Eleanor), emp M L & P Co, h Grand (2)
Stangal Frank, h R D 1
St John Lois, student, b Grand
Suits S. Lillian, clk B N P Co, b Lafayette
Suits Willis A. (Frances), carp B N P Co, h Lafayette (3)
Sutton Peter * (Mary), teamster, h Lafayette (2)
Swank Leo, h R D 1

Talmadge John, h R D 1
Taslow Pauline *, wid John, h Lafayette (1)
Thompson Edith F., b 105 Grand
Thompson Harriet, b 105 Grand
Thompson Kate, b Grand
Thompson Wilbur S. (Pauline), retired, h 105 Grand (4)
Tilton George H. (Clara M.), retired, h Grand
Timerman Lewis C. (Emma), (L.C. Timerman & Son), h Grand (3)
Traudt Joseph Inc., pres, Joseph Traudt; v-pres, Mrs. Susetta Traudt; sec-treas, Martin Traudt, florist, 39 Floral ave

United States Post Office - see Post Office

Vandeusen Charles, h R D 1
Van Patten Otto, h R D 1
Van Slyke Clara L., b Lafayette
Van Slyke Harriet M., emp B N P Co, b Lafayette
Van Slyke Myra *, wid John, h Lafayette (4)
Van Wie Andrew, h R D 1
Van Wie Charles * (Angelica), R D carrier, h Lafayette (5)
Van Wie Herbert J., h R D 1
Vogel Verney, h R D 1
Voght Leonard, h R D 1
Volbom William, h R D 1
Vosburg Charles (Hazel), h Lafayette (2)
Vosburg Susan, h Lafayette (1)
Vosburgh Alonzo * (Mary), emp B N P Co, h Grand (2)
Vosburgh Belle, wid Lambert, h Grand
Vosburgh Emma, b Grand
Vosburgh George (Laura), lumber dealer E. Main, h Grand (4)
Vosburgh Jay, chauffeur, b Grand
Vosburgh John C. (Katherine), lumber and feel dealer Canajoharie, h Grand (2)
Vosburgh Mary, wid Jeremiah, h Grand

Wagner Floyd, bkpr B N P Co, r Grand
Wagner Henry, h R D 1
Wagner Melvina, wid Abram, b Grand
Wagner Victor (Mary), clk P O Canajoharie, b Grand
Walrath Ferdinand, h R D 1
Walrath Harry, emp A & S, h Cemetery
Waner Donald, clk, r Grand
Wankral Agnes Mrs., emp B N P Co, h Center (2)
Wankral Eugenia, emp B N P Co, h Center
Webber John T. * (Ruth), emp B N P Co, h Center (6)
Wells Arthur, h R D 1
Wells Delia, b Grand
Wessell Inman (Lana), mgr Candy Dept B N P Co, h Grand (2)
Westerman David, h R D 1
White Charles L. (Margaret), retired, h Lafayette (3)
White Ruth M., Y W C A Secy, b Lafayette
Wick Frank, h R D 1
Wick Frederick, b Grand
Wick George * (Julia), emp N Y C R R, h Grand (3)
Wieneke Hattie, wid Henry, board and rooms Grand, h do (7)
Wiers Emerson * (Gertrude), emp barge canal, h Grand
Wilcox Clark E. (Helen M.), mach, h Grand (3)
Wilcox Jean E., student, b Grand
Williams Russell (Doris), emp B N P Co, h Cemetery (3)
Winsman William N., h R D 1
Wohlgamuth Claude, h R D 1

Yost P.G., h R D 1
Young Margaret Mrs., b Grand

[Note: all spellings as in original and won't be changed. B N P Co = Beech-Nut Packing Company]

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