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While Pastor of the Protestant Dutch Reformed Church of Fultonville, and the Protestant Dutch Reformed Churches of Auriesville and Sprakers, New York, 1868-1883


Date, Name, Parents

Mar. 19/71   Lillie, born May 1/69 Henry Myers & wife

Sep. 10/71   John S., born Feb. 12/68 David E. & Gertrude Wemple

Sep. 10/71   Clarence Burton, born May 21/71 Seth & Helen M. Fletcher

Nov. 26/71   Anna Louisa, born Aug. 23/71 Stephen & Annie Keiderling

Jan. 14/72    Hattie Olive, born June 21/69 Charles A. & Julia Donaldson

Mar. 2/72   John Starin, born Mar. 22/66 Horace B. & Elizabeth Freeman

May 26/72   Grace, born Aug. 12/69 and Alice Maud, born June 6/71 Edward & Addie Wemple

Aug. 29/72   Luella, born Nov. 1/66 John R. & Jane Putman

Sep. 1/72   Francis Marschalk born Feb. 6/72 Francis M. & Anna Alida Kip
    Bap. By his Grandfather F. M. Kip, D. D.

Nov. 24/72   Nellie Ethel, born May 7/72 Charles A. & Julia Donaldson

Nov. 24/72   Michael Dewitt, born April 21/72 (died Aug. 23/73) Dewitt & Hannah Jump

May 3/73   Edgar Lawrence, born (bap. In Ref. Ch. Fonda) Rev. Thomas W. & Kittie Jones

Aug. 24/73   Ralph Clancy, born Dec. 5/72 (died Feb. 10/75) Edward & Addie Wemple

Feb. 15/74   Anna Christina, born Dec. 10/73 (died Mar. 25/74) Dewitt & Hannah Jump

Mar. 26/74   Isaac Livingston, born Dec. 10/73 Francis M. & Ann Alida Kip
    (bap. By his uncle, Rev. I. L. Kip)

Mar. 14/75   Abram S. born Mar. 26/71 and Josie C. born June 27/72 Levi A. & Martha Storm

Sep. 30/75   Claude Howard, born July 2/75 (died May 9, 1876) Seth & Helen M. Fletcher

Nov. 21/75   George Henry, born May 8/75 (died Sep. 27/77) Stephen & Annie Keiderling

Feb. 16/76   Clarence Peter, born Dec. 24/75 Peter & Nancy E. Vrooman

May 28/76   Edward Guy, born May 31/75 Edward & Addie Wemple

May 8/76   Melvie (?), born Jan. 24/76 Charles & Alida Wormouth

Sep. 9/77   James Spraker, born Feb. 6/75 David R. & Martha Eacker

Nov. 30/77   Eliza, born Apr. 5/69 and Elizabeth, born July 2/71 Cornelius & Nancy Ellen Rose

Dec. 2/77   Oscar Tyler, born Sep. 23/77 (died Apr. 2/78) Seth & Helen M. Fletcher

Jun. 2/78   Minnie, born June 3/77 Giles H. & Anna Mount

Aug. 11/78   Lizzie, born May/78 (died Mar. 1882) Stephen & Annie Keiderling

Aug. 23/80   Lelah Evangeline, born Feb. 3/78 Barney & Elizabeth Gardenier

Sep. 3/80    Robert Walker, born Feb. 6/80 Rev. Thomas W. & Kittie Jones

Sep. 3/80   Chas. E. Chas E. (sic) Quackenbush, born Mar. 18/80 Seth & Helen M. Fletcher (?)

Dec. 3/80   Frank S. born Oct. 21/79 Worthy & Ann W. Niver

Sep. 2/81   Estella, born 27/80 (died Mar. 1882) Stephen & Annie Keiderling

Children baptized at AURIESVILLE

During my ministry

Date, Name, Parents

Jan. 3/80   Rolford, born Jul. 28/71 David & Maria Quackenbush

Oct. 1/82   Jennie, born Nov. 21/79 Richard & Harriet Relyea

Oct. 7/83   Bertha A. born Apr. 29/82 Eugene M. Ostrander and Anna Quackenbush

Donated by asst. county coordinator Lisa Slaski and digitally prepared from the typescript by contributing editor Linda Jasztal. Rev. Kip's records copied 1970 by Mrs. Edward B. Irish, Boca Ciega Chapter NSDAR, St. Petersburg, Florida. Originally prepared, indexed and typed by Mrs. Chester D. Slocum, G.R.S., Boca Ciega Chapter NSDAR, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Notes from the original typescript:
"These records were copied from the original books of records, kindly loaned for this purpose, by Mrs. Isaac Kip, daughter-in-law of the Reverend Francis M. Kip, of Neshanic Sta., N.J., in whose possession the records still remain [1970]. The records were loaned to and copied by Mrs. Edward B. Irish, whose husband, the Reverend Edward B. Irish, was pastor at Harlingen, N.J., 1947-1957.

Rev. Francis M. Kip, Jr.
Pastor - Reformed Church in America

Livingston, New York, 1867-69
Fultonville, New York 1869-82
Auriesville, New York, 1879-83 (stated supply)
Harlingen, New Jersey 1884-1902
Kerhonkson, New York 1902-04 (stated supply)
Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, New York 1904-06

Francis M. Kip, Jr. was the son of Rev. Francis M. Kip, D.D. and Mary Rogers Bayard Kip. He was born at Fishkill, Dutchess County, N.Y. on April 19, 1839. He married on June 9, 1871, Anna Alida, daughter of William B. and Rebecca Yates Wemple, of Fultonville, N.Y. She died August 16, 1898 at Harlingen, N.J., he died June 20, 1911 at Neshanic, N.J. Both are buried in the cemetery belonging to the Harlingen Reformed Church.

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