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A Partial Reading from original typed transcription, date unknown. Bold Italics are results of cursory research by Nancy Robinson and are not conclusive with the exception of #30 & #206.

Note: There are many typos on these pages. Whether that is the fault of the typist or the original county clerk is unknown, but transcriptionists are human and make mistakes. As always, the rule of thumb is to look at the original records and judge for yourself. For that, I refer you to Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, NY.

Knowing how frustrating it is to find "male" or "female" instead of a name, I have attempted to locate these people on the 1880/1900/1910 census records as well as this website. Some I found with ease, others I was unable to locate anywhere. Again, the spelling of names could be way off. In my own family tree, I have found many errors and use Soundex as well as every spelling I can think of when searching. Sometimes, I have had to resort to searching by first name only and sorting through hundreds of records. Well worth the time when you find the long lost. Good luck in your research. I hope these records have helped.

Nancy Robinson
February 2005

21. MURKI - Male Born Jan. 11, 1885 at Florida, Mont. Co.
      M. Annie SANDSBURGH, Place of M.B. Glenville, Schenectady Co.
      F. Fred MURKE, Place of F.B. Paumer, Prussia

22. DAGGETT - Frankie J. DAGGETT, Male Born Jan. 17, 1885 at Florida, Mont.
      M. Elizabeth J. NOONAN, Place of M.B. Perth, Fulton Co.
      F. Silas S. DAGGETT, Place of F.B. Glenville, Schenectady Co.

23. MERRY - Male born Jan 19, 1885 at Wellsville, Mont. Co.
      M. Hariet M. BUCHANAN, Place of M.B. Amsterdam, NY
      F. John MERRY, Jr, Place of F.B. Florida, Mont. Co.

24. DALEY - Floyd DALEY, Male born Jan 25, 1885 at Florida, Mont. Co.
      M. Kittie GRAY, Place of M.B. Florida, NY
      F. Alfred DALEY, Place of F.B. Minaville, NY

25. BLOOD - Male Born Feb 4, 1885 at Florida, Mont. Co.
      M. Edugusta* OVERBAUGH, Place of M.B. Glen, NY
      F. Daniel BLOOD, Place of F.B. Florida, Mont. Co.
      *Augusta ?

26. FORMAUN - Baby FOREMAUN, Female born Feb 20, 1885 At Port Jackson
      M. Elizabeth RAGE, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. Henry FORMAUN, Place of F.B. Germany

27. VAN BUREN - Male, born Feb 20, 1885 at Port Jackson
      M. Marion B. GORE, Place M. B. Boston, Mass.
      F. Cornelius VAN BUREN, Place of F.B. Auriesville, NY

28. VOORHEES - Kraline* (sic) VOORHEES, Female born Feb 26, 1885 at Minaville
      M. Addie ARGERSINGER, Place of M.B. Canstrantra, Oswego
      F. John H. VOORHEES, Place of F.B., Florida, Mont Co.
      *US Census Florida, Dist 90 Evelyn b. Feb 1885

29. FOOTE - Male* born Mar 19, 1885 at Scotch Bush
      M. Alfreta KEARNS, Place of M.B. Duansburgh, Schenectady, Co.
      F. Milo Perry FOOTE, place of F.B. Blenhiem, Schoharie Co.

      *1870 US Census, Florida Twp, Milo & Alpharetta m. Mar 1870
      Both buried Chuctanunda Cemetery

30. THOMPSON - Male* Born Mar 18, 1885 at Florida
      M. Martha A. McGREGOR, Place of M.B. Florida, Mont. Co.
      F. John B. THOMPSON, Place of F.B. Florida, Mont. Co.
      *Alexander McGregor THOMPSON

71. BRAMER - Male born May 2, 1886 At Florida
      M. Carrie CRAPPLIEN, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. Charles F. BRAMER, Place of F.B. Germany

72. CASLER - Arthur Lewis CASLER, male born Mar 20, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Frances McGREGOR, Place of M.B. Florida, Mont. Co.
      F. Louis CASLER, Place of F.B. Florida, Mont. Co.

73. FARHOLY - Henry Chas., male born May 8, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Emeline J. ZIEMAN, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. Charles A. FARNHOLY, Place of F.B. Germany

74. VAN ANTWERP - Sex unknown, born May 19, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Ellen BELLEMS, Place of M.B. Glen
      F. Alonzo VAN ANTWERP, Place F.B. Johnstown

75. SHUBERT - Hattie SHUBERT, female born June 21, 1886 at Fort Hunter
      M. Hattie REDMAN, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. John SHUBERT, Place of F.B. Germany

76. BERGER - Edward Will, male born June 23, 1886 at Fort Hunter
      M. Minnie RESLER, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. August F. BERGER, Place of F.B. Germany

77. AUCHAMPAUGH - female* born June 23, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Ida B. SMITH, Place of M.B. Mariaville, Ch. Co.
      F. Frank AUCHAMPAUGH, Place of F.B. Mariaville, Sch. Co.

*1920 US Census, Princetown, Schenectady, Frank & Ida Auchenpaugh have dau. Mable, age 16

78. GILLETTE - Arthur Smyth, male born July 15, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Caroline B. OBRIEN, Place of M. B. Amsterdam
      F. Arthur GILLETTE, Place of F. B. Scotia, Schenectady Co.

79. BUNDY - Frank Albert, male born Aug 23, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Augusta CONRAD, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. Albert BUNDY, Place of F.B. Germany

80. HIRCHFEDT - Female* born Aug 25, 1886 at Town Florida
      M. Maria SCHEWLAND, Place of M.B. Prusia
      F. Edward HIRCHFEDT, Place of F.B. Pruzia

      *1890 US Census, Dist 84 Amsterdam, Edward & Mary Hirchfeld have a dau, Martha, b. Aug 1886 have a dau, Martha, b. Aug 1886

202. MCAULEY - female born May 19, 1890 at Florida, Ny
      M. Effie GARDINER, Place of M.B. Esperance
      F. Albert MCAULEY, Place of F.B. Esperance

203. DALEY - female born Nov 7, 1890 at Florida, NY
      M. Kittie GRAY, Place of M.B. Florida
      F. Alfred DALEY, Place of F.B. Town of Florida

      1900 US Census, Florida Twp. Dau Edith b. Nov 1890

204. CAMPBELL - Robert, male born Nov 10, 1890 at Florida, NY
      M. ___ MERRY, Place of M.B. Florida
      F. Nelson B. CAMPBELL, Place of F.B. Town Florida

Note: Among the Campbells buried in Chuctanunda Cemetery is Nelson d. 9/30/1920 age 65 yrs, also Walter, son of Nelson B. & Olive C. d. 4/22/1905 age 10 yrs. 1900. US Census gives an entirely different birth date for son Robert. May or may not be same Campbell family.

205. SCHUYLER - Clarence, male born Dec 11, 1890 at Florida, NY
      M. Ella SWEET, Place of M.B., Florida
      F. Wm. G. SCHUYLER, Place of F.B. Town of Florida

206. McCLUMPHA - Majoria,* female born Oct. 22, 1890 at Florida, NY.
      M. Margarella** McGREGOR, Place of M.B. Florida
      F. Jacob McCLUMPHA, Place of F.B., Town of Florida

207. KILTS - Eugene W., male born May 23, 1890 at Florida, NY
      M. Alici* A. SUITS, Place of M.B. Town of Palatine
      F. Joe KILTS, Place of F.B. Palatine

208. MESLEBECK - Mary, female born Oct 29, 1890 at Florida, NY
      M. Mary KRUGAR, Place of M.B. Germany
      F. Charles MESLEBECK, Place of F.B. Germany
      I found Charles & Mary MUSELBECK on census records for Princetown, Schenectady Co. through 1930. Apparently this child, Mary, died as it was noted that Charles & Mary had 2 children/ 1 living, whose name was Ella, b. 1891.

209. BRUMAGUN - Ella, female born Dec 11, 1890 at Town of Florida.
      M. Jennie WALKER, Place of M.B. Duanesburgh, NY
      F. Charles BRUMAGUN, Place of F.B. Duanesburgh, NY

210. DILLENBECK - Mary, female born Jan 8, 1891 at Town of Florida
      M. Hellen KILTS, Place of M.B. Palatine
      F. Wellingtron DILLEMBEEL (sic), Place of F.B. Palatine

211. VOORHUS* - Elbert, male born Jan 25, 1891 at Town of Florida
      M. Addie ARGERSINGE** (sic), Place of M.B. Fulton Co, NY
      F. John M. VOORHUS, Place of F.B. Florida

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