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In the early 1950s the Montgomery County Graves Registration Committee of the American Legion compiled a list of all the veterans that they were aware of who were buried in county cemeteries. This list isn't exhaustive as they requested that the public contact them with any additions so that veterans could be honored by having their graves decorated with flags for Memorial Day 1953. Looking at some of the spellings we suspect that some might not be correct. Errors were easy enough to make 63 years ago, or today, due to difficulties in reading or finding stones, difficulty in reading hand-written notes, typos and printers' errors. As you can see, small and family cemeteries were missed, and perhaps stones or sides of monuments weren't read or noticed. We're presenting exactly what was printed in the newspaper. If you see an obvious spelling error, or know of someone not listed and are aware of their resting place, please take a moment to pay respects to and honor the veteran and contact the site coordinators, using "All Veterans" as the subject line of your email so we can add them to this page. As the veterans below aren't our own ancestors, we have no way of knowing anything about a veteran's military service years.

"Graves of veterans of wars of the United States will be decorated Saturday, Memorial Day, by various posts of the American Legion in the county. For several years the county's Graves Registration Committee, under the direction of George E. Gill, has compiled a list of the veterans graves in the county. Following is a copy of that list. The Recorder publishes it in co-operation with Gill in the hope that any veteran's grave missed by the Legion will be discovered and brought to Gill's attention so it may be decorated Saturday. Gill can be contacted at Amsterdam 1896 or the information can be given to any Legion post in the county. The listing is by cemeteries in various communities:"

Green Hill Cemetery, Amsterdam

Joseph Allen

Thomas E. Allen

Benedict A. Arnold

David Akin

John Allen

Robert Brown

V. R. Baker

H. Baldwin

George Barber

Edwin Beebe

Freeman Beebe

George Belding

Nicholas Belding

George Bellotti

Lewis Billington

Henry Billington

Nathan Billington

Joseph Birch

James H. Boyd

Joseph Boyd

David A. Boardman

Brant (no first name)

Harold Brower

Warner Brown

David A. Brown

George Brown

Henry F. Brinkman

Charles Bordwell

Robert E. Burk

Walter Burkhardt

Delbert Beauchamp

Henry Hartley

Harvey Bell

George Blocker

Henry Bullinger

William Brown

Cuthbert Beard

James B. Cowley

Wesley Cooper

George H. Cross

Alphonso Carbonelli

Alfred J. Castler

Abraham Cass

Samuel Chapman

Andrew Clafflin

Joseph Clizbe

James Collins

Peleg Cole

William Cole

Abraham Cramer

Silas M. Crook

David J. Crouse

Louis Conrad

James Crane

William Christman

H. Milton DeBault

Harley DuRose

Stephen Davis

Delbert, Deal

Frederick Deal

Harvey Deal

John H. Deal

Alonzo DeGraff

Andrew DeLong

John B. DeGollier

Eugene DeLong

Peter DeLong

Warren DeLong

Delos Denise

Benjamin Denise

James Denton

George Dunham

John T. Degraff

John Dennis

William A. Donnand

Sidney Donnand

James Eldred

John J. Eldred

George A. Ellsworth

William Eastwood

Thomas F. Engle

Andrew Faulds

Charles Foss

George Farrell

Abraham Fancher

Thomas Fancher

James Faulds

George Flaker

Theodore Fox

Charles Fosmier

Frederick French

George French

John French Jr.

Elizabeth Fritcher

Peter Fritcher

William Firth

William A. Firth

James Finley

Samuel Foster

George Fittery

George Firth

George Geiger

George Green

James Gardner

Delbert Galusha

Richard Galusha

William Gardner

Jacob Gardner

Thomas Garrigan

Albert Geiger

Julius Godwin

Donald Grant

Charles Gray

Charles Gray

Henry Green

Clark Green

John Gilmore

James Goodale

James C. Gray

James Gagen

William Green

Henry Hovemeyer

Clarence Hartig

John Hammond

Henry Hart

David Hewitt

Daniel Hewitt

Samuel Hewitt

Edward Hibbard

Lewis Hinn

Harry Hindle

Frederick Hout

Peter I. Harvey

Almon Hotaling

Edward Hovemeyer

Thomas Hughes

George Hughes


George Hardies

Benjamin Hammond

John Heiss

Charles Hubbs

John Hunt

Haslan (no first name)

Frederick Hidde

William Hassenfuss

William E. Hill Jr.

Raymond Hohs

Fred Jansen

Andrew Johnson

Hiram Judson

Jane Judson

William B. Judd

Thomas Johnson

Jesse Jones

Thomas Johnson

Robert J. Knapp

John Kilmer

Julius Kimball

Amos King

John King

William Kinum

Charles Kline

Donald Kling

E. Kellogg

Lauren Kellogg

John E. Luke

Melvin Leibbridge

Raymond Ludwig

Willard Labahn

Frank Lacote

John LaMay

Francis Lane

Henry Larkin

Robert Layton

Samuel Leason

Ben A. Leonard

Martin Lewis

William Little

Samuel Lusk

Henry Lindsay

William Langton

Benjamin Leonard

Benedict Leonard

John Maxwell

James MacCarthy

Archibald MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald

John H. MacDonald

Cornelius Mackerile

James Mailor

James Mailor Jr.

Emile Martin

William Martin

J. B. Marlette

Cyrus Marsh

William Marsh

Smith Marsh

James Mathias

Samuel Mathews

John A. Myers

Jacob Moeller

Phillip Maus

Edward Maxwell

Walter McCowatt

James McCullum

William McCullum

John McDonnell

William McElroy

Judson McElwain

John McHarg

David McLaughlin

Donald McKeller

William McClumpha

Zachariah Medlar

Carl Menge

Henry Montanye

Samuel McCleary

J. D. Mallet

Cornelius Mackerlie

James Mailer

Ambrose Moran

Leslie Morse

William Munsell

John McQuade

William Cyrus Marsh

George Munson

James MacCarthy

Webster Nellis

John Nolan

William H. Nutt

Alexander Nellis

John Ostrander

Jacob Ouderkirk

S. Nelson Ouderkirk

Benjamin Owens

Thomas Owens

John Peek

Warren Prell

Albert 0. Pahl

Jacob Palamatier

Harley A. Peek

James W. Peek

Freeman Perkins

John G. Peck

Charles Phillips

George Phillips

Gorton Phillips

James H. Plantz

Henry F. Playford

Abraham Ploss

Charles K. Prior

Phillip Pruyn

Richard J. Powers

John W. Porter

William Page

Edward Playford

James C. Quick

Reuben S. Quillett

Robert Quiri

Eugene Quiri

William Ronneberg

John S. Riddle

Robert Richardson

John Rogers

George Reals

David Robbins

William S. Radley

George Rhodes

John Riding

James Rork

Thomas Rork

William Roggie

James Ross

John Robertson

James Russell

William Rylands

George Riding

Alexander Sample

the Rev. William D. Sawyer

Henry Schotte

John M. Schmidt

W. J. Schoolmaker

James M. D. Schoo

Henry H. Scott

Abraham Scoville

Henry P. Searles

Martin J. Serviss

John Shalliday

Walter Shepperman

John Shepperman

Jacob A. Siegenthaler

John J. Simpson

Marshall H. Siples

C. H. Skillen

Fred D. Skillen

Harold Slayer

George J. Slater

Atwell Smith

John G. Smith

Peter Smith

William Smith

Solomon Snell

Henry W. P. Snyder

W. P. Snyder

Orrie Speller

Emanuel Spore

Otto F. Stahl

Winslow P. Staley

James H. Starring

W. H. Starring

Felix Stevens

W. H. Stebbins

Lauren H. Stevens

DeWitt G. Steinburgh

John Stewart

William Edson Stone

Robert M. Storrie

Martin Stover

William Hewitt Swann

Henry Storries

Oman Stanton

Daniel Sears

Edward Timmerman

Samuel Taylor

Raymond Taylor

John F. Teitz

M. Taylor

J. Mandville Teller

John D. Thayer

Nicholas D. Thomas

the Rev. Porter Thomas

George Thorne

Robert Topping

H. S. Topping

John Turner

W. S. Van Brocklin

William D. Van Derhoof

William H. Van Derhoof

William H. Van O'Linda

Albert Vedder

Daniel Van Schack

Charles G. Van Wormer

George Voorhees

Darwin E. Vunk

Van Womer (no first name)

William J. Wallin

Frank Waldron

Thomas Wallin

Walter Warner

George Watkins

Arthur Weaver

Alexander Welch

Charles N. Wells

Bornt Wemple

Judson Wells

Henry Werber

Zarah Westbrook

Thomas Wheaton

Edward P. White

Washington L. White

Joseph Wiggins

Charles Williams

David W. Williams

James Williams

John J. Williams

Charles W. Williams

Albert Wickins

Robert Wilson

John Wilmot

Joseph Wilson

Henry Wood

David C. Werdon

Daniel Webster

John H. Wilkie

Elisha S. Young

Oliver Young

Joseph Yund

St. Casimir's Cemetery, Amsterdam

Lot Ambrazas

Paul Anuskunvicius

William Bazjauskas

Joseph Cinikas

Anthony Cargus

Walter Degutis

Kowalski Kartanas

George Kozik

Felix Kibort

Stanislaus Krupowski

James Kartanis

Wlaclaw Kozeniewski

Thomas Gill

Bernard Lolas

Joseph Latvis

Vincent Micilulis

Joseph Mikenas

Charles Morris

Steve Moroz

Michael Makarowsky

Andrew Meilun

Adam (Petryla) Petrill

Richard J. Petrill

Allen Pileckas

Edmund C. Pacunas

Michael Pucinas

Rogers (no first name)

Joseph Railia

Radzevich (no first name)

Vincent Staso

Alexander Serva

Alexander Sabalot

John Sakadoski

John Sagatis

Staknis (no first name)

Peter Sysock

Stephen Wilgod

Henry Uncher

Peter Zukas

Joseph Valaginas

On monument at St. Casimir's:

Joseph Kardokas

James Kartanas

John Kaupebis

Alfred M. Kaupas

Joseph Mikenas

Matthew Palaikis

Anthony V. Dargush

Walter Degutis

Bernard J. Lalus

Andrew B. Meilunas

Stephen J. Saulinkas

Peter C. Urban

Stephen Moroz

Alexander Savalot

Edmund J. Paciunas

Richard J. Petrill

John P. Sakadolski

Allen Pileckas

Benny J. Radzevich

John P. Sakadolski

Clifford C. Shunskis

Alfred F. Waicunas

Joseph Valasinas

Edmund C. Pacinnas

St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Amsterdam

George Auquetowski

John Andrezejewski

Stanley Andrezejewski

Joseph Artikuski

Prospero Aemigo

Raymond Acelo

William Bonczyk

Walter Butler

John Bush

Norman Briskie

Frank B. Bujanowski

Stanley Bieniek

Joseph Bazernicki

Casmier Bragiel

Henry Belkowski

Stanley Cerwicz

Joseph Dylong

Stanislaw Drzal

Joseph Dominick

Edward Gazda

Grzywinski (no first name)

Felix Gizelbaeb

William Gerwacki

William Gomulka

Stanley Gomulka

Edward Golenbieski

Richard Golenbieski

Konstanaty Kryszczak

Stephen Kochman

Arthur Kinowski

Frank Koseik

John Kryszcak

Joseph Kowalski

Franciszik Kowalik

Chester Krajewski

Mac Krajewski

Joseph Krzys

Robert Krzys

John Korna

Stanislaus Krygowski

C. P. Kula

Grzegorz Levandowski

Henry J. Ludwin

Theodore Metzer

Grzegorz Myslowski

Frank Mason

Mikola Mikruta

Michael Motyl

J. Maz

Robert Munroe

John Mikruta

Raymond Majewski

Novjek (no first name)

Bernard Nowkowski

John Nokiwski

Chester Niemczyk

John Niemcyk

Peter Poremba

Chester Plodzyk

Adam Pianowski

William Prymas

Walter Pendrak

Joseph Peacetime Pietrusza

Frank Rzesos

Thomas Rutowski

Stanley Raczynski

Edward Rytel

John Rogozinskl

Andrew Rock

Cyril Romelski

Edward Rozomua

Frank Rokita

Stanley Sloszak

Joseph Sigler

Frank Sardynski

Stanley Strazalkowski

John Smyolen

John Szymanski

Frank Stachnik

Stanley Soltys

Michael Smith

Michael Szczmanski

Stanley Srzalowski

John Trazeskas

Ignacy Troche

William Tonko

Stephen Olander

Ignacy Orlowski

Peter Wojcik

Chester Walkowiak

Albert Wojcik

John Wyszomirski

W. Wojcik

W. Wierzkowski

John Wojcik

John Wojcik

William Walczyk

Alex Wienskowski

Wierchowski (no first name)

Stanislaus Zawlinski

John Zbysenski

Two unknown graves are here.

Mount Carmel Cemetery, Amsterdam

Lawrence Angelo

John Battisti

Anthony Bottisti

Joseph Colistra

William Dantini

Ralph DeCaterino

Anthony Francisco

Guiseppe Guisti

Dominick Galea

Travarelli Palo

Emsilo Pape

Louis Stellato

Frank Schecton

Peter Sanzen

Eugene Simiela

Frank Mercandante

Samuel Pingatoe

Andrew Rosetti Jr.

House of Good Shepherd Cemetery, Amsterdam

W. Ceternarowski

Alfred Mazur

one unknown

Manny's Corners Cemetery

John Ladd

A. Marsellis

Gabriel Manny

Abraham Hogeland

William Helling

St. John's, Amsterdam

Stanislaw Raczynski

Mack (no first name)

John Lyczko

John Slezak

Paul Sierota

Henry Szczombrowski

Daniel Slusarz

Joseph (Stevens) Szczepanik

K. Sikorski

Julius Krzysko

Frank Koziol

Frank Kwiatkowski

Leonard Traskos

Joseph Michalowski

John Pianowski

St. Joseph's, Amsterdam

Emil Ahnert

Walter Babut

Charles Baier

Harry Bogardus

John J. Coles

Gerald DuZolt

William Dodds

Marcellus Duncovich

Edward Duncovich

Leonn Derinsky

James Fraser

Robert Fraser

Peter Gorman

Robert McCune

J. Meyers

Charles Ryan

George Stevens

Bernard Sherman

Harry Stevens

Michael Schedlbauer

Samuel Sherman Jr.

Everard Miner

Dr. Joseph Windbeil

William S. Walczy

Thomas J. Quigley

Jewish graves in St. Joseph's Cemetery are

Harvey Barnett

David Wasserman

David Sochin

Joseph Levi

St. Michael's, Amsterdam

Herman Aldi

Lawrence Angelo

Henry Antonucci

Rocco Bianchi

Peter Bartaglia

Vincent Bosciano

Joseph Capprara

Anthony Castellessi

Mario Capasso

Agostino Coratti

Theodore Canape

William Coluni

Frank Cosetta

Anthony Dodi

Carmino Doti

Vincinzo DeLorenzo

Michael Del Costello

Anthony De Stefano

Vincenzo DiGiuseppe

Victor Fondacaro

Anthony Guarino

Nilo Galdaroni

Marcello Greco

Salvatore Giuffre

Charles Guiffree

Joseph Gatto

Eugene Greco

Donato Juliano

Anthony Keriker

Oscar Keriker

Anthony Lombardi

Joseph Martuscello

Mariano Mastrianna

Dominick Manginelli

Angelo Mastropietro

Ralph Pagiliar

Angelo Perillo

Frank Pacillo

Louis Palamara

Vito Robusto

John Romano

Joseph Richards

Julius Neri

Angelo Natoli

Joseph Natoli

Lewis Sperduto

Cornadino Sprone

John Salvatore

Phillip San Fillipo

Ernesto Spediacci

Joseph Tambocci

Aniello Tambasco

Joseph Turo

Phillip Wheller

Frank Volpe

Fair View Cemetery, Amsterdam

John I. Abeling

Gilbert Austin

Paul Arata

John J. Ardison

Dr. Henry Allen

Jean R. Allen

Ralph Bell

Benjamin Bridgeford

John Bauer

Thomas Beams

William Blanchford

William Blood

Leroy Brower

Samuel Brower

Lauren Buet

Louis Brosziet

John Brice

Myron Brown

Leland Baker

Brumagim (no first name)

Walter J. Barbin

Albert Chapman

Levi Cocoro

Joseph Coyle

George Calhoun

Richard Campbell

George Christman

Charles Cable

Robert Clark

Phelps Conover

William Cross

Hill Crawford

Frank Christman

John Casey

George Connelleu

Harvey Chase

Walter R. Campbell

Richard G. Campbell

James Crane

Raymond Denton Jr.

Charles G. Dunkle

Robert Denton

T. Ellenwood

Ira Eggleston

Jacob Enders

Montagne Everson

Alexander Freightenburgh

Charles A. Fegal

Clarence Ferguson

James Faurot

Louis Frank

Charles Folster

Dr. Serene French

Wellington France

James Faust

Francisco (no first name)

Wallace Filkins

John Geill

Charles Gordon

Elmer Gottschalk

Albin Goetz

John Gledhill

Raymond Hammond

Dr. Horace Hicks

Charles Hagadorn

Ellsworth Hayner

Wilbur Harnish

Forest Hiller

Robert Hunter

Stephen Heiser

Raymond Hammond

John Haas Jr.,

Lionel Hutchins

Frank Ireland

William Johnson

Alfred Jeudes

Arthur K. Jeudes

Dr. Raymond Knapp

Ed Klappmeier

Michael Kleopfel

Michael Kleopfel Jr.

A. J. Kimball

Bessie Kimball

Raymond Kilburn

Frederick Long

Harold B. Lyttle

John Maines

John MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald

Edward J. Meyers

James L. Marshall

B. E. McFarland

Lawrence McGrath

John Murray

Alfred Mayn

Fred Mitchell Jr.

Fenton Meyers

Ed Musolff

John Y. Nichol

Walter Newkirk

Harold Naylor

Dr. Elmer H. Ormsby

Evan Pickrell

Philip Playford

John L. Peek

Millard Parker

Henry Putman

Nurse Dorothy Quick

Raymond Quackenbush

Patrick Radigan

Harry Rhodes

Frederick Rawdon

John Redpath

Carl Rich

Howard Setford

John Simpson

Don E. Setchell

James Smith

Carl S. Salmon Sr.

Jacob Steward

Floyd Schultz

C. Schwemm

Clifford Shunskis

Samuel Smith

Raymond Sager

Richard Strack

Herbert Smith

Peter Svolos

David Siegenthaler

Lewis W. Sharpe Sr.

Pallius (Pete) Stellias

Henry Taylor

Charles Tenney

Orville Terwilliger

L. Ed Van Buren

Eugene Van Vraanken

Leon Van Leuemen

Joseph Vittaly

Charles H. Volmer

W. Grant Van Keuren

Lawrence Valley

Arthur Wagner

Oscar Wood

William Wood

Dan S. Whitney

John Woodward

Glen White

Howard Whyland

Van B. Wheaton

Harold Ouderkirk

Andrew Yorke

Elisha Young

Harry Yager

Frank Zitzka

There are three unmarked veterans graves in Fair View Cemetery.

St. Mary's Cemetery

John Adams

Earl Ayers

Leslie Ardison

James Ahse

Alfred Ashton

Alfred Agard Jr.

Joseph F. Aiken

William Amberger

Frank Battenfield

William Brinkman

Dr. James Bernhard

John Becker

Oliver Bonville

James Bergen

Felix Bolger

Matthew Barbaric

Arthur Bonville

Harold Bogart

Michael Brennean

Michael Breshrahan

Chauncy Brown

George Brown

John Burke

Peter Burns

John Burns

John Bustard

John Bryon

Harold Bennison

Clifford Burns

George Brown

John H. Berman

James S. Clary

Thomas Cronin

John H. Costello

James M. Costello

Alphonse Costello

George Cook

Leo A. Callahan

James Cantwell

Hugh Cantwell

John E. Carey

Albert J. Carney

Thomas Carney

Dennis Carroll

Matthew Coessens

John T. Collins

Edward J. Conrad

James Costello

John H. Cross

Edward Cumerford

John Curtin

John Conners

Edward Conniffe

George Cooper

Clarence Cleveland

Thomas Dwyer

Martin Decatur

Peter Decker

John Dorare

Peter Donahue

Peter Downey

Michael Dore

Peter Droney

Patrick Dugan

Thomas Dugan

John L. Dwyer

John F. Dwyer

John DelVecchio

Thomas DiCaprio

Lawrence J. Delli Veneri

William Donato

Charles Dugan

C. Earl

James H. Fitzgerald

Michael Flaherty

Floyd Fortin

Peter Fallar

George Falardo

Paul Faber

Bernard Fineran

Florence Fitzgerald

Patrick Fitzgerald

James Miceal Fitz

Lawrence Fitzgibbons

James H. Fitzgerald

T. Fitzgerald

Robert Fleig

William H. Fleig

Harry Fitzgerald

Michael Foley

Joseph Fufferd

Fahey (no first name)

Louis A. Fiset

James J. Frazier

Thomas L Fitzpatrick

Edward R. Francis

Thomas Griffin

Frank J. Gagne

Thomas J. Gagne

James Goodwin

Nelson Gibeau

William Gillans

George Gagne

George Gagen

John Gagen

James Going

Guiseppe Greco

Daniel Greco

Martin J. Green

Charles Gagne Jr.

John H. Green

Bernard Galligan

James F. Gilligan

Howard Hill

Andrew Hopkins

Chris J. Heffernan

Robert Hall

Michael Hamill

Patrick. Haley

Fayette Hale

Patrick L. Hand

John F. Hanson

Michael Harrigan

Robert L. Hart

Edward Heffernan

William Hobbins

John Horan

Edward J. Hogan

William Hayes

Edward Hughes

Leon Kline

Joseph Kelly

Walter Kruger

Herman Karker

Bernard J. Kearney

Michael Kelly

Bazaar J. Kelly

Peter Kennedy

Joseph Kenna

John Keirman

F. J. Kirscner

Thomas Kelly

John F. Kline

Thomas E. Lockhart

John Lyons

Guiseppe Lombardi

George Langley

Michael Lape

Marcellus Lavally

William LaRowe

Andrew Laflan

Raymond Liddane

John Lynch

Maurice Lynch

John E. Landers

Martin Liggeriero

Louis LaRose

William Moran

Jacob Mann

William A. Morgan

Francis Mullin

Edward Maroney

Thomas E. Mullarkey

Robert McGillin

Michael Murphy

Samuel Malliox

Edwin Malloy

Daniel McCaffre

Thomas McCarney

George McCombs

John McDermont

Peter McDonnough

James A. McCarthy

James McGarry

Thomas McGillian

Terrance McGovern

the Rev. J. McIncrow

Jeremiah Meagher

James Moran

Ralph Morrell

Joseph Morrell

J. Murphy

Michael Murphy

John Mullarkey

John McBride

Edgar Mentor

William P. Gilligan

John Mortan

Edward Mullarkey

Masto (first name)

Richard Mortis

William Morgan

Walter Masten

Robert McGillen

Martin McVeIgen

Edwin McGillin

Leland Niles Jr.

Walter Nichols

Edmund J. Nolan

Martin Nicholas

George Northrup

Michael Nevins

Martin W. Nicholas

Walter Nicholas

John P. Mahoney

Thomas O'Neil

Dennis O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien

John O'Bryne

Patrick O'Brian

Thomas O'Donnell

Edward Wyin

Raymond Quackenbush

Richard Quinlan

Martin Quinn

Patrick Quinn

Frederick Quist

Aloysius Quinn

Charles Powers

Wasy I. R. Preszkar

Noel Robert

Emmett Radford

Frank Radford

William Radford

Joseph Riefey

Orville Robinson

Frank Rogers

Patrick Radigan

J. Riley

John Reilly

Nicholas Ross

John Roscully

John Seccombe

Harold Slappy

James F. Stanley

William Shelly

Joseph Schoendorf

Patrick Sheehan

Matthew Shannon

John Sherlock

Thomas Sheridan

James Sheridan

Patrick Sherman

Frank Sandusky

Andrew Slater

Michael Smith

Thomas Sullivan

Earl Scheneck

James Stanley

Bernard Stanley

Fred Snowden

Adelbert Sauter

Lot Schuyler

Stanley (no first name)

James J. Sheridan

William Tiernay

John Tarney

Benjamin Thackrah

Harry Taylor

Matthew Toohey

Malichi Tracey

James Tighe

Thomas A. Turner

Peter Unger

George Wilkinson Jr.

Woodbine (no first name)

James Waller

John White

Ernest Wheener

James Wallerius

James Wood

Stephen Williams

John J. Walsh

Alvin Yetchney

Frank Yazum

Edward Yazum

Walter Yund

Louis Zannella

Also in St. Mary's Cemetery are unknown graves from the

Civil War (1)

Spanish-American War (2)

World War I (5)

World War II (6)

Old Hagaman Cemetery

William Allen

Joseph Hagaman

Nichola Hagaman

Barrett Johnson

Henry Pawling

Michael Palmater

John N. Wells

Hagaman Cemetery

John Abbey

Roy H. Belfance

George Bremer

Charles Brocket

Marvin Butler

W. H. Black

Harry Borwhat

Euclid Butler

John Clark

James Colson

Henry Cuyler

George Gourlay

Peter Gindman

William DeHart

Peter Dingman

Alvin Eckler

William English

Harold Fredericks

John H. Gillies

John S. Gillies

Raymond Griswold

Merritt Hagaman

William Harrison

George Hughes

Harold Harrower

William D. Haithwaite

Albert Inman

Benjamin Johnson

Charles Knack

David Kaiser

John Landburgh

Andrew Larson

John Mosher

John T. Moore

John Mosher

W. Palmatier

William Pawling

Thomas Radley

Arthur Radley

William Rector

Raymond Seabury

John Stotenburgh

Willis Slater

William L. Thacher

S. B. Tecomb

David Thompson

Harold Tappen

Frank Wormer

William Wormer

Elkins Wright

Wesley Wilkins

There is one unknown grave in this cemetery.

Minaville Cemetery

Cady J. Brown

Cady S. Buckley

John Bailey

George Bussing

Jacob C. Enders

Albert Ernest

Alfred Eaton

Samuel Jackson

William Johnson

Zachariah Jacoby

E. J. Hutton

Frank Hawkes

Peter Kelly

Simon LeRoy

Benjamin Lockwood

Galusha Lockwood

William Miller

William Milroy

Edward McCollum

George Mabon

Lewis Rossa

Michael Russell

John G. Sara

John Stebbins

George Service

John Stillwell

William H. Staley

Ralph Smyth

James Voorhees

Thomas Wayne

the Rev. Peter Young

There are two unknown graves here.

Pine Grove Cemetery, Tribes Hill

George Brott

Edgar B. Stoops

James Van Antwert

Frank Berger

Fay Davis

Fred M. Blase

Solomon J. Wheaton

John Graff

Vern R. Hall

Frank L. Bush

Frank Keys

John Seigle

Alfred Davis

James H. Dean

Kenneth Gates

James T. Clark

Charles Boyd

John W. Boyd

Oliver Mowery

Peter Suits

David Finlaw Jr.

Jacob Smith

Milan Pierce

Abram D. Conrad

Abram Miller

Abram Putman

Emma Putman

Homer K. Nelson

Frank Bowhall

Jacob Lasher

James H. Wilson

James Deal

Andrew Hare

Henry Rowland

Jacob Lepper

Raymond McCabe

William Auspelmyer

William K. Sprague

Marcus Crandall

Dewitt Hanson

Abram Hanson

William Hanson

John Hanson

E. D. Seaman

Hamilton D. Seaman

Darius Manchester

James Hopkins

James V. B. Putman

J. B. Carter

Henry Pettingell

Victor A. Putman

William Putman

James Wert

Nicholas DeGraff

William Bramer

Peter W. Hart

Jonas Rivenburgh

Fred Arndt

James D. Scott

Jennie M. Youngs

Edward B. Johnson

Agustus Meyers

William O. Rowland

Henry H. Kroeger

Louise Kroeger

John F. Rady

Jeremiah Eacker

Ebenezer Howard

John M. Scott

Edward M. Finlaw

Mary E. Gerling

William Welch

William Salburgh

Margaret Snow

Louis G. Albrecht

Mary Albrecht

Sadie E. Albrecht

Henry H. Putman

Matthew Shepard

John S. Palmer

Henry Bohne

Earl Cramer

Louis M. Billington

John H. Carter

George M. Tomlinson

John J. Vosburgh

Ervin J. Rivenburgh

George Albro

John S. Colson

Wesley L. Wiese

William A. Goodamote

Emery Goodamote

Charles M. Brownell

Rockwell J. Johnson

Johanna M. Eggert

William R. Kaufman

Homer M. Eggert

William R. Kaufman

Homer F. Pirle

James N. Stanger

Fredrict H. Waterman Jr.

Esther Smith

Duncan H. Youngs

Martha Shoemaker

Victor Putman

Oscar Youngs

Joseph E. Opalba

Auriesville Cemetery

H. Hoffman

P. Visher

C. P. Van Antwerp

Len Huguenin

Jacob Van Dorn

Victor Putman

Abram Putman

J. Wollever

Joseph Casher

James Quackenbush

Maple Avenue Cemetery

Harvey Pruyn

Major W. Putman

Washington Veeder

William Eralick

Frank Conover

Seely Conover

Henry Perrine

Seth Flitche

Judah Burton

James Smeaton

Benton Armstrong

Andrew Newkirk

Christopher Clute

James Van Derwerker

Henry Litt

Edward Z. Marlette

Jacob Foody

Martin Garber

Capt. S. Talmage

Frank W. Yates

Charles Fisher Quackenbush

John M. Carson

Jacob Gardiener

Samuel Gardiener

W. B. Langford

George W. Burley

Lorenzo D. Lisdel

Stephen Houghton

Joseph Jump

John Vosburg

Jacob H. Scism

Harry T. Butler

William H. Briggs

William H. Weeper

Martin Wagner

William H. Starin

James H. Schermerhorn

Fred Quackenbush

William Argersinger

A. F. Johnson

John Conway

Peter Fort

Jacob S. Bundy

William Van Alstine

Minard Quackenbush

J. L. Clute

Benjamin P. Dillenbeck

Dewitt Jump

Rowland S. France

Carl A. Schulz

William Houbertz

Perry Dyer

Raymond Johnson

Oliver Lighthall

Gerald Conover

Clifford Keller

Robert Moore

Amond C. Geary

Ralph M. Penner

Winfield Ritch

Tacarus F. Brookman

Joseph Anderson

Fultonville Cemetery

Adam Dorberg

Jacob Leasser

Robert F. Horning

Ben F. Lisdell

Willett D. Fergerson

J. R. Horton

Frank Fish

John Newkirk

Evander Aldrich

Dr. Parsons

Collis P. Jones

Enos Van Vost

Solomon Lenegar

Lucius Corburn

Alexander Lenegar

George Gardenier

Abram Fralick

Redoulpus Tipple

Capt. G. Vanderver

Henry Siver

T. R. Horton

Lt. Col. Printup

J. M. Burns

William Geiger

Charles Dunbar

Kimmer Wilcox

Thomas Williams

Charles Hughes

John J. Louis

Henry McKinney

Charles Vouley

George Miller

Marshall Robare

Walter Clever

J. L. Ritchie

Peter B. Turnbull

James Welter

Oren Welch

Stewart Craig

Silas Horning

Evergreen Cemetery, Fonda

Azariah Nellis

Dewitt C. Martin

Adonith Lingenfelter

Ralph Schenck

Harper Van Duesen

Ford Van Dusen

John D. Vrooman

John Van Antwerpt

Barney J. Spanenburgh

Jack Wemple

J. Yates Van Antwerpt

Harold S. Vrooman

James Van Antwerpt

Simon D. Berry

Herbert Johnson

John Petrie

Anthony Jacobs

Aren Johnson

Floyd Deckro

Harold Wilmot

Robert Stock

George F. Jones

Theodore Cherehorm

John Andrews

Sam Thompson

Peter F. Ricks

David D. Phillips

Lester Young

Mount Smith

D. J. MacLaughlan

Abram LaGrange

Emmons B. LaGrange

Duane Hillabrant

Vernon Long

James D. Lockwood

John A. Hubbard

Isak Phillips

Charles Long

Norman Sweet

Earl Kingsbury

Gaberial Henry

Dan Smith

N. J. Scherehorn

Dan Scherehorn

Jacob J. Fraley

Earl Gross

Thomas Sterling

Hector D. Bentley

James Veeder

James Bellis

H. Suits

W. Carpenter

Philip Cosgrave

Wilbur Kested

Richard Davis

Gilbert Van Dusen

Dr. Frederick Jansen

Veeder Floyd

John P. Griswald

Richard 0. Sweeney

William S. Savin

Clyde J. Hayes

William R. Sherman

Kenneth Snyder

D. A. Berst

Robert Paul Schultz

Charles H. Reed

Jeremiah Nutt

Augustus Glade

James H. Quackenbush

John Isadore

Catholic Cemetery, Fonda

James Carey

Thomas Smith

Frederick Winters

Peter Finnegan

Joseph Collins

Francis Stevens

Daniel Pertley

Marjorie Foody

John Morris

John Ward

John Trell

John T. Dwyer

Martin Conroy

John Leahy

Patrick J. Simeone

Frank Fallon

Jerome Spagunelo

Adam J. Aldi

Richard Conover

Caughnawaga Cemetery, Fonda

Thomas Malley

Philo Birch

Cyrus Ballou

Alonzo Johnson

Alexander Loucks

James Crowden

Dan L. McDougall

Gules Fonda

Peter Fonda

Henry Fonda

James W. Lingenfelter

L. Quant

C. S. Smith

Stephen Samons

Abram D. Quackenbush

Edward Gates

Martin MacIntyer

Joseph J. Jewill

James Quackenbush

Adam Fonda

Nicholas Quackenbush

John H. Cromwell

Wilbur J. Dennis

Charles A. Themy

John Johnson

Nicholas Sherman

Frederick Schuler

Baptist Church Cemetery, Charleston

William Hilton

M. J. Humphrey

John Hunt

Lucas Van Evera

Samuel Bunn

William Baird

Charleston Four Corners Cemetery

Alonzo B. Simmons

John P. Keller

Schuyler Gordon

George Angley

Samuel Ward

John Smith

Michael Maloney

Ephriam Burch

Harrison Vosburg

Alonzo M. Scott

John Grandy

Glen Village Cemetery

Mark Hand

John Jump

A. G. Mink

S. Houghton

Wycokfitite (?) Cemetery, Glen

Samuel Hilton

Abram Aumick

J. S. Aumick

William Hampt

Wyckoff Cemetery, Glen

Samuel Talmadge

William McConkey

Christian Van Dorne

John Hamilton

Isac Hamilton


The following are deceased Canajoharie veterans:

Raymond Smith

George Curry

Orville Smith

Earle Pickett

Henry Wienike

Charles Mingst

Bernard King

John P. Rinehart

Chester Schultz

John Hines

George Moldt

Robert Kennell

William Sanderson

George McDowell

Augustus Pross

Hedwig Von Tobel

Scott Kimball

Edward Hambrecht

Fred Jones

Albert Maxson

Earl Staley

Samuel Susi

Raymond Mosher

Wilbur A. Spraker

Dennis O'Brian

Alfred Eldredge

Thomas O'Brian

Fred Smith

James McElroy

Thomas Moran

Harold Lake

James Gallo

Carl Frank

Earl Swank

William Nalli

John Conrad

Thomas Connally

Philip St. Louis

Leon Schultz

Leon C. Roof

Barney Fero

Paul R. Crooker

Earl Jones

John Sticht

Arthur Conrad

Charles Will

Arvell A. Burnap

Lofton Riggs

Michael Kane

Edward McDougal

James Dunn

Peter Svolos

William Surnear

Edward Johnston

Howard Paige

Raymond Smith

Clyde Hayes

Harry Groat

George Bierman Jr.

James McShay

Frank Kiefer

D. Conti

Joe Seraghty

Robert Schultz

Ralph Coffin

Walter Sall

Irving Douglas

Franklin Houseman

William Jones

George McClease

Maynard Gardinier

William Fox Jr.

Thomas Russell

Edmund Roche

Henry Meyers

Earl W. Krumwiede

Edmund F. Prall

William Williamson

Robert Geiskoph

Lewis St. John

Carl Fisk

William Cross

John Kwiatowski

Sidney R. Swank

Pierino DeLoreto

Joseph J. Hardin

Christman Desmond

Homer Jump Jr.

Betty Jane Ford

Jackson E. Phelps

Dr. Lowrey (no first name)

Bernard Schutter

Leo Swank

Lyle Timmerman

Henry Ebeling

Robert Geiskopf

Fort Plain

The following are deceased Fort Plain veterans:

Sherwood Ehle

Richard Reynolds

Edward Dygert

Daniel Schram

James Smith

John Burns

Walter Farmin

Herman Foster

William Thompson

Henry Bigelow

Frank Washburn

James W. Hopkins

John P. Lintner

Jacob Miller

James A. Barber

Alexander Illig

John C. Miller

William Cage

Wallace Ehle

George H. Ellsworth

Charles Bleeker

Henry Zimmerman

H. Austin Phillips

Cornelius N. Palmer

Peter J. Keller

Adelbert D. Nellis

Daniel McCoy

Matthew Wormouth

John Van Alstine

David Ward

Charles Bramer

David Clum

Matthew McCann

Stephen Lettuce

Christian Walster

George Benedict

Fred Walster

Albert Wayne

Richard Maxfield

Seward Roorbach

Warren Hodley

Emmett Roorbach

Ira Headley

James Getman

Charles M. Headley

Wilbur Jackson

Adam Geesler

James Anson

Daniel C. Pineout

Alexander Waterman

Jacob Geesler

William Waterman

Hiram Brown

Justin Conrad

William Sonri

Rudolph Ludwig

Christian Homkey

Jacob Billington

Charles Martin

Samuel Hungerford

Henry Crane

Morgan Alsdorf

Fred Martin

John McDonald

William B. Hokert

George M. D. Walrath

John Bush

Rynleer Van Evera

Menzo W. Bowen

Nicholas Rubert

Jacob Billington

Darwin E. Reid

Henry Schultz

George Washburn

A. D. Canning

Harvey C. Ward

Jacob Stowitz

Abram Wick

Matthew Fox

John Bush

Henry Frickey

George Swartz

Alonzo Coppernoll

Paul Countryman

Jacob Dockstader

John J. Witter

Edward Flint

William Sheperd

Josiah Linter

Jerome B. Snyder

Robert Crouse

W. H. H. Linter

Adam Miller

Hiram Weller

Sebastian Weller

Joshua Hoke

Everett Roeback

Charles E. Lensing

Seward Roeback

Theodore Miller

Richard Maxfield

William Lensing

Harvey Yerdon

Alfred Hamilton

Martin Minch

Michael Kellet

Charles P. Salsburg

Justus Barnes

Robert Parr

Henry Shaffer

Alonzo Smith

John Nestel

John Cranker

Sylvester DeLong

Abram Snyder

John M. Decker

John Decker

Henry C. Keesler

Edward C. Wagner

John P. Handorf

John Frickey

William Nestle

Christian Shunk

Norman David

Charles Hall

John V. Dillenbeck

Adam Goodbread

John Walrath

Henry Walrath

John C. Waterman

Herman Hime

Dennison B. Hassett

Charles Deneke

William Dwyer

Jerry Loucks

John Coppernoll

Samuel Graves

George Synder

Charles E. Hewes

Joseph Short

Henry C. Stokes

Thomas Clark

Nicholas R. Lewis

Alonzo Clock

Kelley Tellick

Arthur B. Fish

Abram Miller

James H. Lightheart

James Miller

Henry Lieber

Denman Finch

Edward McMahon

John Lewis

William Burns

David Dornburg

Nelson Slate

Samuel Ransen

Peter Canning

Abner D. Cook

Joseph C. Bogardus

William Lieber

Chauncy Goodbread

Levi Davis

John G. Gehring

John Lasher

Daniel Miller

Thomas Tetlock

Arnold Lasher

John Pross

John Schmitt

Fisher F. Van Epps

George Rogers

William Myers

L. Bernard Nims

Mulford March

Irving Nestle

Albert Bullis

Adam Failing

Foster Taylor

Cornelius E. Price

Joseph Pross

John M. Yerdon

Charles M. Denning

John Hoffman

John Carl

Timothy Dodge

Charles Hoffman

Percy Waterman

Patrick McMahon

Samuel Dennison

Joseph Burns

Oliver C. Marsh

John H. Bramer

John A. Green

Thomas Webster


The following are deceased veterans of Freysbush:

Harmon W. Bush

John W. Diefendorf

Nathan Alpaugh

John Walrath

James Walrath

Marvin Plank

Lauson DeLong

Stephen Stehele

the Rev. William Hackney

Albert Hoffman

Donald Failing

Lyle E. Timmerman

Edmund F. Prall

Herman Prime

Carl F. Gillette

St. Johnsville Cemetery

Antonio Pallitti

Henry Link

James Terricola

Louie Bovue

William Hersh

Louis Agrocco

Myron Carter

Michael Tomelty

Leonard Couse

Peter Bellinger

Nathan Yeron

J. Rockefeller

Brown (no first name)

Adam Moyer

Norman Miller

Jacob Reel

Frank Morey

I. R. Smith

J. C. Nellis

James Sneck

Willis Green

Orlando Porter

Jesse Argersinger

George Mosher

Ike Hose

Peter Lampman

Raymond Carpenter

Howard Schaffer

William Dornburg

John Shaffer

Glen Christman

D. Walrath

Charles Peck

L Liebrood

Daniel Walrath

A. Wilday

Charles Fiscal

J. Kelly

Eugene Munier

M. Wilsey

Francis Starr

James Clearwater

Oliver J. Mosher

A. Winne

Jacob Zimmerman


J. M. McBride

M. Dockey

Lester Loucks

Oscar Henning

Mrs. Mary Christman

N. Booth

Alton Flanders

A. Ballard

Dominic Iacabucci

Ben Eutemarks

Edward Massi

Simeon Waterman

Gene Palidori

Sheldon Klock

Arthur Rivenburg

Frederick J. Ballard

Roy C. Snell

George L. Rockefeller

Leland Macci

George Vosler

John Ponsi

William Ballard

Alex Viccarelli

William Mosher

Howard Wagner

Orlando Wilsey

Clifford Vogel

Ben Scott

James Colorito

Eben Thresher

Ward Flanders

Adam Staring

Wanda Yuchniewicz

Morgan Peck

Harry Palombi

Charles Lambert

James Wells

Charles Scudder

Joseph J. Castalucci

Bartlet K. Sticht

Christine Francisco

Fonda Carter

Frank Triumpho

Mrs. Mark Beekman

Theresa Palidori

David Handy

Robert D. Spraker

Peter Saltsman

Edward A. Lord

William Lampman

Pasquale Monton

John Stevens

Stanley Sheldon

Clyde Wilsey

Adelbert Nellis

J. P. Kneesker

Henry Hose

John Bellinger

George Magadeau

Jerome Countryman

Clark Sutherland

Marion Mosher

Ambrose Nellis

Marius Powell

Aron Snell

Nicholas Wagner

Nelson Powell

Jacob Klock

Albert Burtis

Phillip Cool

J. Duesler

D. Collins

John Gravenstein

Jacob Cool

Henry Hose

John Knickerbocker

William Crouse

William M. Smith

Rosewell Clark

Allen Dyslen

James Caney

Ella Schiemer

George Andrews

Harry Getman

Archibald Richard

Edward Hook

Kenneth Smith

Bert Coffee

Clarence Cook

William Reese

George Butler

Mrs. George Butler

John Coy

John Vosler

Charles Bowman

Joseph Reaney Sr.

Christopher Reedy

Thomas Hilligas

Nellis F. Jones

Harold Giarrusso

Charles Getstoff

Thomas Moran

Charles P. Savary

Lewis A. Getman

Graham Hervey

Source: the Evening Recorder, Amsterdam, NY, Thursday, May 28, 1953, page 13.

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