Published By The

United States and Foreign Advertising and Collection Company of Utica, N.Y.

S. E. Lawrence: Secretary

Utica, N.Y., September 1885

Vol. IX, No. 1

Note: The names of the following debtors were listed in a collection agent newspaper. From the terms below it looks like the company sold the debts to other collection agents. None of the individuals listed had paid any money towards their debt. Although there were cities listed from all over New York State, Fort Hunter and Amsterdam were the only specific locations in Montgomery County listed in this issue.

These listings aren't being posted to embarrass descendants. That their names were publicly published over 120 years ago by creditors who claimed they couldn't collect is a public record. Perhaps some should have exercised a bit of financial restraint as they bought something they wanted or needed to buy right now and would worry about paying for it later. Others may have been laid off, been in poor health, or didn't make enough money and their resources were stretched to the limit trying to get by. Some probably were deadbeats, or persons who blew their paychecks in the pursuit of bad habits and frivolities. Still others may have contested a shoddily-made purchase or poor service and gotten "absolutely no refund," or simply had not been able to come up with timely payment and the vendor wouldn't work with them. All the same reasons as today. This unusual resource may be of use to descendants, as presence on the list might give insight into such questions as:

* was a particular individual still alive in 1885 and where did they reside
* why someone put a notice in the paper that they would not be responsible for another's debts
* why an individual or a family moved away
* why children were placed in an orphanage or sent to live with relatives in 1885
* why someone started going by another name
* did someone, such as a Civil War veteran or person injured in a factory accident, become ill or disabled and could no longer work
* was there a downturn in a local industry or hard times at a local employer putting people out of work

These are not insignificant amounts of money. I found an online converter for the relative value of the U.S. dollar between the years 1790 and 2005. Using the Consumer Price Index converter, $1.00 in 1885 was equivalent to $20.95 in buying power in 2005. The CPI converter, and other types of converters, will be helpful for examining household worth and declared value of personal estate and real estate in the censuses. For any year keep in mind the context - where the family was residing, depressions, recessions, etc. Using this CPI converter, a $300 Civil War bounty in 1863 would have the buying power of $4,815.00 in 2005, while the same bounty in 1864 would be comparable to $3,846.00.

"Showing the name, occupation and last known address of the Debtors; the amount of the claim; the amount paid; the rate of discount at which we sell the balance; the name and address of the Creditor.

The following claims have been received for collection or sale, and the Debtors notified at their last known address.

The whereabouts and circumstances of many of them are not known to the Creditors. Any information regarding them will be thankfully received, and any mistakes will be cheerfully corrected."

Aldrich, F. H., broom maker Amsterdam 20.51 F. F. Sherlock Amsterdam
Agin, Mrs. Patrick Amsterdam 5.33 Jacob Markert Amsterdam
Ballard, Jacob, mill handAmsterdam 5.95 W. H. Hoag Amsterdam
Ballalrd, Jacob, mill handAmsterdam 29.90 Jacob Markert Amsterdam
Ballard, Jacob, mill handAmsterdam 7.00 W. A. Timmerman Amsterdam
Breman, Maggie Amsterdam .50 Morse & Brudon Amsterdam
Boylin, Elizabeth Amsterdam 3.90 Morse & Brudon Amsterdam
Bowen, Peter Amsterdam 1.88 C. W. Williams Amsterdam
Brown, George, farmer Bleecker 12.34 C. W. Williams Amsterdam
Billingham, E. S. Amsterdam 79.50 Dr. Isaac DeZouche Gloversville
Baker, Fred Gearing wanted 7.00 Wm. Ilich Albany
Collar, William F. Amsterdam 53.98 Jacob Wenz & Co. Albany
Carney & Co. wanted 7.75 E. M. Tinkham Albany
Coons, Nicholas Amsterdam 1.63 James McCaffrey Amsterdam
Clark, William, laborer Amsterdam 18.63 Liddle & Stover Amsterdam
Collins, Andrew, laborer Amsterdam 2.00 W. A. Timmerman Amsterdam
Davison, P. J., mill hand Amsterdam 3.59 E. H. Hart Albany
DeHart, William, foreman Amsterdam 6.00 Edward Smith Amsterdam
Davis, Stephen, carpenter Amsterdam 3.00 George I. Herrick Port Jackson
Denton, George, mill hand Amsterdam 1.25 John F. Brown Port Jackson
Dounan, Sidney, mill hand Amsterdam 2.50 Edward S. Smith Amsterdam
Denning, Michael, mill hand Amsterdam 21.05 T. F. Sherlock Amsterdam
Dingman, E., farmer Amsterdam 23.36 W. T. Pettingill Amsterdam
Francisco, Ed., storekeeper Amsterdam 89.06 Hubbell & Larrabee Syracuse
Fields, Theoodore Amsterdam17.31 Russell & Borthwick Albany
First, J. L., agentAmsterdam 6.50 J. W. Stevens & Co. Albany
Farrell, John, mill hand Amsterdam 3.98 Jas. McCaffrey Amsterdam
Fea, John, piano tuner Amsterdam 15.00 W. H. Hoag Amsterdam
Gardner, L. Y., Jr. Amsterdam 10.76 Robert Robinson Albany
Gillet, C. B. Amsterdam 37.88 J. & J. Doran Albany
Gillet, C. B. Amsterdam 14.70 Kingsley & Co. Albany
Gray, John Amsterdam 4.25 John F. Brown Port Jackson
Holden, James Amsterdam 15.95 W. T. Pettingill Amsterdam
Howgate, Chas. Amsterdam 4.50 Liddle & Stover Amsterdam
Horton, J. C. Fonda 40.00 D. A. Lawlor's Sons Albany
Holden, John H. Amsterdam 41.43 P. Bloomingdale Albany
Johnson, Chester L. Amsterdam 32.50 C. Palmer & Son Utica
Johnson, Chester L. Amsterdam 5.50 T. J. Griffiths Utica
Jackson, Charles Amsterdam 112.75 W. H. McGarvey & Co. Utica
Kehoe, John Amsterdam 15.00 F. M. Kendrick & Co. Utica
Kline, Wm. J., clerk Amsterdam 266.50 George T. Herrick Port Jackson
Kelly, John Amsterdam 13.59 James McCaffrey Amsterdam
Loder, Mrs. Daniel Amsterdam 11.60 Jacob Markert Amsterdam
Maxwell, John Rock City 70.00 George Vanderveer Amsterdam
Plants, Delos Amsterdam 9.25 W. P. Meyers Amsterdam
___ver, Charles A. Amsterdam 11.57 W. P. Meyers Amsterdam
Terwilliger, E. P. Amsterdam 3.97 W. P. Meyers Amsterdam
___, FreemanAmsterdam 15.00 G. W. Van Slyke & Co. Albany
___, FreemanAmsterdam 4.71 James Caffrey Amsterdam
___yst, Carl Amsterdam 1.45 C. H. Winne Gloversville

Note: four surnames are incomplete due to the paper being torn up.

Carson, Mrs. Henry Fort Hunter 22.85 C. W. Williams Amsterdam
Lewis, A. F. Fort Hunter 10.00 C. W. Williams Amsterdam
Shiphouse, E. Fort Hunter 18.47 C. W. Williams Amsterdam

Neahr, Jacob H. Amsterdam 4.58 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Noonan, Eugene Amsterdam 1.30 F. J. Moore Johnstown

McCrevey, John, glove cutter Glen, Montgomery Co. 68.33 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Pepper, L. F. Little Falls 13.00 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Starr, George Little Falls 10.50 E. W. Snell Gloversville
Tabor, Alonzo Hagaman's Mills 1.75 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville

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