War of 1812 Pension Request



Florida NY
Montgomery County, NY

Contributed by Mary Jo Neyer.

"Researching this family has been challenging because of the variations in the spelling of the name. I don't know whether he always thought of himself as WALSH, but in some census records he is WELCH, in others WELSH. His son Joseph, through whom I am descended, had trouble getting his civil war pension because of the various spellings of his surname. The newspaper obituary of my great-grandmother spells the surname "Welsh". I titled the transcription "Welch" because when my branch of the family went out west after the Civil War, WELCH was the spelling which was most often used, and which appears on his (Joseph's) death record when referring to his father."

Mary Jo Neyer

State of New York
Montgomery County

           I, Samuel Belding, County Judge of Montgomery County in the State of New York do by these presents constitute and appoint Culver Patterson of Florida in said County a Commissioner to take and certify and return to the Department of War of the United States, all such evidence as may be offered and made in substantiating the claims of Leslie Walsh and Benjamin T. Silver or either of them residents of said State and County a pension and compensation for military service rendered to the United states. Given under my hand at Amsterdam in the County of Montgomery and state of New York.

           I, John W. Van Deveen? Clerk of said County, do hereby certify that Samuel Belding Jr. whose name is subscribed to the annexed appointment was at the date thereof the County Judge of said County, and further, that I am well acquainted with the hand writing of such Judge and verily believe the signature to the said appointment is genuine.

           In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said county, the 25th day of April 1850.

                                                   J.W.VAN DEVEEN                                    

State of New York
Montgomery County

          LESLIE WALSH of the town of Florida in the said county and state, being by me, Culver Patterson, the commissioner named in this annexed commission, duly sworn and examined, says that he enlisted in the United States service under Lieutenant Frazer, enlisting officer, recruiting officer, at Auburn, New York, about the 1st of Jany, 1813, for five years or during the then war with Great Britain,- that from Auburn among other recruits he was sent to GreenBush, and there remained under drill for three months, and then marched to Plattsburgh, and was mustered into service and attached to Captain ??? B. Spencer's? Company of the 29th Regimen, Colonel Mc?? Smith commanding officer,-that while he was in active duty, while drawing a cannon into the fort at Plattsburgh, his body was strained, which produced hydrocele?; which disease has been gradually getting worse, and is increasing, and has troubled him so much that he is unable to perform ordinary labor,- that he fought in the battle of Plattsburgh on the 11th day of September 1814 and was wounded in said battle three times: one wound on the right leg just above the knee, which made him a cripple for life,- that said wound causes him much pain in walking, and he cannot walk far without using it,- that on the same day in said battle a splinter of a port of the bastion, driven by a 24 pound shot of the enemy, struck him on the left side of his face and head, tearing one ear nearly off, and lacerating his face and head in a horrible manner,-which has caused almost perfect deafness in his left ear ever since,- that in the same battle he was wounded by a musket ball near the ribs on his left side,- that after being wounded as before stated he was taken to the hospital and was there confined three weeks; after which he again entered in duty and so continued until the close of the war and there was granted? discharge at Plattsburgh from the 29th,- that he lost his certificate of discharge shortly after he was discharged and had never since seen or heard of the same,- That Captain Spencer aforesaid under whom he served resided at Shatterge? till his death which was some two or three years since,- That as he is informed and believes, and the subordinate officers of his company are also deceased, - That he does not know of any person living that knows of his being wounded and carried to the hospital above mentioned and of his said discharge, except one Benjamin T. Silver, in the 31st Regiment, and whose testimony is here annexed.

          That since his discharge he has resided in Rensselaer, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties in the State of New York, and that he has resided in the County of Montgomery about 14 or 15 years and that he still resides in the town of Florida, in said county of Montgomery, - that he has a wife and eight children, most of whom are dependent upon him for their daily support and that he has no other means of supporting himself and family than what little he can do at shoemaking, which he has followed since he was discharged as aforesaid,- that he now applies to the government of the United States of America for a pension and his bounty land, or land to which he is entitled according to the laws of Congress,- that he has never before applied for a pension or lands to which he thinks himself entitled- and that the reason why he has not before made application is that he was ignorant of the law till within a few years past,- that he has always been in indigent circumstances and not able to employ any person to assist him to proceed(sic) in the matter,- that some few years since he employed a lawyer of Fulton County NY to examine the matter for this applicant and this applicant further states that he is not on the pension of any state.

Sworn by me the said Commiss. April 29th, 1850. LESLIE WALSH

Culver Patterson

State of New York
Montgomery County

          Benjamin T. Silver of the town of Florida in said county and state, being by me, Culver Patterson, the commissioner named in the annexed commission, duly sworn and examined, says that he is well acquainted with Leslie Walsh the applicant named in the papers hereto annexed, that this deponent enlisted in the United States service about the 4th of February 1814 under Captain Burknap, in the 31st regiment Colonel Derry? Commanding officer, that he enlisted for five years or during the then war with Great Britain,-that he knows that said Walsh was at Plattsburgh from the Spring of 1814 till the close of the war,-that this deponent and said Walsh were sentry(sic) on duty together, that they were on guard together several times,-that this deponent was in the battle of Plattsburgh on the 11th of September 1814,-that he was there wounded, was afterwards taken to the hospital and there saw said Walsh, who was confined by wounds on the leg and head that he had received while in said battle, that said Walsh was confined in said hospital some two or three weeks, he cannot state the exact time now at this distance of time from said confinement, that he well recollects the time of said Walsh's and this deponent's discharge and thinks that said Walsh was discharged about the 27th of June 1815 and that this deponent was discharged shortly after, that this deponent's discharge must be at Washington as it was sent there in 1815 or 1816 as he received a warrant for his land, he thinks in June 1816, that said Walsh and deponent are neighbors in the town of Florida aforesaid,-that said Walsh is crippled, that he knows of no other cause ??? except the wounds received before stated, that he shoemakes(sic) what he can and thus supports as well as he can, a large family.

                                                                            BENJAMIN T. SILVER

Sworn by me the said commissioner
April 29, 1850,

Culver Patterson

State of New York
Montgomery County

          AARON B. PECK of the town of Florida in the County of Montgomery and state aforesaid, being by me, Culver Patterson the Commissioner named in the annexed commission, duly sworn and examined, says that he is well acquainted with Benjamin T. Silver- that said Silver is a day laborer and works for this deponent who is a farmer on his farm.- that said Silver as he is informed by representation was a soldier in the last war with Great Britain, and which this deponent believes to be true,- that said Silver was wounded at Plattsburgh as well as Leslie Walsh, as stated by both said Walsh and said Silver- that said Silver has a number of scars now on his person, which were said to have been received by him in that war, and which I believe to be true,- that I am also well acquainted with Leslie Walsh, and I have no hesitation in saying that the statement made by the said Walsh and said Silver is true as near as their recollections recall the facts,- as they are as far as I know honest men.

Sworn before me in the said Comm. This 29th of April 1850
Culver Patterson, comm.

           State of New York
           Montgomery County

           Robert Johnson, of the town of Florida in said county and state, being by me, Culver Patterson, the commissioner named in the annexed commission, being duly sworn and examined, says he is well acquainted with Leslie Walsh, the applicant for a pension. That the said applicant is a near neighbor of this deponent and works at the shoemaking business for a livelihood- that this deponent and said applicant have been neighbors between two and three years-that this deponent is a tanner, that he believes said Walsh to be an honest and honorable man, that he has heard his statement under oath and has no reason to doubt ???? his own knowledge of the said applicant, but said statement is correct.


Sworn before me in the said commission April 29, 1850


           State of New York
           Montgomery County

           Aaron V. Bradt of the town of Florida in said county and state, being by me, Culver Patterson, the commissioner named in the annexed commission, duly sworn and examined, says that this deponent carries on the shoemaking business in said town of Florida, and that Leslie Walsh has been employed by this deponent in that business some two or three years,- that said Walsh is a cripple and is troubled with a disease called hydrocle? which is very troublesome to him in performing his usual labor in shoe making,- that on account of his lameness and said disease he is unqualified from ordinary labor, that he has a large family to support and has no other means to do so, except the means? of his own labor, which is small and inadequate,- that he has heard the statement of the said Walsh under oath and from his own knowledge of said Walsh, he has no reason to doubt but what it is true in every particular,- said Walsh having worked and dealt with this deponent for over two years, he has ever found him to be a man of honor and veracity.

Sworn before me this 29th day of April 1850     AARON V. BRADT

Culver Patterson the said comm.

State of New York
Fulton County

JOHN W. WINCHELL of the town of Johnstown, in said County and State being by me, H.L. JONES, a justice of the peace, duly sworn and examined says that he is acquainted with Leslie Walsh and that he is personally known to the fact of the said Walsh serving in the war of 1812 under Captain J.B. SPENCER, the 29th regiment and that the said Walsh was wounded while in such service and in his line of duty the said wounds being located on the side of the Head (sic) lacerating the Ear(sic) and another on the leg just above the knee from a ball(musket) and that the said Walsh has shown this deponent a burst or as phisicians(sic) style a hydrocele which has increased gradually in size which must necessarily affect the said Walsh(sic) abilities to obtain a livelihood and that from the affects and the injuries above stated the said Walsh was confined to the Hospital(sic)

for some time, the above injuries were received in the Battle of Plattsburgh at which place and time this deponent was acting in the capacity of Sutler(sic) to the Army there stationed and that some time since the discharge of said Walsh we have been neighbors in this (Fulton) County NY until some three or four years since when said Walsh removed to Montgomery Co NY and that this deponent is by trade and occupation a blacksmith.

                                                                     JOHN W. WINCHELL

Subscribed and sworn before me this 10th day of Sept 1850
H.L. Jones Justice of the Peace

the top of this paper is obscured and cannot be read

          Benjamin Morgan and John Stoner of the town of Johnstown in said county and state being by me, H.L. Jones a justice of the peace of said county and state duly sworn deposes(sic) and says(sic) that they are acquainted with John W. Wenchell who is a neighbor of said deponents and that from their own knowledge they believe his statement under oath with reference to the application of Lesly(sic) Walsh for a pension and bounty lands is true and worthy of the fullest credit.

                                                             BENJAMIN MORGAN

                                                              JOHN STONER

Sworn before me this 10 day of September 1850
Said justice

top part of paper obscured


and that from my own knowledge and belief They are entitled to the fullest credit and belief according to their statements under oath herwith(sic) annexed given under my hand on this the 10th day of September 1850

H.L. JONES Justice of the Peace

House of Representatives
Washington Sep. 20, 1850

dear(sic) Sir:
          I am requested to forward you the enclosed papers in relation to the claim of Leslie Walch(sic) for Bounty lands and pension.

          Very Respectfully Yours,


Coms. Of Pensions

Amsterdam Dec. 9th 1850

I, JOHN SANDFORD, of the town of Amsterdam, County of Montgomery and State of New York, ex-member of Congress, do hereby certify that I am acquainted with ROBERT JOHNSON, AARON B. PECK and AARON V. BRADT and have no hesitation in saying to the department that they are men of respectability and are entitled to full credit and I further certify that from the certificate of the above named persons I have no hesitation in endorsing the certificate of Benjamin T. Silver.
                                                                                   JOHN SANFORD

I, Culver Patterson, as the commissioner named in the annexed papers certify that the above named John Sanford was a member of the 27th Congress and that the above is his genuine signature and signed in my presence.
                                           C. Patterson Com.

State of New York
Montgomery County

          WILLIAM H. JOHNSON, being duly sworn, says that he is acquainted with Leslie Walsh the applicant for a pension and bounty land, and has assisted him in getting information in relation to the matter. That this deponent has made various inquiries relative to Capt. JAS. B. SPENCER under whom the said Walsh served while he was in the War of 1812 with Great Britain and has had no information of said Spencer except that he has understood that he died some two or three years since at Shct??? in the state of New York-and that he has also made inquiry in relation to ???? Smith, the Col(sic) under whom he served as aforesaid and has not been able to ascertain whether he is dead or alive nor if alive where he resides-and further this deponent saith not.

Sworn before me, Culver Patterson the said commissioner this 9th day of Jan. 1851
                                                                         CULVER PATTERSON Com.


IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED That Leslie Walsh a private in the company of Capt. James B. Spencer in the 29th regiment of the United States is rendered incapable of performing the duty of a soldier, by reason of wounds or other injuries inflicted while he was actually in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, viz.
          By satisfactory evidence and accurate examination, it appears that on the eleventh day of September in the year 1814 being engaged in the Battle of Plattsburgh at or near a place called Plattsburgh in the district or territory of the state of New York, he received a gun shot wound in his right leg above the knee, lacerating and injuring the muscles of the leg so as to render him quite lame. I also find that Mr. Walsh has dropsy of the scrotum, that he has facial laceration wounds almost cleaving his left ear from his head, which doubtless produces deafness of that ear and he is thereby not only incapacitated for military duty, but, in the opinion of the undersigned, is at present totally disabled from obtaining his subsistence from manual labor.

                                                                JACOB SNELL Surgeon
Signed before me Culver Patterson the commissioner named this 15 day of Jany 1851.
                                                                 CULVER PATTERSON

State of New York
Montgomery County

I, Culver Patterson, the commissioner above named, do certify that I am well acquainted with Jacob Snell the above-named surgeon and that he is one of the best surgeons in this district of country,- that he is eminent both as a surgeon and physician. Florida, May 17th, 1851.
                                                           CULVER PATTERSON, Comm.

Pension Office
May 10, 1851


          I have the honor herewith to review? the papers involving most of the evidence forwarded to this office in support of the application of Leslie Walsh for an Invalid Pension, and to request that the commissioner, before when the surgeon was sworn to certify that said surgeon is reputable in his profession and authenticate the papers in the manner pointed out in the notes below said affidavit. It is customary to produce the affidavits of two surgeons, particularly describing the injury or wound and present condition of the applicant.

          I have the honor to be,

very respectfully,

your obt. Servant, F.S. Evans

Amsterdam May 19, 1851

Dear Health Commissioner,

          Sir, I rec(sic-received?) the papers of Leslie Walsh certified to the surgeon's reputation at the bottom of the sheet supposing that that certificate is full and sufficient. There are no other surgeons here at present whom I would be willing to certify and Mr. Walsh lives quite a distance from here and is very poor pecuniarily and if our surgeon will do the department will confer a favor on him by not insisting upon more. Mr. Alexander lives some sixty miles or more???? and I therefore took the liberty of sending direct to the department and hope if the papers are sufficient, the department will not delay the matter as the old man needs assistance and that as soon as can be obtained.

          With much respect, your most ob. C. Patterson, commissioner

Leslie Walsh died in Florida in 1851, before receiving a pension and bounty land grant. After his death, his widow, Mariah Taylor Welch, eventually moved to Gloversville and died there.

More information - "I just found a biography of Theodore Welch, Leslie's youngest son who moved to Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania. In his biographical sketch, on page 908 of a book called A History of Venango County, Pa., he writes of his father: "As a member of the "Irish Greens" the old gentleman (Leslie Welch) participated in the war of 1812 from first to last; at Plattsburg a piece of British shell carried away one his ears while he was in the act of replacing a fallen flag, and at the time and place a rifle ball pierced the calf of his leg."

We also know from his testimony for a pension that he was shot in the ribs at the the same time. His presence near a flag would explain the many wounds he sustained, since the battle was always fiercest around these standards. I have to admit, I felt proud of Leslie after reading this information." While doing some web-searching for information on the action that Leslie participated in, Mary Jo found an article about his immediate commander in the 29th infantry, Major John E. Wool.

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