Montgomery County Surrogate's Court

Over the years Jerome A. Walrath has done extensive research on his ancestral Walraths and allied families at the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives. Jerry's index sampling shows how early and well-organized the treasures of the Archives are. Further information about the Archives at Fonda is in our historical societies section.

The following is from the Montgomery County (NY) Surrogate Court's "General Index To Wills and Proceedings". Many, if not most, of the individuals also have File Boxes with documents related to the probated wills and letters of administration. These might contain information not found in the wills and letters.
Jerome A. Walrath
March 1999

The following individuals were listed with probated wills. Most have date of probate (p.), and/or date of death (d.). All have file references.
Klein, Johnd.p. Oct. 25, 1790Bk.1 p.38
Klock, Jacobd.p. June 13, 1798Bk.1 p.159
Klock, John I. d.p. Jan. 24, 1811Bk.2 p.27
Klock, Joseph(Jost)d.p. May 11, 1813Bk.2 p.245
Kline, Williamd.p. June 4, 1814Bk.2 p.381
Klock, Johannes H.d.p. Feb. 15, 1817Bk.3 p.42
Klock, Jacob I. Jr.d.p. Mar. 11, 1817Bk.3 p.50
Kline, Henryd.p. Jan. 23, 1828Bk.4 p.144
(above the name Kline was written "(see Kline)"
Klock, Jacob I.d.p. May 20, 1828Bk.4 p.168
Kline, Henry J.d. July 9, 1871p. Dec. 12, 1876Bk.14 p.182
Klock, Joseph G.d. June 11, 1846p. Aug. 10, 1846Bk.7 p.384
" "
and Letters of AdministrationBk.4 p.285
Klock, George I.d. Mar. 31, 1850p. Nov. 5, 1850Bk.8 p.267
" "
and Letters of AdministrationBk.4 p.394
Klock, Jacob I.d. June 13, 1857p. Aug. 5, 1857Bk.8 p.338
Klock, Jesse d. Feb. 1853p. July 13, 1853Bk.9 p.124
Klock, Christian d. Apr. 9, 1853p. Feb 7, 1854Bk.9 p.165
Klock, Maryd. Nov. 23, 1855p. May 6, 1856Bk.9 p.410
Kline, Johnd. Dec. 2, 1855p. Mar. 3, 1856Bk.9 p.388
Klock, Catherined. Mar. 12, 1857p. May 4, 1857Bk.10 p.1
Klock, Sheldand. Sep. 13, 1857p. Dec. 7, 1857Bk.10 p.76
Kline, Georged. Sep. 29, 1857p. Dec. 7, 1857Bk.10 p.78
Klock, Adam I.d. June 1, 1860p. July 16, 1860Bk.10 p.491
Klock, Stephend. Nov. 11, 1860p. Nov. 20, 1860Bk.10 p.546
Kline, Williamd. Apr. 17, 1861p. Nov. 19, 1861Bk.11 p.13
Klock, George
Letters of AdministrationBk.1 p.55
Knauts, George F.d.p. Mar. 24, 1812Bk.2 p.128
Waggoner, Peter P.d.p. June 13, 1826Bk.4 p.17
Waggoner, Peterd.p. Mar. 10, 1826Bk.4 p.75
Wait, Josephd.p. Oct. 21, 1828Bk.4 p.200
Walrath, Peter H.d.p. Aug. 1, 1831Bk.4 p.434
Walrath, John G.d. June 9, 1833p.Bk.5 p.196
Waggoner, Jacobd. May 5, 1833p.Bk.5 p.224
Walrath, Adolphd. Sep. 27, 1834p.Bk.5 p.364
Walrad, Peter d. Nov. 7, 1834p.Bk.5 p.375
Warner, Mertillod. Nov. 19, 1834p.Bk.5 p.377
Waggoner, Salomed. Feb. 10, 1842p. Aug. 8, 1842Bk.6 p.465
Wafle, Margaretd. Aug. 4, 1843p. Oct. 30, 1843Bk.7 p.54
Wagner, Josephd. Aug. 15, 1848p. Nov. 8, 1848Bk.8 p.51
Walts, Jacob d. June 17, 1852p. Aug. 3, 1852Bk.9 p.4
Walradt, Peterd. Oct. 15, 1853p. Dec. 15, 1853Bk.9 p.156
Washburn, Joseph T.d. Aug. 3, 1856p. Oct. 27, 1856Bk.9 p.453
Wagner, Jeremiahd. May 19, 1857p. July 17, 1857Bk.10 p.23
Walrath, Elizabethd. Nov. 13, 1857p. Jan. 6, 1858Bk.10 p.82
or 822
Walrath, Jacobd. Sep. 30, 1861p. Dec. 16, 1861Bk.11 p.29
Wagner, Williamd. May 26, 1862p. June 30, 1862Bk.11 p.71
Walrath, Williamd. June 4, 1861p. Apr. 27, 1863Bk.11 p.162
Walrath, Frederickd. Apr. 10, 1864p. July 23, 1864Bk.11 p. 280
Weaver, Nicholas P.d.p. Apr. 23, 1825Bk.3 p.472
Wessels, Luked.p. Nov. 4, 1825Bk.3 p.530
Wever, Frederickd.p. Jan. 10, 1827Bk.4 p.59
Wetherbee, Davidd. p. Feb. 14, 1827Bk.4 p.65
Wiles, Peter J.d. Feb. 20, 1877
Bk.6 p.396

The following individuals are listed with Letters of Administration and file references.
Warmoodt, WilliamLetters of AdministrationBk.1 p.26
Waggoner, Englehard"Bk.3 p.65
Walradt, Henry"Bk.1 p.27
Wallace, James"Bk.1 p.59
Walradt, William G."Bk.1 p.75
Warts, Mattias"Bk.1 p.83
Waldo, Peggy S."Bk.1 p.94
Walradt, Gerrit I."Bk.1 p.137
Ward, Willard"Bk.2 p.17
Warner, Hezekiah"Bk.2 p.110
Wilson, Jesse"Bk.1 p.114
Wilson, Daniel"Bk.1 p.146
Wilbur, Benjamin"Bk.2 p.27
Wilcox, Joseph"Bk.2 p.42
Wick, John"Bk.2 p.68
Winegar, Philip"Bk.2 p.200
Williamson, George"Bk.3 p.20

The following individuals are listed with date of death (d.) and Letters of Administration, along with file references.
Klock, George G.d. July 1834and Letters of Ad.Bk.4 p.64
Klock, Peterd. Sep. 10, 1841"Bk.4 p.162
Klock, Horatiod."Bk.5 p.218
Klock, Christopherd. Mar. 8, 1868"Bk.6 p.132
Kline, Louisa A.d. Feb. 11, 1870"Bk.6 p.194
Kline, John H.d. Dec. 4, 1872"Bk.6 p.435
Kline, Mary Annd. Oct. 12, 1872"Bk.6 p.434
Klock, Nancy V.d. Apr. 24, 1869"Bk.7 p.2
Kline, Henry V.d. Dec. 3, 1879"Bk.7 p.211
Klock, Evalined. Apr. 19, 1883"Bk.7 p.270
Klock, Byrond. Sep. 6, 1885"Bk.7 p.652
Kline, William W.d. Mar. 17, 1890"Bk.7 p.643
Klinkart, Julia A. d. Mar. 29, 1890"Bk.7 p.667
Kline, William P.d. Mar. 22, 1892"Bk.8 p.77
Kline, Elizabethd. Oct. 4, 1892 "Bk.8 p.124(?)
Klock, Margaretd. Aug. 26, 1893"Bk.8 p.175
Kline, Cornelius O.d. Oct. 30, 1893"Bk.8 p.304
Kline, James W.d. May 20, 1897"Bk.8 p.466
Klatt, Rosad. Feb. 26, 1899"Bk.8 p.600
Kline, Thressa C.d. Oct. 14, 1899"Bk.8 p.641
Klock, Edwin M.d. Sep. 1, 1900"Bk.8 p.739
Klock, Jemima d. Oct. 21, 1902"Bk.9 p.138
Klapp, Adolfd. Dec. 31, 1902"Bk.9 p.156
(after the name Klapp, "(?Klatt)" was written in)
Kline, Geor G.d. Aug. 21, 1894"Bk.8 p.379
and Bk.8 p.249
Wait, Williamd. Aug. 1826"Bk.3 p.98
Walradt, George A.d. June 13, 1825"Bk.3 p.93
Walradt, Abrahamd. Mar. 1826"Bk.3 p.92
Walrath, Jacob A.d. May 8, 1828"Bk.3 p.142
Wait, Philipsd. Dec. 5, 1826"Bk.3 p.159
Waggoner, John d. Oct. 4, 1829"Bk.3 p.185
Walrath, Josephd. Oct. 5, 1831"Bk.3 p.249
Ward, Enoch d. Sep. 30, 1831"Bk.3 p.270
Wager, Ira H.d. June 9, 1835"Bk.4 p.23
Waffle, John Henryd. May 23, 1841"Bk.4 p.191
Wagner, Jamesd."Bk.4 p.358
Wait, Philipd. Oct. 4, 1855"Bk.5 p.15(?)
Ward, Herman D.d."Bk.4 p.534
Warner, Richardd. Nov. 23, 1857"Bk.5 p.59
Wadsworth, William A.d. Aug. 24, 1857
1858, or 1859
"Bk.5 p.94
Walrath, Sylvanusd. Dec. 14, 1860"Bk.5 p.185
Walrath, Jacobd. Mar. 29, 1863"Bk.5 p.256
Walrath, Peterd. Apr. 1, 1863"Bk.5 p.257
Walrath, Leonardd. Dec. 8, 1863"Bk.6 p.8
Walts, Davidd. Jan. 16, 1866"Bk.6 p.73
Walster, Frederickd."Bk.6 p.207
Warner, Annd. Feb. 8, 1871"Bk.6 p.221
Walrath, Jeremiahd. Mar. 21, 1873"Bk.6 p.287
Walrath, Andrewd. Apr. 11, 1873"Bk.6 p.440
Wagner, Margaretd. Sep. 4, 1873"Bk.6 p.317
Walrath, Harlan P.d. Apr. 27, 1873"Bk.6 p.303
Walrath, William P.d. Jan. 8, 1874"Bk.6 p.468
Waterman, Georged. June 18, 1876"Bk.6 p.384
Wagner, Charlesd. Sept. 14, 1879"Bk.7 p.104

The following individuals were listed with date of death (d.), when the will was probated (p.) and Book # and page where filed. Each name also has Testamentary Letters on file.
Walrath, Adam J.d. June 7, 1851(?) p. Sep. 29, 1866 Bk.11 p.467
(the yr. of death was difficult to discern but is most likely not 1851)
Kline, Peterd. Feb. 28, 1860p. Jan. 14, 1867Bk.11 p.505
Klock, Joseph I.d. Feb. 3, 1866p. May 5, 1866Bk.11 p.441
Klock, John G.d. Aug. 27, 1876p. Nov. 20, 1876Bk.14 p.133
Klock, John J.d. Mar. 3, 1880p. Mar. 22, 1880Bk.15 p.254
Klock, Jonasd. June 18, 1881p. Sep. 5, 1881Bk.15 p.562
Kline, Josephd. Jan. 4, 1893p. Feb. 25, 1893Bk.20 p.379
Klock, Augustusd. Apr. 3, 1896p. Apr. 13, 1896Bk.21 p.404
(the words "Will annexed" was on the line between this and the next name)
Kline, Annd. June 25, 1892p. Feb. 15, 1896Bk.21 p.380
Klock, Reubend. Nov. 25, 1899p. Jan. 9, 1900Bk.22 p.460
Klock, Louise M.d. June 8, 1904p. July 25, 1904Bk.23 p.606
Klock, Jacob Jr.d. May 22, 1879p. June 9, 1879Bk.15 p.80
Kline, Harlan P.d. Feb. 28, 1891p. Mar. 17, 1891Bk.19 p.197
Klock, Menzod. Dec. 3, 1891p. Jan. 4, 1892Bk.20 p.4
Kline, Melvinad. Nov. 20, 1897p. Jan. 22, 1898Bk.21 p.604
Ward, Harvey C.d. July 28, 1866p. Dec. 10, 1866Bk.11 p.489
Walrath, Adam G.d. Dec. 9, 1867p. Mar. 14, 1868Bk.12 p.26
Wayne, Elizabethd. Dec. 31, 1867p. June 1, 1868Bk.12 p.44
Walrath, Josiahd. Sep. 15, 1868p. Mar. 6, 1869Bk.12 p.172
Walrath, Lorenzod. Jan. 9, 1869p. Mar. 20, 1869Bk.12 p.169
(also noted with "Will annexed 1 12" which could be Jan. 12 or Bk.# and page
Walrath, Jacob G.d. July 4, 1870p. Sep. 27, 1870Bk.12 p.370
Wagner, Margaret O.d. Dec. 17, 1871p. Mar. 19, 1872 Bk.13 p.5
Walter, Johnd. Jan. 13, 1872p. Mar. 16, 1872Bk.13 p.1
Ward, Nancy M.d. Apr. 16, 1872p. June 8, 1872Bk.13 p.53
Warring, George O.d. Oct. 22, 1873p. Nov. 15, 1873Bk.13 p.260
Warring, Jeremiahd. Oct. 14, 1873p. Nov. 15, 1873 Bk.13 p.257
Wagner, Georged. Aug. 10, 1873p. Mar. 9, 1874Bk.13 p.310
Walts, Mary E.d. Jan. 16, 1875p. Oct. 11, 1875Bk.13 p.541
Walts, Grashureed. Aug. 11, 1875p. Oct. 11, 1875Bk.13 p.548(?)
Wastle(?), Jamesd. June 2, 1875p. Sep. 27, 1875Bk.13 p.538
(also noted "Will annexed")
Waffle, Betsyd. Mar. 20, 1876p. Oct. 19, 1876Bk.14 p.116
Waterstripe, Johnd. Nov. 7, 1875p. Jan. 31, 1876Bk.14 p.1

The following names were listed without dates of death, wills, or letters of administration but have additional information on file as regards the deceased's estate:
Warner, Hezekiah
Walradt, Henry (1746 will of 1710 Immigrant, Heinrich Conrad Wallrath)
Wait, Edmund
Walradt, Peter A.
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, Cornelius Lyker

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