Source: Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Montgomery County for the Year 1931
Winfield S. McDuffee, Chairman -- Sprakers, N.Y., R.D.
Robert B. Brumagim, Clerk -- Amsterdam, N.Y.
Compiled and Arranged by the Clerk, by Order of the Board
Record Print Shop
Amsterdam, N.Y.

Anticipating questions in advance:

1) the only info given was name, type of service, # days served, miles traveled, amt. of fee paid by check

2) there's no way for the site coordinator to find out the name of the case(s) individuals served on, date of case, where they resided, if common names refer to one individual vs. another of same name, etc.

3) spellings in this official document are as given, so changes won't be made if spelling conflicts with what you have

4) no authoritative idea why women aren't listed

5) the point of putting this on line is that these men were alive and county residents in 1931, and an obit should be sought during or after 1931

Abbott, Worth court officer
Achenback, Charles trial juror
Barker, John E. trial juror
Bauder, Charles trial juror
Bell, Charles grand juror
Berry, Alvin trial juror
Billington, Herbert trial juror
Bogdan, Stephen trial juror
Boggie, John trial juror
Boswell, John grand juror
Bottisti, D.J. grand juror
Bowman, George trial juror
Bracebridge, Sanford grand juror
Brand, Chester trial juror
Bronk, Alonzo grand juror
Brown, Fred W. court officer
Bubniak, Joseph trial juror
Buchwald, Edward trial juror
Budd, George trial juror
Buhrmaster, Roy grand juror
Byers, Charles trial juror
Calhoun, Edward trial juror
Campbell, Irving trial juror
Case, D.L. trial juror
Case, Edwin trial juror
Christman, Benson trial juor
Christman, Harold trial juror
Clappmier, Fred trial juror
Clark, Frank M. grand juror
Cline, James R. trial juror (void, on grand jury)
Collins, George trial juror
Conboy, Thomas trial juror
Cranker, Arthur trial juror
Crouse, Orville trial juror
Davis, John trial juror
Davis, John W. trial juror
Davy, Clyde trial juror (void, on grand jury)
Dawson, John H. trial juror
DeNise, Frank grand juror
Devenpeck, Willis grand juror (void, no appearance)
Dickson, O.L. trial juror
Dievendorf, A.H. trial juror
Dillenbeck, Charles grand juror
Dillenbeck, E.A. grand juror
Dillenbeck, Frank trial juror
Dingman, Arthur trial juror
Doak, John grand juror
Dockstader, Frank trial juror
Dockstader, Fred talesman
Earle, Francis trial juror
Ehmer, Edward trial juror
Ellithorp, Wilmer grand juror
Everson, Pearl grand juror
Filbeck, Arthur trial juror
Filmer, Fred trial juror (ill, no appearance)
Flaherty, Joseph trial juror
Flint, Grover C. grand juror (void, no appearance)
Folmsbee, Elmer E. trial juror
Fox, David trial juror
Fox, Harold trial juror
Frederick, Worden trial juror
Freeman, Raymond court officer
Gallagher, Benj. trial juror
Geesler, Milton trial juror
Giardino, Joseph trial juror
Gillies, Robert trial juror
Gillies, Robert talesman
Glade, August court officer
Glennar, Frank trial juror
Goldmeer, Lewis grand juror
Goodemote, Arch grand juror
Goodman, Albert N. grand juror
Goody, Edwin grand juror
Gray, Schuyler grand juror
Grayson, John trial juror
Greene, Henry grand juror
Hamill, John H. grand juror
Harrison, Robert grand juror
Hart, George trial juror
Hartley, William C trial juror
Hazzard, Chauncey trial juror (void, out of county)
Henry, John W. trial juror
Hewitt, Horace G. trial juror
Hime, Fred court officer
Hirschfeld, Charles trial juror
Hirshfeld, John trial juror
Hoag, Frank trial juror
Hoag, Lester grand juror
Hokerk, Leland trial juror
Horstman, Arthur trial juror
Horton, Sanford trial juror
Hughes, Edward trial juror
Hungerschafer, John grand juror
Ingalls, Fred trial juror
Ingalls, Fred talesman
Janetsky, Albert trial juror
Johnson, Peter grand juror
Johnson, Wells Sr. trial juror
Jones, Louis, M. trial juror
Jones, William grand juror
Kahn, William trial juror
Kaufman, John trial juror
Kehoe, William trial juror
Kindon, Arthur trial juror
Klatt, Charles grand juror
Klinkhart, William K. grand juror
Kozlowski, Frank court officer
Kruger, Harvey trial juror
Kurlbaum, E.H. trial juror
Lawrence, S.H. grand juror
Leamon, Ward grand juror
Leeber, Floyd trial juror
Lenahan, Andrew J. grand juror
Lepper, Jacob H. trial juror
Lieber, William grand juror
Loder, Harry D. witness fee
Luke, Gilbert trial juror
Luther, Harry grand juror
MacDougall, Donald trial juror
MacLachlan, Ralph trial juror
McCrum, William trial juror
McGee, Patrick trial juror (void, no appearnce)
McNish, Anson A. trial juror
Merry, Earl trial juror
Messenger, Charles G. trial juror
Miller, James grand juror
Minch, Warnick trial juror
Moore, Russell A. trial juror
Moratta, Anthony trial juror
Mosier, George trial juror
Murdock, Gavin trial juror
Murray, John grand juror
Nellis, Rufus talesman
Nellis, Rufus trial juror
Nestle, Frank trial juror
Noeltner, George court officer
Northrup, John grand juror
Nurnberg, Walter trial juror
Ottaway, J. Stanley trial juror
Paris, Ezra trial juror
Parry, Richard trial juror
Pawling, D.J. court officer
Phillips, Claude trial juror
Pierce, Nelson trial juror
Platt, Clarence A. trial juror
Politano, Frank grand juror
Politano, George grand juror
Putman, Abram V. trial juror
Putman, Victor trial juror
Quackenbush, Sedgwick court officer
Rebell, Herman grand juror
Ritch, Winfield S. grand juror (void, no appearance)
Ritter, Howard trial juror
Rivers, William trial juror
Robinson, Archie surrogates court officer
Rogers, Frank talesman
Rose, John trial juror
Rossi, Peter J. trial juror
Rowe, John G. trial juror
Ruback, William trial juror
Rulison, Earl grand juror
Russ, Charles trial juror
Ryan, Charles trial juror
Saltsman, Benj. trial juror
Saltsman, Wilbur trial juror
Sammons, Charles trial juror
Sammons, Charles talesman
Sauer, Charles grand juror
Schaffer, Benjamin grand juror
Schaughnessey, Martin grand juror
Schedelbauer, Michael E. trial juror
Scott, Charles trial juror
Seivers, Charles trial juror
Seivers, Rudolph trial juror
Sherburne, George grand juror
Shields, R.J. grand juror
Singer, Abraham trial juror
Sitterly, Howard trial juror
Slingerland, Chester trial juror
Smith, Eaker trial juror
Smith, Thomas grand juror (void, no appearance)
Smith, William K. court crier
Snell, Howard E. trial juror
Snell, John P. court officer
Snell, Norman trial juror
Snyder, Earl trial juror
Somerville, James trial juror
St. John, Lewis grand juror
Stark, William trial juror
Steele, Harper trial juror and grand juror
Suits, Isaiah trial juror
Swan, Thomas grand juror
Swartz, Charles trial juror
Sweet, Aaron trial juror
Sweet, Jasper trial juror
Talmage, John trial juror
Teetler, Harry grand juror
Terwilliger, George trial juror
Tichner, Clayton grand juror
Trautman, Fred grand juror
Tuft, Raymond trial juror
Van Antwerp, Arthur trial juror
Van DerVeer, John trial juror
Van Deusen, Lester talesman
Van Deusen, Lester trial juror
Van Deusen, Winslow trial juror
Van Dusen, Seward trial juror
Van Evra, Howard grand juror
Van Schaick, Jay grand juror
Van Schaick, Frank grand juror
Van Slyke, Cyrus trial juror
Vollmer, Charles trial juror
Vosburgh, J.C. trial juror
Vosburgh, William S. trial juror
Vrooman, Peter trial juror
Vrooman, Volkert grand juror
Waner, Alfred trial juror
Warner, Garrett trial juror
Webb, Benjamin grand juror
Wemple, Charles trial juror
Wemple, William B. grand juror (void, out of county)
Wessels, Lyman trial juror
Weyl, Robert C. trial juror
Whitaker, Albert trial juror
Whitbeck, Benjamin trial juror
Whitbeck, Garret court officer
Wicks, Jay grand juror
Winters, George trial juror
Wood, Charles grand juror
Yerdon, Adelbert trial juror
Young, Garret grand juror
Young, Howard C. trial juror

We've been fortunate in acquiring more public domain material from the early 20th century, giving temporal balance to our offerings and better assisting current/recent area residents in their genealogical quest. This is an exceptionally good list as:

1) it shows that a considerable number of descendants of the earliest settlers were still in the area as recently as 70 years ago, as well as names residents whose forebears settled Montgomery County after the mid-19th century.

2) the 1930 census hasn't been released yet and this list at least establishes county of residence for the year 1931.

3) of importance to descendants of recent immigrants - all of the listed were eligible to serve on jury duty and so were full citizens of the U.S. at this time.

4) for all persons listed, an obit should be sought during or after 1931.

For further information about persons listed, visit or order a search from the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

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