The names below were abstracted and then alphabetized from a photocopy of the 1868 map of the town of Root, kindly gotten for us by Jerome A. Walrath while on one of his research trips. Apart from a handful of surnames and some initials, names were crisp and legible and **the spellings below are exactly as given on the original map.** Some families or individuals had more than one surname spelling assigned to them, although properties were contiguous or close by. Several residents owned more than one property but are listed only once below.

As a photocopy of the larger map and village insets would not scan well, I hope you'll find this index a useful guide for further research in re: deeds and other land records. I also recommend that researchers verify my interpretation personally by referring to the original atlas of maps, available at the Montgomery County Archives and on microfilm at many libraries around the U.S.

Source: "Atlas of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, New York. From actual surveys by and under the direction of B. Nichols." Assisted by H. B. Stranahan, W. A. Sherman, H. Loomer, P. A. Cunningham, and S. W. Fosdick. New York, Published by J. Jay Stranahan and Beach Nichols, 1868.

Index to the 1868 Map of Root, Montgomery County, NY

Allen, H.R.
Allen, S.
Allen, Z.
Bartlet, J.
Bartlet, J.I.
Bauder, L.
Bawder, I.
Bell, W.
Bellinger, M.
Bellinger, W.I.
Bennett, H.
Bennett, J.
Bennett, Miss P.
Bennett, N.
Boudish, A.
Boudish, B.
Boudish, D.S.
Boudish, J.
Boudish, R.L.
Bowdish, N.
Bradle, A.A.
Brady, Mrs.
Brougham, L.
Brower, A.
Brower, B. W.
Brown, O.
Brullick, D.
Brumagin, A.
Bundy, E.
Bundy, S.L.
Burnap, T.G.
Burns, H.
Busler, M.
Cadagan, J.
Cary, H.
Christman, J.F.
Christman, J.L.
Clark, G.
Clark, W.
Clow, J.
Clum, S.V.
Coddington, J.
Coddington, T.J.
Cole, J.M.
Collins, J.A.
Colyer, W.
Coonrod, W.
Coons, B. & S.E.
Coons, J.
Cornu, A.
Craig, M.
Craig, Miss B.A.
Cramer, R.
Cranker, A.
Cranker, P.
Crosby, O.
Darrow, W.
Davis, J.L.
Davis, R.
Dey, L.
Diefendorf, J.H.
Diefendorf, R.
Diefendorf, W.B.
Dillenbeck, Y.
Dockstater, F.A.
Dopp, A.
Dopp, B.C.
Dopp, J.
Dopp, S.
Dopp, W.
Dougherty, R.
Duesler, H.
Dunn, T.
Durffee, C.M.
Ehle, I.
Everson, H.
Failing, R.C.
Finkell, J.J.
Flanders, B.
Flanders, W.
Flint, A.
Folmsbee, A.
Folmsbee, E.
Folmsbee, J.
Frank, A.
Frederick, C.M.
Gardiner, A.M.
Gardiner, W.
Gordon, A.I.
Gordon, C.
Grandy, G. & H.
Green, F.
Haight, S.V.
Hainestreet, B.
Hall, W.
Keller, H.
Hellers, A.
Hemstreet, A.
Hibbard, A.
Hibbard, A.V.
Hibbard, C.R.
Higgins, P.
Hoese, C.
Hubbs, C.H.
Hunt, Mrs.
Hutton, Mrs.
Keller, A.
Keller, F.
Keller, J.
Keller, P.
Keller, S.
Kenedy, J.
Kilmartin, P.
Lambert, D.
Lane, J.
Lasher, F.
Lasher, G.I.E.
Lasher, J.
Lasher, J.W.
Leathers, C.I.
Leathers, J.
Lenardson, A.
Lennebecker, G.W.
Lennison, F.
Lettise, Geo.
Lettise, J.
Lettise, J.P.
Lettise, K.
Lettise, Mrs.
Lettise, P.S.
Link, C. & A.
Link, D.
Lipe, E.
Littell, H.
Lycker, C.R.
Lyker Hotel
Lyker, H.
Lyker, J.
Lyker, J.W.
Madigan, P.
Martin, L.
McConkey, H.V.
McCue, M.
Mill, S.
Minch, G.
Mitchell, H.
Mitchell, R.
Mitchell, S.
Mochell, D.H.
Mochell, L.
Mochell, N.S.
Montanye, E.D.
Morrell, S.
Morrell, W.
Moulier, H.R.
Moulton, D.
Moutton, F.P.
Mowers, J.
Moyer, H.
Moyer, Mrs.
Moyer, S.
Myre, Mrs.
Near, A.
Oatman, W.H.
Odlemyrs, M.
Olmsted, A.
Olmsted, E.
Olmsted, R.
Orr, S.
Orr, W.
Otman, C.
Ouderkirk, Mrs.
Ouderlark, Mrs. (same person?)
Outlark, N. & M.
Patrick, J.F.
Perpine, E.
Pickard, L.
Pitcher, J.
Pitcher, W.H.
Putman, A.
Putman, C.
Putman, D.
Putman, J.
Quackenbush, J.
Quackenbush, Mrs. C.
Reynolds, J.
Rickard, H.
Riggs, H.D.
Rose, J.J.
Runkle, D.
Russ, D.
Russ, D.H.
Russ, H.
Russ, P.
Rutman, J.H.
Ryan, P.
Schack, J.C.
Seeley, E.
Sharp, J.
Shomers, J.
Shults, H.W.
Smith, D.
Smith, J.
Smith, J. Jr.
Snow, C.S.
Somers, D.
Spencer, A.B.
Spraker, G.L.
Staley, G.
Stouts, G.
Stowits, G.P.
Stowits, H.P.
Stowits, J.M.
Surnear, H.
Van Alstien, D.
Van Alstine, H.
Van Alstine, M.
Van Buren, J. L.
Van Duson, A.
Van Evera, J.P.
Van Evera, Jas.
Van Evera, Jas. P.
Van Evera, P.
Van Schaick, P.C.
Van Slyke, J.
Van Valkenburg, J.
Van Valkenburg, L & H.
Van Wie, A.
Vanalstine, H.
VanAlstine, L.
Vanburen, M.
Vanderveer, G.
Vanderveer, J.
Vanderveer, J.I.
VanDouson, A.
Vandveer, D.
Vannepps, B.
Vans, P.
Veeder, R.B.
Voorhees, H.
Voorhees, M.
Voorhees, T.
Vosburg, J.
Vosburg, V. I.
Vrooman, B.
Warner, D.
Wellis, W.
Wessel, A.
Wessel, I.
Wessel, J.H.
Wessel, L.
Wessel, L.P.
Wessel, P.L.
Wessell, A.
Wessell, L.P. (probaby same as Wessel, L.P.)
Wessels, E.
Wessels, J.
Wessle, F.
Whitbeck, J.
Whitbeck, J.B.
Whitbeck, P.
Wiers, D.
Wiers, P.S.
Wilby, Miss H.
Williams, ?
Wood, A.
Wormuth, J.
Yates, A.J.
Yates, A.P.
Yates, E.
Yates, J.A.

Root Business Directory Listings

Bowdish, J. - Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise - Rural Grove
Christman, J., Propr. of Saw Mill & Carp. Sh.
Mallett, H., Propr. of Saw mill & Manufacturer of Carriages and Sleighs
Moutton, F.P. - Land Agent - Bundys Cors.
Lasher, G.I.E. - Groceryman
Vrooman, B. - Merchant - Bundys Cors.

Residents of the hamlet of Brown's Hollow
[now called Browne Hollow]

Cepherly (?), J.
Clute, C.R.
Crips, P.
Dey, J.
Gordon, D.
Mallett, H.
Newel, J.
Secor, J.
Shibley, M.
Tomkins, N.
Winney, G.L.

Residents of the village of Rural Grove

Bond, J.F.
Bowdish, J.
Brougham, J.
Dopp, J.
Dopp, W.
Entice, Mrs.
Frank, A.
Lingenfelter, H.J.
Manning, Mrs.
Nolan, Mrs.
S--bee, J.J.
Unreadable surname
Vanburen, H.
Vanderner, J.
Walker, S.

Residents of the hamlet of Yatesville
[now called Randall]

Yates, J.R.
Yates, M.
Bellenger, C.
Yates, A.
Yates, M.
Van Valkenburg, C.
Downing, __

Residents of the hamlet of Currytown

Dievendorf, C. (property includes family cemetery)
Dievendorf, J. (property includes family cemetery)
Dievendorf, J.F.
Dievendorf, J.H.
Hoag, J.
Snow, J.
Snow, Mrs. (owns 4 separate houses)

Residents of the village of Sprakers Basin
[now called Sprakers]

Cohen, H.
Drum, J.
Higgins, P.
Mahund (?), Mrs.
Mitchell, J.
Pass, J.
Powers, N.
Quackenbush, D.
Quackenbush, __
Quant, J.H.
Russ, J.
Russ, W.
Shults, C.
Spraker, F.
Spraker, G.
Spraker, Geo.
Spraker, J.
Surnear, J.
Teise, J.
Toll, C.H.
Van Evera, Mrs.
Wagner, H.
Watered, J.
Weteran (?), J.
Wicks, P.S.
Wiers, J.G.
Wiers, P.S.

Sprakers Basin Business Directory Listings

H. Cohen - Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, &c.
D. Quackenbush - Gen'l Dealer in Dry Good, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, &c.
D. Spraker Jr. - Justice of the Peace and Insurance

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