April 1808 - March 1817

Source: Military minutes of the Council of appointment of the state of New York, 1783-1821. Volume II. Compiled and edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian. Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901.

This is a list of militia officers approved by the NYS County of Appointment, abstracted from state-wide listings. The dates were taken from along the margins of pages and don't necessary mean that an appointment occured on that date but did occur between that time and the following date. The word "vice" loosely translates to "replaces." Words in parentheses are as such in the original book.

1808 April 4

George J. Snell, first lieutenant; vice Eisenlord, promoted; Peter W. Fox, second do, vice George J. Snell; Peter De Graaf, second do.

John T. Timmerman, captain; Jacob Coapman, first lieutenant; William Dieffendorff, second lieutenant - new company, with rank from 6th April, 1807.

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dodge: Volkert S. Veeder, ensign, vice D. Wemple, moved. Douw Wemple, captain, vice Albert Veeder, resigned; Jacob H. Dockstedder, lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned; Abraham Sheley, ensign, vice J.H. Dockstedder, promoted.

Daniel Visscher, captain, vice Conyn, moved - new troop.

Andrew Waters, captain of light infantry in Colonel (Henry) Kennedy's regiment, should be Andreas.

In Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Gray's regiment:

Jacob Nellis, captain, vice W.W. Fox, resigned; William Waggoner, lieutenant, vice J. Nellis, promoted; Jacob Fox, ensign, vice William Waggoner, promoted; Henry J. Frey, paymaster, vice Saltsman, resigned.

In the regiment of artillery whereof Henry R. Teller is lieutenant colonel commandant:

Adoniram Eldridge, second lieutenant in Captain Giles Kellogg's company (in Schoharie county).

1808 June 13

Brigadier General Abraham Veeder's brigade:

Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment:

John W. Stanton, captain, vice A.Z. Beard, dead; Elijah Gove, lieutenant, vice John S. Stanton, promoted; Edward Flint, ensign, vice Elijah Gove, promoted.

Christian Enders, captain, vice N. Van Slyck; Thomas Lufberry, lieutenant, vice N.B. Hansen, moved; Peter P. Mabie, ensign, vice E. Huganer, resigned.

Edward Carey, captain, vice N. Tracey; Avery Lamb, lieutenant, vice Edward Carey, promoted; Samuel R. Baker, ensign, vice Saml. R. Baker.

John J. Leanderson, captain, vice Abm. Yates, resigned; Henry J. Divendorff, lieutenant, vice J. Gardenier, resigned; David Vorhees, ensign vice J.J. Leanderson.

Job Rice, junior, captain, vice S. Clark, moved; John Hilts, lieutenant, vice W. Beach, do; Cornelius Wiser, ensign, vice D. Allen, do; Henry Malary, ensign, vice Jno. Snook, refused.

First squadron, fourth division of cavalry:

George Smith, captain; John McConkey, first lieutenant, Elisha Stanton, second do; Isaiah Shaw, cornet - new troop.

William Foorman, first lieutenant, vice Visscher, promoted; John Yost, second do; John Merrill, cornet.

Major James Clapp's battalion:

Ichabod Bartlet, ensign; Silvanus Ayres, ensign, vice Boyer, promoted; Silas Thompson, lieutenant; John Ford, ensign.

William Wood, captain, vice Clapp, promoted; Silas Philips, lieutenant, vice W. Wood, moved; Jesse Jennings, ensign, vice William Wood, promoted; Jeremiah Drake, adjutant; Elisha Wood, quartermaster; Jacob Munson, paymaster; Stephen Todd, junior, surgeon.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Kennedy's regiment;

James Ford, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Henry Kennedy, moved.

John P. Allen, first major, vice James Ford, promoted; John Harman, second major, vice John P. Allen, do.

Amos Mudge, captain, vice John Harman, do; Thomas Harman, lieutenant, vice Amos Mudge, co; Nathan Brockway, ensign, vice T. Harman, do.

James Pride, captain, vice H.A. Vedder, refused; John P. Davis, lieutenant, vice J. Pride, promoted; Gerret Roseboom, ensign, vice John P. Davis, do.

Daniel De Graef, captain, vice McNaughton, refused; Jeremiah Cole, lieutenant, vice Daniel De Graef, promoted; David Puffer, ensign, vice Jeremiah Cole, promoted.

James Canary, captain, vice E. Warner, moved; Elijah Roberts, lieutenant, vice J. Canary, promoted; Nathaniel Fisk, ensign, vice E. Roberts, do.

Andreas Waters, captain light infantry, vice Andrew Waters - erroneous - with rank from former appointment; John Esmond, surgeon, vice E.G. Rawson, resigned; John Thompson, surgeon's mate.

Benjamin Leggat, captain; Joseph Jennings, lieutenant, vice B. Leggat, promoted; Alanson Kennedy, ensign, vice Joseph Jennings, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel John Roff's regiment:

Jacob Abeel, captain; John Davis, lieutenant, vice Jacob Abeel, promoted; Robert Crouse, ensign, vice J. Davis, do.

James Delong, captain light infantry, vice J. Winn, junior, moved; George Haun, lieutenant do, vice James Delong, promoted; Moses Wheeler, ensign do, vice George Haun, do.

David J. Quackenbush, captain, vice A. Ehle, resigned; Cornelius Van Alstyne, fourth, lieutenant, vice David J. Quackenbush, promoted; John Bundy, ensign, vice Wessel Cornew, resigned.

Francis Dunkle, captain, vice A. Failing, resigned; George Diefendorff, lieutenant, vice Francis Dunkle, promoted; Henry H. Hess, ensign, vice George Diefendorff, do; Peter Collin, lieutenant, vice Step. Brockway, moved; Aaron Clement, ensign, vice Peter Collin, promoted; John Wilson, ensign.

Hermanus A. Vedder, brigade quartermaster.

1808 June 15

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dodge's regiment:

Alinus Matthews, ensign, vice Jno. Matthews, erroneously appointed; Abraham Van Horne, chaplain.

Lieutenant Colonel John Roff's regiment:
John C. Toll, chaplain.

In Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment:
Coenradt Ten Eyck, chaplain.

1808 November 9

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Veeder's regiment:
John J. Wack, chaplain.

Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment:
Peter Van Buren, chaplain.

1809 March 6

Brigadier General Abraham Veeder's brigade:

Henry F. Yates, brigade major and inspector, vice John McCarthy, appointed first judge.

1809 March 21

Major James Clapp's battalion:

Cornelius Drake, major commandant, vice James Clapp, moved.

William Smith, captain, vice Cornelius Drake, promoted; Ichabod Bartlet, lieutenant, vice W. Smith, promoted; Abraham Marsh, ensign, vice Ichabod Bartlet, promoted.

William Waterman, paymaster, vice J. Monson, refused.

Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment:

David Malery, junior, ensign, vice E. Fosgate.

1809 March 22

In first squadron, fourth division of cavalry:

Jost Spreacker, captain, vice Young, resigned; Abraham Wemple, first lieutenant, vice Jost Spreacker, promoted; Jacob J. Eacker, second lieutenant, vice Abraham Wemple, do.

1809 March 25

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Gray's regiment:

Henry J. Shoultis, captain, vice J. Grimbs, resigned; John J. Cook, lieutenant, vice Henry J. Shultes, promoted; Samuel Cook, ensign, vice J. Cook, promoted.

Williams Salsman, captain, vice J.L. Nellis, resigned; Christopher C. Fox, lieutenant, vice William Salsman, promoted; John Graff, ensign, vice Christopher C. Fox, promoted.

John Petrie, captain, vice J. Markel, resigned; Frederick Getman, lieutenant, vice John Petrie, promoted; Adam S. Grey, ensign, vice Frederick Getman, do; Daniel Ayres, surgeon's mate.

Lieutenant Colonel John Roof's regiment:

Moses Wheeler, lieutenant,, vice C. Hawn, resigned; Peter Raught, ensign, vice Moses Wheeler, promoted.

Jacob Crouse, captain, vice A. Roof, resigned; Henry Smith, lieutenant; Daniel Roof, ensign; William Husthen, ensign.

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment:

Charles Brockway, ensign light infantry, vice McIntyre, resigned; David W. Cande, lieutenant, do, vice J. Clisby, moved.

John P. Davis, captain, vice J. Pride, moved; Garret Roseboom, lieutenant; Caleb Allen, ensign.

Alanson Kennedy, captain, vice A. Blair, resigned; Clark Wait, lieutenant; John A. Fonda, ensign; Egbert Van Wormer, do, vice D. Duffer, moved.

John Perkins, captain, vice S. Lefferts, moved; Robert Kennedy, lieutenant; Oliver Snow, ensign.

Michael Overacker, captain; Cornelius J. Francisco, lieutenant; Joseph Arnold, ensign.

Joseph Davis, captain; George Wright, lieutenant; Daniel Hoage, ensign; Luther Stiles, ensign - light infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment:

John J. Clute, lieutenant, vice Jno. F. Strong, refused; Matthew Clark, lieutenant, vice Campbell, resigned; George Charters, ensign, vice M. Clark, promoted; Judah Burton, junior, ensign, vice E. Flint; William G. Serviss, quartermaster, vice Jos. Staring.

Asa Cadey, captain, vice J. Green, resigned; Ezekiel Fosgate, lieutenant, vice A. Cady, promoted; Chester Elliot, ensign, vice E. Fosgate, promoted.

Fourth division of the militia of this State:

Abraham Veeder, major general, vice Peter Gansevoort, junior, resigned.

Brigade of militia in the county of Montgomery:

John T. Visscher, brigadier general, vice Abraham Veeder, promoted.

1809 May 24

Fifth regiment of artillery:

Peter C. Fox, first major, vice D. Rathbun, deceased; John Veeder, second do, vice P.C. Fox, promoted.

John S. Veeder, captain, vice John Veeder, promoted; Abijah Lobdell, first lieutenant, vice John S. Veeder, promoted; Henry B. Henry, second do, vice Abijah Lobdell, promoted.

1809 May 31

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher:

Peter Voorhees, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice John T. Visscher, promoted.

Silvanus Wilcox, first major, vice Peter Voorhees, do; Samuel Jackson, second major, vice Silvanus Wilcox, promoted.

Nathan Stanton, junior, captain light infantry, vice Samuel Jackson, do.

First squadron, fourth division of cavalry:

Timothy Downs, captain; John Thompson, junior, first lieutenant; George S. Meech, second do; Nathaniel Parker, cornet - a new company.

1810 February 9

Richard Dodge, brigadier general, vice (Abraham) Veeder, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dodge's regiment:

Abraham Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice R. Dodge, promoted.

Henry Fonda, first major, vice A. Vosurgh, do; Thomas Sammons, second do, vice H. Fonda, do.

Adam Eaker, captain, vice T. Sammons, do; Peter Piper, lieutenant, vice A. Eaker, do; John B. Sammons, ensign, vice P. Piper, do.

Daniel Meeker, junior, captain, vice D. Hosmer, removed; George Brownel, lieutenant, vice D. Meeker, promoted; Titus Foster, ensign, vice G. Brownell, do.

Cornelius C. Smith, captain, vice D. Wemple, resigned; John Later, lieutenant, vice Doxtader, do.

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment:

Charles Drake, captain, vice L. Woodworth, resigned; Caleb Canfield, lieutenant, vice Charles Drake, promoted; Daniel Wilkins, ensign, vice Caleb Canfield, do.

Godfrey Shew, captain, vice J. Shew, resigned; Benjamin Gifford, lieutenant, vice G. Shew, promoted; Jeremiah Scribner, ensign, vice Benjamin Gifford, do; Egbert Van Wormer, lieutenant, vice J. Cole, deceased; David Howel, ensign, vice Wormer, promoted; Amos Green, ensign, vice Hoag, removed.

John P. Allen, first major, vice John Allen, erroneously appointed.

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Voorhies' regiment:

Peter Van Buren, chaplain; Judah Burton, junior, lieutenant, vice Grove, deceased; Timothy Hutton, junior, ensign, vice Burton, promoted; Chester Elliot, lieutenant, vice E. Fosgate, absconded.

John Hilts, captain, vice Job Hilts, removed; Cornelius Wisner, lieutenant, vice John Hilts, promoted; Thomas Crane, ensign, vice Cornelius Wisner, do; Samuel R. Baker, lieutenant, vice A. Lamb, do; John Fusler, ensign, vice Samurl R. Baker, do.

Avery Lamb, captain; Solomon Hamilton, lieutenant; James Post, ensign - of a new company.

New regiment to be made of the battalion commanded by Cornelius Drake.

Cornelius Drake, lieutenant colonel commandant; James Johnson, first major; Zalmon Gilbert, second major.

1810 March 12

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham J. Vosburgh's regiment:

James Russel, captain, vice McIntyre, resigned; Thaddeus Martin, lieutenant, vice James Russel, promoted; John W. Cady, ensign, vice Thaddeus Martin, do; John Sammons, ensign, error in former appointment; George H. Dockstader, ensign, vice Van Duzer, declines.

Lieutenant Colonel (Andrew) Gray's regiment:

William White, ensign, vice Bates, removed.

Frederick Getman, junior, captain, vice (John) Petrie, declined; Richard Van Alla, lieutenant, vice Frederick Getman, junior, promoted; Benjamin Elwood, ensign; Henry Young, junior, ensign, vice Reghter, removed; John J. Wack, chaplain.

Lieutenant Colonel John Roof's regiment:

George H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel commandant.

James Smith, first major; David Mayer, second do.

Robert Bouman, captain; Jaben Welsh, lieutenant; Hollani Champlain, ensign.

Jacob W. Fox, captain; Felix Green, lieutenant; Oliver Williams, ensign.

Marcus Kesseller, captain; John Failing, lieutenant; Cornelius Ostrander, ensign; John Willson, lieutenant; John Harder, ensign.

Thomas Baker, captain; Jacob J. Young, lieutenant; Simon D. Toll, ensign.

Robert Crouse, captain; Jacob Sanders, lieutenant; David Diefindorf, ensign; John G. Walrath, ensign of light infantry.

1811 February 11

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Gray's regiment:

Jacob Snell, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Gray, resigned.

David J. Zeily, first major, vice Snell, promoted; Andrew Zabriskie, second major, vice Ziely, promoted; John House, lieutenant, vice (John J.) Klock (junior), resigned; Thomas Wilber, ensign, vice House, promoted.

Henry Yanny, captain, vice (Peter N.) Smith, resigned; Andrew Estes, lieutenant, vice Young, promoted; Peter G. Getman, ensign, vice (Peter) Reighter (Righter), resigned.

John J. Cook, captain, vice (Henry J.) Shultes, resigned; Samuel Cook, lieutenant, vice J.J. Cook, promoted; Harmanus M. Ehle, ensign, vice S. Cook, promoted.

Joseph Klock, captain, vice (Jacob) Nellis, resigned; Jacob Fox, lieutenant, vice (William) Waggoner, resigned; John Shaver, ensign, vice Fox, promoted; John Grove, lieutenant, vice C. Fox, resigned; Rudolph Cook, ensign, vice Grover, promoted.

Rudolph Dygert, captain, vice D.J. Zeiley, promoted; George G. Eaker, lieutenant, vice Dygert, promoted; Benjamin Delenburgh, ensign, vice Eaker, promoted.

Lawrence Timmerman, captain, vice (Jacob J.) Snell, resigned; Benjamin Shultes, lieutenant, vice Timmerman, promoted; Christian Clark, ensign, vice Shultes, promoted.

John J. Clark, junior, captain; Augustus Pardee, lieutenant; Samuel Schuyler, ensign - new company.

Adam A. Gray, adjutant, vice (Andrew) Zabriskie (Zobriskie), promoted; Andrew Fink, junior, quartermaster, vice (Joseph G.) Klock; David Anderson, paymaster, vice (Henry J.) Frey, resigned.

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment:

Tiffany Brockway, second major vice (John) Herman (Harman), resigned.

William Newton, captain, vice Brockway, promoted; Charles Brockway, lieutenant, vice Newton, promoted; Samuel Bont, ensign, vice Brockway, promoted; Nathan Brockway, lieutenant, vice (Amos) Mudge, promoted; Elisha Cotten, ensign, vice Brockway; William Dewey, surgeon; Josiah J. Betts, surgeon's mate.

Lieutenant Colonel George H. Nellis' regiment:

George N. Pickert, ensign light infantry; Robert Hall, ensign; Adam Ward, lieutenant; Timothy Barkle, ensign.

John Failing, captain, vice (Marcus) Casler (Kesseller), discharged; Robert Hall, lieutenant, vice Failing, promoted; Jost H. Fox, ensign, vice Hall, promoted; Lemuel Smith, chaplain; John Holmes, surgeon's mate.

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham J. Vosburgh's regiment:

Myndert Vosburgh, captain, vice (Abraham) Lake, resigned; Peter H. Bostwick, lieutenant, vice Vosburgh, promoted; Garret Vosburgh, ensign.

William T. Mills, captain light infantry, vice B. Mills; Caleb Johnson, lieutenant, vice W.T. Mills, promoted; Joseph Sheppard, ensign, vice Johnson, promoted; John W. Cady, lieutenant, vice (Thaddeus) Martin, removed; Samuel R. Dodge, ensign, vice Cady, promoted.

Peter Pifer, captain, vice (Adam) Eaker, resigned; John Sammons, lieutenant, vice Pifer, promoted; Alexander Stewart, ensign, vice Sammons, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel George H. Nellis' regiment:

Adam Ward, lieutenant, vice (Jabin) Welch, promoted; Timothy Perkel, ensign, vice Ward, promoted.

Jabin Welch, captain; John St. John, lieutenant; Rufus Morris, ensign.

John Willson, captain, vice Defendorf, resigned; John Harter, lieutenant, vice Willson, promoted; William Kronkhite, ensign, vice Harter, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Geore H. Nellis' regiment:

Samuel Cooper, ensign, vice S.T. Doll, declining.

First squadron, Sixth regiment of cavalry:

Abraham Wemple, captain, vice P. Youngs (Peter Young), promoted;* Jacob J. Eacker, first lieutenant, vice A. Wemple, promoted; Joseph Failing, second do, vice J.J. Eacker, promoted; Myndert M. Wemple, cornet, vice J. Failing, promoted.

* [Footnote in book says: "Should be vice Jost Spreaker, promoted major, May 31, 1809, and superseded March 12, 1810. See pages 1066, 1109, and 1167 - State Historian."]

First squadron of the said regiment:

William Forman, captain, vice D. Visscher, promoted; John Yost, first lieutenant, vice Forman, promoted; John Merril, second do, vice Yost, promoted; Douw A. Fonda, cornet, vice Merril, promoted.

1811 June 5

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Drake's regiment:

Amos Griswold, paymaster.

Silas Thompson, captain; John Ford, lieutenant; Eliphalet Chamberlain, ensign.

1812 February 4

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Abraham (J.) Vosburg(h):

Alvin Harris, ensign.

1812 February 29

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Drake:

James Johnson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Drake, to be superseded.

Zalmon Gilbert, first major, vice Johnson, promoted.

First battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery:

George J. Snell, captain, vice (John) Eisenlord, sheriff; Peter W. Fox, first lieutenant, vice Snell, promoted; Peter Lampman, second lieutenant, vice Fox, promoted.

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General (Richard) Dodge:

George F. Dunckel, quartermaster, vice Ehle, resigned.

George Diefendorff, captain, vice Dunekell, resigned; Henry H. Hess, lieutenant, vice Diefendorff, promoted; John Dunckel, ensign, vice Hess, promoted.

Jacob J. Young, captain, vice Boker, removed; Samuel Cooper, lieutenant, vice Young, promoted; Simon D. Toll, ensign, vice Cooper, promoted.

Oliver Williams, captain, vice Fox, resigned; Jacob Smith, lieutenant, vice Williams, promoted; Selvenus Nye, ensign.

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Richard Dodge:

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment:

Caleb Allen, lieutenant; Thomas Pickerton, ensign, vice Allen, promoted; John L. Francisco, ensign; Daniel Wilkins, lieutenant, vice Canfield, removed; John Gifford, ensign, vice Wilkins, promoted; David Perpegue, do.

Oliver Snow, captain, vice Perkins, removed; John Willson, lieutenant, vice Snow, promoted; Thomas Hill, ensign.

Nathan Brockaway, junior, captain, vice Mudge, removed; Joseph Walker, lieutenant, vice Herman, removed; George Thomson, ensign, vice Walker.

David W. Cande, captain, vice Waters, deceased; Luther Stiles, lieutenant, vice Cande, promoted; John W. Alister, ensign, vice Stiles, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Snell's regiment:

Andrew Zobrisky, first major, vice Zeilly, resigned; Frederick Gettman, junior, second mjor, vice Fealing, resigned.

John House, captain; Thomas Wilber, lieutenant; Ebner White, ensign; Christian Klock, lieutenant; John J. Snell, ensign - light infantry.

Joseph G. Klock, captain, vice John Clock, error; John J. Klock, captain, vice Clark, error - to rank from date of former commissions.

Leonard Bander, vice Schuyler, declined; Harmanus N. Van Slyck, ensign, vice Dellenbaugh, declined; William Waggoner, lieutenant, vice Cook, removed; Henry J. Cook, ensign, vice M. Ehle, declined.

Benjamin, Elwood, junior, captain, vice Gettman, promoted; Andrew A. Fink, lieutenant, vice Allen, resigned; Daniel Gettman, ensign, vice Elwood, promoted; George G. Laucks, quartermaster, vice Fink, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Drake's regiment;

Thomas Blackmore, ensign.

Ichabod Bartlett, captain, vice Smith, resigned; Enoss Allen, lieutenant, vice Bartlett, promoted; Chester Brunson, ensign, vice Allen, do.

Adolphus Lew, captain, vice Johnson, do; Ezra Cheedle, lieutenant, vice Lew, do; Hosea Moffat, ensign, vice Cheedle, promoted.

Silas Thomson, captain, vice Gates, do; John Ford, lieutenant, vice Thompson, do; Eliphalet Chamberlain, ensign, vice Ford, promoted.

Joseph Boyer, captain, vice Boyer, resigned; Henry Bollman, lieutenant, vice Boyer, promoted; Philip O'Conner, ensign, vice Bollman, promoted.

Adam Ayrs, captain; John Farll, junior, lieutenant; Elijah Ayrs, ensign.

Stephen Todd, captain; Abraham Marsh, lieutenant; William Wight, ensign - light infantry.

Jacobus Williams, chaplain; John D. Waterman, paymaster; Elijah Hanchet, surgeon, vice Todd, resigned.

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Peter Voorhies:

David Hamilton, quartermaster, vice Service, removed; Reuben Stewart, ensign, vice Crawford, do.

Elias Lloyd, captain, vice Lansing, resigned; Jacob Miller, lieutenant, vice Loyd, promoted; Benjamin Bard, ensign, vice Miller, do.

Waterman Sweet, captain, vice Service, resigned; Daniel Service, lieutenant, vice Sweet, promoted; Daniel Bartholomew, ensign, vice Service, promoted; Cornelius Wiser, ensign, vice Fuller, deceased; Thomas Cane, lieutenant, vice Wiser, promoted; Hosea Palmer, ensign, vice Cane, do; Philip Van Horne, ensign, vice Post, declined.

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment:

Coenrad Tenyck, chaplain; John Delamater, junior, surgeon's mate.

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vosburgh's regiment:

Jesse Smith, lieutenant; Silas Hulet, ensign.

Samuel R. Dodg, lieutenant; Levi S. Burr, ensign; Giles Fonda, do; James Carmichal, do and paymaster; Christopher Y. Fonda, surgeon's mate; Alven Harris, adjutant.

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment - George H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel commandant:

David Moyer, first major, vice Smith, removed; Henry Lyker, second do, vice Moyer, promoted.

Peter Collier, captain, vice Lyker, do; Aaron Clement, lieutenant, vice Collier, do; Cornelius Runckel, ensign; Silvanus Nye, lieutenant, vice Smith, not accepted; William Hawell, ensign, vice Nye, promoted.

1812 May 23

Second battalion, Fifth regiment, third brigade of artillery:

Thomas Machin, junior, captain; John Yatman, first lieutenant; John Eddy, second do - new company.

Twenty-sixth regiment - Peter Voorhies, lieutenant colonel:

John Delamater, junior, surgeon's mate.

First battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery:

Walter Fannin, second lieutenant, vice Empy, not accepted.

Twenty-sixth regiment - Peter Voorhies, lieutenant colonel:

Robert G. Dunbar, captain; John U. Smith, lieutenant; Cornelius V. Putnam, ensign - a new company of light infantry.

Thirty-fourth regiment - Abraham J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel:

John Sammons, captain, vice Pefer, appointed in United States army; Alexander Stewart, lieutenant, vice Sammons, promoted; John Gross, ensign.

Nineteenth regiment - Jacob Snell, lieutenant colonel commandant:

Henry Fink, lieutenant, vice A.A. Fink, refused commission; Daniel Christy, ensign, vice Gettman, do.

1812 June 20

Thirty-fourth regiment - Abm. J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel commandant:

John H. Lansing, captain; Dennis Searles, lieutenant - light infantry.

Twenty-sixth regiment - (late) Peter Voorhies, lieutenant colonel:

Sylvanus Wilcox, lieutenant colonel, vice Voorhies, resigned.

Samuel Jackson, first major, vice Wilcox, promoted; Isaiah Depuy, second major, vice Jackson, promoted.

1812 August 11

Fifth regiment, third brigade of artillery:

John G. Murray, first lieutenant, vice Yatman, declined.

1814 March 2

Fourth division of infantry:

Samuel Clark, major general, vice Ab'm Veeder (of Montgomery county), deceased.

One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment:

Tiffany Brockway, lieutenant colonel, vice James Ford, resigned; James Canary, first major, vice Allen, resigned; John P. Davis, second do, vice Brockway, promoted; Robert Proudfit, chaplain; Charles Brockway, adjutant, vice Bacon, resigned; Nicholas A. Vedder, quartermaster, vice Vedder, do; Josiah T. Betts, surgeon, vice Esmond, deceased; Abraham Pulling, surgeon's mate, vice Betts, promoted.

Nathaniel Fisk, captain, vice Canary, promoted; Francis Van de Bogert, lieutenant, vice Roberts, resigned; George W. Walch, ensign, vice Van de Bogert, promoted.

Caleb Allen, second, captain, vice Davis, promoted; Thomas Pinkerton, lieutenant, vice Allen, promoted; Elias Newman, ensign, vice Pinkerton, promoted.

David Howell, captain, vice Degross, resigned; John French, lieutenant, vice Howell, promoted; Joshua French, ensign, vice Jno. French, promoted.

Benjamin Gifford, captain, vice G. Shew, resigned; Godfrey J. Shew, v, vice Gifford, promoted; Samuel Bass, ensign, vice Shew, promoted.

Clark Wait, captain, vice Kennedy, resigned; John A. Fonda, lieutenant, vice Wait, promoted; Eldridge Spink, ensign, vice Fonda, promoted.

Joseph Walker, captain, vice Brockway, deceased; George Thompson, lieutenant, vice Walker, promoted; David P. Demarest, ensign, vice Thomopson, promoted.

Nineteenth regiment:

Andrew Zabriskie, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Snell, appointed sheriff; Frederick Getman, first major, vice Zabriskie, promoted; Rudolph Dygert, second major, vice Getman, promoted; Daniel Christie, adjutant.

George G. Eacker, captain, vice Duygert, promoted; Mathew McCape, lieutenant, vice Eacker, do; Daniel Van Wie, ensign.

Thomas Wilbur, captain, vice House, resigned; Abner White, lieutenant, vice Wilbur, promoted; John P. Clouse, ensign, vice White, do.

John Shafer, captain, vice Clock, resigned; John Gillerland, lieutenant, vice Shafer, promoted; Henry Whitlock, junior, ensign.

Rudolph Cook, captain, vice Saltsman, resigned; George G. Getman, lieutenant, vice Cook, promoted; Martinus J. Delanbaugh, ensign, vice Getman, promoted; Henry J. Cook, lieutenant; Nicholas Gray, ensign, vice Cook, prmoted; David Rightmyer, ensign, vice D. Christy, promoted; Jacob H. Failing, lieutenant, vice Candy, resigned.

Thirty-fourth regiment - (Abraham J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel):

William J. Dodge, captain, vice Russell, resigned; Charles Coan, lieutenant, vice S.R. Dodge, moved; Charles Stewart, ensign.

Isaac Thrawl, captain, vice Burr, moved; Alinus Matthews, lieutenant, vice Thrawl, promoted; John Ward, ensign, vice Matthews, promoted; John H. Lansing, lieutenant, vice Kline, resigned; Wynont Van Housen, ensign, vice Lansing, promoted.

Giles Fonda, captain, vice Hoofman, resigned; Jesse Visscher, lieutenant, vice Conyne, moved; Abraham A. Van Horne, ensign, vice Fonda, promoted.

John Sammons, captain, vice Pifer, moved; Alexander Stewart, lieutenant, vice Sammons, promoted; John Gross, ensign, vice Stewart, do; James McCauley, lieutenant; Philip Arogatzinger, ensign; Levanus HIldreth, ensign, vice Hulet, moved.

Twenty-sixth regiment - (Sylvanus Wilcox, lieutenant colonel):

John C. Servoss, adjutant; Richard Davis, junior, surgeon's mate, vice Delamater, moved.

Reuben Stewart, lieutenant, vice Servoss, promoted; Reuben How, ensign, vice Stewart, do; James G. McMaster, ensign, vice G. Chartres, moved.

John P. Clute, captain, vice Printup, resigned; Cornelius G. Van Alstyne, lieutenant, vice Clute, promoted; Jacob N. Gardinier, ensign, vice Van Alstine, promoted; Alexander McAuley, ensign, vice Wiser, moved; Peter P. Mabee, lieutenant, vice Lafferty, moved;

William Dye, ensign, vice Mabee, promoted; Myndert Staring, ensign.

Chester Elliot, captain, vice Cady, resigned; David Mallery, lieutenant, vice Elliot, promoted; Thomas Haslet, ensign, vice Mallery, promoted.

Daniel Servoss, captain, vice Sweet, moved; James Greenman, lieutenant, vice Servoss, promoted; Peter Martin, ensign, vice Bartholomew, moved.

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment - (George H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel):

Henry Lyker, first major, vice Smith, resigned; Peter Sternbergh, second major, vice Lyker, promoted; Isaac Elwood, adjutant, vice Sternbergh, promoted; Adam J. Roof, paymaster, vice Gross, moved.

George N. Pickerd, captain of light infantry, vice Crouse, resigned; Cornelius Lycker, lieutenant of do, vice Pickerd, promoted; Isaac Elwood, ensign of do, vice Lycker, promoted.

John St. John, captain, vice Walch, resigned; Rufus Morris, lieutenant, vice St. John, promoted; Jeremiah Webb, ensign, vice Morris, promoted.

William Jenkins, captain; Harman J. Ehle, lieutenant; John G. Garlock, ensign - of riflemen (new company).

Ninth regiment of cavalry:

James Cushney, captain; Nicholas Yost, first lieutenant; Herman Vischer, second lieutenant; Douw Fonda, cornet - new company.

Eighth regiment of infantry - (James Johnson, lieutenant colonel):

William Williams, chaplain.

John Ford, captain, vice Thompson, resigned; Stephen Hallet, lieutenant, vice Ford, promoted; Amos Griswold, ensign, vice Hallet, promoted.

Ezra Cheedle, captain, vice Lew, resigned; Hosea Moffit, lieutenant, vice Cheedle, promoted; Ira Hids, ensign, vice Moffit, promoted.

Silas Philips, captain, vice Wood, resigned; Thomas Blekman, lieutenant, vice Philips, promoted.

First regiment of artillery:

Peter C. Fox, lieutenant colonel, vice H.R. Teller, moved; John Veeder, first major, vice Fox, promoted; Frederick Degraaf, second major, vice Veeder, promoted; John Dodge, surgeon.

Robert Kinne, junior, lieutenant, vice Crane, resigned; Benjamin Manne, second lieutenant, vice P. Degraaf, promoted.

Peter Degraaf, captain, vice F. Degraaf, prmoted.

William Dunlap, junior, captain, vice Saxton, resigned; James Walker, first lieutenant, vice Dunlap, promoted; Jacob G. Van Antwerp, second lieutenant, vice Walker, promoted.

Ninth regiment of cavalry (George Tiffany, lieutenant colonel):

Nathaniel Parker, second lieutenant; Benedict Arnold, cornet.

The Commander-in-chief having set off a battalion from the Twenty-sixth regiment of infantry, consisting of all that part of the said regiment east of Schoharie creek to be commanded by Major Samuel Jackson; thereupon Resolved, that the following officers be and they are hereby appointed, viz.:

Twenty-sixth regiment (Sylvanus Wilcox, lieutenant colonel):

Isaiah Depuy, first major, vice Jackson, assigned to a battalion; Edward Cary, second major, vice Depuy, promoted.

Samuel R. Baker, captain, vice E. Cary, promoted; Alexander McAuly, lieutenant, vice S.R. Baker, promoted; Abraham Mudge, ensign.

Thomas Cain, captain, vice Hilts, resigned; Hosea Palmer, lieutenant, vice Cain, promoted; Seth Clark, ensign, vice Palmer, promoted.

Benjamin Baird, captain, vice Lloyd, resigned; John Shibley, lieutenant, vice Miller, resigned; John Wires, ensign, vice Baird, promoted.

William Baird, junior, captain, vice Lamb, resigned; Daniel Burton, lieutenant, vice Hamilton; Elijah Wilcox, ensign.

Eighth regiment (James Johnson, lieutenant colonel):

Zalmon Gilbert, first major; Jeremiah Drake, second major, vice Gilbert, promoted.

One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment (Tiffany Brockway, lieutenant colonel):

Samuel Bant, captain of light infantry, vice W. Newton, resigned; Joseph Whitney, lieutenant of do, vice Bant, promoted; John Warn, ensign of do, vice Whitney, promoted.

The news arrived February 12th that the treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States had been signed at Ghent December 24, 1814.

1815 April 6

Eleventh brigade of infantry - battalion whereof Samuel Jackson is major commandant:

Peter Young, junior, second major, vice Jackson, major commandant.

Reuben Stewart, captain, vice P. Young, promoted; Reuben Howe, lieutenant, vice J.C. Servoss, adjutant; Samuel Peck, ensign, vice R. Howe, promoted.

Jame Grinman, captain, vice D. Servoss, moved; Peter Martin, lieutenant, vice J. Grinman, promoted.

Thirty-fourth regiment:

Jesse Visscher, adjutant; Sampson Sammons, paymaster.

Abraham A. Van Horne, lieutenant; Douw Van Vechten, lieutenant; Duncan McNaughtan, ensign of light infantry, vice Anderson, moved.

Eighth regiment of infantry:

Zalmon Gilbert, lieutenant colonel, vice Johnson, resigned; Jeremiah Drake, first major, vice Z. Gilbert, promoted; Ichabod Bartlett, second major, vice Drake, do; Elijah Ayres, adjutant; William Williams, chaplain.

Chester Brunson, captain, vice Bartlett, promoted; Charles Lambertson, lieutenant, vice Brunson, do; Orrin Ives, ensign, vice Lambertson, do.

Sylvanus Ayres, captain; John Farrill, junior, lieutenant; Jonathan Rawson, ensign; Henry Brooliman, lieutenant; Peter J. Keyser, ensign; Levi Bliss, ensign.

Nineteenth regiment:

Frederick Getman, lieutenant colonel, vice Zabriskie, moved; Rudolph Dygert, first major, vice Getman, promoted; John J. Klock, second major, vice Dygert, do; William Snell, paymaser, vice Anderson, deceased.

Jacob H. Failing, captain, vice Klock, promoted; Leonard Pauter, lieutenant, vice Failing, do; Christian Groff, junior, ensign, vice Pauter, promoted; Henry Zielly, ensign; Henry Markell, lieutenant, vice Finch, resigned; Daniel Getman, ensign, vice Rightmyer, resigned.

Twenty-sixth regiment (S. Wilcox, lieutenant colonel):

Henry J. Deivendorf, adjutant; Richard Davis, junior, surgeon, Daniel Cuck, surgeon's mate.

Alexander McAuly, captain, vice Baker, moved; Abraham Mudge, lieutenant, vice McAuly, promoted; Henry Armstrong, ensign, vice Mudge, do; Myndert Storring, lieutenant, vice Deivendorf, promoted; Stephen Houghtaling, ensign, vice Storring, do; Henry Valentinne, ensign, vice Dye, moved.

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment (G.H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel):

Rufus Morris, captain, vice St. John, deceased; Jeremiah Webb, lieutenant, vice Morris, promoted; Silvanus St. John, ensign, vice Webb, promoted; George J. Crouse, ensign (light infantry), vice P. Raught, moved; Peter Dunkill, lieutenant, vice H.H. Hess, resigned; Warner Failing, ensign, vice Dunkill, promoted.

1815 April 6

Peter Lampman, first lieutenant, vice P.W. Fox, resigned; Adam A. Nellis, second lieutenant, vice Lampman, promoted; Joseph Raymond, first do, vice Satterlee, resigned; Josiah Hollister, second do, vice Raymond, promoted; Henry B. Henry, first do; Jesse Billings, third, second do.

Ninth regiment of cavalry:

John F. Visscher, second lieutenant, vice H. Vischer, deceased; Herman W. Brower, cornet.

Jacob I. Eacker, captain, vice A. Wemple, deceased; Joseph Failing, first lieutenant, vice Eacker, promoted; Myndert M. Wemple, second lieutenant, vice Failing, do; Augustus Deifendorf, cornet.

John McConkey, captain, vice G. Smith, resigned; Elisha Stanton, first lieutenant; Isaiah Shaw, second lieutenant; Stephen Williams, cornet.

One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment of infantry:

Luther Stiles, captain; John McAllister, lieutenant; John Frymire, ensign.

1815 June 21

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment of infantry (G.H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel):

Cornelius Van Alstine, captain, vice Quackenbush, resigned; Abraham N. Van Alstine, lieutenant, vice Van Alstine, promoted; Hunter D. Quackenbush, ensign, vice Bundy, moved.

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment of infantry (commanded by George H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel):

James Delong, second major, with rank from the second day of March, 1814, inclusive.

1816 March 1

Levi S. Burr, division inspector of the fifth division of infantry.

1816 March 22

One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment of infantry:

Nicholas Vedder, quartermaster, vice V. Vedder, moved; Godfrey J. Shew, paymaster, vice J. Downs, resigned.

John Gifford, lieutenant, vice D. Wilkins, promoted; Elisha Foot, ensign, vice J. Gifford, promoted.

John Wilson, captain, vice O. Snow, moved; Luther Wheeler, lieutenant, vice J. Wilson, promoted; Erastus Thorp, ensign, vice T. Hill, moved.

George Thompson, captain, vice J. Walker, moved; Enoch Cornwell, lieutenant, vice J. Thompson, promoted; Graudus Van Vranken, ensign, vice D.P. Demorest, resigned.

Elias Newman, lieutenant, vice T. Pinkerton, removed; Sebastian Wager, ensign, vice E. Newman, promoted.

Thomas Hill, lieutenant, vice F. Vandebogert, moved; John McKinzey, ensign, vice T. Hill, promoted; William Fonda, ensign, vice E. Spink, moved.

Samuel Brown, captain, vice B. Gifford, resigned; Henry Van Ness, second, lieutenant, vice G. Shew, resigned; Luman Beecher, ensign, vice S. Bass, moved.

Daniel Wilkins, captain, vice Drake, moved.

Thirty-fourth regiment of infantry:

Henry Fonda, lieutenant colonel, vice Abraham J. Vosbur; Douw Hanson, first major; Archibald McIntyre, second major; Oren Johnson, surgeon's mate, vice T.C. Keater, moved.

John H. Lansing, captain, vice D. Hansen, promoted; Wynant Van Hoosen, lieutenant, vice J.H. Lansing, promoted.

LIGHT INFANTRY - John McArthur, captain, vice A. McIntyre, promoted; Duncan McNaughton, lieutenant, vice McArthur, do; Daniel McMartin, ensign, vice McNaughton, promoted.

Ensigns - Sylvanus Hildreth; Abner A. Johnson (light infantry), vice Shepard, resigned; Nathan Burr, vice Ward, deceased; Dennis Searls, vice D. Van Vechten, promoted.

Douw Van Vechten, captain, vice Smith, resigned; George H. Dockstader, lieutenant; Simon Van Dusen, ensign; Charles Stewart, lieutenant, vice C. Coon, moved; Jonathan Hoyt, junior, ensign, vice Van Hoosen, promoted.

Eighth regiment of infantry:

Silvanus Ayres, captain, with rank from February 29, 1812.

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment of infantry (G.H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel):

Samuel Cooper, captain, vice J.I. Young, resigned; Nicholas Shaver, lieutenant, vice Cooper, promoted.

Ensigns - William C. Norton; John G. Snider, vice J.H. Fox, resigned; Michael W. Ehle, vice D. Diefendorf, resigned; George C. Dunkel, vice W. Failing, do.

Nineteenth regiment of infantry:

Resolved, that Frederick Getman be no longer lieutenant colonel commandant of the Nineteenth regiment of infantry; that John I. Klock be no longer second major of said regiment; that John I. Wack be no longer chaplain of said regiment, and that Matthew McCabe be no longer lieutenant of a company in said regiment, and that a supersedeas issue to them respectively.

John J. Cook, lieutenant colonel, vice Getman, superseded; Henry Yanny, first major, vice Dygert, resigned; John F. Schermerhorn, chaplain, vice Week, superseded.

Nicholas Gray, captain, vice Cook, promoted; Henry H. Cook, lieutenant, vice Cook, moved; Nicholas Waggoner, ensign, vice Gray, promoted.

Andrew Estes, captain, vice Young, transferred; Hamilton McCollister, lieutenant, vice Estes, promoted.

Henry Merkle, captain, vice Elwood, resigned; George G. Loucks, lieutenant, vice Merkel, promoted; Peter P. Waggoner, quartermaster, vice Loux, resigned; Henry Zielly, lieutenant, vice McCabe, superseded; John C. Lipe, lieutenant.

Eighth regiment of infantry:

Jeremiah Drake, lieutenant colonel, vice Gilbert, moved; Ichabod Bartlett, first major, vice Drake, promoted; Stephen Todd, second major, vice Bartlett, promoted.

Ira Hide, captain, vice Cheedle, resigned; Willard Curtis, lieutenant, vice Moffat, moved; Andrew Hillenboldt, ensign, vice Hide, promoted.

Abner Wight, captain, vice Wilbert, resigned; John C. Closs, lieutenant, vice Wight, promoted; Henry J. Ostrom, ensign, vice Closs, promoted; Henry Biddleman, lieutenant.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Abraham Marsh, captain, vice Todd, promoted; William Wight, lieutenant, vice Marsh, promoted; Thaddeus Munson, ensign, vice Wight, promoted.

One hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment of infantry:

Sylvanus Nye, captain, vice Williams, resigned; Aaron Van Antwerp, lieutenant, vice Nye, promoted; William Waggoner, ensign, vice Van Antwerp, promoted.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Moses Wheeler, captain, vice Delong, promoted; George J. Crouse, lieutenant, vice Wheeler, promoted; Henry Gross, ensign, vice Crouse, promoted; Nathan Soal, ensign, vice Kronkhite, resigned.

Thirty-fourth regiment of infantry:

Owen Johnson, surgeon's mate.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Caleb Johnson, captain, vice Mills, resigned; Jennison Giles, lieutenant, vice Johnson, promoted; William Shaw, ensign.

Charles Stewart, lieutenant; Peter Carmichael, ensign.

Fourth division of infantry:

Archibald McIntyre, division inspector.

Twenty-sixth regiment:

John Landerson, junior, first major, vice J. Depuy, resigned; John S. Clute, second major, vice Cary, insane; Adam Eacker, junior, paymaster, vice Mabee, moved; Jacob R. Hasbrouck, chaplain, vice Van Buren, moved.

Peter Mabee, captain, vice Enders, resigned; William Putman, lieutenant, vice Valentine, promoted; Abraham S. Putman, ensign, vice W. Putman, promoted.

Myndert Starin, captain, vice Landerson, promoted; Stephen Houghtaling, lieutenant, vice Starin, promoted; John S. Vroman, ensign, vice Houghtaling, promoted.

Jacob N. Gardinier, captain, vice Clute, promoted; Lewis Finch, lieutenant, vice Gardiner, promoted; James South, ensign; Robert Wells, ensign, vice Wilcocks, moved.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Henry Valentine, captain; Philip Young, lieutenant; Cornelius H. Putman, ensign.


The Council directed the following resolutions to be entered:

RESOLVED, that the several persons now holding the commissions of lieutenant colonel in the several regiments of infantry, artillery, cavalry, horse artillery and riflemen of this State be deemed and respected as colonels from and after the first day of May last and that their relative rankk as colonels shall be the same as their present relative rank; that all first majors be deemed and respected as lieutenant colonels and shall have the same relative rank as lieutenant colonels which they now have as first majors; and that the said lieutenant colonels and first majors are hereby respectively appointed to said offices with such relative rank accordingly.

RESOLVED, that the adjutant general forthwith cause a list or roster of the lieutenant colonels and first majors embraced in the preceding resolution with the dates of their respective commissions to be made out, certified and filed in the office of the secretary of this State and that the secretary issue new commissions to them as colonels and lieutenant respectively with rank from the dates of their present commissions according to the act of Congress passed twentieth of April 1816.

* No colonels had been appointed in the state militial since 1782. See page 63 - State Historian.

Benjamin Manny, captain, vice P. DeGraff, resigned; Levi Pawling, first lieutenant; Basteyan Martin, second lieutenant; Jacob Graof, second lieutenant.

Jacob Coopman, captain, vice Timerman, resigned; Nathaniel Stuart, co, vice Foot, resigned; Walter Farmin, first lieutenant; John Jenkins, second lieutenant; Hezekiah R. Hoyt, first lieutenant.

Daniel C. Fox, adjutant First regiment of artillery.

Ninth regiment of cavalry:

Nicholas Yort, captain, vice Cashney, resigned; John F. Visscher, first lieutenant; Herman W. Brower, second lieutenant; Charles Easton, cornet.

Nineteenth regiment of infantry:

George G. Eaker, major.

Henry Zielley, captain, vice Eaker, promoted; Peter Ehle, junior, lieutenant, vice Zielly, promoted; Danie A. Lipe, ensign; Petrus Klock, lieutenant, vice Panter, resigned; John C. Lipe, adjutant.

Vol. III, pp. 1754-1755: The regular winter session of the legislature began January 14, 1817. On January 28th Governor Tompkins sent to the legislature his memorable message recommending the abolition of slavery in this state on July 4, 1827, a suggestion that was subsequently carried into effect. The new Council of Appointment was chosen February 13th: Walter Bowne of New York, John Noyes of Chenango, John I. Prendergast of Herkimer, and Henry Bloom of Cayuga. The entire session was devoted to state politics, the election of Governor Tompkins to the vice-presidency having opened up a contest in the Republican party that extended from one end of the state to the other. Governor Tompkins had opposed the plans for internal improvements that had been so heartily and enthusiastically advocated by DeWitt Clinton and his friends, and at the present time the entire western part of the state, irrespective of political affiliation, was clamoring in no undertain manner for direct water communication with the Hudson river. There is no question but at this particular time the most popular man in the state was DeWitt Clinton, for he represented what was generally regarded to be a policy that meant greater expansion, greater influlence and greater wealth for the state. To check his headway, a suggestion was made that Governor Tompkins should hold both offices of governor and vice-president, but Governor Tompkins was too politic to take such an unpopular course. Consequently on February 24th Governor Tompkins resigned and John Tayler became acting governor. The legislature promptly passed an act to provide for the election of a governor. The friends of Mr. Clinton were unwilling to hazard his chances to a legislative caucus, and accordingly suggested a state convention, which should consist of the Republican members of the legislature, which delegates to be chosen from those counties that were represented in the legislature by Federal members. The state convention was held in Albany March 25th; Mr. Clinton received 85 votes against 41 for General Peter B. Porter.

At this session of the legislature was passed the bill to provide for the construction of the Erie and the Champlain canals.

1817 March 4

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment of infantry:

Ensigns - Jacob I. Willson, vice N. Soule, declined: James Reed, vice Waggoner, moved; Gerrit W. Walradt, vice Parkill, moved; Cornelius R. Van Evera, vice Quackenbush, resigned.

Jeremiah Webb, captain, vice Morris, resigned; Sylvanus St. John, lieutenant, vice Webb, promoted; Ebenezer Tillotson, ensign.

Peter Dunkle, junior, captain, vice Diefendorf, resigned; George G. Dunkle, lieutenant, vice P. Dunkle, promoted; Adam Bush, ensign.

Eighth regiment of infantry:

William Lamberson, quartermaster, vice Wood.

Jonathan Remsen, junior, ensign with rank from March 22, 1816; Peter J. Keyser, lieutenant, vice Bidleman, moved; Baltus Strough, ensign; John P. Claus, lieutenant, with rank from March 22, 1816.

Thomas Bleckman, captain, vice Phillips, resigned; Levi Bliss, junior, lieutenant, vice Bleckman, promoted; Seth B. Sherwood, ensign; Amos Griswold, lieutenant, vice Hulett, moved; William Burrel, ensign.

One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment of infantry:

Paris G. Clark, paymster, vice G.J. Shew, moved.

Elias Newman, captain, vice C. Allen, resigned; Thomas W. Johnson, lieutenant, vice E. Newman, promoted; Jacob Banta, ensign, vice S. Wager, moved.

Enoch Cornwell, captain, vice G. Thompson, deceased; Gradus Van Vranken, lieutenant, vice Cornwell, promoted; Richard Van Vranken, ensign, vice G. Van Vranken, promoted; Elisha Foot, junior, lieutenant, vice Gilbert, resigned; Ezra S. Curtis, ensign, vice Foot, promoted; Isaac Thompson, ensign, vice J. Warn, promoted.

John French, captain, vice D. Howell, resigned; Joshua French, lieutenant, vice John French, promoted; Samuel O. Riggs, ensign, vice French, promoted.

John McKinley, captain, vice N. Fisk, moved; George R. Barse, lieutenant, vice Vanderbogert, moved; Gilbert Gaylord, ensign, vice Welch, moved.

William Fonda, lieutenant, vice J.A. Fonday, resigned; Daniel Durfee, ensign, vice W. Fonda, promoted.

Nathan B. Lobdell, captain, vice Brown, moved; Simon Scott, lieutenant, vice Van Ness, resigned; William Gibbs, ensign, vice L. Becker, moved.

Twenty-sixth regiment of infantry:

Daniel Cuck, surgeon, vice R. Davis, moved; Abraham G. Van Est, surgeon's mate, vice Cuck, promoted.

Robert Wells, captain, vice Beard, moved; Philip Fornecrook, lieutenant, vice R. Wells, promoted; John S. Vrooman, lieutenant.

Ensigns - Robert S. Lanardson, Thomas Brand, Robert Baird.

Battalion of infantry commanded by Major Samuel Jackson:

Lewis Carlile, surgeon's mate.

Peter Martin, captain, vice Grinman, resigned; John Grinman, lieutenant, vice P. Martin, promoted; Samuel Newkirk, ensign, vice J. Grinman, do.

Thirty-fourth regiment:

Philip Argasinger, lieutenant, vice McAuly, moved; Duncan Clark, ensign; Harmanus DeGraaf, ensign, vice Van Vechten, promoted; Simon Van Deusen, lieutenant, vice Dockstader, resigned; Stephen A. Cromwell, ensign, vice Van Deusen, promoted; James Cline, ensign, vice Hoyt, moved.


The site coordinator has no information about persons listed, locations of regiments, how the State compiled these listings back ca. 100 years ago, or whether original documents or rosters pertaining to these or any N.Y.S. militias still exist. Please direct all inquiries to qualified military historians. Your cooperation is appreciated in advance.

Source: Military minutes of the Council of appointment of the state of New York, 1783-1821. Volume II. Compiled and edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian. Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901.

This resource is available at the New York State Library in Albany, N.Y. The Call Numbers at NYSL are as follows:

Volume 1: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.1
Volume 2: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.2
Volume 3: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.3
Volume 4: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.4

The staff of the New York State Library doesn't undertake genealogical or historical research for individuals and welcome family researchers stopping in for a site visit. If a visit to the library isn't convenient, they can supply a list of certified genealogists who will do research for a fee.

Steve Mabie also advised that these four volumes are available to order on microfilm at Mormon Family History Centers. Please order LDS Microfilm #1486475.

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