1/21/01 This marriage listing isn't technically "out-of-county" but Barbara's called to our attention the existence and publication of early marriage records that will be helpful to Montgomery County researchers. The well-known historical journal "The Mohawk" is available in the collections of genealogical societies and large libraries throughout NY State. Barbara's same-name research problem sure is familiar. If you have suggestions or are a Howland researcher yourself, Barbara would love to hear from you.

Job Howland and Lovina Hazerd married in Charleston, 2.2.1823. Performed by Nathan Kimball.

This marriage notice is from Nathan Kimball's Record Book, Charleston,1794-1833. I found it in "The Mohawk," Montgomery & Schenectady New York, Vol 11 No. 3. I am researching our HOWLAND family and am at a dead end at Job Howland, b. Jan 12, 1794, died Aug. 11, 1860 in Saratoga, NY. We have records from a family bible that lists Job's marriage to Anna Robens on Jan 3, 1818. The bible records do not list who Job's parents were. My mother believes his name was also named Job and that he was married twice. I found this Job Howland/Lovina Hazerd marriage record and was hoping to find more information on this union. Maybe this Job was our Job's father. The Saratoga Library has a file on our family that starts with Henry Howland, brother of John Howland of the Mayflower, but there is a big gap between Job, born 1769 and Job, born 1794. There are a lot of Howland's and quite a few Job's so it is getting very confusing. I was hoping information from this marriage might provide a clue on who the parents of our Job are. The marriage is also listed on FamilySearch.org, the Mormon Church site. It is listed in their pedigree resource file as Job Howland and Lovina Hazard marriage on Feb 2,1823, Charleston, Montgomery, NY. Thank You.

Barbara Ward
Naples, FL.

This entry was spotted in an over 40-year run of one minister's Jefferson County, NY marriages. Typed by Miss Florence K. Dowdell in 1929 from her ancestor's records. Hundreds of J.H. Steward's Watertown and other Jefferson County marriages appear in Volume 18 of the compiled New York State D.A.R. records. This volume is available to the public for viewing in three locations in the U.S. - the New York City Public Library (genealogical division; 5th Avenue and 42nd Street), the New York State Library in Albany, N.Y., and at the main D.A.R. research library in Washington, D.C. Please contact these facilities for further inquiries about the lists.

From "Record of Marriages Performed by Rev. J.H. Steward", Watertown, N.Y.

1878 Jan. 15th John G. STEWART of Watertown, N.Y. to Miss Mary MUNSON of Fort Plain

The following Montgomery County-related marriage records were culled from marriage records of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, N.Y. Years of marriage records, as well as baptisms, memberships and dismissals, appear in Vol. 153 of the New York State D.A.R. records. See note in first entry on page for where to see this volume. Transcriber's name and date weren't given but a brief history stated that the 1st Presbyterian Church of Cherry Valley, N.Y. started in 1741 and was located at the time of transcription on Alden St. in the village of Cherry Valley. All spellings are as on the typescript.

From Eli Cooley's 1809-1820 Marriage Records:

1815 Jany. 24
John PRUNEN of Minden to Margaret PHILLIPS of Cherry Valley

1815 Mar. 26
Frederick CARLOCK & Peggy WORT both of Canajohary

1816 Mar. 7th
Cornelius LANE of Bowmans Creek & Margaret SUTPHEN of Cherry Valley

1818 Jany. 25th
Godfrey HELMER of Cherry Valley & Barbary WALRAD of Canajoharie

1818 Oct 15th
Elijah FLINT & Miss Delina PHENES both Canajoharie

1819 Dec. 15
William HORNING & Lana WITTING both Canajoharie

1820 Mar. 27
Aaron Van DIKE of Canajoharie & Catharine BUSH of Cherry Valley

From Records of Later Ministers:

1834 Sept. 3
Mr. Daniel QUACKENBUSH to Miss Jane DEVOE, both of Root, Mont Co., at the house of David C. Winne
by C.D.W. Tappan

1835 Aug. 24
Mr. Joseph T. WASHBURN of Mobile, Ala., former of Fort Plain to Miss Calista CONE, of Fort Plain
by C.D.W. Tappan

1835 Oct. 8
Mr. Wm. J. REURY of Bowman's Creek to Miss Charlotte MOORE of Cherry Valley at her father's house
by C.D.W. Tappan

1841 Sept. 8th
Henry E. NASH of Amsterdam & Rachel WILEY of this town (Cherry Valley)
by Rev. Wm. Lusk, Pastor $5.00

1845 Mar. 20
Joseph WHITE M.D. of Canajoharie & Maretta ROSEBOOK of this town (Cherry Valley)
by Rev. Wm. Lusk, Pastor $15.00
Witnesses: Jeremiah E. Carey & George W. Little & their wives

1849 Feb. 4
David NELLIS, 25 to Lucinda COOK, 23 yrs. at Mr. Morris' Tavern on the Sabbath
from Fort Plain
by G.S. Boardman

There are quite a few published early Mohawk Valley church marriage and baptismal records that aren't available for posting on GenWeb sites. The individuals or companies who transcribed from the originals in some cases don't give permission to post this information free to the online public or do lookups as they sell their transcriptions. Books and journals containing records by church are available for direct purchase on commercial genealogical publications sites. Although the data itself is public record, these recent transcriptions from the original handwriting are copyright to the transcriber as it is their interpretation.

This page is put up so that we can have more "official" Montgomery County marriage records on line. Please help us add to this page by sending in marriage records and notices you've collected in your own research from early newspapers, library and historical society lists, and D.A.R. listings. If you have a marriage notice or minister/justice of the peace entry to contribute, let me know the source of your contribution in advance so I can make sure we don't violate any author's copyright. Researchers are in need of official marriage records and notices to apply for D.A.R. membership, so ideally your contributions to this page will have a verifiable source and date.

If from an unknown-source newspaper clipping, we'll post marriage notices as clues that could be tracked down and verified. Because verifiable sources aren't always given, marriage dates from the LDS files won't be posted unless backed up with another source.

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