DEATHS 1895 - 1905

Montgomery County, New York

Note at top of original list - "Dates of death taken from diary of Mrs. Orren Nestle who lived in the village of Sprout Brook, Town of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York. She was originally from Little Falls in Herkimer County, New York so some of the entries may pertain to persons in that area."


Allen, Mrs. Margrette d. 9/19/1894 66 yrs.
Barringer, Libbie d. 11/20/1905
Bleekman, Old Mr. d. 12/13/1895
Bush, Sadie d. 5/10/1903
Coats, Mr. Sol d. 12/24/1895
Diefendorf, Mr. Philip d. 2/10/1896
Dusell, Will d. 1/17/1895
Eckler, Mrs. Martha d. 5/23/1903
Finehout, Mrs. d. 4/18/1897
Hammond, Mrs. Ab. d. 7/31/1904 [See Note at End of Listings]
Hammond, Guard or Quand? d. 3/19/1896 [See Note at End of Listings]
Horning, Mrs. Norman d. 8/1/1902
Keller, Mrs. Jacob d. 3/5/1900
Keller, Peter d. 1/29/1903
Leber, Mrs. d. 3/ /1899
buried on the 10th
Legrange, George d. 12/7/1905 killed in the woods
Lepory, Mrs. d. 12/22/1895
Lewis, William d. 6/6/1893
McFee, Aunt Nancy d. 8/21/1894
McFee, Norman d. 5/22/1898
McFee, Mrs. Norman d. 12/18/1897
McFee, Sally d. 4/9/1899
McFee, William d. 11/22/1905
Merritt, Old Dr. George d. 10/26/1895
Moore, Mrs. Gus d. 12/21/1895
Moore, Mrs. Philip d. 11/13/1898
Nestle, Ethel d. 5/22/1897
Nestle, Cyrus J. d. 5/27/1897
Nestle, Jennie d. 5/30/1897
Nestle, Leah M. d. 6/3/1897
Preceding four all died of diphtheria - children of Lucius & Emma Nestle.
Nestle, Libbie d. 1/1/1904
Nestle, Orlando d. 5/12/1894
Nestell, Mrs. Edgar D. d. 7/30/1904
Ough, Mr. Dan d. 1/15/1896
Pickard, Englehart d. 9/7/1897
Platner, David d. 11/ /1895 funeral the 23rd
Radliff, Carrie d. 12/2/1896
Robinson, Mrs. Kate d. 12/31/1899
Robinson, Mrs. Sally d. 2/18/1896
Sisum, Mr. Charles d. 2/2/1904
Smith, Mr. Jacob d. 2/21/1903
Smith, Mrs. Jacob d. 3/14/1903
Smith, Oliver d. 12/5/1905
Smith, Will's baby d. 2/18/1897
Vandusen, Allen d. 12/22/1899
Van Dusen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles d. 10/22/1893 killed at Battle Creek, Mich.
Van Dusen, Justus d. 3/28/1897
Vandusen, William d. 5/11/1903
Waffle, Mrs. Levi d. 1/8/1896
Walrod, Getty? d. 7/10/1897
Ward, Patrick d. 7/8/1897
Wendell, Mrs. Charles d. 11/29/1895

The list above came from a volume of miscellaneous DAR typescripts at the New York City Public Library. No attribution was given to transcriber or DAR chapter. Although this list doesn't give locations or more information, it's still valuable as perhaps some of the people never had obits or were buried with no headstone. We hope that by posting it some of your "where did they go" questions will be solved, at least as far as knowing when an individual passed away.

To help your fellow researchers, if you have recognize any of the persons on this, please email the site coordinators so that it can be added to this page. For further information about individuals you do recognize, please contact the county historical societies or place a query on Rootsweb's queries board.

IMPORTANT: We thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for further information about persons listed to the historians at the Herkimer County Historical Society, not to the site coordinators or transcriber of this file. Corrections or additional information should be sent to the coordinators of this website to post with these listings.

updated 12/16/04
Hammond, Mrs. Ab.     d. 7/31/1904
Hammond, Guard or Quand?     d. 3/19/1896

In reference to the above two entries, I can offer further details. Mrs. Ab. Hammond is Susan C. (Garlock) Hammond, the second wife of my gg_uncle, Albert T. Hammond. Susan was born July 1850 in NY, and died 31 July 1904 in Sprout Brook, NY.

Hammond, Guard or Quand? is my other gg-Uncle, Gardner Hammond (b. 1842 Cherry Valley, NY, d. 19 Mar 1896, Sprout Brook, NY). Gardner was married to Hattie M. Norton, b. July 1849 in NY.

Albert and Gardner were brothers, and the sons of Thomas P. and Phebe (Mulford) Hammond of Sprout Brook, NY.

Fred Lewis

Thank you to BetteJo Caldwell for typing up these listings! BetteJo previously contributed our copy of the Minott Cemetery in the Town of Schuyler, including unmarked additions and photographs.

"I am doing research on James Mead Caldwell (b.05 Aug 1822 ) and family. His 1st marriage was to Mary Osborn (b.13 Oct 1821), daughter of Rev. Simon and Hannah Farrington Osborn. His 2nd marriage was to Lousia Minott (b.18 Jun 1828), daughter of James and Nancy Sheaf Minott.

Other surnames connected are Bradbury, Knapp, Johnson, Stringer, Carmer, Longstaff, Minott, Foster, Old, Dodge, Farrington, Demspster, Bennett, Harvey, Rice, Widrig, Henderick, Wiegand, Meade, Sparbier, Western, Patterson, Maynard, VanEtten, Hays."

BetteJo Caldwell

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