Jurors were selected by their city or town supervisor.

Source: Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Montgomery County for the Year 1931
Winfield S. McDuffee, Chairman -- Sprakers, N.Y., R.D.
Robert B. Brumagim, Clerk -- Amsterdam, N.Y.
Compiled and Arranged by the Clerk, by Order of the Board
Record Print Shop
Amsterdam, N.Y.

First Ward - Amsterdam - Frank G. Johnson, Supervisor
William H. Harrison, gentleman
Lovell H. Baird, gentleman
George Cox, merchant
James Miller, gentleman
Harry Luther, gentleman
Thomas Smith, gentleman
Fred Trautman, gentleman
D.S. Sterling, merchant
Harry Gardiner, merchant
Henry Becker, gentleman
Fred Lansburgh, broommaker
Fred Friday, Jr., merchant
Melvin Scott, carpenter
Charles Vollmer, garage and trucking
John Hungershaffer, barber
William Ouderkirk, foreman
Clarence Hoffman, clerk

Second Ward - Amsterdam - Frank Faulknor, Supervisor
David C. DeGraff, gentleman
Allen Graff, laborer
Timothy H. Pettingill, gentleman
L.L. Folmbee, gentleman
Leopold Gottschalk, merchant
Frank Gill, merchant
Thomas Rogers, millhand
John Wieland, real estate salesman
William F. Johnson, carpenter
Robert McMinn, towerman
Earl Merry, collector
John H. Mitchell, gentleman
S.H. Lawrence, butcher
Charles Engle, laborer
John Doak, assessor
Charles Hagaman, assessor
Robert Morris, gentleman

Third Ward - Amsterdam - William Mitchell, Supervisor
Leo Kahn, retired
Frank Hayes, gentleman
Harry Teeter, laborer
William Kehoe, laborer
Thomas Swan, gentleman
Wells Johnson, liveryman
A.J. Kubilius, merchant
Walter Schrader, clerk
John Northrup, mason
Abram Kriger, merchant
John J. O'Grady, watchman
Terrance McGahan, millhand
Isaac Chase, merchant
John Fitzgibbon, clerk
Thomas McElroy, millhand
Aloysius Quinn, merchant
Winslow Spanbauer, laborer
Edward Lautenschlager, minister

Fourth Ward - Amsterdam - Martin J. Harr, Supervisor
Charles Achenbach, laborer
Peter Delos, merchant
Antonia Mosciski, clerk
George Politano
Anthony Delos, merchant
Michael Shelly, merchant
Michael Kerbelis
Joseph Miceske
Michael J. Wytrwal, merchant
D.P. Wojcicki, real estate broker
John Boswell, merchant
Joseph Brindle, plumber
Ulderico Canale
Frank Politano
James Tarmey, janitor

Fifth Ward - Amsterdam - Harold B. Schotte, Supervisor
John Hillyer, foreman
Edward Bruso, foreman
Henry Brownell, carpenter
Henry J. Collins, gentleman
Elmer Showerman, gentleman
Thomas Peters, contractor
Nicholas Carbonelli, contractor
James Gilligan, mechanic
D.J. Bottisti, merchant
Charles Brinkman, merchant
Harry J. Boswell, merchant
J.D. Friderici, contractor
Earl E. Smith, laborer
George Churchill, gentleman
M.W. Lethbridge, gentleman

Sixth Ward - Amsterdam - Harry J. Gerling, Supervisor
Henry Ahneman, gentleman
Charles Gilmore, laborer
Frank M. Clark, gentleman
John Bartholomew, gentleman
Charles B. DeGraff, merchant
Willis Devenpeck, merchant
Ora E. Frasier, auctioneer
Albert N. Goodman, merchant
Samuel Cramer, wholesale grocer
John Glacken, blacksmith
Anthony Delos, merchant
Walter Fisher, gentleman
Daniel Schmidt, merchant
George Fite, gentleman
Amos Strobeck, merchant
Frank Earl, gentleman
Andrew Lenahan, engineer
Vito Puglia, tailor
John Murray, gentleman
Benjamin Schaffer, merchant

Seventh Ward - Amsterdam - M.J. McMahon, Supervisor
J.I. Christman, gentleman
Lawrence Lewis, mechanic
Benjamin Webb, gardener
R.J. Shields, painter
Zina Allen, auto salesman
Thomas Strack, merchant
Peter Szczucki, merchant
David McKnight, gentleman
Fred Luke, broommaker
Frank Pianowski, merchant
Henry Geddis, gardener
Charles Klatt, weaver
Shepard Hughes, weaver
John Barscz, merchant
John H. Hamill, millhand
Henry Green, gardener
George Mosier, gardener

Eighth Ward - Amsterdam - Bennett C. Bradt, Supervisor
Samuel Doak, gardener
Peter Johnson, gentleman
Lawrence Johnson, watchman
Frank Argotsinger, foreman
James Redpath, gentleman
Moses Hampton, gentleman
Robert Harrison, weaver
Pasquale Dubuque, millhand
Benjamin Bornt, millhand
Floyd Bornt, chauffeur
Samuel J. Wallin, foreman
Robert K. Harrison, merchant
Emil Starke, gentleman

Town of Amsterdam - Fort Johnson - Oscar N. Clark, Supervisor
Charles Barrow, sign painter
Gideon Purdell, gentleman
Edward Lunenberg, gentleman
John K. Mergner, gentleman
William Fendly, gentleman
Joseph Oliver, merchant

Town of Amsterdam, Tribes Hill
Pearly Gordon, gentleman

Town of Amsterdam, Hagaman
Lansing Wilson, gentleman
William Jones, farmer
John Stewart, farmer

Town of Amsterdam - Amsterdam R.D. 5
Frank Tick, blacksmith
James Fahey, farmer

Town of Amsterdam - Amsterdam R.D. 6
Eugene Turnbull, farmer
Louis Pepper, gentleman

Town of Canajoharie - L. James Shaver, Supervisor
Roy Williams, clerk
C.L. Youngs, gentleman
Wilmer Ellithorp, gentleman
Howard Van Evera, gentleman
Vernon Van Wie, gentleman
L. William H. Klinkhart, mechanic
Peter Van Evera, gentleman
Charles J. Fredericks, clerk
John S. Hatter, Sr., gentleman
George C. Yops, clerk
Alfred Davies, gentleman
George Bierman, Sr., gentleman
Charles Hill, gentleman
A.B. Barnes, farmer
B. Frank Diefendorf, gentleman
Arch Goodemote, clerk
Joseph Retalis, farmer
Samuel Campbell, clerk
Harry Barnes, mechanic
George Schrader, merchant

Town of Charleston - W.S. McDuffee, Supervisor
E. Cady Wilson, Burtonsville
Raymond Freeman, Burtonsville
Fred R. Hall, Esperance, R.D. 2
Leon L. Wells, Esperance, R.D. 2
William Wood, Sprakers, R.D. 1
Ray Malony, Sprakers, R.D. 1
Lester Herrick, Randall, R.D. 1

Town of Florida - Richard D. De Forest, Supervisor
James Harris, Fort Hunter
C.F. Wittemier, gentleman, Fort Hunter
Schuyler Gray, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 3
George Sherburne, Amsterdam, R.D. 1
William D. Buckley, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 1
Edward Fahey, Amsterdam, R.D. 2
John Hirschfield, Amsterdam, R.D. 3
D. Boyd Devendorf, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 1
Raymond Young, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 1
Roy Buhrmaster, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 1
I.F. Patterson, farmer, Pattersonville, R.D. 2
Harold Whittemeir, merchant, Fort Hunter
William Langley, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 2
William Staley, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 2
Hasper Steele, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 2
John Rhode, Amsterdam, R.D. 2
Cleve Herrick, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 1
Howard Merry, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 1

Town of Glen - John L. Ingersoll, Supervisor
Frank Van Schaick, carpenter, Glen
Foster Voorhees, farmer, Glen, R.D.
James A. Spencer, farmer, Glen
Jay V.S. Shelp, gentleman, Glen
Anselm Noeltnor, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 3
Howard Youngs, farmer, Fultonville, R.D.
William Rothmyer, farmer, Amsterdam, R.D. 3
Levi Stephenson, farmer, Fultonville, R.D.
Judson D. Yates, manufacturer, Fultonville
Abram V. Putman, gentleman, Fultonville
Edward J. Gilbert, jeweler, Fultonville
Theron A. Simpson, merchant, Fultonville
John W. Brill, farmer, Fultonville
Peter J. Rossi, merchant, Fultonville
Fred Byers, farmer, Fultonville, R.D.

Town of Minden - Roland Hoffman, Supervisor
Rufus Wiles, retired
Pearl Everson, foreman
Clyde Putman, merchant
Harold Manclow, carpenter
Alonzo Bronk, mechanic
John Rickard, merchant
Fred Lombard, barber
Arch Watkins, merchant
Manly Shults, hay dealer
Fayette Wagner, retired
M.P. Keyser, merchant
William Linney, retired
Alton A. Walrath, manufacturer
William Ayres, retired
Martin Geweye, painter

Town of Mohawk - William L. Hanson, Supervisor
Earl Schuyler, farmer
Charles Dillenbeck, farmer
Lester Hoag, salesman
William B. Wemple, farmer
David Fox, farmer
Jewel W. Horning, merchant
Charles H. Fisher, merchant
William Neal, farmer
Stanley Everson, farmer
S.H. Hodge, gentleman
George Walrath, gentleman
Martin Fogarty, mail clerk
Charles Krug, gentleman
Eli N. Smith, farmer
Morris Saltsman, farmer

Town of Palatine - Peter C. Austin, Supervisor

Palatine Bridge
C.P. Wohlgemuth, farmer
L.M. Spraker, garageman
E.A. Dillenbeck, farmer
John P.A. Failing, gentleman
C.J. Christma, laborer
L.C. Timmerman, coal dealer
Earl Shults, farmer
Charles Thiesse, carpener
Claxton, Tichenor, laborer
Alvah Lane, farmer

Fort Plain, R.D.
Russell Getman, farmer
Charles Fox, farmer
Elmer Hinkle, farmer

Harry Birk, millhand

St. Johnsville, R.D.
Henry Sponable, farmer

Town of Root - E.J. Higgins, Supervisor

S.M. Putman, farmer
Volkert Vrooman, farmer
William Lusso, farmer

Oscar Schneider, farmer
Guy Rickard, farmer
Edward Meyers, farmer
Ezra Montanye, farmer
Russel Snow, farmer
Jay Van Schaick, farmer
John West, farmer
Daniel Bartlett, farmer
William Fuller, farmer

Canajoharie, R.D. 3
Elmer Keller, farmer
Lester Cotton, farmer
William Haner, farmer

Town of St. Johnsville - Frank W. Don, Supervisor
Al Fox, printer
Mina Wood, painter
Ezra Nellis, gentleman
Fayette B. Smith, merchant
Leslie M. Nellis, mechanic
Clarence A. Smith, gentleman
George Whittenbeck, foreman
Clarence C. Lull, merchant
Seward Bellinger, gentleman
O.S. Devendorf, commissioner
Claude A. Bierman, merchant
Clarence Saltsman, gentleman
David T. Walsh, towerman
Horace D. Buch, gentleman

We've been fortunate in recently acquiring more public domain material from the early 20th century, giving temporal balance to our offerings and better assisting current/recent area residents in their genealogical quest. This is an exceptionally good list as:

1) it shows that a considerable number of descendants of the earliest settlers were still in the area as recently as 70 years ago, as well as names residents whose forebears settled Montgomery County after the mid-19th century.

2) the 1930 census hasn't been released yet. This particular list gives occupation. I believe that "gentleman" refers to retirement.

3) village of residence and rural delivery number could provide clues for deed research, and, for the rural areas, compensates for lack of directories.

4) of importance to descendants of recent immigrants - all of the listed were eligible to vote and so were full citizens of the U.S. at this time.

5) for all persons listed, an obit should be sought after 1931.

If one of the above jurors was your relative or ancestor, or you have further information about them, please let us know so we can note it on this page. For further information about persons listed, visit or order a search from the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

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