32nd & 153rd N.Y. Volunteers

Civil War Veterans Reunion

Amsterdam, NY


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Amsterdam Evening Record, Fri., 23 Sept 1887


A Gala Day In Amsterdam


    The meeting of the Veterans of the Thirty-Second and One Hundred and Fifty-Third Regiments-Fine Decorations-Much Enthusiasm-Business Meeting of the "Old Vets"-Those Present-Officers Elected-The Parade-Field Day of Camp DeGraff, Sons of Veterans-Other Points of Interest.

    The long talked of reunion of the Thirty-second and One Hundred and Fifty-Third regiments New York State Volunteers took place today. The weather, which threatened rain in the early morning hours, cleared up as the day advanced. The veterans for the most part arrived on the morning trains. They were met at the depot by members of Post Young G.A.R. and A. H. DeGraff Camp S. of V., attended by the Amsterdam City Band and escorted to headquarters. The 153rd regiment had its headquarters at G.A.R. hall in the Newton block and the 32nd at Sons of Veterans hall in the Miller block. Business meetings occupied the attention of the Veterans during the morning hours, while the Sons of Veterans marched to Guy Park grove to hold their picnic and field day. The city wore a holiday appearance.

The Decorations

on Main street being very fine. Flags and streamers were floating in every direction.

    The following is a list of those who decorated their places of business in honor of the occasion:

    Charles E. Bell, Newburgh Bros., R.V. Taylor's Son, Fosmire's barber shop, John J. Hand & Co., S. Levi & Co., Barclay & Lynch, W.A. Donnan, Garrett Reilly, Tefft & Boxwell, R. J. Lewi, G.H. Ingraham, Delmonico restaurant, H.L. West, James H. Peek, Windsor restaurant, Henry Bartley, W.H. Smith, Guttenbergh, Eisman & Co., J.A. Betts, J.W. Bussing, C.W. Williams, O.M. Behr & Bro., I.J. DeGraff, Hotel Warner, T.F. Kennedy, L.H. DeVoe, S.J. Warner & Co., Thomas F. Sherlock, J.H. Bergen, Joseph Donnelly, J. & W. Carroll, Fulton market, J. Nold, Dennis O'Neil, S.B. Thing & Co., Barnett Bros., Globe Hotel, J.T. Johnson, United Lines telegraph office, Young & Striker, Simpson & Shepard, J.B. Stanton, N.J. DeGraff, RECORDER office, H. Chalmers, S.A. Taylor, Liddle & Stover, Hotel Brunswick, Democrat office, "The Owl," Daniel Cahill, the "Arcade," the "Union," the "Globe," Red Men's hall, Kelly & Sheridan, Miles Cooling, Storrie & Dunlap, T hos. Mansfield, Jacob Heller, "When" clothing company, Whitehead & Co., Chas. C. Yund, Jay Hare, Wiles Hotel, J.M. Shuler, the Boston shoe store, M.H. Moroney, M. Harrington, Theodore J. Yund, Geo. Reich, F. Kirschner, Neff opera house, LeGrand S. Strang, E.W. Clark, H. McNaughton, Lutton & Turner, Union Pacific Tea Co., Seely Conover, Schuyler Bros., C. Striker, G.S. Young, Memon & McLean, A. Mark & Sons, E. Kurlbaum, Henry Becker, Monaghan & Noonan, Yergen Yensen, Potter opera house, Harry Taylor.

A Triumphal Arch

has been erected. It is covered with evergreen and adorned with flags, bunting and emblems of the two visiting regiments. It is surmounted by two pictures of General Grant. It was built by A.G. Sturtevant, and is a very creditable piece of work.

Meeting Of The 153 Regiment

The business meeting of the one hundred and fifty-third veteran association was held in G.A.R. hall at ten o'clock and was called to order by President C.B. Clute, who occupied the chair. After the roll call, letters were read from a number of comrades who were absent. The treasurer's report was then read and accepted. A resolution relating to pensions was placed on file. It was unanimously voted that the next annual reunion be held at Johnstown, September 22, 1888. The following officers were then elected: President, J.A. Lassells of Oppenheim; vice presidents, John Murphy, of Johnstown, Major A.V. Davis, of Canajoharie, George H. Hodge, of Kings Station, John W. Serviss, Amsterdam, Lieutenant D.W. Southwick, Plattsburgh; Chaplain, Rev. J.H. Enders, Albany; secretary, George C. Potter, of Gloversville; assistants, John R. Abeling, of Canajoharie, Henry C. Searles, of Amsterdam; treasurer, J.H. Allen, of Gloversville. A vote of thanks was tendered to William N. Harris, the retiring secretary, who so efficiently held the office for four years. Previous to making the parade the regiment passed an unanimous resolution thanking Post E.S. Young and the citizens of Amsterdam for their generous hospitality in entertaining the regiment.

Roll Call of the 153rd Regiment N.Y. Volunteers

Company A-S - C. Potter of Gloversville, Ferdinand Ackernecht, Johnstown; C.M.C. Loyd, Gloversville; C.R. Van Sickler, Gloversville, John Aucock, Gloversville; Stephen Cadman, Gloversville; Charles H. Powell, Gloversville; Charles R. Wright, Gloversville

Company B - James Nash, Amsterdam; D.H. Quackenbush, Palatine; Anthony Sheridan, Johnstown; A.H. Locks, Fonda; Conrad Hinkle, Hagaman's Mills; J. Coppernoll, Fort Plain; Henry Leitt, Fonda; Nicholas Koons, Amsterdam; Byron Lefler, Tribes Hill; Ezra VanSlyke, Rockwood; Henry Smith, Utica

Company C - C. B. Clute, Fonda; C.H. Van Sickler, Johnstown; Jacob Cogswell, East Syracuse; William Starin, Randal; John M. Carson, Fonda; Andrew J. Hare, Amsterdam; Jacob Stewart, Port Jackson; James Newkirk, Gloversville; John Stillwell, Minaville; James Wilson, Port Jackson; Anson Hugo, Schenectady; John Serviss, Amsterdam; Miland Pierce, Glen; George Grimshaw, Canajoharie; John Sharrow, Gloversville, M. Quackenbush, Gloversville; Ezra H. Austin, Union Mills; Alfred S. Davis, Port Jackson; John C. McGuire, Fultonville; Melvin Pock, Fonda

Company D - J.J. Buchanan, Johnstown; Harry Martin, Johnstown; Henry Parris, Akin; John E. Bedington, Gloversville; Edward Warren, Lowville; William Hale, Johnstown; Yost Grebe, Gloversville; Abram Williams, Rockwood; Hiram Buchanan, Amsterdam; Barney Burns, Johnstown; J.H. Allen, Gloversville; William M. Harris, Gloversville; Lucius Daniels, Johnstown; Thomas Ford, Johnstown; Harry Martin, Johnstown.

Company E - Leonard Miller, Gloversville, Adam Keesler; Fort Plain; William B. Hokirk, Fort Plain; George Swartz, Fort Plain; Jacob Geesler, Fort Plain, H.C. Keesler, Fort Plain.

Company F - John Lee, Gloversville, Samuel E. Hoxie, Salisbury Centre; Robert R. Abeling, Canajoharie; Charles Abeling; Canajoharie; Henry Bowen, Port Jackson; Richard Bierman, Cherry Valley; John Clemmons, Oppenheim; Captain John H. Lassells, Oppenheim; John Clemons, Oppenheim; D.W. Southwick, Plattsburgh; John R. Abeling.

Company H - George H. Hodges, Kings Station; Seth Hill, Porters Corners; Henry Martin, East Galway; Adam Niles, Ballston; W.H. McIntosh, Greenfield Centre; Daniel Rose, Broadalbin; Robert Kelly, Galway.

Company K - Frank Lapont, Porters Corners

Meeting of the 32d Regiment

    The Thirty-second regiment held a business meeting this morning in the Sons of Veterans hall, in the Miller block. Adjutant John Stewart, of Amsterdam, called the meeting to order. Colonel Pinto was made chairman and Capt. Wyckoff, secretary. A resolution was adopted to the effect that the Thirty-second regiment New York volunteers form a permanent organization, and be known as the Thirty-second New York State Volunteer Veteran Association. The following officers were then elected: President, Col. F.E. Pinto, of New York; corresponding secretary, Adjutant John Stewart, of Amsterdam; vice-presidents, Adjutant John Stewart, of Amsterdam; Capt. K. Tarbell, of Ithaca; Alfred Lawrence, of Tarrytown; Capt. James H. Butler, of New York; Giles V. Wheeler, of Gloversville. The vice presidents constitute the executive committee. A vote of thanks was tendered the local members for getting the veterans together to organize an association. The next reunion will be held in Amsterdam at a date not yet decided upon.

The roll call of the regiment was as follows:

Col. F. Pinto, New York, Captain W.O. Wyckoff, company A, New York; Alfred Lawrence; Tarrytown; Augustus Kipp, Yonkers; James H. Butler, company F, New York; John Stewart, Co. D., Amsterdam; J.P. Birch, Co. B., Amsterdam; Charles G. Boyd, Co. B, Amsterdam; M.J. Fitzjames, Co. D., Amsterdam; W.O. Ludden, Co. D, Albany; George W. Ludden, Co. Utica; John H. Deal, Co. B, Port Jackson; Dewitt Jump, Co. B, Amsterdam; John Hart, Co., D, Newark; Robert Fleig, Co., D., Amsterdam; George Evans, Co. D, Amsterdam; Henry Lindsay, Co. B, Amsterdam; Giles V. Wheeler, Co. C, Gloversville; Chester Morgan, Co. A, Catskill; H. Welsh, Co. C, Gloversville; Anson Snell, Co. C, St. Johnsville; John Egan, Co. B., Schenectady; Frank Lacote, Co. B, Amsterdam; John F. Dwyer, Co. B, Amsterdam; Charles E. Bradley, Co. I, Syracuse; Henry Morgan, Co. D, West Galway; S.D. Hewitt, Co. D, Schenectady; Robert Topping, Co. D, Amsterdam; A.L. Betts, Co. D, Broadalbin; D.A. McBeth, Co. D, Johnstown; James Ross, Co., B, Amsterdam; Oliver Mory, Co. D, Tribes Hill; George W. Watkins, Co., B., Amsterdam; James A. Slocum, Co., D., Conklingville.

    At two o'clock this afternoon the veterans formed in line, resting on Market street, in the following order:

City Band

E.S. Young Post 33, G.A.R

153rd N.Y.S.V. Veteran


A. H. DeGraff Camp 18, S. of V.

    After making a parade to Guy street, thence to Division street, then to Byard, to Spring street and then to Guy Park grove, where the afternoon is being passed by the veterans in dancing, sports and games, and a general good time, under the auspices of A.H. DeGraff camp, S. of V.


~Welcome Veterans!

~The flags on the mills were all displayed today.

~There are a large number of strangers in town today.

~Commander A.H. DeGraff has been untiring in his efforts to make the reunion a grand success.

~The decorations of our merchants and business men were very fine, and did honor to their patriotism.

~The G.A.R. hall was very tastefully and elaborately decorated today in honor of the visiting veterans.

~It is sadly regretted that the late W.H. Swan could not have lived to have taken part in the reunion. It would have been a day of great enjoyment to him.

~The afternoon was be spent in dancing, sports and games, and a general good time, under the auspices of A.H. DeGraff camp, S. of V. Supper will be served on the grounds by the Ladies' Relief Corps of A.H. DeGraff camp.

~To the entrance of the Miller block appears the following legend: "Headquarters of the 153rd Regiment, N.Y.S. Volunteers," and at the entrance of the Newton block is appended the inscription: "Headquarters of the 32d Regiment N.Y.S. Volunteers."

~An amusing incident occurred this morning as the Veterans and Sons of Veterans were drawn up on central Main street preparatory to marching to the grove. The laborers in the sewer trenches let off a blast and gave the customary warning cry of "Fire!" The "old vets" never moved a muscle, they had been under fire too often, but the "Sons" took to the sidewalk.

~This evening the comrades will assemble at the Potter Opera house at 7:30. Seat will be reserved in the orchestra chair for all veterans. Prayer by Rev. C.B. Perkins; address of welcome by Mayor Liddle; response by C.B.Clute, of the 153rd, and Colonel Pinto, of the 32d. Five minute addresses by H.P. Kline, Esq., Judge Westbrook, Hon. M.L. Stover and others. Music by the Thirteenth Brigade band and J.V. Conney Glee club.

~LeGrand S. Strang has some rare old revolutionary relics on exhibition in his jewelry store show windows, which will remain there three days. There is a dark green chair taken from Burgoyne's headquarters at Old Saratoga, in 1777, a cameo water pitcher from Gen. Schuyler's collection of relics, which Gen. Lafayette drank from in 1824, a picture of George III and his wife, a bed quilt pieced by the four granddaughters of Gen. Schuyler, a white and red shawl worn by Gen. Schuyler's wife, bullets, knee buckles, shoe buckles, arrowheads, pocket knives, etc., found on the Old Saratoga battle field. The collection is a very rare and valuable one, and is worth any one's time to examine them.

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