Randall Soldiers

Randall, Town of Root, Montgomery County, NY

Names of soldiers listed on the plaque which is located next to the Randall Community Church.

Harry Anderson
Woodrow Anderson
*Harry Barker
Donald Borst
Frank Brumley
*Robert Brumley
Cyril Carpenter Jr.
Gerald Coddington
Wilbur Coldburn
John Cranker
Floyd Delarm
Ruth Ellis
Robert Estes
Alex Fateaux
Laurence Fateaux
Franklin Fonda
James Fonda
Lewis Fredrick
James Hall
William Harding
Bertis Hayes
Gordon Hinkle
Norman Hurley
Harold Johnson Sr.
Harold Johnson Jr.
Robert L. Johnson
Joseph LaPlant
Arthur Lathers
Howard Lathers
Bert Lepper
In Memory of 
Those Who Served

Photo ©2001, Lisa Slaski

Randall Community Church

Photo ©2001, Lisa Slaski
*Raymond Lepper
Robert J. Minch
Richard Morby
Clarence R. Phillips Sr.
Clarence R. Phillips Jr.
James D. Phillips
Keith H. Phillips
Paul Podmejersky
Arthur Stockwell
Herman Stockwell
Ray Stockwell
David Wheeler Sr.
William G. White
Albert Williams
Henry Williams Jr.
Albert Winsman
Charles Winsman
*David Winsman
Franklin Winsman
Leroy Winsman
Stuart Winsman
William Winsman
Everett Young
Raymond Young

* - Gold Star given in front of the name; indicates those who were killed in battle
(meaning of Gold Star provided by Albert Winsman, whose great uncle is David Winsman, listed above)

Randall Community Church is located along Rt 5S in Randall.

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