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The following information concerning the military service of Henry Wiles during the Revolutionary War is furnished by Merlyn and Janet (Wiles) Christensen, who tell us: "Janet is a 7th generation grand-daughter of Henry Wiles. The information is extracted from the pension application of Henry's wife, Elizabeth Fritcher Wiles. Incidentally, she applied for the pension at age 89 and lived to age 104! We have much more information concerning this family that we enjoy sharing, and would appreciate any additional information anyone else can furnish."

The following depositions by Elizabeth Wiles and by Charles ______ are copied from Revolutionary War pension application papers received from the National Archives:

Pension Application for Revolutionary Service of Henry Wiles

Declaration, in order to obtain the benefits of the third section of the Act of Congress of the 4th July, 1836--

State of New York
County of Cortland
On this 2nd day of March, 1837, personally appeared before me, Oliver _________, one of the Judges of the County Courts, in and for said county of Cortland, ELIZABETH WILES, a resident of the town of Freetown in said county of Cortland and State of New York, aged eighty nine years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on her oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress drafted July 4th 1836: That she is the widow of HENRY WILES, who was a Private Soldier in the Revolutionary War, and that he entered said service and continued therein agreeably to the following statement as near as she can state the same - That is to say:-

That the said HENRY WILES, resided at Freysbush in the county of Montgomery and State of New York, and that he there enlisted as a private in the Company commanded by Capt. Peter Ayle for the tour of nine months- That he thus enlisted in the month of March, 1778; that he _____ a part of the time in the commencement of said tour in boating up the Mohawk River in ferrying provisions and men under the command of Col Willett. The latter part of said tour was performed at Saratoga and its vicinity, and a part of the time in boating on the North River. That he served out his said time of nine months and was then discharged and come home in the month of December or the forepart of January, after winter had set in with snows. That during said nine months he came home and stayed but a few days, not exceeding one week as she believes and then again returned to service.

That he also served as a volunteer, as she believes, in the company commanded by Capt Gross the year preceding the foregoing, being in the year, 1777, that he went early in the July and was in the service during the whole summer and fall. That he was a part of the time at Rome and was in a battle there or in its neighborhood, called the Oriscany battle, with Indians, Tories &: British - That Gen. Herkimer commanded in the battle and was there wounded- That her said husband was also a part of said year, 1777, at Cherry Valley guarding the place gainst the Indians &: Tories. She thinks he was gone in said service in said year, 1777, as aforesaid, at least six months. That he also volunteered again in said service during the last year of the War, and was absent one or two months and during this last year he was in the battle of Johnstown. That she believes he was thus in the said service in the whole at least eighteen months in the whole. That this deponent had to work out at farming herself while her husband was thus absent - that she fled her house many a night in terror, with her little children for fear of the Indians, and stayed in the woods.

She further declares that she was married to the said Henry Wiles in the month of November 1767 - but she cannot tell the day of the month. That her husband, the aforesaid Henry Wiles, died on the tenth day of June, 1821, at Huntsville in the county of Otsego and State of New York; and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.

That she has no documentary evidence in her power to support her claim.

That she has no child who was under sixteen years of age at the time of the death of her said husband.

That her maiden name was Elizabeth Fritcher.

She further says that she cannot state the names of the officers, except as aforesaid, under whom her husband served, owing to her great age and consequent lapse of memory. She often heard him name others.

Sworn to and subscribed on the day & year above written before me - and I also certify that said deponent is a person of credibility and truth - and that she cannot from bodily infirmity attend the court- Also the reason of her _____ by making her mark is inability to write for want of learning as well as from age and infirmity. Oliver __________

State of New York
Montgomery County
Rev Charles ________ of Stone Arabia in said County of lawful age, being duly sworn de____ & saith that he is pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church of said place and has charge of the records thereof, and that the following is a true copy from the Register of marriages of said church. viz.
1768 4th October Henrick Weyl and Elizabeth Fritsher was married at this church according to records in my _______.
Charles ______

From which it appears that Henry Wiles was duly married to Elizabeth Fritcher according to the rights of said church on the fourth day of October One Thousand, Seven Hundred & Sixty Eight, 1768, and that the date of said marriage is expressed in fair, legible figures. Deponent further saith that "Hendrick Weyl" of the above record is the Dutch for Henry Wiles.

Subscribed & Sworn this 26th day of November 1845 before me & I certify that said Deponent is Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church of Stone Arabia as above stated.
John T Getman Justice of the Peace

The following information was given by Coonradt Wiles to be included with his Mother's application for Revolutionary War Pension in 1837.

State of New York
County of Cortland
On the 11th day of March, 1837, personally appeared before me, the undernamed Justice of the peace in and for said county, Coonradt Wiles of the town of Freetown in said county of Cortland, and who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth, in his oath, propose and say that he is the Son of Henry Wiles, that he was born on the 10th day of January 1771 - That he well recollects that his father Henry Wiles, going from home into the service of the United States according to the following statement- He often heard his father, at that time, talk it over, as well as his mother- heard them both tell over the story, at that day, many times, and has many times since, and verily believes the same to be true. That is to say- that his father. the said Henry Wiles, went as a volunteer he believes, in the company of Capt Gross, early in the spring of 1777, as be believes, that he went to Rome and its vicinity, and was there in the battle of Oriskany against the Indians and others of the enemy - that Gen. Herkimer commanded. That after leaving that place he went the same season, to Cherry Valley and was there keeping guard against the Indians & Tories - that he often went out on scouting parties - that he was gone all the season - but how many months he cannot tell. That he again went in the year 1778, as he thinks in the company of Capt. Ayle. That he went away in March - he knows it was before making sugar, and that he did not come home to stay until winter, after snowfall. He understood and believes he was gone nine months this tour- that he first went boating up the Mohawk River carrying men and provisions under Col. Willett - that he often heard his father say he also boated on Oneida Lake - that he then went to Saratoga and was there and in its vicinity during the remainder of his nine months - that he was part of the time boating on the North River - That he afterward went again in a later year when this deponent was about eleven years old, and was gone several weeks, and was in the battle of Johnstown against the Indians- that this deponent remembers hearing his father tell of these things, both at the time, and since, a great number of times. He also recollects his father being absent, as related, as well as he does things that have occurred a week ago.
During the fathers absence, as above related, his mother was in the habit of telling this deponent and her other children, much about their father, and of his expected return. She often heard from him when he was absent -
That this deponent believes that, from the best information he has on the subject his father served for at least eighteen months in the whole.
This deponent further says that from his earliest recollection he has ever understood and believed that his said father and mother were lawfully married as stated by his mother, that they were married by the Rev. Rosensants, a minister of Stone Roby in the county of Montgomery. That said minister has been dead, as deponent believes, more than forty years. He was a Presbyterian minister.
That this deponent has one brother older than himself who died two years ago. That he had five younger brothers and three sisters younger than himself - That his father and mother always resided together until his death which took place on the 10th day of June 1821 - that he died at the house of this deponent as his parents then lived with this deponent and his mother has ever since the death of her said husband continued to live with this deponent in his family- and he knows she never since been married but has ever since remained a widow - and further saith not-
Coonradt Wiles
Sworn and subscribed this 11th day of March 1837 before me- And I certify that I am well acquainted with said deponent and his declaration and that he is a person of truth and verasity and his statement worthy of the fullest credit- He signs by making his mark for want of learning.
________Niles Justice of Peace

A deposition is also included from another son, Adam Wiles, but it contains no new information.

Our thanks go out to Merlyn and Janet (Wiles) Christensen for their contribution of Henry Wiles' pension record!

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