The Bible of Thomas Rankins was contributed by Willis Rankins. "The original owner of the bible was Thomas Rankins who is the author of the diary I sent you. He is a Grandson of Thomas the Pensioner. He would be a 1st cousin 3 times removed to me."

Family Record

From the bible of Thomas Rankins

Cottage Bible

T. Ensign & Co., Cincinnati 1834

Peter RankinsJanuary 2nd 1802
Clarissa RankinsApril 2nd 1806
Thomas RankinsJanuary 22nd 1826
Daniel D. RankinsOctober 14th 1827
Ann RankinsMarch 24th 1830
Martha RankinsAugust 27th 1832
Louisa RankinsAugust 28th 1834
Charlotte RankinsJune 22nd 1837
Catharine S. RankinsMay 9th 1840
William A. RankinsApril 10th 1842
Lorenzo G. RankinsJuly 22nd 1844
James D. RankinsJune 13th 1847

"The above were all entered at the same time. The handwriting is beautiful."

Barbara RankinJune 11th 1829 (Wife of Thomas)
Jessie RankinJune 30th 1857
Lester RankinMarch 28th 1864
Ralph RankinNovember 28th 1867
Mary C. RankinNov. 24th 1870
Matilda RankinNov. 27th 1868 (wife of Lester)
Mrs. Kitie DavisMarch 24th 1872 (2nd wife of Lester)
Mary SchellOct. 20th 1879 (wife of Ralph)
Melissa VanSlykeNovember 4th 1876 (dau. Of Jessie)
Raymond VanSlykeDecember 12th 1878 (son of Jessie)
Herman RankinSeptember 22nd 1903 (son of Ralph)

James D. RankinsJuly 10th 1849
Daniel P. RankinsMarch 2nd 1855
Ann SmallMay 31st 1880
Peter RankinJune 18th 1881
Raymond VanSlyke July 7th 1881
Thomas RankinJuly 7th 1890
Barbara RankinApril 6th 1909
Matilda RankinMarch 2nd 1908
Lester RankinNovember 30th 1912
Edgar VanSlykeMay 1923 (Hus. Of Jessie)
Jessie VanSlykeMarch 12, 1927
Ralph RankinJanuary 1, 1936
Mary Rankin August 20, 1955 (Wife of Ralph)

Peter Rankins & Clarissa DeweyNovember 28th 1824
Jacob F. Small & Ann RankinsFeb. 20th 1850
Thomas Rankin & Barbara OrendorfMarch 13th 1852
Philip Swift Jr. & Martha RankinOct. 8th 1852
Daniel P. Rankin & Lovina M.November 3rd 1853
Alonzo McCredy & Mariah L. RankinJanuary 1st 1855
Edgar H. VanSlyke & Jessie RankinJanuary 1st 1875
Lester Rankin & Matilda ThaulMay 4th 1892
Clarance Miller & Mary C. RankinNov. 28th 1896
William Gorring & Mary C. RankinJuly 2nd 1906
Ralph Rankin & Mary Schell Nov. 28th 1897
Lester Rankin & Katie Davis September 20th 1911
Herman Rankin & Doris LaPointeSeptember 19th 1927
Lorenzo Rankin & Elizabeth OwenMarch 13th 1867

"This Bible was originally owned by Thomas Rankins and then handed down through the family. Herman had the Bible when I first saw it. After his death his wife sent the Bible to me, her request was to leave it in the Rankin's family. Herman was a distant cousin but a good friend. The name started out as Rankins but as you can see the "s" was dropped in Thomas' family. Thomas is the one who had the diary to Panama."

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