Kneeskern Cemetery

Town of Minden

Montgomery County, NY

The Kneeskern Cemetery list and short piece of original scholarship was contributed by Skip Duett, a man who's always searching for Ehles, back in June 1998.

Transcribed from the list recorded by Dale W. Richards in the Summer of 1977 held at the Montgomery Co. Dept. of History & Archives.

"This cemetery is located approximately 375 ft. north of Rt. 5S, and approximately 80 ft. east of junction of Rt. 5S and Mindenville Road. It can be accessed by walking along the edge of field from Rt. 5S or from Mindenville Rd by climbing the bluff. The cemetery is approximately 40 ft by 50 ft and enclosed in a wrought iron and pipe fence. The list was double checked by Skip Duett 10 Apr 98 and is believed to be very accurate, although some of the stones have weathered to the point this data is no longer clear. The original list includes a description of the stones (shape & other markings) and a diagram of their relative positions."

[A] In Memory of John Kneaskern, who died Sept. 9, 1823, Aged 51 Years 9 months & 25 Days
[B] Katherine, Wife of John Kneeskern, died April 21, 1853, Ae 84 years & 6 months
[C] Father
[D] Mother
[E] Katherine
[F] [Monument]
John Kneeskern, 1771 - 1823
Katherine Davy, His Wife, 1768 - 1853
Katherine, Their Dau, 1811 - 1871
[G] Oliver, Son of Soloman & Mary Timmerman, died Oct. 4, 1834
[H] Eliza, daughter of James Wilkes, died Feb. 1, 1830 aged 22 days
[I] Katherine E., daughter of John L. Zoller, died April 9, 1833, aged 1 year 6 months 10 days
[J] Thomas Timmerman, died May 1, 1859, Aged 89 years 11 months & 12 days
[K] Elizabeth, Wife of Thomas Timerman, died May 14, 1855, Aged 85 years 5 months & 4 days
[L] David Henry, son of David & Charlotte Timerman, Died July 13, 1818, Aged 2 years & 15 days
[M] Sacred to the Memory of Abraham Ehle who died at New York, 24th March, 1836, Aged 36 years 5 months & 28 days
[N] Deliah, Wife of John C. Ehle, departed this life September 26, 1841, Aged Seventy One Years & ten months
[O] John C. Ehle, died June 27, 1835 in his 70th year
[P] Ebenezer Ehle, born Aug. 12, 1802, died Jan. 4, 1831, Aged 29 years 4 months & 22 days, Go home my friend wipe your tears, Here I must be till Christ appears.
[Q] Jacob I. Zollar Jr., Son of Jacob I. & Catherine, Died Feb. 21, 1829 in his 18th year
[R] Mary Eliza Ehle, died Sept. 6, 1822 in her 77th year
[S] John Christian Ehle, died Oct. 6, 1820 in his 80th year

Additional Data:

John Christian Ehle [S] was a Rev. War veteran (1st Tryon Co. Militia) and son of the immigrant Johannes Ehle. His name usually appears as Christian or Honchrist. A photocopy of his Bible, written in German, is in the family files at Montgomery Co. Dept. of History & Archives (file 18-J). I have looked at the original Bible pages which are much more readable.

Christian's wife, Mary Eliza [R] has been reported (by Boyd Ehle and copied by others) as a Klock. However, Christian's Bible says she was a Leib which is usually Anglicized as Lipe or sometimes Leip. John C. Ehle (O) and Catherine Zollar [mother of Q] were children of Christian and Mary Eliza. Jacob I. Zollar Jr. [Q] was the grandson of the Jacob Zollar killed at Oriskany. Ebenezer [P] and Abraham [M] were sons of John C. and Deliah (Bellinger) Ehle [O & N]. Mary, the mother of Oliver Timmerman [G] was a daughter of John C. & Deliah Ehle.

The connection between the Ehles and Kneeskerns buried here is unknown. They were perhaps simply neighbors. Additional information on these families (especially the Ehles) would be appreciated.

Submitted by Skip Duett, an Ehle Descendant
June 1998

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