A photocopy of the original 5 small pages of Marlatt/French family vital information and Battle of Oriskany account, written in flowing script by the same unknown person, was kindly contributed by Joanne Breuning. From the context, the writer is either the father or mother of Peter French. All spelling and punctuation are transcribed exactly as in the original documents. If you make a connection here, or have further information as to who the writer was or how people listed were related, please contact Joanne directly.

"These came to me from either my uncle, Roland Pelton or my grandfather, Mark Pelton, and the Grand Traverse Bay area of Michigan. They were in a Pere Marquette Railway envelope, and my grandfather worked for a railroad for many years as section foreman. His family originated in Massachusetts, went to Ohio, Medina County, in 1832 and he was born in Lansing, MI. What the connection, if any, is to my family, I don't know."

Joanne Breuning

John Marlatt was Born April 10 1763

Rachael french was Born July the 4th 1764

hannah marlatt was Born Sept 7th 1788

Samuel Marlatt Was born March 9th 1796

hanah Marlatt Married july the 22d 1810

Jonathan french deceased Departed This life upon the 15 Day of November 1778 in Livingston Manor at the house of hendrick Stall died of the small pox

Amos French Departed this Life on the 24 day of December 1778 in his Own house died of the Small pox

my mama died June the 4th 1788 rachel Frenchs mother

August the 6 1777 on Wensday about Eleven O Clock in the forenoon the battle Begun Between Sir Johns army Of tories and Indians And the Militia of the County of Tryon three miles and A half above Erisch in Which Battle Where Slain 115 of the Militia and 550 of Sir johns army where Slain 300 indians and 50 tories where Slain in the Bush and 200 regulers and tories at the fort the militia Were 770 men in number and Sir johns army were 1460 Militia Tories and indians At Which Time my son Peter French was Slain Viz on wednesday Eleven oclock in the Forenoon the 6th of august 1777 he was 22 years and 2 weeks & 3 days & (illegible) hours Old he Being born in the year 1755 July 19th at 2 O Clock in the afternoon.

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