KNEESKERN, Capt. John P.Minden
DIEVENDORFF, 1st Lieut. H. X. Canajoharie; (* resigned 5/3/1863)
DE SAUDE, 2nd Lieut. John Van Fort Plain; wounded at Deep Bottom,VA; died at Fortress Monroe Oct 3 1864
LASHER, First Serg. William J. St. Johnsville
SMITH, 2nd Serg. Isaac E. St. Johnsville; promoted to 2nd Lieut. to 1st Lieut. Co. C to Capt. Co. C; (* wounded shoulder at Olustee)
PEACOCK, 3rd Serg. Daniel K.Fonda
SNYDER, 4th Serg. Jacob H. Fonda
MOSHER, 5th Serg. Joseph L.Canajoharie
COLLIER, 1st Corp. Augustus St Johnsville; promoted to 2nd Lieut. Nov 1864 to 1st Lieut. June 1865
HARLOW, 2nd Corp. Job J. Minden
BUDDLE, 3rd Corp. Edward C. Canajoharie
JADUA, 4th Corp. Countryman St. Johnsville; killed at Fort Fisher
REARDON, 5th Corp. John St. Johnsville; promoted to 2nd lieut. June 1865
VOSBURGH, 6th Corp. Washington Canajoharie
TUCKER, 7th Corp. Charles Fonda
MOYER, 8th Corp. John F.Fonda
HICKS, Musician Darwin R. St. Johnsville
POWELL, Musician Marious St. Johnsville
Van EVERA, Wagoner AlonzoFonda

ALBRIGHT, HenryFonda
ALGER, William L.Canajoharie
ALPAUGH, WellburCanajoharie
ALGER, William L.Canajoharie
BECKER, Henry T. Canajoharie
BECKER, JohnCanajoharie; wounded and taken prisoner
BELLIS, James St. Johnsville
BOWES, David Fonda; died of typhoid ever Aug 14 1864
BROWN, Jacob B.St. Johnsville; killed near Petersburgh, VA June 24 1864
BROWN, James S. Canajoharie
BROWN, Orin H.St. Johnsville
BURK, George W.St. Johnsville
BURK, Robert E.St. Johnsville
BURNS, JohnSt. Johnsville
BURDEN, William H.Canajoharie
BYER, Henry Fonda
COLLINS, David L. St. Johnsville
CONOVER, Seeley Canajoharie
COOK, Norman Minden
CROUSE, Leonard J. St. Johnsville
DERRICK, Livingston Canajoharie
DENMARK, John St. Johnsville; died at Hilton Head of lung fever May 1863; (* died 4/16/1863)
FAILING, Abram Jr.St. Johnsville
FLINT, William E. Canajoharie; killed at Olustee Feb. 20 1864
FLINT, William H. Canajoharie
GARLOCK, Aaron Minden
GILDAY, Daniel Minden; killed at Olustee Feb 20 1864
GOODRICH, Henry Canajoharie; killed at Cold Harbor June 3 1864
GOODRICH, Lewis H. Canajoharie
GRAY, Robert Fonda
GREEN, James Minden
HANDY, DavidSt. Johnsville
HANSON, Abram Minden
HESS, William S. St. Johnsville
HICKEY, George J. Canajoharie
HIGGINS, John W. St. Johnsville
HOMPKEY, William St. Johnsville
HOYT, George Canajoharie
HUNGERFORD, Samuel L. Minden
KITTS, Robert Fonda
KOEHLER, John A.Minden
LAKE, William W. Canajoharie
LAMPMAN, Peter B.St. Johnsville; (* brother of William H.; "was my GGG-Grandfather, was transferred to Co. I 6th Veteran Reserve Corps on January 31, 1864 in Cincinnati, OH. Promoted to Corporal. Discharged July 3, 1865." Steve Zimmerman)
LAMPMAN, William H. St. Johnsville; (* brother of Peter B.)
LAPPEE, Charles G. Minden
LINTER, JohnMinden; wounded at Petersburg; died Sept 1864
MAGADIEN, Louis St. Johnsville
MALONEY, Michael Fonda
MAXFIELD, R.died near home
MAXFIELD, Richard Fonda; wounded and taken prisoner at Olustee; died November 1864
McGREEVY, ThomasMinden
McMAHON, Patrick Minden
MILLER, GeorgeFort Plain; died near home
MILLER, Georgedied at Minden, NY November 1864
MILLER, John H. St. Johnsville
MILLER, Norman St. Johnsville
MILLER, William J.Minden
MOAK, John W.Minden
MOUNT, Lucas Canajoharie; wounded and taken prisoner
MOYER, B.died at Savannah, Georgia
MOYER, Morgan W. Minden
NEIDERLANDER, FrankMinden; killed at Olustee Feb 20 1864
NELLIS, John C. St. Johnsville; (* ancestor of Steve Zimmerman)
NELLIS, PeterSt. Johnsville
OTTO, AnthonyCanajoharie
RUPERT, NicholasMinden; killed at Deep Bottom Aug 16 1864
SCHRAM, Dan K. St. Johnsville
SCHUYLER, Charles Canajoharie
SMITH, Alonzo St. Johnsville; killed at Olustee Feb 20 1864
SMITH, George S. Canajoharie
SMITH, John Minden
SMITH, Lucius A. Canajoharie; wounded and taken prisoner at Olustee; died at Andersonville Sept 1864
SOUTHERLAND, E. W. St. Johnsville
SNECK, James St. Johnsville
SNELL, Abner St. Johnsville
SNELL, OrvilleSt. Johnsville
STARIN, Daniel St. Johnsville
TOMPKINS, D. C. St. Johnsville
TRING, CharlesMinden; (* Died of typhoid fever 8-16-1863)
VAN EPPS, Fisher F. Minden
VEEDER, James H. St. Johnsville
WALRATH, Ruben St. Johnsville; mortally wounded at Darby Town Road October 27 1864
WASHBURN, Frank Minden
WEAVER, George Amsterdam
WELCH, William Amsterdam
WEST, James J. Florida
WHITING, Daniel J. Minden
WILLIAMS, John J. Amsterdam
WINNE, NicholasSt. Johnsville

* - additional information thanks to Steve Zimmerman.

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