Un-named Cemetery on Aarons Farm
Town of Minden, Montgomery County, NY

This cemetery comes from a small grouping of crumbling unpublished typescripts bound together by Helen Lyons Wikoff in 1931, submitted to the New York City Public Library and available for your personal examination there. This family cemetery on the Aarons Farm was copied by Marian Finehout Scramlin (Mrs. Duane M.) of Cherry Valley, N.Y. in 1931 for Helen Lyons Wikoff (Mrs. Harry E.), member of the Fort Washington Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., New York City. Notes say:

"Private burying-ground on the Aarons farm, formerly owned by Mrs. Estella Finehout. Stones down and not well-kept. Town of Hessville, Montgomery County, N.Y."

Hessville is a hamlet at the exact border of the towns of Minden and Canajoharie. With the surnames of two owners, a search of deeds could probably determine where this cemetery was located. Spellings given are exactly as on the typescript.

BUSH, Christian, daughter of G. & M. Bush, Aug. 21, 1856, aged 7mos 8das
BUSH, Peter, son of G. & M. Bush, Feb. 1, 1857, aged 3yrs 1mo 7das
DILLENBACH, William H., son of William A. & J.A. Dillenbach died April 8, 1855, aged 10 months (stone down)
HESS, George H., died Sept. 27, 1840, aged 67 years 6mos 10das
HESS, Mary E., wife of George H. Hess, died May 30, 1838, aged 66yrs

Un-named Cemetery on Bowman Farm
Town of Minden, Montgomery County, NY

This cemetery list comes from the same book of loose typescripts as the Aarons Farm cemetery. It was read by Helen Lyons Wikoff herself in August 1931. Notes say:

"Private burying ground on the Bowman Farm, about two miles from the town of Hessville, Montgomery County, N.Y. About a half mile from the road, on a knoll. Many stones broken and lying on the ground. Not well-kept."

All spellings are exactly on the typescript. The site coordinator has no knowledge of what direction from Hessville the cemetery was, whether it still exists or about persons buried here. The description indicates that it was well up onto private property. It might be situated on the road going southwest towards Bowmans Creek or the road going southeast towards Ames.

ALTER, Janet, dau. of Josiah & Margaret Alter, died Jan. 26th, 1862, ae 6yrs 2mos 12das
ALTER, Solomon 1807-1892
BOWMAN, Annah, died Dec. 3, 1876, aged 5mos
BOWMAN, Charles E., died Jan. 23, 1882, 25yrs 10mos 27das
BOWMAN, Livingston, died Oct. 24, 1882, aged 67yrs
EUTERMARK, Lydia 1844-1891
EUTERMARK, Norman 1836-1907
HUFNAIL, Christian, Dec. 7, 1879, aged 84yrs 8mos 2das
HUFNAIL, Margaret, wife of Silvester Hufnail, died June 25th, 1892, aged 64yrs
HUFNAIL, Mary D., dau. of F. & M. Hufnail, May 16, 1857, 3yrs 6mos 8das
HUFNAIL, Polly, Jan. 26, 1877, aged 74yrs 5mos 10das
HUFNAYLE, Christian, Revolutionary Veteran, died Nov. 19, 1853, aged 90yrs 7mos 24das
HUFNAYLE, Elizabeth, wife of Christian Hufnayle, Feb. 15, 1839, aged 67yrs 8mos 20das
STAM, Anna, wife of Henry Stam, March 3, 1843, aged 41yrs 3mos
STAM, Henry, May 3, 1872, aged 74yrs 3mos
STAM, Mary E., dau. of L. & M. Stam, May 15, 1862, aged 1yr 1mo 25das

From Jerome A. Walrath:
"The new posting for the unnamed cemetery on the Bowman Farm revealed more of my ancestors... Christian Huffnail (Huffnagel) and Henry Stamm. Although I had much of this information from another published genealogy, the sources were not available. Also, my 3rd great-grandmother was Lydia Dey, wife of William P. Walrath. Their daughter Catherine Walrath md. Abraham Alter. A son Caleb D. married Catherine Alter Eutermark. So many family names in that one cemetery.

Seeber Cemetery
Town of Minden, Montgomery County, NY

The following reading was probably done in the 1960s. It was copied by Ileta Wiles Robinson and submitted by Carol H. Warner, Genealogical Chairman (at that time), to the Ft. Rennselaer Chapter N.S.D.A.R., Canajoharie, NY. The attached note said: "Information copied from Seeber Cemetery, located on Clinton Road, on former Seeber Copley farm, near Sprout Brook, Town of Minden, County of Montgomery, New York."

Large Marker
Delos Seeber - d. May 18, 1883, aged 55yrs 5mos 14das
Selina Seeber - his wife, d. March 16, 1899, aged 67yrs
Martin J. Seeber - d. June 12, 1866, aged 10yrs

Small Stone
Henry Seeber - d. Sept. 1830 aged 73yrs
Livingston B. Peaslee - 1851-1914
Eunice M. Peaslee - 1846-1866
James O. Peaslee - d. Dec. 15, 1866, 28yrs 7mos ?das
Sarah - wife of Solomon Seeber, d. Aug. 19, 1851, aged 37yrs 6mos 27das "In the midst of life, we are in death"

Large Marker
Joseph M. Peaslee - 1810-1882
Larry S. Peaslee - 1815-1898

Small Stone
In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Seeber, who died June 18, 1834, aged 51yrs & 5mos "A friend, a wife and mother sleeps"
Jacob Seeber, d. Dec. 23, 1854, aged 77yrs 4mos 17das "Gone but not lost"

Geisenberg Cemetery
Town of Minden, Montgomery County, NY

This cemetery was located "in Hallsville, Ft. Plain R.D. 3". The reading was done in the late 1930s by members of the Ft. Plain Chapter of the N.S.D.A.R., who only counted men who were members of the Tryon County Militia, and their children. This cemetery is noted as being the cemetery of the former Geisenberg Church. There were probably more burials at the time of the reading.

A short profile of the church and onsite report follow the burial listings.

d. April 2, 1813
ae 78
private in Tryon County Militia
HOUSE, Capt. Joseph
b. Sept. 30, 1743
d. July 22, 1821

Tryon County Militia
d. Jan. 27, 1826
ae 87 yrsenlisted in Tryon County Militia
d. Dec. 5, 1842
ae 75 yrsson of George
d. Dec. 5, 1842
ae 75 yrsson of George; one or the other of these dates is probably incorrect; unless twins died on the same day!
d. Aug. 1799

son of George
LINTNER, Elizabeth
d. November 1857
ae 88 yrs
daughter of George; the readers noted that she was the wife of John G. Walrath, but it's not certain whether she is buried there. They specifically stated that George Lintner's sons were buried there.
d. May 3, 1847
ae 85 yr 6 moprivate in Tryon County Militia
d. May 5, 1833
ae 71 yr 2 mo
private in Tryon County Militia

Maynard Lonis sent us a short profile of this church and cemetery, put together from pages 54 and 83 of "The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley". by C. M. Young, Albany, N.Y. 1947. Following is his account of his 1966 visit to the cemetery.

"The old Geisenberg German Lutheran Church was located near Hallsville, N.Y., and founded about 1760. Because of its rather secluded location out of the Mohawk Valley proper, it was not destroyed by the enemy during the Revolution, and its available records are exceedingly valuable to genealogists and others of the present day. This church was of German origin, founded about 1750 as a society, the early pastors being Rev. Peter Nicholas Sommer, Rev. John Christopher Wieting, and Rev. John Fredericks Reis. The first wooden church was erected in about 1767, according to deeds showing the acquisition of the land on which it was built. It was replaced by a brick church in 1806. The early records of the church are missing and those on file in the State Library (copy of the original) do not contain marriage and death records. This church was still standing in 1849, but all that remains today is the cemetery and some brick of the structure. Legend has it that the name "Geisenberg" came from stray goats from Fort Plain which were found in the locality. It seems more likely that the name had its origin in "Geisenberg Mt. and Castle", near Heidelberg, a romantic spot which was doubtless well known to these early Germans who came from that locality."

On August 6, 1966, Maynard personally visited the cemetery and shares this report with us:

"A visit to the Geisenberg Farm, a half mile northwest of Hallsville, N.Y., (few miles south of Ft. Plain) revealed that it is now owned by Mr. Harold Cronkhite. He has a few relics of the old "Geisenberg" German Lutheran Church, such as the door casing, and door key. The ruins of the later brick church are no longer in evidence in the cow pasture. Nearby the site, however, are numerous headstones, approximately two dozen still above ground. A large group of stones, close by the old church site, belong to the Lintner (Litner) family. Others nearer the present highway leading to St. Johnsville, include: Joseph House, John Kane, Peter Reasner, Enoch Ward, Jacob Waggoner.

There are probably many more stones now underneath the surface, as local residents remember there used to be many more, but each year a few more slip from sight. In a few cases, in years past, relatives had the remains dug up, and interned in other cemeteries.

A historical marker should be placed by the roadside, indicating the site of the graveyard and the Geisenberg Lutheran Church of 1767."

Sitts Graveyard
Town of Minden, Montgomery County, NY

The two stones of the Sitts Graveyard were found on a farm at Brookman's Corners, in the town of Minden, 6 miles west of Fort Plain. There may have been more burials but it appears that only Peter Sitts' reading was taken because of his membership in the Tryon County Militia. The reading was done in the late 1930s by members of the Ft. Plain Chapter of the N.S.D.A.R., chairman being Caroline E. Wiles.

SITTS, Peter
d. May 12, 1811
ae 85 yrs
member of Tryon County Militia
SITTS, Margaret
d. January 28, 1854
ae 83 yr 3 mo 23 da
relationship not stated

Last two cemetery lists submitted by: Robert Lorick

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