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Peter Tygert

Montgomery County NY

Contributed by Clint Dygert

Johann Peter S. Dygert, Corp., was born 24 Nov 1759 in Palatine, New York, and died 10 Dec 1841 in Palatine, New York. He was the son of Severinus P. Dygert and Elisabetha Gertrude Ecker. He married Anna Maria (Mary) Snell 10 Apr 1790. She was born 16 Sep 1769 in New York1, and died 20 Sep 1839.

Johann Peter S. Dygert went into the Revolution as a boy in place of his father, who was unfit for service. Peter Dygert was a son of Severinus and Gertrude Ecker Deigert and a grandson of the pioneer emigrants John Pieter and Elizabeth Fox Dygert. Their homestead on lot 2 of the Harrison Patent has passed to Ed. Dygert, a grandson of Peter Dygert.


On the ninth day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty three, personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace of the Town of Palatine County of Montgomery and state aforesaid Peter Dygert of the same town county and state aforesaid who being duly sworn according to law, deposeth and saith that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his services, but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than the periods mentioned below and in the following grades.

Year 1775 as a private under Capt. Breadbeg, Lieut. Zielly, 2nd Lieut. J. Eaker, Nicholas Van Slyck Ensigh under Co. Klock, Lieut, Col. Waggoner, Major John frey, Major Eisenlord and Major Van Slyck in Palatine Montgomery County, New York State.Applicant enrolled under Capt. John Breadbag in the fall of seventy five and called in company training to the house of Phillip Empie; there organized an trained. That he was born 24th Nov. 1759 and is now aged 73 years 8 months and 7 days on the 31st of July 1833.

Year 1776 date not known but in spring he served 17 days as private with Capt. Breadbake,14 days in Jan., being under Gen'l Herkimers orders to march to Caughnawaga to Veeders Flats the company on alarm there stationed 3 days; from thence they mardhed to Stone Arabia to Stahers there stationed two weeks and ordered out the whole brigade, joined Gen'l. Schuyler at Caughnawaga, there stationed for several days. All men paraded in the ice then all went under command of Gen'l. Schuyler causing Sir John to surrender with about 300 men with arms.

Year 1777. In May or June served 8 days and during summer and fall 28 days under Capt. Breadbake. On alarm ordered out to Saratoga, after marching to Amsterdan countermanded to march to Johnstown; there stationed serval days then discharged. Drafted twice under Capt. Breadbake to Herkimer each time 14 days, to Fort Dayton in the service of the United States by order of Gen'l. Herkimer. August 6 went on duty 15 days then 22 days under Capt. Breadbake of Gen'l. Herkimer brigade engaged in that memorable battle and continued until the enemy were withdrawn- Battle at Oriskany, at which battle Gen'l. Herkemer slain; Col. Cox; Major Eisenlord, Major Clapsaddle, Major Van Slyck and kinned in battle. Brigade Major Frey wounded and taken prisoners; about 200 slain on that day and a number of our men taken prisoner and wounded his own. Capt. Breadbag wounded.

Year 1778, in the course of the winter, served 2 months 19 days then 6 days pressed by soldiers to take soldiers from Fort Plain to Fort Stanwix,

In the spring enlisted in the United States services under Capt. Leffler attached to the company of boatmen boating on the North River, transporting provisions and supplies for the United States troops stationed at the respective forts'

Year 1779 9 months under Capt. Leffler, again enlisted for the second period for 9 months to the same boat company and faithfully served during the said term in the United States service, mever received a written discharge, only verbally on each term. At time of ther general conflagration at Caughnawaga while others were ordered out to march in pursuit of the encendiaries the applicant was directed and positively with some others by his superior offers to guard the inhabitants moved into Fort Keyser; and accordingly did watch and guard the same.

During the summer served 24 days and same fall 14 days under Capt. Zielly of Col. Wagner's Regt. ordered out and stationed a 3 different times exclusive of the first time at Frot Keyser performing garrison duty same year each term eight days. Ordered out and stationed at Fox Fort fourteen days rendering garrison service in succession.

Oct. 19th served two days under Capt. Zielly with Col. Brown. Was ordered out in battle under the immediate command of Col. Brown in Palatine at Stone Arabia, generally called Browns Battle, against Sir John Johnson, his army or force consistion of about one thousand and our force not exceeding 200. Col. Brown was slain in battle, about 45 killed. In our retreat, and the old settlement of Stone Arabia totally desolate with the little exception only, as well then up and down the Mohawk Valley for about 20 miles or exceeding.

Year 1781. In July served 3 days with Col. Willet. The enemy put ot flight Oct. 25; with Capt. Zielly served in Col. Willet's command ordered out with Col. Klock's Reg't., engaged in Johnstown battle against Major Ross and Capt. Butler with 800 Tories, Indians and some regular troops, attended with a number of lives lost prisoners, taken, and wounded on both sides and Capt. Zielly, ordered out and stationed at Fort Keyser rendering garrison duty. During summer and fall served 1 month 15 days with Lieut. Waggoner, ordered out and stationed at Fort Fox performing garrison duty.

Some time in winter seved 15 days with Ensign Van Slyke drafted to Fort Remsnyder at the time Capt. Kyser and sons were taken prisoner. Latter part of winter served 14 days under Capt. Zielly of Col. Klock's Reg't., ordered out and stationed at Fort Timmerman on an alarm at another time, year forgotten, served 8 days under Capt. Zielly of Col. Willet's Reg't. ordered to Bowmans Creek under Col. Willet in pursuit of the enemy

      Total length of service 3 yrs. 8 months and 14 days; and for such service I claim Pension.
                        PETER TYGERT.
      Subscribed and this 9th day of August 1833 before me.
      John C searle, Justice of Peace.
      Sttest. by Geo. D. Ferguson, Clerk.


   I certify that in conformity with the law of the United States of the 7th June 1832, Peter Dygert of the state of New York who was a private in the Revolutionary army is entitled to receive seventy eight dollars and ninety three cents per annum during his natural lefe, commencing on the 4th day of March 1831 and payable semi annually on the 4th of March and 4th of September in every year.

Given at the War Office of the United States this 1 day of November one thousand eight and thirty one.                   LEW CASS,
            Secretary of War.
   Examined and countersigned,
               J. L. Edward,

      Commissioner of Pensions.

     No. 24112 New York Award
   Peter Dygert Palatine in the State of New York who was a private in the company commaned by Capt.______ of the Reg't comanded Col._____ in the New York line for 8 1-2 months inscribed pm the roll of New York at the rate of 28 dollars thirty three cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of Mrach 1831.
   Certificate of Pension issued 1st day November 1833.

Peter Dygert died in December 1841, aged 82 yrs. [Minden (Ft. Plain, New York.] Reformed Church book.

More About Johann Peter S. Dygert, Corp.:

Baptism: 09 Dec 1759, Dutch Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Palatine, Mont. Co., N.Y. Sponsors; Peter Deighert and George Ecker and his wife.

Notes for Anna Maria (Mary) Snell:

The August 1832 estate settlement of Joseph G. Snell of Manheim lists as an heir his sister Mary, wife of Peter Dygert.

More About Anna Maria (Mary) Snell:
Baptism: 24 Sep 1769
Sponsors: by Anna Maria and Peter Kilts

On Dygert Street just outside of Nelliston, New York is part of the original Stone Arabia patent given to Warner Dygert in 1723. In 1976 this farm was named as a Bi-Centennial Farm for the State of New York for existence in the same family for over 200 years. The Dygert family still own and operate this farm. The farm, located on a hill, overlooks Nelliston, Fort Plain, and the Mohawk River. This farm is presently owned by Robert C. Dygert as of September 2005.

The original one room house that Warner built in 1726 is still inside one of the two houses on the farm. You enter what appears to be a large room thru an archway that was added when the farmhouse was built around the home after the roof was removed. It appears as a large room but in reality is the home that Warner and family lived in. Even some of the furniture that Warner built is still in the room. Also the doorway to go out, that faced the Mohawk River as Palatine homes were built at that time, is still intact.(Clint Dygert)

Interested in all things Dygert? Be sure to spend some time browsing the Clint Dygert Compendium, dedicated to documenting descendants of the father of them all, Warner Dygert.

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