Revolutionary War Widow's Pension Application


Elisabeth Suts

Pension No. W13941.

Peter Suts/Elisabeth Suts Revolutionary War Widows Pension Application W13941
Elisabeth Suts Declaration
National Archives & Records Administration M804-2320
Transcribed by Billy Markland 1/2001

In order to obtain the benefit of the 3d Section of the Act of Congress of the 4th July 1836

State of N. York
Af Montgomery County

On the 12th day of December 1836, Personally appeared before me, David F. Lacia a Judge of Montgomery County Court (being a Court of Record), Elisabeth Suts, Widow of Peter Suits deceased of the Town of Ephratah of the said County and State Aforesaid, aged Eighty Eight years past, Who being first duly Sworn According to Law, doth on her Oath make the following declaration, in order to Obtain the benefit of the Provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836. That she is the late Widow of Peter Suits deceased, Who She verily belief, was a Sergt in the Revolutionary War, that he Entered the Service of the United States in the year 1775, under the Command of Capt. Christopr W. Fox, and Continued in rendering Service to the United States Under Capt. Fox with the Militia Until that Memorable Battle at Oriskana [sic] Under the Command of GenL Herkimer against Part of GenL St Ledgers [sic] Army from Canada, Composed of Tories, Indians, and Some British, When Capt. Fox was Seareously [sic] Wounded, his Arm Shattered by a ball, After which time, Lieut Henry Miller succeeded, taking and in having the Command of the same Company, who continued the Command from that time, Until the Conclusion of the Revolutionary War, Vizt Until the year 1783, and that the aforesaid Peter Suts did render United States Services Vizt the Widow, Applicant for a Pension, doth Say that her late Husband and to her certain Knowledge did render United States Service from the year 1775, from year to year Annually, Until the final end and Termination of the aforesaid Revolutionary War.

    Claiment further declare and saith, that, she perfectly recollects that the Militia have been called out often and frequently in consequence of Alarms in the year 1775, yet at the Reign of Sr. John Johnson with his Highlanders, and Indians & Tories, Who have given those Who dare to be professed Whigs, Much trouble, in causing many tours, during the Course of said year.

    Claiment further State that in the year 1776 She believes in January, the whole Brigade Under GenL Herkimer were ordered out and mett [sic] and Joined GenL Philip Schuyler, with his Militia from Albany & Schenecteday, there Stationed for Several days at Caghnawaga, and from thence Under the Command of GenL Schuyler Marched to Johnstown, causing surrender of Sr John Johnson with his assoceates [sic], Tories---

    Claiment further saith, that in the year 1777, Says that the deceased was ordered out at the time of Oriskany Battle Under the Command of GenL Herkimer, with the Militia of the Whole Brigade, and Under the Command of Capt Christopr W. Fox, Who was Seareously Wounded in Battle, When after Lieut. Henry Miller succeeded to the Command of said Company, and aforesaid Considered the Capt of said Company, and Continued as Capt Until after the conclusion of the war-

    Claiment further State, that during the year 1778 Many Seareous Occurrences have transpired, the GenL Conflagration at Springfield, the same on both Sides of the Mohawk at Herkimer, and at Cherry Valle [sic] the same in November, Murdering, Burning Scalbing [sic] and causing GenL Conflagration, and the Regt Under the Command of CoL Jacob Klock, at each and Every occurrence Ordered Out in Mass to those Places respectively

    The Applicant further saith and declare that in the year 1779, sometime in April she mett With the loss of her first Husband, by Name, Jacob Eply, who was killed in an Engagement With the Indians, Which Occurrence Claiment beg leave to reserve Until after having gone through With her Second & late Husband, relative to the Service rendered by him, to the United States, the Militia during the course of this year Often and frequently were called out on Alarms, Over at the time When the lower part on the South Side Side [sic] of the Mohawk river & fall Hill was made desolate, by burning, Murdering & Scalbing [sic] & some Prisoners taken by the Indians and Tories from Canada when the Whole Regt. Of CoL Klocks, Under the Command of CoL Waggoner & Major Fox had and were ordered to March to Herkimer.

    Claiment further saith and State, that in the year 1780 Capt Miller With his Company was ordered to March to Fort Timmerman latter part of February, there Stationed for two Weeks, Watching and Guarding in rendering Garrison duty, sometimes Sent on Scouts and again latter Part in March or forepart in April ordered out Under the Command of Capt. Henry Miller to the then frontier part of Palatine, to George Getmans there Stationed Watching and Guarding against the Incursions of the Expected Enemy from Canada during the latter Part of the Winter and forepart in Spring on Snow shoes, they having been along Several times, burning, Murdering and some taken Prisoner. Also two weeks, Stationed at Getmans, at that time-

    Claiment further saith, that at the time of the GenL Conflagration at Caugnawaga, and Around and About the same, when in May All made desolate by Sr John Johnson, with his Tory & Indians, or Incendiary Associates from Canada, When the Regt of CoL Klock, Vizt Under Emedient [sic] Command of Lieut CoL Peter Waggoner, were Marched, to near the Village of Johnstown, When Joined Under the Chief Command of CoL John Harper, then persuing [sic] the Enemy, but all proved fruitless. After they had Committed Cruel Murder, burning and destroying, Retreating with a Number of Prisoners taken to Canada-Same year on the 19th Oct Again Sr John Johnson, with about 1000 Composed of Tories, some regular troops, besides 500 Indians as we read in history, causing a GenL desolation Up Along the Mohawk River, at a distance Nothing Short of twenty Miles. Again commencing at Caugnawaga from thence Up along the River, Not Omitting that old valuable settlement of Stonearabia, When mett with some resistance, by a Small Inferior force Under CoL John Brown, himself with 44 besides himself, killed, and Several Wounded and the Old Inhabited place chiefly all burnt and destroyed, with a few exceptions only-

    And the Applicant further declare and saith that in the year 1781, Various Occurrences have transpired so that the Militia Soldier, having been Engaged during the whole season, Vizt forepart in July at the time of Turlough Battle by order of CoL Willett, the Regt Commanded by CoL Klock, the whole Regt were ordered out to reinforce CoL Willett, but not arived [sic] Until Emediently After Battle When the Americans put the Indians & Tories to flight-

    Claiment further declare and saith that, latter Part in July same year on a Sunday Morning the Inhabitants in Stonearabia were repairing to their Church the men at the time going in, instead of Attending Public Worship, an Express came, informing that a Strong party of Indians and Tories Were Encamped at a distance of About Six Miles distance in the Woods near [Laudmans?], as good fortune Would have, each and every able bodied Soldier in Church, with his arms ready at the Church, left the said Church, Marching on precibitly [sic], meeting and taking the Enemy on Surprise killed their chief Wariour [sic], and two Wounded, of Which one of them died on their return to Canada, as informed Afterwards by some of the Tories being Present at the time When Engaged, only one of the Americans Wounded

    Applicant further saith, that she believes sometime forepart of October same year, At the time of the GenL Conflagration, At and Around Fort Timmerman, now St Johns Ville, Capt Brandt with as saith About 300 Indians and Tories, in persuit of the Enemy, Under CoL Willett during that Afternoon and during the Whole Night and during the Greater Part the Next day, but CoL Willett disapointed [sic] in his persuit, with CoL Klocks Regt

    Claiment further Says, that again, at the time of Battle CoL Klocks Regt at Johnstown Under the Chief Command of CoL Willett against Majr Ross & Capt Butler With their Incendiaries from Canada, she says on the 25th day of October Under the Command of CoL Willett, Engaged With the Militia & Levis [sic], against Majr Ross & Butler With their Incendiary Crew from Canada, that after a long contest CoL Willett with the Americans, sustained the field of Battle, When the day after CoL Willett Again persuing the Enemy When Claiment believing on the 4th day the Advance Guard of CoL Willett Mett with some Straggling Parties of the Enemy, of which some killed and some few taken prisoner, Until the Enemy had Crossed the West Canada Creek, then calculating to make a formadable [sic] resistance forming in a line on the West Bank of said Creek, When Butler was Emediently killed by one of our Oneida Indians, saith that he Was Shott through his head, besides Several Others killed, and a Considerable Number taken Prisoners-

    And the Applicant further declare and saith that In the year 1782, that many occurrences have transpired from the early part in March until late in fall, the Inhabitants Continually Annoyed by the Skulking Indians, In March one John Koing taken Prisoner to Canada, in April a Mr Davis Murdered Claiment believing one of his sons, and his buildings burnt. In May, Johnsons Mill burnt, the Miller Made Prisoner and a Mr Kule one of his Customers Murdered-believing in June, old Mr [Ha?ing] taken Prisoner, and Again latter Part of July Philip Empie and a young boy aged about 9 years taken Prisoner-on a Sabath day, again forepart in August John Reed & Wife Murdered & Sculbed. Again in the Month of September two young Men Sons of Melechard Bauder, Vizt Young Melechard and Leonerd Bauder both taken Prisoner to Canada, All the foregoing occurrences having Transpired Within the bounds of CoL Klocks Regt, and the most of them Within the beat of Capt Henry Millers Company, some of them not two miles from Fort Paris-

    Claiment further saith, that by the best information she did assertain appertaining to the year 1782, and for years previous the distresses Were as formadable in the Neighbouring town of Canajohorie In the Regiment Commanded by CoL SamL Clyde, than that of CoL Jacob Klocks, on the North Side of the Mohawk river-

    That Claiment further says and declare, that thorough Search having been made by my Agent, Vizt Jacob Snell, the records kept at four different Churches, previous to the Revolutionary War and for and during said war, but Instructed those Which has been kept by the Revd Doctr David Gross, who performed the cerrimonies [sic] of the Marriage contract, between Peter Suts my late Husband & herself in June 1780, the Identical day she says she cannot recollect, but certain it is, that they were legally and lawfully Joined in lawful Wedlock, before God and Men, and but one witness she can think of, With whom She can proof [sic] the legality of her Marriage, Which is the Sister of Claiment, and that no record can be found, saith by the Nephew of Doctr Gross, that it is Generally believed, that the Church records were kept and contained in the Church Situate [sic] near Fort plain, at the time of the General General [sic] Conflagration, than Upper Part of Canajohorie When Murdering, Sculbing, burning, and all made desolate by the Incendiaries from Canada, and not excepting Fort Plain Church with the Records, Papers, and books Contained in the Aforesaid Church.

    Claiment further saith, in regard of her first Marriage with Jacob Eply, that she well recollects that she had been legally and lawfully Married to Jacob Eply, forepart in the Winter 1769 but did not recollect the identical day of the Month but by Applying and Examining the Church records kept and continued in the Reformed Dutch Church of Stonearabia, by which it appears, that Jacob Eply, with Elisabeth Laucks Daughter of William Laucks, was legally and lawfully Married by the Revd Abraham Rossegrantz on the 19th day of December 1769 and they have Cohabited together from that time Until sometime in April 1779 About 9 years & 4 months Vizt in April the same year, When he was killed in an Engagement With Indians in the Revolutionary War.

    The Applicant further declare and saith that her First Husband Vizt Jacob Eply has been a true Whig and a good and faithful Soldier at least from the year 1775 Until he paid his last tribute, in Sacrificing his life for the Good of his Country, That she could recollect but one tour when he was excused from Marching Under the Command of GenL Herkimer, at the time of Oriskana Battle, on the 6th Augt 1777. When at that time she was Expected Minutely to be taken Sick, but otherwise she does not recollect one Single Occurrence, When endeavouring in Screening and Excusing himself; that he hath been Always ready and Willing on a Minuts [sic] Warning to have had recourse to his arms and acquipments [sic], and his knapsack with Provisions When thereto Ordered and requred [sic] by his Superior officers from the year 1775, Until April 1779, When himself & two others of his Neighbours Vizt Daniel Hart and Peter Shite all three belonging to the same company Commanded by Capt. Nicholas Righter, When after the [sic] had been ordered out for a tour of Several days, Watching and guarding At the house of Nicholas Snell, Also Scouting & Spying the Enemy and Emediently after being discharged, and when on their Return home, when comming [sic] to residence of Mr Hart, finding his father killed by the Indians, When Emediently and precipitly the Husband of the Applicant and his two fellow Associates Voluntarily persuing the the Indians to the residence of Epply [sic] where All was made and found desolate, Vizt Burnt and Claiment, with her [three?] Children, Escaped death, When her husband with his faithful associates with great Speed, persuing the Enemy, before comming to the house of Capt. Righters, perceiving the reports of Guns, When approaching near the house of Capt. Righter, the door of the house being open, and Capt. Righter & his Wife defending their lifes, and their home, and the Indians firing in the house through the door, Until Eply the Husband of Claiment were firing with his assistants Upon the Indians When the Indians retreating finding Succour on one side of a fence near the house, when the Indians left the Ground and when none of those few men, could do Execution but Daniel Hart he was the only one who sustained the field of Battle, Capt. Righter & his brave Wife, and Peter Shite all Sereously [sic] Wounded, Eply and a little son of Capt. Righters killed--

    When Sergt Jacob Snell With a Strong Guard was directed to go out early the next Morning in remoooving [sic] the dead Corps [sic], when himself finding Capt. Righters little Son, thrown into the Caroga Creek by the Indians, down a very high bank of the Creek---

    Claiment further saith that that she finding it impracticable to Specify particularly the Many and different tours and Services made by either or both their respective Husbands, to the United States, but it is certain that her first Husband she says, could not fall short of one year and Eight months, as a Private, for Services rendered to the United States, for and during the course of at least five years

    Claiment also and further saith, that her Second Husband Vizt Peter Suts as Sergant, did commence in the year 1775 in rendering faithful Services for and during the whole Revolutionary War to the Conclusion thereof, that the Services rendered to the United States could not possibly fall short of two years.

    That Claiment further saith, that she is willing, and in full hopes that his honr., the Pension Commissioner will take her case into Sereous Consideration, in doing in the [P......?] as he in his wise and better Judgement may think to be right and Just, That she hereby relinquishes every claim Whatever to a Pension or annuity, except the Present, and declares that her Name is not on the Pension roll of any agency of any State.
                        Elisabeth (her X mark)   Suts

Sworn to and subscribed the day and year Aforesaid
                        D.F. Lacia Judge of Montgomery County Court

    And I do certify the above named applicant is a person of respectability and entitled to full credit & that she made her mark to this declaration because she could not write. And that she is unable to attend court to make this declaration by reason of infirmity-Dated Decr-12-1832
                        D.F. Lacia Judge of Montgomery County Court

State of New York
Montgomery County
Clerks office

I George D. Ferguson, clerk of the court of common Pleas of the county aforesaid, do hereby certify that David F. Lacia] before whom the foregoing declaration of Elisabeth Sutes purports to have been sworn & whose name is subscribed thereto & also to the foregoing certificate of Character of said Elisabeth, was at the same time a Judge of the County Court of said County. And that I am well acquainted with his hand writing & verity believe, that his name subscribed as aforesaid is his Genuine hand writing

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed the seal of office this 29th
December 1836.
                        Geo. D. Ferguson

All spelling, punctuation and grammatical usage are as in the original application. Contributed and digitally prepared by Billy Markland, who tells us that he's transcribing Revolutionary War era documents from National Archives microfilm to learn more about the war. Billy has no information about persons mentioned in this declaration but told me:

"I noticed that the spelling of her maiden name was actually LAUCKS, not LOUCKS. The spelling in her declaration is still a toss-up so I will go with the rest of the affidavits (actually it looks like someone tried to change a small O to an A)."

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