LINGENFELTER, Capt. Sidney D.Amsterdam; promoted to Capt.
WAYNE, 1st Lieut. ThomasFlorida; discharged Feb 26 1865; disability
SANFORD, 2nd Lieut. Hugh S. Amsterdam
De GRAFF,1st Serg. Nicholas Amsterdam; promoted to 2nd Lieut. June 1863; first Lieut. Feb 1865
McKAY, 2nd Serg. Wm. W.Amsterdam
KLINE, 3rd Serg. Charles Amsterdam; promoted to 2nd Lieut. Nov 1864; 1st lieut. May 1865
BRAND, 4th Serg. John C.Charleston
SLINGERLAND, 5th Serg Elbert Amsterdam
BAKER, 1st Corp. Wm. H. Florida
MOON, 2nd Corp. FrankAmsterdam
McCOLLOM, 3rd Corp. Wm. Amsterdam; wounded at Olustee
LINGENFELTER, 4th Corp. LeviAmsterdam; killed at Olustee Feb. 20 1864
HILTON, 5th Corp. Henry Charleston
MONTANEY, 6th Corp. Edward S.Charleston
GRANT, 7th Corp. Daniel Amsterdam; wounded at Olustee
GORDON, 8th Corp. SchuylerCharleston
SNYDER, Musician Chauncey Amsterdam
SNYDER, Musician Francis Amsterdam
VEDDER, Wagoner Clark Amsterdam

ALBRIGHT, JacobCharleston
BARLOW, Roderick F.Charleston; killed at Olustee Feb 20 1864
BEMUS, Myron L.Amsterdam; wounded at Fort Gilmer; died October 11 1864
BEMUS, Willard E.Amsterdam
BOYD, WilliamAmsterdam
BRETTON, JamesCharleston
BROWER, AbrahamAmsterdam
BROWER, David R. Florida
BUNSEY, Harvey Charleston
BURNS, Leonard Florida
BURTON, Winslow Charleston; died of disease Oct 24 1864
CASSIDAY, George Florida; died at Beaufort July 8 1863
CLAFLIN, Andrew M. Amsterdam
CLARK, Andrew Amsterdam; died at Beaufort June 28 1863
CLARK, ----none given; wounded at Olustee
COLGROVE, Philip V. Charleston
COLGROVE, Wm. E.Charleston; died in rebel prison Dec 3 1863
CONOVER, Frank M. Charleston; killed at Deep Bottom
COUNTRYMAN, M. none given; wounded at Olustee
CROW, Frank Mohawk; died in rebel prison Oct 21 1864
CUNNING, Williamson Amsterdam
DUNBAR, CharlesFonda
DODDS, Sylvester N.Amsterdam; killed on railroad at Chicago Nov 11 1862
EATON, Alfred G. Charleston
EATON, Nicholas H.none given; wounded at Olustee
ENGLISH, James Florida; (* Amputated Arm)
FOLENSBEE, Nathan F. Charleston
FOLENSBEE, Peter A. Amsterdam; killed at Olustee Feb 20 1864
FREDENDALL, James Florida
FREDENDALL, George Florida
FRENCH, John Florida; died of fever May12 1864
FRINY, Charlesnone given; died at Beaufort
GOODAUMOOT, Daniel Amsterdam
GILLINS, JohnAmsterdam; wounded at Olustee
GLOVER, Wm. E. Amsterdam; wounded at Olustee; killed at Petersburgh
HALL, Abner Amsterdam
HANSAW, John Amsterdam
HARROWER, John B. Amsterdam
HARROWER, Isaac Amsterdam; died of disease Aug 7 1864
HART, Henry C. Amsterdam
HEAVEY, Thomas Amsterdam; died in New York Hospital Aug 4 1865
HUTCHKINS, Fred Amsterdam
HUMPHREY, Miner B.Charleston
INMAN, Albert Amsterdam
JOHNS, ----none given; wounded at Olustee
KELLOGG, Charles E. Charleston; died of fever Dec 16 1862
KELLOGG, Wm. H. none given; wounded at Olustee
KLINE, GeorgeAmsterdam
LEPPER, Thomas Amsterdam
LITTLE, James Amsterdam
LITTLE, Wm.Amsterdam
LOCKWOOD, Oscar Amsterdam
MARSHALL, SamuelAmsterdam
MARTIN, Wm. H. Charleston
McCARTHY, Philip Florida
McCOLLUM, James Amsterdam; died at Deep Bottom VA
McCOWATT, Walter Amsterdam
McINTOSH, Aaron Amsterdam
McKERCHER, James Amsterdam
McMASTER, John S. Florida; died at Fortress Monroe
McNULLY, James Amsterdam; wounded at Olustee
MOSHER, Daniel Amsterdam
NEWMAN, Henrynone given; wounded at Olustee
NUTT, Wm. H. Amsterdam
ORMAND, Charlesnone given; wounded at Olustee
OSTRANDER, John A. Charleston
OWENS, ---none given; wounded at Olustee
RIDER , Asa B.Charleston; died of fever Nov 23 1862
RIDER , Samuel T.Charleston
ROBINSON, Wm. Amsterdam
ROSA , Lewis Florida
RUST, Henry Amsterdam
SALTSMAN, AlfredAmsterdam; died of fever Nov 15 1862
SHEPARD , Alfred C. Amsterdam
SHUTE, Alexander B. Florida
SIMPSON, John H.Florida; died at Andersonville
SMITH, Edwardnone given; killed at Olustee
SMITH, Jeremiah(* soldier's name contributed by Steve Zimmerman)
SNYDER, Chauncey Jr.Amsterdam; died of fever Nov 15 1862
SOULES, Michael E. Amsterdam
TEMPLER, James W. Florida
THAYER,Chas. E. Amsterdam
THAYER, Wm. Florida; died in rebel prison Sept 21 1864
TRIPP, James A. Florida
TULLOCK, DanielFlorida; wounded at Olustee
TULLOCK, Kelley S. Florida
TURNER, John Amsterdam; wounded at Olustee; died of fever Sept 15 1864
TYMESON, CorneliusAmsterdam
TYMESON, Elbert Amsterdam
WELCH, RobertFonda; wounded at Olustee
WENDELL, John H.Amsterdam
WILMOST, John W. Amsterdam
WOOD, Henry none given; wounded at Olustee

* - additional information thanks to Steve Zimmerman.

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