DEVER, Capt. Garrett Van Fonda N.Y.; mortally wounded at Olustee on Feb. 24 1864
FERGUSON, 1st Lieut. Willet Fonda N.Y.; promoted to Capt. Feb. 24 1864
DAVIS, 2nd Lieut. John W.Fonda N.Y.; promoted to 1st Lieut.; severely wounded at Olustee
BALLOU, 1st Serg. C. N. Fonda N.Y.; promoted to 2nd Lieut in 1864 to Captain
MORRIS, 2nd Serg. Steven Jr.Glen N.Y.; mortally wounded at Olustee
COLE, 3rd Serg. C.C. Glen; wounded at Drury's Bluff
Van ARNEM, 4th Serg. Jas. W. Fonda N.Y.; promoted to 2nd Serg. June 1865
GROSS, 5th Serg. Chas.Glen; died at Washington
SMEATON, 1st Corp. Thomas Root
HUBBARD, 2nd Corp. John A. Fonda; lost a leg at Harper's Ferry
AUMACK, 3rd Corp. Simon J. Glen; killed at Deep Bottom,VA
SCHULTS, 4th Corp. Nicholas Paletine
HORNING, 5th Corp. Silas W.Glen; lost arm at Deep Bottom, VA
NELLIS, 6th Corp. Steven B. Paletine
TIPPEL, 7th Corp. Rodolphus H. Glen
ALLIN, Musician Joseph None given
ACKERT, Musician Alvergone Fonda; killed at Fort Fischer
BELLOWS, Wagoner George H. Glen; mortally wounded at Olustee

AMBRIDGE, Nelson Paletine
BAKER, Robt.Died at Salisbury, N. C.
BELLOWS, G. H. Died at Hilton Head
BESE, Joseph Glen
BLOWERS, Geo. W. Fonda; wounded at Olustee; died March 11 1864 - this information was wrong! 9/29/98 - Lee Garlock tells us: " George Washington Blowers (b. 13 Sept 1841 in Mayfield NY, d. 9 March 1925 Mayfield NY at 1:15 am) m. 26 Jan 1867 Lydia A. Tyrrell (b. 7 July 1849, d. 27 March 1925). According to Lydia's Civil War Widow's Pension application they were married at Cranberry Creek by Rev. J. I. Evans VDM. George was in Co. A. 115th New York Volunteers during the Civil War. He enlisted at Fonda NY 28 July 1862 and discharged 17 June 1865. He was wounded in action at Olustee, Florida. Apparently a minnie ball went through his hand at the joint between the thumb and the rest of his hand. He also suffered during the march from Jacksonville, Florida to Olustee severely blistered feet. His feet were so bad that he could not wear his shoes and this became a lifelong disability. In the 1883 Federal Pension list, George W. Blowers of Mayfield, Fulton Co. NY is listed as gswl thumb, $4.00 a month. George W. and Lydia lived on the Mountain Road outside of Mayfield. He was probably born above Jackson Summit near Toman Town where his father, Charles, appears in the 1845, 1850, 1855, and 1860 census. George's brother, Rueben Blowers, also served in the 115th New York Volunteers Co. A. Their grandfather Samuel Blowers was a Rev War Vet (who was in Washington Co. at that time) and moved to the Northampton area of Montgomery Co in late 1790s. "
BLOWERS, ReubenFonda
BOND, John D.Glen; died of disease May 20 1865
BROWER, JohnFonda
BURK, Daniel Fonda
BYERS, MichaelFonda; killed at Chesterfield Heights May 7th 1864
CALDWELL, Jas. P. Fonda
CARPENTER, Joseph Glen
CARSON, Elisha Glen; died at Andersonville Feb. 20 1864
CASTLER, Alfred J. Glen; promoted to corporal; wounded at Olustee
CLAPSON, Chas.Glen; mortally wounded by accident at Hilton Head
COLEMAN, EzraGlen; died at Fortress Monroe
CORLEW, Rosdell None given; died in North Carolina
CROMWELL, F. None given; died at Olustee
DEAN, Jas. M. Fonda; died at Hilton Head
DENEGAR, Chas. Glen; killed at Fort Fisher, N. C. Jan 15 1865
DeVAN, Chas. Palatine; killed at Deep Bottom, VA Aug 16 1865
DUTCHER, John Fonda
ENNEY, Geo. Fonda
ERGABROADT, Chase Palatine
FRAUS, JohnNone given; died at Andersonville
GARDNER, Jas. Palatine; wounded at Olustee and died March 19 1864
GARDNER, Wm. Palatine
GLEN, Oswald Glen
GOODBREAD, Daniel T.Palatine
GOW, John Mohawk; died at Beaufort
HART, George Glen; wounded at Olustee; died in Andersonville Prison
HEASER, Henry Fonda; killed at Petersburgh, Va. June 30 1864
HENRY, Thos. J. Fonda
HILTON, Wm.Glen; promoted to sergeant
HOGEN, John Fonda; killed at Petersburgh, VA July 13 1864
HOLSNER, John Glen; died in Virginia
HORNING, JohnFonda
JOYCE, Patrick Palatine
KAISER, John None given; killed in Virginia
KIRKHAM, A. W. Glen; wounded and taken prisoner at Olustee
LANEGAR, Alex. Glen
LANEGAR, A. H. M. Glen
LANEGAR, Ira A. Glen
LANEGAR, Jacob M.Glen
LANEGAR, John A.Glen; killed at Olustee Feb. 20 1964
LANEGAR, PeterGlen; killed at Fort Fisher, N.C. Jan. 15 1965
LASHER, John Palatine
LASHER, Menso Palatine
LEE, Whiting A.Fonda
LEWIS, John Palatine
LIGHTHALL,Oliver Root; wounded at Chester Heights
LOWELL, Mortimer D. Glen
LUSK, Hirum Fonda; died in hospital Feb 1864
LUSK, Sam'l H. Palatine
MARTIN, LewisPalatine
MARTIN, Lewis Jr.Palatine
MAYER, John A.Bleecker
McCANN, Edward Glen
McDOWELL,----Palatine; killed at Olustee
McGUIRE, Bernard Glen
McMAHON, MichaelRoot
NEELY, Thomas R. Glen
O'NEAL, Henry Root
OSTERHOUT, Sam'l D.Glen; died at Hilton Head May 6 1863
PEELER, John H.Palatine; mortally wounded at Drury's Bluff
PELER, Daniel Glen; died at Andersonville Prison
PETIT, John Canajoharie
PRATT,Wm. A. None given; died in Virginia
REYNOLDS, Niles Fonda
RIPLEY, Joshua W.Glen
RICE, Geor. L. Glen
ROBINSON, JohnNone given; died in Andersonville
SABENHART, JacobPalatine
SANDT, W. N. Glen; died in hospital
SELLER, Frederick Fonda
SHANNON, Joseph Palatine
SHERLOCK, John Glen; taken prisoner at Deep Bottom, VA
SMITH, Conradt Palatine; wounded at Fort Fisher; missing
SMITH, George Fonda
SMITH, Levi Glen
SNELL, LeanderPalatine
SNYDER, John None given; died at Hilton Head
STELL, Daniel T. Mohawk
STRAIT, WilliamFonda
TERRELL, NathanFonda
TIMMINS, Martin Fonda; wounded at Deep Bottom; died Sept. 14 1864.
VAN ALSTINE, William Wounded at Olustee
VAN AUSDELL, W. D. None given; taken prisoner and missing
VAN BROCKLIN, John J.Glen; died of wounds at Harpers Ferry Sept. 15 1862.
VAN DUSIN, JohnPalatine
WATERMAN, Lafayette Palatine; died in rebel prison Nov. 11 1864
WEEPER, Charles Glen; wounded at Olustee; Died in rebel prison Aug 1864
WEPER, William Glen

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