1928 Sprakers Directory
Town of Root
Montgomery County, NY

Source: information abstracted from Mohawk Valley Directory. Schenectady, N.Y.: H.A. Manning, 1928.


Montgomery County. 52 miles from Albany on the New York Central, Hudson River and West Shore R.R.

Abbreviations: In the following pages, asso, association; av, avenue; b, boards; blk, block; bldg., building; bkpr, bookkeeper; c, corner; ct, court; do, ditto; emp, employed; h, house; mls, miles; n, near; o c, outside city; opp, opposite; opr, operative and operator; pl, place; rd, road; ry, railway; sq, square; rem, removed; r, rooms; sten, stenographer; supt, superintendent; treas, treasurer; ter, terrace; R.D., rural delivery; E, East; N, North; S, South; W, West; wid, widow; dist, district.

Figure in parenthesis at end of line shows box number.

American Railway Express Co, Frank J. Wright agt, Main

Borst Frank, h Sprakers, Box 38
Borst Herbert H., h Sprakers (2)
Bundy Stephen L., h Sprakers Box 45

Charleston, Town of, supervisor, Robert C. Ferguson, R D 1
Chucminato John, h Sprakers (26)

Churches, Dutch Reformed Church, pastor supplied. Sunday Service 2:30 p.m., Main

Dairymen's Leaague Co-operative Assn, Joseph Toultney mgr, Main
Darrow Clark W., h Sprakers (25)
Dopp Abraham, h Sprakers, Box 36
Drum Jacob, h Sprakers, Box 28

Fulknor John, h Sprakers (27)

Gordon William, h Sprakers Box ___ (not given)

Hoyer Ralph, h Sprakers (24)

Like Jay B., h Sprakers (4)

March Charles, h Sprakers, Box 46
Monk Carl, h Sprakers, Box 34
Monk Leland H., h Sprakers (22)
Moyer Ada, h Sprakers, Box 55
Moyer Prescott W., h Sprakers (13)

New York Central Railroad (West Shore Div.), Frank J. Wright agt, Main

O'Connor Garrett, h Sprakers, Box 37
O'Connor Jarrat (Rose), emp N Y C R R , h Main
O'Connor Rose, b Main
Ouderkirk Eugene, h Sprakers (7)
Ouderkirk Ralph E., h Sprakers (6)

Quackenbush Roland A., h Sprakers, Box 44

Riley James, h Sprakers (8)
Rocklyn John, h Sprakers (17)
Root, Town of, supervisor E.J. Higgins, R D 1
Roser Peter, h Sprakers, Box 35
Rufenacht Albert, h Sprakers (14)
Russ Charles J., h Sprakers, Box 43

Schindler William L., h Sprakers (3)
Suitor William, h Sprakers (23)
Swartz Claude, h Sprakers, Box 56
Swartz Fred, h Sprakers (15)

Toultney Joseph, mgr Sprakers Branch Dairymen's League Co-operative Assn Inc, res Fort Plain

Van Alstyne Ray, h Sprakers (18)

Wadsworth Ray, h Sprakers (1)
Western Union Telegraph Co, Frank J. Wright agt, Main
Wilder Alonzo, h Sprakers, Box 54
Winnie James W., h Sprakers, Box 32
Wolfarth Albert, h Sprakers (57)
Wright Frank J., agt N Y C R R West Shore Div, res Nelliston
Wright Frank J., h Sprakers (5)
Wrobel Henry R, postmaster and general store, Main h do


Route No. 1

Allen Forest
Allen Mark H.
Allen Blanche
Allen Virgil
Allen Stella Mrs.
Allen Betty
Acker Martha
Ashline Emma F.
[Note: box numbers not given for people above]

Bartlett George E.
Bartlett Dorothy Mrs.
Bartlett Phyllis W.
Bartlett James W.
Bellinger Charles M.
Bellinger Viola
Bellinger Emma G.
Bellinger Esther A.
Bellinger William R.
Boudish Euclord [Note: exactly as spelled]
Bradley Marshall J.
Bradley Carrie Mrs.
Brand May Mrs.
Brand Warren H.
Brand Louisa
Buckley Frank
Buckley Harry
Bundy Hilton P.
Bundy Louise M.
Bundy Helen
Bundy Beatrice
Bundy Colan
Bundy Ernest
Burch Charles H.
Burch Etta F.
[Note: box numbers not given for people above]

Campbell Irving
Carlson Elmer G. (90)
Carlson Ruth A. (90)
Carpenter Cyril W. (112)
Carpenter Jacqueline N. (112)
Carpenter Mary Elizabeth (112)
Carpenter Nell Mrs. (112)
Carpenter Raymond A. (112)
Carr Clarence (84)
Carr David M. (84)
Carr Dorathea (84)
Carr Gertrude May (84)
Carr Herbert J. (44)
Carr Jennie Mrs. (44)
Carr Marian Elsie (84)
Carr Martha B. (84)
Carr Nancy (44)
Carr Wellington (84)
Carron Fernand (32)
Caswell Ernestine Mrs. (106)
Caswell Geraldine (106)
Caswell Pauline (106)
Caswell Russell (106)
Caswell Shirley (106)
Caswell Wesley (106)
Conover Abram (42)
Cook Annie Mrs. (22)
Cook Joseph (22)
Crockett Ellsworth R. (74)
Crockett George R. (Mrs.) (74)
Crockett Howard E. (74)
Crockett Leslie G. (74)
Crockett Mary A. (74)
Crockett Perley G. (74)
Crockett Ruth A. (74)

Deusler Maude Mrs. (48)
Deusler Ralph (76)
Dievendorf Albert H. (15)
Dievendorf Alice E. (8)
Dievendorf Anson S. (8)
Dievendorf Charles F. (8)
Dievendorf D.K. Mrs. (14)
Dievendorf Dewey (8)
Dievendorf Dewey Jr. (8)
Dievendorf Dorothy I. (15)
Dievendorf Ellen (42)
Dievendorf Irene Mrs. (8)
Dievendorf Lawrence H. (18)
Dievendorf Richard V. (18)
Dievendorf Rose E. (18)
Dievendorf Schuyler N. (15)
Dievendorf Susan Mrs. (15)
Dievendorf Sylvia Mrs. (18)
Dopp Emma (57)
Dopp Lucy Mrs. (48)
Dopp Marvin V. (48)

Eckler Floyd H. (12)
Everson Mary C. (27)
Everson Raymond G. (27)

Ferguson Charles G. (87)
Ferguson Ina (87)
Ferguson Robert C. (87)
Fero Elsie (100)
Frank Alberta (91)
Frank Etta May (91)
Frank Fred (Mrs.) (91)
Frank Horace (86)
Frank Hudson (91)
Frank Mae (86)

Gordon Agnes (64)
Gordon Carl C. (61)
Gordon Channing (61)
Gordon Chester (64)
Gordon Mary Mrs. (61)
Gordon Nellie M. (61)
Gove Ardella E. (35)
Gove Maggie M. (36)
Gove Myrla L. (36)
Graw Cora (60)
Graw George (60)
Graw Mable (60)
Graw Viola (60)
Graw William (60)

Higgins E.J. (33)
Higgins Nellie K. (33)
Hitchman Carrie (57)
Hitchman Charles G. (57)
Horton Carl M. (70)
Horton E. Janette (70)
Horton Gladys (70)
Horton I. Marie (70)
Horton Sanford (70)
Hotaling Andrew (52)
Hotaling Samuel (Mrs.) (52)
Houghton John (109)
Houghton Mary (109)
Hutton Daniel (102)
Hutton Ella (102)

Kaiker Harriet
Kaiker Lester
Kennedy Katherine (20)
Kennedy Walter (20)
Kilmartin Alberta
Kilmartin Bert
Kilmartin Eva (93)
Kilmartin Floyd
Kilmartin Harrison
Kilmartin Harry
Kilmartin Jesse B. (109)
Kilmartin John H. (93)
Kilmartin Kenneth
Kilmartin Mable Mrs.
Kilts Clara (67)
Klemme Charles (5)
Klemme Donald (7)
Klemme Minnie (7)
Klemme William (7)

Lansing Lovina (86)
Lettis Ann Mrs. (55)
Lettis Arthur (55)
Lettis Clara F. (30)
Lettis Daniel H. (30)
Lettis Elmer (56)
Lettis Ezra (55)
Lettis George (Mrs.) (56)
Litchfield Richard (20)

MacGregor Fred C. (27)
Mallet Alvaro (75)
Mallet Charles L(75)
Mallet Mary Mrs. (75)
McBride William (57)
McDuffee Neil (82)
McDuffy Sanford (45)
McNally John (16)
Meyers Bernard J. (83)
Meyers Edward (41)
Meyers Grace Mrs. (83)
Meyers John Mrs. (47)
Meyers Laurel Mae (83)
Meyers Leona (41)
Montayne Ezra H. (51)
Montayone Frank (59)
Moulton Anna Mrs. (63)
Moulton Elmer (63)
Moulton Leon (72)
Moyer Charles (6)
Moyer Edgar B.
Moyer Renssalaer (78)

Newkirk Garrit C. (93)

Pallock Arthur J. (32)
Palmeteer Ralph (107)
Patacker Jacob
Peck George H. (8)
Penny Anna M. (72)
Peterson Alget (92)
Post Ira (70)
Pulver Howard M. (26)
Pulver James F. (23)
Putnam Albert (58)
Putnam Delbert (27)
Putnam James A. (90)
Putnam Stephen M. (115)

Rayder Fremont (81)
Reese Louise (107)
Rickard Guy W. (2)
Robinson Alice (31)
Root Clinton P. (100)
Rose Jay E. (77)

Shelp James D. (14)
Smith Fred (53)
Snow Russell S. (19)
Stewart Wyman (52)
Swartz Frank (12)
Sweit John (66)
Sweeting Henry (100)

Van Buren Simon H. (110)
Vanderveer Melvin (67)
Veeder Edward (60)
Voorhees Earl J. (43)
Vosburgh Victor S. (89)

Walker Clarence (37)
Whitbeck June (107)
Whitbeck Lee (58)
Winnie J. Wesley (39)
Wood William (85)

Route No. 2

Alkinburg James (11)
Alkinburg Newell (25)
Almsfred S. (69)

Bartlett Donald E. (34A)
Bartlett E.G. (34A)
Bartlett John (41)
Bartlett John Jr. (36)
Bartlett Joyce B. (34A)
Bartlett Lillian J. (41)
Bartlett Marion C. (34A)
Bartlett Maud Mrs. (41)
Bartlett Myrtle M. (34A)
Blair Charles A. (26)
Brougham Esther Mrs. (22)
Burns Joseph (18)
Burns Wililam (15)
Buttner William (89)

Connor Carrie (36)
Connor John (36)
Connor Wilbur S. (36)
Countryman Lester (9)

Damico Vito (21)
Darrow Alonzo (71)
Darrow Charles J. (4)
Darrow D. Beryl (64)
Darrow Floyd L. (64)
Darrow George (72)
Darrow Harry L. (64)
Darrow Howard (64)
Darrow Mary D. (64)
Davenport Clarence (40)
Davenport Iva (40)
Davenport Lewis L(46)
De Aranjo Alida (69)
De Aranjo Dorothy (69)
De Aranjo Lewis (69)
Diefendorf Alice (77)
Dingman Martha (1)

Estes Charles H. (66)
Estes Emma V. (66)
Estes Harold G. (66)
Estes Philip (66)
Everson Ade M. (59)
Everson Leland M. (59)

Fallington Jerome (6)
Fero Charles (65)
Fero Martha Mrs. (64)
Fero Sophie Mrs. (64)
Flanders Aaron (5)
Flanders Clara (75)
Flanders Daniel (75)
Flanders John (75)
Fintanello Adelaide (74)
Fintanello Edward (74)
Fintanello Louis (74)
Fintanello Martha (74)

Gallagher William (55)
Gordon Beatrice (62)
Gordon Charles H. (62)
Gordon E.E. (62)
Gordon Francis S.
Gordon Loretta K. (62)
Gordon Minnie (49)
Gordon Ruberta (46) [Note: exactly as spelled]
Gordon Schuyler (49)

Hazzard Pearl (3)
Hesert Benjamin (33)
Hoese Conrad (29)
Holgheier John (54)
Hoyt Alvin (27)
Hoyt Harvey (20)

Klemme Charles (86)

Lathers C.M. (90)
Leaon Ward R. (67)
Lettice Arthur (42)
Lettice Chester D. (35)
Lettis Delevlan (63)
Lettis Lorenzo (50)
Lettis Mary (63)
Lettis Willis (51)
Liebing Fred E. (34)
Lykes Arthur (35)
Lykes Doris (35)
Lykes Henry (35)
Lykes Mary (35)

McDermott Thomas (69)
Mimmer Arthur O. (61)
Mimmer Bertha (61)
Mimmer Dorothy E. (61)

Ottman Anna C. (47)
Ottman Fenton (47)

Putnam Cornelius (68)
Putnam Dayton (44)
Putnam Elizabeth (55)
Putnam Ella (51)
Putnam Georgia (53)
Putnam Harry (51)
Putnam Harvard Mrs. (44)
Putnam Luella (51)
Putnam Nettie (68)
Putnam S.E. (55)
Putnam S.H. (51)
Putnam Warren (53)
Putnam William (53)

Raasck Alvina (1)
Rapps Peter (76)
Regal William (7)
Rose Sarah (69)

Sanford M.G. (13)
Schneider Oscar P. (87)
Sehiken Alfred (55)

Vanschaick Frank J. (24)
Vanschaick Luke (23)
Van Wie Allison (68)

Wagner Helen (54)
Wagner John (54)

Zenkin Caroline A. (56)
Zenkin Dorothy L. (56)
Zenkin Laura M. (56)
Zenkin Marion R. (56)
Zenkin Mildred Mrs. (56)
Zenkin Oscar L. (56)

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