1846 Letters of Administration

Estate of Cornelius Lenardson

Town of Root

Montgomery County, New York

Contributed by Mimi Malcolm

Note: Cornelius Lenardson was the son of Timothy and Wyntje Lenardson. He was born 19 Jan 1815 and died 05 Jun 1845. He never married.

He is my first cousin four times removed. Mimi Malcolm

Estate Book 52, Page 517: March 1 Nov. 1846

Estate Letters of Administration for Cornelius Lenardson, Box 102

Whereas Cornelius Lenardson late of the town of Root in the County of Montgomery, deceased, deed seized, of a certain farm and a lot of land of about one hundred twenty five acres lying & being in the said town - and leaving Hiram Lenardson his surviving or one of his heirs at Large- And Whereas the said farm was after the death of the said Cornelius to be sold by Hezekiah Lenardson administrating the goods & c. of said deceased, by virtue of Land & air, order of the Surrogate of said County for the purpose of clearing the debts of the said deceased. And Whereas the monies arising on such sale have all been duly paid in the Surrogate of said court and whereas after paying all the Expenses of such sale and all the debts of said deceased there remained a balance due and payable to the heir of said deceased or their assigns. And whereas said Hiram as one of said heirs was entitled to a certain proportion of such balance, and has also departed this live leaving no widow nor children and the undersigned as his only heirs & next of kin - Now in consideration thereof & of one dollar sum paid by James Cole & John Cole of said town of Root, we the undersigned heirs & next of kin to said Hiram deceased do hereby sell transfer, assign & assign such over into said James & John all the monies & balance owing on such sale after the payment of said Expenses & debts of aforesaid county, which was one & payable to said Hiram as one of the heirs of said Cornelius deceased, and is one & payable to us as heirs & next of kin of said Hiram, together with the interest, if any, which has accrued thereon.

As Witness our hands & Seals this fifth day of May one thousand eight hundred & fifty three.

Signed, Sealed & delivered May 6th James Lenardson

In presence of G. D. Bowen

Hezekiah Lenardson Edward (X his mark) Lenardson

May 7th Amr.[?] M. Yates

Hezekiah Lenardson Abram Yates

Louisa Lenardson

June 7, 1853 Fred. J. Lenardson

Hezekiah Lenardson

Rec'd of Samuel Belding[?] Esq., seventy dollars & eleven cents in full of the dividends to which the above named Hiram Lenardson was at the time of decease indebted [next word is blotched] selves set forth, and I hereby agree to indemnify the said I. Belding Esq. of & him any claim while Elizabeth Leonardson a sister of said Hiram may allow

to said deceased and or any part thereof & I agree to account to said Elizabeth for her share thereof, being the one seventh part of said sum or as aforesaid paid to me.

June 21, 1853 (Signed) James A. Cole

Hezekiah Lenardson, Surety

P. 259-260

The People of the State of New York. By the Grace of God free and Independent. To Hezekiah Lenardson. Send Greeting. Whereas Cornelius Lenardson, late of the Town of Glen and the County of Montgomery, as is alleged, lately died intestate, having whilst living and at the time of his death goods, chattels or credits within this State Req. means whereof the ordering and granting administration of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits, and alas the auditing, allowing and finally discharging the account thereof doth appertain unto us- we being desirous that the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased may be well and faithfully administered, applied and disposed of do grant unto you the said Hezekiah Lenardson full power by these presents to administer and faithfully to dispose of all and singular the said goods, chattels and credits, to ask, demand, recover and receive the debts, which unto the said deceased, whilst living and at the time of his death did belong- and to pay the debts which the said deceased did owe, so far as said goods, chattels and credits will thereto extend and the Law require hereby requiring you to make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come into your hands, possession or knowledge- and the same so made and signed by the appraisers duly appointed by the Surrogate of the County of Montgomery, that you make actions thereof to the said Surrogate within three months from the date hereof and further to render a just and true account of your administration when the courts required me do by these presents, depute, constitute and appoint you Hezekiah Lenardson Administrator Of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits which were of the said deceased. In Testimony Whereof me have caused the Seal of office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed - Witness, Giles F. Van Vechten
Surrogate in said County of Montgomery at the Village of Futonville in said the twenty first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty five and or our Independence the seventieth.

(Signed) Giles F. Van Vechten, Surrogate

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